Update 6/7/11: Coverage of Leavenworth protest, Wikileaks reveal U.S. corporate influence in Haiti, and more…

Democracy Now! has coverage of the rally at Fort Leavenworth in support of Bradley Manning, as does the Kansas City Star and various other outlets. Today being the one year anniversary of Bradley’s detainment in Iraq it is fantastic that so many people came out to support him in Kansas and elsewhere in the United States, with rallies reported in New York City, Boston, and San Francisco.

Julian Assange spoke out again about Bradley’s confinement and was pressed by reporters and audience members to continue speaking out about Bradley’s confinement. Thus far, Wikileaks has supported Bradley Manning through monetary donations, and Assange has previously called Manning a political prisoner.

Wikileaks revelations have continued, with the latest batch of diplomatic cables coming out of the paper Haiti Liberte. These cables reveal the abuses of workers by United States-based corporations, who along with the U.S. State Department worked to keep the minimum wage in Haiti down in a effort to increase profits (for reference, the minimum wage hike that they opposed increased wages to 61 cents/day). The Haitian cables also show the United States denying Haiti access to Venezuelan oil that could assist in various development and infrastructure goals.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to say I Am Bradley Manning by submitting your photo to our petition. Our video has been getting some coverage as more and more people stand up for truth, justice, and the rule of law by demanding the freedom of Bradley Manning.

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