Update 6/18/12: Military setting an example, Bradley Manning play in Exeter, NYC event tonight

Supporters say Bradley is a hero for peace

Sibel Edmonds says Bradley Manning is a hero that the U.S. is using to set an example and a precedent. Speaking with RT, Edmonds says the military, which David Coombs argues is overcharging with multiplied charges and the “aiding the enemy” accusation, is cracking down aggressively on Bradley Manning to intimidate future whistle-blowers and set a precedent for indicting them.

Edmonds is the founder of the National Security Whistleblowers coalition. She says the U.S. crackdown on whistle-blowers has already had a chilling effect.

Desert,’ a new play about Bradley Manning, opens this week in Exeter. According to WISE Up for Bradley Manning, the play will run at the Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter, June 21-23:

“Blurring between real and imagined events, desert takes us on a journey from a cell at Quantico Brig, Virginia, through Northern Iraq, to the not-so-distant future. Through the eyes of Morgan, an aspiring Welsh hacktivist, we move backwards and forwards in a constantly evolving contemporary narrative as she tries to make sense of Bradley’s story. Blending text, movement and media, desert probes how far the campaign phrase ‘We are all Bradley Manning’ really goes in a world where the individual and global powers are continuously in conflict.”

The play will be available to tour in 2013. (Read more…)

Tonight in New York City: “Bradley Manning, Military Resistance, and the Left.” As part of its ‘Manning Mondays’ series, the Brecht Forum is hosting an event tonight examining Bradley Manning as a conscientious objector of sorts, and discussing his (direct and indirect) part in the anti-war movement:

While the particular circumstances under which Bradley Manning allegedly released the classified military documents are new, whistleblowing and resistance by people in the military, or connected to it, is not, and there is a long tradition of soldiers speaking out against war and militarism. Where does Manning fit in that tradition, and how is he situated within today’s peace and anti-war movement and, more broadly, within the left? In this third of a four-part series, Tod Ensign and Kimber Heinz will discuss these issues. We will also screen Grounds for Resistance (groundsforresistance.com), a critically-acclaimed documentary by Lisa Gilman about two contemporary GI coffeehouses, Coffee Strong in Washington state, and Under the Hood, in Killeen, Texas, near Fort Hood.

Kimber Heinz is a member of the Bradley Manning Support Network advisory board. (Read more…)

“My name is Lauren AKA SplendidSpoon. I’m a web developer Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am also an activist, and a member of the Pirate Party. I care about human rights, internet freedom and government transparency. I support Bradley Manning because the only way to sustain a democracy is for the citizens to know the truth. Information wants to be free!”


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