Int’l Chelsea Manning birthday actions Dec. 17

Chelsea Manning will be 29 years old tomorrow, December 17th. She is the trans woman, ex-military analyst, who leaked hundreds of thousands of documents to Wikileaks exposing the truth about US, UK and other governments’ war crimes and corruption in Afghanistan, Haiti, Iraq, Israel & the Palestinian Authority, Peru, Venezuela . . .

CHELSEA NEEDS OUR SUPPORT URGENTLY!  She has twice tried to commit suicide in prison, the second time after being thrown into solitary confinement for her first suicide attempt.  One of her lawyers, Chase Strangio said: “She has repeatedly been punished for trying to survive and now is being repeatedly punished for trying to die.”  We must send a strong message to the US military and Obama that their torture of Chelsea must stop.  We must get her out!

International actions organized by QueerStrike and the Payday Men’s Network this weekend are planned for Boston, Bucharest, Chicago, Dublin, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Manchester, Oakland, Philadelphia, and Rome.

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