Update 3/4/13: Bradley’s attorney seeking approval to release “official” statement

c1e92bec9dd9401f92d78c305f5b218cBy David Coombs, civilian attorney for US Army PFC Bradley Manning. March 4, 2013

PFC Manning’s Written Statement in Support of his Guilty Plea

Our office is in the process of obtaining approval to release the statement PFC Manning read to the Court in support of his providence inquiry on 28 February 2013.  As with every Defense filing, the statement will be reviewed and redacted prior to publication.  An alternative transcription of PFC Manning’s statement is currently available from journalist Alexa O’Brien and also at the Bradley Manning Support Network.

On 28 February 2013, the Military Judge accepted PFC Manning’s plea of guilty to certain lesser included offenses, which carry a maximum sentence of twenty years of confinement.  Through his plea of guilty, PFC Manning has accepted responsibility for his actions of releasing information to Wikileaks.

PFC Manning did not plead guilty pursuant to a “plea bargain” or “plea deal” with the Government.  Despite his plea, the Government has indicated it will prosecute PFC Manning on the remaining charges.  The Defense will vigorously contest these charges at trial, which is currently scheduled to begin on 3 June 2013.

As posted on Coombs’s blog armycourtmartialdefense.info

10 thoughts on “Update 3/4/13: Bradley’s attorney seeking approval to release “official” statement

  1. Oh I wish for a full pardon of Bradley Manning. He did what IS right! Where is the prosecution of the animals who killed human beings like they were non-human decoys & took sheer delight in it? Where is that prosecution? Following orders did NOT hold up for those on trial at Nurenburgh, and I want those animals on trial – NOT Bradley Manning!

  2. Technically WIKI is not a declared enemy of the United States of America. Material that was not of military proprietary ownership should be excluded “other classified material” along with the magnification to the charges they represent.

  3. If those “classified” videos, field memo’s did not represent operational strategies and were not having a value greater than as a historical reference, Pvt Manning should be, without further delay, out-processed with general discharge for misconduct & time served.

  4. PFC B Manning needs something as well as the Department of Defense needing something and that something could be a Bilateral terms of agreement to separate.

  5. Reposting do to typographical error: PFC B Manning needs something and the Department of Defense may need something as well, that something could be a Bilateral terms of agreement to separate.

  6. Everyone joining the Department of Defense does so with a contract. That initial contract expires when the terms are fulfilled and when the initial contract is broken there is a disposition letter written that is placed into the service members files. The disposition letter is a reflection of the accounts resulting to the type of discharge. Now run the Bilateral in one direction and it should produce a smooth orderly flow in the right direction.

  7. The Bilateral Terms should express with understanding that there is no accountability of the State Departments illegaly accessed clasified cable documents and so forth. The B/Terms should also express with understanding that all matters regarding the State Department property is for pubic exposure through the United States Attorney General.

  8. The continued prosecution and prison time for a national hero whistle blower, a person of conscience, does not make this or any other American–including Americans active abroad, like soldiers–feel any safer.


    Demand an early release for Bradley and demand open courtrooms in America.


  9. If there were more people who had guts in the military that would all stand together, we would have a better military and wouldn’t have so many wasted years and dollars on unjust murders and lies like those that have been perpetrated by the 13 US Intelligence Agencies and US Military Machine since the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT CLAIMING ASSAULT AND HARASSMENT BY US INTELLIGENCE was thrown out for lack of evidence in the Carolines in 1998

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