Getting to Ft. Meade to support Army whistleblower Bradley Manning

Here are 5 reasons that we think attending the court martial is one of the most important things you can do to support Bradley Manning.  We look forward to having you join us!  Below is some information to make planning your trip to Ft. Meade easier…


Find directions from airports to charter buses OR from Amtrak and Greyhound stations to charter buses in Baltimore, DC and NYC using public transit.

If you’re arriving at the BWI Airport, there is also a regional bus from the airport to Arundel Mills Shopping Center (Bus 017), from which you can then take the CTC K to the Main Gate.  The entire trip is approximately 45 minutes.  For a Google Maps public transit view of this option:

Still interested in organizing a bus or van from your city?  We’re offering small grants to help.

brad300Driving to Ft. Meade

From most locations, driving will be the quickest way to access Ft. Meade.  If you plan to fly into the area and rent a car, and are two useful sites for finding budget rentals.

Once you go through the Main Gate at 175 Maryland and Reece Rd (get directions from Google maps), you can stop at the Visitor Control Center to pick up a map and ask directions to the courtroom, which has its own parking lot.  Please make sure you have up-to-date vehicle registration and driver’s license before entering the base.

Housing options

Search Priceline for hotels near Ft. George G. Meade, MD

View a list of other hotels in DC, MD and VA.

Mass housing options

There are also two campgrounds in the area, Cherry Hill Park near Washington D.C. and Greenbelt Park in Greenbelt, MD.  The campground fee is $16.


Google maps usually has up-to-date road and public transit information.  You can also download apps and links for navigation in the DC area, MD and NYC


If you are able to offer rides to others, please e-mail [email protected] with your planned departure date, time, location, and how many seats you are offering.  Carpool information for those looking for rides will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

Ft. Meade Security

Our event on June 1st will take place outside the Fort Meade Main Gate at 175 Maryland and Reece Rd.  However, if you plan to stay to attend Bradley’s court martial, which begins June 3rd, you’ll need to be prepared to go through security checkpoints.

To enter Ft. Meade, you’ll need a government issued ID, such as a state issued drivers license or passport. Non-US passports are accepted. Be prepared to remove any shirts or buttons that show support for Bradley Manning while on base.

The courtroom is located 1 mile past the main gate, and maps are available at the Visitor Control Center immediately inside the gate and to the right.  There is parking by the courtroom, space allowing.  To drive onto Ft. Meade:

  • Have your up-to-date vehicle registration
  • Have your up-to-date vehicle insurance (printed copy–not a electronic version on your mobile phone)
  • Obey posted speed limits (they are strictly enforced by military police–especially for “special visitors”)
  • Be prepared to cover “political” bumper stickers on your vehicle with tape

Unlike most trials, the government is refusing to release any official transcripts of the trials. It is up to the public to attend, and comment on, what happens inside the otherwise secretive court room. Thank you for your support and please join us at Fort Meade!

16 thoughts on “Getting to Ft. Meade to support Army whistleblower Bradley Manning

  1. I am currently overseas. I will make every effort to return to the US by May the 30th, 2013, at which point I will reestablish contact and be able to offer a ride to TWO people from either Jersey City or Downtown Manhattan.

    Houda Chawki

  2. Diana, I am considering a drive from Houston, Texas. Not 100% though. You know anyone else leaving from here?

    • I’m sorry I didn’t see your posting!!!! Yes I wanted to but since I could not find anybody I flew 🙁 I am sooo sorry. I know you said may be but I am sorry I didn’t see your posting.

    • Grateful you are coming so far for this. We live in Greenbelt, Maryland. Will be driving 30 to 40 minutes to the rally, but are continuing north to see our son in a bike race. We will be gone that one night. I am uncomfortable with that. We are near metro, all convenient. you would be welcome to stay the whole time. Will discuss with the spousal unit. And how to be OK with a complete stranger in our home when we are gone.

  3. Just hitchhike! Get there any way you can. Civil rights marchers did whatever they had to! Just get there and the rest will work itself out. This is an important opportunity to show the world not all Americans are asleep! Just do it!
    Save Bradley save yourself!

  4. I would take a ride or share transportation for someone else (maybe two) from the Akron/Canton area.

  5. As a former senior natowife, Virginian, historian, mother and with a long list of Naval officers ( Chesty Puller USMC is a relative ), I know that our current SHAPE and JCOS “leaders” are merelyl pawns of the war-for-profit mysogynist global banker “girly boy” set. Ike, Smedley Butler, my WWI hero father, grandfather, uncles all knew about this “foreign” element who “need” war to justify their existence. They use ploys and slippery methods to enlist Congressmen, Senators and their hungry staff and once hooked, use sexual and other methods to keep them on the line. It takes moral courage AND intelligence to care about the real people, the citizens, the mothers, the innocent boys with injured limbs and PTSD who are the real heros. John McCain and sissy Lindsay Graham are an embarrassment and I am sure that Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, James Madison, Patrick Henry, George Washington, John Marshall and other really important Virginians would disavow the 2 aformentioned cowards and I feel certain that the true patriotic Americans are standing up for those who expose criminality, cruelty, stupidity, and lies at the hisghest levels.

    • I meant to include World War II in my above statment instead of WWI regarding my father, grandfather and uncles. My father was captain of a small Naval vessel in the Pacific during that war. He and his entire Virginian family grew up on the water, were skilled sailors and boatbuilders on the Chesapeake Bay, coming directly in the mid 1700 from the west coast of Scotland. Egalitarians, intelligent “gospel” Protestant Christians, they were all well educated and believed in the “democracy” of our founding fathers. They sailed large boats without engines, feeling that using engines was “cheating”. My father belived that most career “officers” from service academies and so-called Marines knew literally nothing about boats/ships, celestial navigation, the tides, charts, shoals, maritime law, etc.. There are some good military folks out there, but judging from the current rash of rapists in uniform and the corrupt chain of command in the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps, it has become clear that my Father was right. Our nation was founded on simple Christian tenets. Truth-telling like what Manning did requires courage.

  6. I’ll be driving over from South Fed Hill in Baltimore around noon. I should have space for two on the ride over. However, I will not be heading back to Baltimore afterwards, so this is a one-way ride only. Reply if you need it!

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