Update 2/20/13: 55 events to mark Bradley Manning’s 1,000 day imprisoned without trial

Events planned worldwide on Feb 23, in support of Bradley Manning on his 1,000th day imprisoned without trial

Events planned worldwide on Feb 23, in support of Bradley Manning on his 1,000th day imprisoned without trial

Events planned across the U.S. and internationally will mark WikiLeaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning’s 1000th day in prison without trial.  They include protests, vigils, hip-hop performances, concerts, art and theater.  Bradley’s trial, which threatens a truth-chilling life sentence, is now expected to start on June 3, 100 days from Saturday.  There has never been a more important time to broadcast our message of support for exposing war crimes, international justice, and people’s right to know what the government does in our name.

Click the links below to read about an event near you, or register your own here.  Contact our national organizer at [email protected] to be put in touch with a local organizer in your area.

U.S. Events

Tucson, AZ Feb 23, 11am-5pm

Tempe, AZ  Feb 23, 5:30-6:30pm

Guerneville, CA Feb 23, 12-1pm

Cahuenga (L.A.), CA Feb 23, 9-11am

Los Angeles, CA Feb 23, 5:30-6:30

Long Beach (L.A.), CA 
Feb 23 at 1pm until Feb 24 at 2pm

Montrose (L.A.), CA Feb 23, 5:30-7pm

Studio City (L.A.), CA  Feb 22, 6:30-7:30pm

San Francisco, CA Feb 23, 1-4pm

San Diego, CA Feb 23, 7-9pm

Denver, CO Feb 23, 12-3:30pm

Washington, DC (march) Feb 23, 12pm

Washington, DC (concert & teach-in) Feb 24, 6:30-9pm

Daytona, FL Feb 24, 11am-2pm

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Feb 23, 12-1:30pm

Pensacola, FL Feb 23, 5:30-6:30pm

St. Petersburg, FL Feb 23, 7pm

Tallahassee, FL Feb 23, 12-1pm

Hilo, HI Feb 22, 3:30-5pm

Honolulu, HI Feb 22, 4-5:30pm

Chicago, IL Feb 23, 12-1:30pm

Ft. Leavenworth, KS Feb 23, 1-3pm

New Orleans, LA  Feb 23, 2-6pm

Boston, MA Feb 23, 1-2pm

Augusta, ME Feb 23, 11:30am-12pm

Portland, ME Feb 23, 12pm

Detroit, MI Feb 23, 3-8pm

Kalamazoo, MI Feb 23, 2-3pm

Minneapolis, MN Feb 23, 9:30am-12pm

Wilmington, NC Feb 23, 12-1:45pm

Eatentown, NJ Feb 23, 12-1:30pm

Highland Park, NJ Feb 23, 11:30am-12:30pm

Albuquerque, NM Feb 23, 10am-12pm

Santa Fe, NM Feb 23, 12-1pm

New York, NY Feb 23, 2-4pm

Rochester, NY  Feb 23, 10am-12pm

Toledo, OH Feb 23, 12pm

Corvallis, OR ongoing

Philadelphia, PA Feb 23, 2-4pm

Newport, RI Feb 23, 1-2pm

Austin, TX Feb 23, 10:30am

Houston, TX Feb 23, All Day

Norfolk, VA Feb 23, 1-4pm

Bristol, VT Feb 23, 10am-12pm

Bellingham, WA Feb 23, 1-3pm

Seattle, WA Feb 23, 12-4pm

International Events

Brisbane, Australia Feb 23, 10am-12pm

Melbourne, Australia Feb 22, 2-4pm

Sydney, Australia Feb 23, 11am-2pm

Brussels, Belgium Feb 23, 1-2pm

Vancouver, Canada Feb 23, 1-5pm

Paris, France Feb 23, 3-5pm

Berlin, Germany  Feb 23, 12:30-3pm

Kaiserslautern, Germany Feb 23, All Day

Rome, Italy  Feb 23, 4-5pm

The Hague, Netherlands Feb 25, 7:30-9:15am

Oslo, Norway Feb 23, 10am-12pm

Oporto, Portugal Feb 23, 3-6pm

Seoul, South Korea Feb 23, 11am

Kampala, Uganda Feb 23, 10am-12pm

Dublin, Ireland Feb 23, 1-3pm

Birmingham, UK Feb 23, 2pm

Edinburgh, Scotland Feb 23, 12pm

London, UK Feb 23, 2pm

Peterborough, UK Feb 23, 12-2pm

Yorkshire, UK Feb 23, 11am

Fairford, UK Feb 23, 9:30am-12pm

Bangor, Wales, UK Feb 23, 11am-2pm

Cardiff, Wales Feb 23, 10:30am-2:30pm

Newport, Wales Feb 23, 12pm

Wrexham, Wales Feb 23, 10-11:30am

Wales/Ireland/Scotland/England ongoing

5 thoughts on “Update 2/20/13: 55 events to mark Bradley Manning’s 1,000 day imprisoned without trial

    • Sylvia Reischke, please let me know if any event is planned for Toronto. I published a blog called The Canadian Progressive from Ottawa, and would be interested in covering Canada-based commemorations.

  1. Manning, rather than being incarcerated one thousand days without a trial, deserves his nation’s thanks, for exposing the ugly truth about or wars. A truth the American people need to know!

  2. Yes its a shame whats ben done to Bradley , Even more a shame is the Ones still thinking he did something wrong and needsa to be punishd , They are the Disgrace and the Pawns of a Govt and Military out of controll.I would love to see him set free, But the Govt and Military and those that beleive there country right or wrong no matter how wrong are strong and have the suport of the Sick Govt and Care little about Justice or Right. So Manning sits in there Jail and time passes on till some forget and others dont care abd the ones siting in judgement rejoice …Frank Blackstone

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