Update 2/27/13: Bradley to take stand tomorrow to justify WikiLeaks releases

A supporter took sent us this photo from a highway overpass near Berkeley, CA.

A supporter sent us this photo of the Highway 80 overpass near Berkeley, CA.

By the Bradley Manning Support Network, February 27, 2013

Ft. Meade, MD–This Thursday, Feb. 28, from 9:30am in the courtroom at Ft. Meade, MD, Army Private First Class Bradley Manning is expected to publicly explain his reasons for releasing classified information through WikiLeaks.

This will be only the second time that Manning has testified in open court since his arrest in May 2010. Manning first testified in court at a per-trial hearing in December 2012. At that time, military Judge Col. Denise Lind ruled staff at the Quantico Marine Brig in Virginia subjected Manning to unlawful pretrial punishment in violation of Article 13 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

Manning’s testimony this Thursday will speak to larger issues affecting his case as a whole, and expands upon a plea proffering responsibility for releasing information with noble motive, while contesting the most serious charges.  Spectators in the courtroom earlier this week got a brief preview of Manning’s statement, which included reference to a pivotal incident in Iraq that caused Manning to question the military’s methods there, in addition to a general statement that he’d hoped releasing information would ‘spark a domestic debate on the role of our military and foreign policy in general.’  His testimony will consist partially of reading from a written statement, in addition to taking questions from the Judge.

This momentous week in court follows the largest worldwide day of activism supporting the WikiLeaks soldier thus far.  On February 23, more than 70 cities demonstrated for Manning’s 1,000th day in prison, across the U.S. and on five continents altogether. Yesterday, Judge Lind rejected Manning’s bid to dismiss all charges due to the government’s violations of his right to a speedy trial under Rule for Court Martial (RCM) 707.

While transcripts from the proceedings are not made immediately public, the proceedings on Thursday are open for the public and journalists to attend.  Contact us for more information about attending the proceedings, or if you wish to schedule an interview with a Support Network spokesperson.

The Bradley Manning Support Network is responsible for funding 100% of PFC Manning’s legal fees and educates the public about his case. 

33 thoughts on “Update 2/27/13: Bradley to take stand tomorrow to justify WikiLeaks releases

  1. I have been with Bradley for years, in spirit and in the little I have been able to contribute, and will continue to contribute.

    I wear the T-shirt everywhere and put decals on my car and doors.

    Glad he will at least be in “court” FWIW, and hope this isn’t just a pro forma hearing, with the military judges’ minds all made up in advance.

    • I’m afraid after Obama made the remark that what he did was wrong, it’s almost impossible for Bradley to get a fair trial. Obama said he would protect whistleblowers but has punished more than all previous presidents before him. It makes me sick that he has done this, really it’s just a ploy to control information in our country.Bradley needs to be honored for what he did not punished!

      • The Obama Administration has been a huge disappointment regarding it’s position on ‘Whistleblowers’.
        They say they support transparency in government and then they prosecute those who expose information. Then there the issue of ‘indefinite detention through NDAA’. It’s an alarming trend. The death of Adnan Latif who was imprisoned for 11 years without ever being charged should compel us to confront honestly the human toll of the Guantánamo prison — now approaching its 12th year in operation. We can start this reckoning by releasing the 86 other men at Guantánamo who the United States government has concluded no longer deserve to be jailed there.

    • Ridiculous and worse, SHAMEFUL. How can WE – I repeat WE – treat him this way???

      As a nation, all The United Staes of America and their citizens are responsible !!!

  2. All the best for your hearing tomorrow. You are finally getting the chance to speak for yourself. The world will be watching. May you get justice at last! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courageous stand.

  3. Will be praying for Bradley to feel loved, respected, supported, and calm, comfortable, and able to speak well for himself tomorrow. So many of us are behind you, Bradley, and consider you a role model. With love, from an ailing Grandma in rural New Mexico.

  4. Bradley Manning is facing a kangaroo court made up of military stooges whose only interest is in convicting him while they ignore the war crimes of their own government. I still believe the only thing that will save Bradley Manning is a future president of the United States who understands that the real traitor here was the United States government. However, maybe the court will realize that in spite of the conviction that awaits him that his government was worse than he could ever be and consider that in his sentencing.

  5. Dear Bradley,

    You have shown that the king had no clothes and the king did not like that… !!!!

    I will not talk about prayers or faith… I say only one thing: YOU ARE THE BRAVEST OF THE BRAVE!!!! You are a real hero!!!

    Hang on Bradley… !!!! We are thinking of you!!!

  6. This is an important moment for Earth’s people for it enshrines our abilities to speak out for Pure Truth. We will not be able to move forward until this matter is addressed in the positive… for humans on Earth to be able to speak freely TO WORLD GOVERNMENTS about their hearts concerns. Can the International Court for Justice take up this one? Bradley… how we thank you for your courage and fortitude! And send you love.

  7. Every so often a soldier sees his duty to defend the Constitution and does it. This soldier should get a medal. In fact, this network should run a contest to design and name a medal and present it to Manning in open court.

  8. Good luck Mr Manning. Court trials are never easy and there will be a lot of attention focused on you. have courage. You have a lot of supporters. Your trial will be important to the future as well. Truth needs to be shown and you did. Thanks to Wikileaks for posting much of it.

  9. This will settle the issue once and for all…Is there any justice at all left in this country? Bradley, I am with you all the way.

  10. Thanks, Denise-girl—-thanks so much for giving Brad a measly 23 days credit off of a potential life sentence for the 1000 days he has been quite unlawfully caged up…that is damned white of you, woman. You don’t think that was spreading your clemency on a little too thick now do you? Maybe 23 seconds might have been more suitable, don’t you think? After all, we must further the cause of American JU$T U$, must we not?
    What a bald faced lying crock of Bravo Sierra this god forsaken country has mismorphed into.

  11. Bradley should not be in court, he should be at home basking in the sunshine of general public approval. The fact he is not, looked at as something of profound significance to the bigger picture, stands as a shameful condemnation of the moral fabric of western civilisation and the apalling mental condition of that part of humanity it embraces; largely impassive or oblivious and morally inept.

  12. I am appropriately humbled by your courage, and that of Wikileaks. Very few in the world’s history have walked this level of speaking Truth to Power. You are serving to shine light in places, both civilian and military, that have been dark for ages. We ARE seeing. Know that we support you in every way, and are awed with respect for your stance on behalf of the awakening peoples of the world.

  13. How Bradley Manning is treated reflects on every one of us. Someone once asked about the Holocaust, “Where was God? To which someone answered, “Where was MAN?'” Bradley Manning is the MAN! He didn’t do what he did for profit or out of cowardice. He did what his superiors should have done…. What our PRESIDENT should have done instead of becoming a stooge of the military-industrial complex that President and 5-star General Dwight Eisenhower warned about at his inauguration.

  14. I find it amazing that with all the crimal activity exposed by Wikileaks and all the laws broken to get Manning, the only one being punished is Manning. What happened to my country? I want my country back.

  15. Does this “Judge” not have to explain and justify her decisions on the basis of military law and precedent? 1,000 days does seem considerably longer than is reasonable – what does Rule for Court Martial (RCM) 707 actually say on what is reasonable? Nothing like a staged trial!!

  16. Can’t be there in person,, but my heart & spirit are with you. Thank you for the shining light of conscience and integrity that you are. God Bless & Keep You, Bradley Manning. The world is a much better place because you are in it. Much Love.

  17. I know it was just a movie but in “A Few Good Men” it demonstrates punishment for following a bad order. It shows that the military wants you to do as told but it also wants you to decide right from wrong. I think that demonstrates what they are doing to Manning. We were doing wrong, he did right, he is the one being punished. I am often ashamed of our governmental decisions and their motives for those decisions.

  18. TODAY: President Obama unveils statue for civil disobedience at the Capitol!

    Decades ago Rosa Parks broke the law to fight for freedom. Manning deserves the same.

  19. Bradley Manning is a true American Hero for showing America America’s TRAITORS. There should be a statue of him along side of Rosa Parks statue. Revealing crime should never be a crime regardless of who the criminal is. If the truth hurts so be it.

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