Update 3/1/12: Amy Goodman on WikiLeaks’ latest release, Naomi Wolf on indefinite detention and solitary confinement

Amy Goodman reviews WikiLeaks’ latest release. In the Guardian, the Democracy Now! journalist reports on the whistleblowing website’s latest release of five million emails from the private intelligence firm Stratfor. Among the most notable revelations is the claim that the United States already has a sealed indictment on Julian Assange. Goodman argues that the Obama administration should honor end its “war on truth,” concluding:

US Senator Hiram Johnson famously said, “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” The White House is holding a gala dinner this week, honoring Iraq war veterans. Bradley Manning is an Iraq war vet who won’t be there. He is being court-martialled, facing life in prison or possibly death, for allegedly releasing thousands of military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks revealing the casualties of war. President Barack Obama would better serve the country by also honoring Assange and Manning.

We should pursue the truth, not its messengers.

The U.S. government seeks to link Pfc. Manning with Julian Assange, and it seeks to punish both for allegedly bringing to light heinous crimes and abuses. Meanwhile, Obama has refused to indict any of the Bush administration officials for torture, insisting the nation must “look forward, not backward.” (Read more…)

Yesterday, Goodman interviewed a legal advisor to Assange, Michael Ratner, discussing the alleged sealed indictment and more:

Naomi Wolf details the NDAA’s indefinite detention provisions. Reporting on the bill that allows for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without trial, Wolf flags Pfc. Manning’s treatment in Quantico as an indicator of what an expanded military detention could include:

The local resistance to the police state goes further: midwestern cities, such as Chicago and Minneapolis, are considering “torture-free city” resolutions that would prohibit the torture which civil libertarians see as likely under a military detention regime expanded by the NDAA. (Bradley Manning’s initial treatment in solitary confinement, for instance, met some Red Cross definitions of torture.)

Manning’s treatment in Quantico – though ended after extensive international outcry – has still not been investigated by the UN’s torture chief Juan Mendez, for he remains barred from visiting Manning. (Read more…)

I support Bradley because exposing war crimes is not a crime! We need to hold our government accountable for their actions, and that is what Bradley did. An American hero who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. - Liberty Mike


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  1. Amerika Supressing the Truth Isnt that special , So what else is new . The last thing the Amerikan Govt wants is the rest of the world know what Most already know that they protect there own coruption and Hide there actions in clasified paperwork . they want tnothing more than to Silance anyone that can show anything undesputable on there Criminal Activities .

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