Update 12/31/12: Matching grant challenge ends tomorrow! Daniel Ellsberg and others on the importance of whistleblowing.

The Bradling Manning Support Network end of year matching grant challenge comes to an end tomorrow. Through January 1st any donation you make will be tripled thanks to two donors! Take this last chance to help us ramp up our efforts as Bradley Manning approaches his court martial!

Daniel Ellsberg discusses the importance of whistleblowers on the web show “Did you know?”. They report that “whether bound by contract, oath, fear, loyalty, kinship or simply the herding instinct – the tendency to conceal the truth about injustice, war crimes and corruption is an unfortunately pervasive human trait.”


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Kristinn Hrafnsson, an official spokesperson of WikiLeaks, thinks of Bradley Manning, who turned 25 on December 17th – his third birthday behind bars without trial.  He adds that he would like to meet with Bradley someday, and that “I want to mention [Bradley Manning] in my final words and think of the plight of this young man, who is a hero, in the hope that we’ll be able to meet him as a free man very soon, at least that is my wish. That is if he is indeed the source of the information that he is alleged to have leaked, he is one of the most important whistleblowers of recent times.” [emphasis ours] (Read more…)


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