Update: 5/11/11

Bradley’s lawyer, David Coombs, explains the rules that must be followed when you send mail to Bradley.

Bradley Manning has been deemed a “gay hero” in an eloquent letter written by British-based human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell. Mr. Tatchell points to the work Bradley did defending gay rights in the U.S. as evidence for his overall commitment to equality and human rights.

Bradley Manning has proved to be an issue that connects people across the political spectrum. See Oath Keeper’s leader, Stewart Rhodes, giving an interview to Slate in which he condemns Bradley’s treatment. He states, “Look, you shouldn’t be punished until you’re convicted. It’s ridiculous to put him in isolation. And what’s happening is happening in violation of the 8th Amendment….”

The British Foreign secretary, William Hague, has been avoiding the case of Bradley Manning, who is a British citizen through his mother, Susan Manning. She has repeatedly asked British consular officials to visit Bradley and check on his condition at Quantico, which she stated was tantamount to torture. Susan and other members of Bradley’s family have also had issues accessing visitation with him, which hopefully will change now that he is in Fort Leavenworth.

NPR has an audio special by Host Michel Martin discussing Ellen Nakashima’s on Washington Post’s article “Who is Bradley Manning?” available for listening on their website. Ellen discusses her piece on Bradley Manning’s personal and family background that was featured in the Washington Post’s magazine last week.

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