Update 2/22/12: Interview with Emma Cape, Defense Dept. increases surveillance, protests for Bradley’s arraignment.

Bradley Manning Support Network campaign organizer Emma Cape talks to Scott Horton for Antiwar.com. Emma talks about Manning’s arraignment in Fort Meade tomorrow, activist efforts to free Bradley Manning, President Obama’s undue influence, and more. Listen to the interview here.

Campaign Organizer Emma Cape

Department of Defense increases monitoring of classified networks. Secrecy critic Steven Aftergood documents what he calls the “predictable response to the unauthorized disclosures published by WikiLeaks,” namely the increased monitoring of classified networks such as SIPRnet. Instead of acknowledging the public service WikiLeaks has done by following through on President Obama’s promise to be more transparent and accountable, the government is heightening surveillance to clamp down on and prevent similar releases in the future. Instead of addressing its massive overclassification problem, the government is moving toward more and more secrecy. (Read more…)

Protests and vigils planned for tomorrow’s arraignment. Tomorrow, several protests will be held in solidarity with PFC Manning during the arraignment. Here’s one in Santa Cruz, CA, here’s one at the U.S. Embassy in London.


"Have heard the call in Denmark. I’m a health-care worker and think that truth is a better cause to support than narrow national interest."

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