Update 2/17/12: Petitions for Bradley, whistleblower conference, open letter to Gen. Odierno

Urge Leon Panetta and President Obama to free Bradley

Ways to take action for Bradley Manning

Continue supporting Bradley Manning in a variety of ways. You can sign a petition to allow UN torture rapporteur Juan Mendez to visit PFC Manning, which is nearing 20,000 signatures. Call Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and ask him to free Bradley – information here. If you were a prior Obama volunteer or donor you can urge President Obama to live up to his campaign promises of transparency and accountability – sign here. And you can always search for a nearby event for Bradley Manning or learn more about hosting your own right here.

Whistleblower conference at UC-Berkeley

Starting today, UC-Berkeley is hosting a 3-day whistleblower conference, created by the Fresh Juice Party (FJP) and entitled “Occupy the Truth.” The first event is a Bradley Manning panel, at 7 PM, featuring Daniel Ellsberg, Ann Wright, & Ray McGovern. The Fresh Juice Party says that proceeds will go to Bradley Manning’s defense fund. Read more about the conference and FJP at HuffPo.

Jack Littman writes song for Manning

Singer-songwriter Jack Littman released a song for and about Bradley Manning. It’s called “The Whistleblower,” and includes the refrain, “Truths the world needs to know.” Listen here.

Open letter to Gen. Odierno

Earlier this month, University of Southern Indiana professor Mary Keck wrote an open letter to General Ray Odierno about the courage and service of Bradley Manning at Open Salon. She writes:

If the allegations that he leaked information to WikiLeaks are true, he fulfilled his oath to protect and serve the citizens of the United States. Therefore, his actions should be celebrated just as we would recognize the deeds of any courageous service member.

Gen. Odierno is the chief of staff of the U.S. Army. Keck’s letter comes ahead of Bradley’s Feb. 23 arraignment. (Read more…)

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