Update 6/22/12: Military upholds secrecy, play for Bradley in Exeter, and an NYC event

Ft. Meade vigil for Bradley

Yet again, the military rejects transparency in Bradley Manning’s case. After several other requests were denied, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), WikiLeaks, and several media figures filed a legal petition urging public access to all records in PFC Bradley Manning’s case. Yesterday, the Army Court of Appeals rejected that petition in a one-line response, maintaining that the availability of FOIA requests affords sufficient public access. According to the AP, the CCR “says it will appeal the ruling to the military’s highest court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces in Washington.”

WISE Up reviews ‘desert,’ a play in Exeter about Bradley Manning. The short play tells Bradley’s story by linking it to “somebody who, like many of us, has been seized by the story of the 22 year old US army intelligence analyst accused of leaking the massive cache of documents contained in the Afghan War Diary, the Iraq War Logs, the Guantanamo Files, the State Dept Documents and the infamous ‘Collateral Murder’ video, transferring the data whilst ‘lip-synching to Lady Gaga’ on his computer in the forward operating base in Iraq.” The play will tour in 2013 and update as the court martial unfolds this fall. (Read more…)

The Brecht Forum’s final Manning Monday will take place on June 25, 2012. The Brecht Forum has been hosting events on Mondays through June delving into various issues surrounding Bradley Manning’s case. This week’s was ‘Bradley Manning, Military Resistance, and the Left,’ which we wrote about here.

On Monday, June 25, for those in the New York area who can’t make it down to Bradley’s one-day motion hearing in Ft. Meade, the Brecht Forum is hosting its final Manning Monday event: ‘Manning, Motions, and the Media.’ The Support Network’s Emma Cape, CCR lawyer Shayana Kadidal, and CMJ’s Betty Yu will talk about media coverage of Bradley, the legal proceedings so far, and the implications of the “aiding the enemy” charge.

“My name is Brad McCall. I am a soldier that went AWOL to Canada when I realized that I was not fighting for freedom or anything even close to resembling it. After hiding for 4 1/2 years, I have turned myself into the US Army in order to be with my family, and will thankfully be released from service in a week. I am fortunate…Bradley thus far has not been. Bradley, you are in my prayers. My will is that your valuable effort in this fight against global tyranny will be recognized…and that you will one day soon be with your family as well.”


3 thoughts on “Update 6/22/12: Military upholds secrecy, play for Bradley in Exeter, and an NYC event

  1. Please email a link to information about June 25th actions at Fort Meade. I’ve searched every Bradley Manning site I can find. They give info about actions across the country; but I can find no info on Fort Meade. I would very much like to attend as I assume there will be one there. Please advise asap. I have to make arrangements to get there from western PA.
    [email protected]

    • Hey PJ and anyone else interested in Ft Meade happenings,
      Sorry to leave you hanging over the weekend there. There are no actions planned at Ft Meade that we were aware for today’s pre-trial hearing. Although, as reports and rumors continue coming in suggesting journalists are being prevented from effectively observing the proceedings, wishing there were, maybe!
      Today is a one-off session. The next round of hearings is currently set for July 16-20, and you’ll be able to find more info here on the site, or can always give us a shout here at the office.

  2. Odley reading these remarks and Forum comments , The people saying what they beleive to be truth and justice and remarking on why there is so little change , , WELL they only need to see the ones around them telling diferent views and comenting that the ones out to make change and trying to do something or speaking out at Govt and Police state controll..Well there friends and neighbors and fellow Amerikans are not suporting one another in the least and are only protecting there own interests and EVEN if they silently suport those speaking out are afraid to let there own thaughts be known..Police rounding up the protesters , alwayse think what if they just stopd and realized they might be the next to be on the street .But only following there Orders from the top Even when all of them do not publicley agree..Fear of opresion represion or reprecution and having to protect there own ..This country is all indevaduals with there own thaughts and actions and will never stand as one on anything , was a time , I remember the 60s and the marches on Wa. and even in those hard times there were those oposed and name calling them as Commies,facists,and un Amerikan to be protesting a Govt gone completely Mad …Well Govt and History never learn ,,Were once again into the Deep Muddy and the Fool politicians and Military are crying to March on …Will it never end ..It is doubtfull, But otheres in other parts of the world are watching ” ..the pres. of Iraland just spoke publicley about our lack of solidatary and care for the Class seperation here in Amerika ,,So it can be heard elsewere in the world that Amerika is failing in its ever ending search for Peace …While at the same time waging global War……Frank Blackstone ………out

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