Update 6/10/13: NSA whistleblower says Manning is a classic whistleblower inspired by the public good

Edward Snowden: ‘I don’t want to live in a society
that does these sort of things’

Edward Snowden is the NSA whistleblower who blew the lid on PRISM, a secret government program that created a database of American’s communications and which allowed secret wiretapping and surveillance of American citizens communications (phone, email, social media, and just about any online or cellphone communication).

In an interview he has expressed his full support for Bradley Manning, saying that Bradley is “a classic whistleblower” and that “he was inspired by the public good.” Snowden, like Manning, wants the public to know the truth, and he hopes that exposing the disturbing, and Orwellian PRISM spy program will motivate debate and reform. The program was so secretive, he says, and so powerfully controlling and invasive, that he could not support it without the American people making the decision to allow it for themselves. Do we not have the right to privacy? How has the government been willing to design and build such a massive surveillance machine without any public scrutiny? What happened to the Constitution? As Snowden explains, the program has almost no oversight, and few safeguards. He could listen in on anyone.

And knowing full well how the Government has treated Bradley Manning, Snowden is concerned for his future, “I understand that I will be made to suffer for my actions,” but “I will be satisfied if the federation of secret law, unequal pardon and irresistible executive powers that rule the world that I love are revealed even for an instant.” Read the full story.

Daniel Ellsberg has come forward saying Snowden is a hero, and that “the machinery of our democratic government is broken and we need whistleblowers.” And Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story and interviewed Snowden, said earlier that “We need whistleblowers to come forward, so we have transparency on public officials.”

Watch Democracy Now’s coverage of the release, in an interview with Glenn Greenwald,

Thank you Edward Snowden. Thank you Bradley Manning.
The United States and the world need whistleblowers like you.

5 thoughts on “Update 6/10/13: NSA whistleblower says Manning is a classic whistleblower inspired by the public good

  1. I feel safer having this information known to the public.
    This type of disrespect of life, any life, horrifies me.

  2. Thank you Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning for your good hearts and deep sense of justice. It´s so wrong that you two are being treated heartless and unjust. You deserve to live in a better world and of all my heart I hope your actions will make a difference in that direction. I support you with all that is me and can only hope I would have the curage to follow your examples, if I had the chance to stand up for humanity and openness and be a hero, like you.

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  4. I’m bothered by how slick this show has gotten. Bradley Manning is a hero. But Edwards Snowden may not be what he seems to be. We’ve known about government surveillance for a long time. Obama promised he wouldn’t give a “pass” to the telecoms for doing it but then changed his mind once he was elected. There has been virtually no prosecution for any crimes of major significance under Obama. Instead, we saw a brutal prosecution of Aaron Schwartz, who committed suicide a few months ago. That was not righteous. I suspect there won’t even be a prosecution of Edward for any crime. Wait and see.

  5. The Snowden Affair gives greater poignancy to the Manning Court Martial by revealing the reactionary, persecutory treatment of courageous, selfless whistleblowers by The Power Elite as defined by C. Wright Mills.

    Edward Snowden realistically acknowledged in his first video interview that he will not be safe for the rest of his life from attempts to permanently silence him, regardless of the outcome of any extradition request by the USA and or any political asylum requests by Snowden.

    Edward Snowden reportedly is running out of money.

    The Progressive Change Campaign Committee has started a campaign to raise funds for Snowden’s legal defense. For details, see the following link.


    One such whistleblower of that great import in a generation is rare, and two such whistleblowers appearing on the world stage at the same time is unprecedented. The similarity in their ages (under 30), education (autodidact), interests (computer security and world affairs), experiences (not socially conditioned conformists), and other things is remarkable.

    Thank you sincerely very much Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

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