Update 12/21/11: Preliminary media roundup of Bradley Manning’s pretrial hearing

Bradley Manning supporters featured in Washington Post

Bradley Manning’s court proceedings began last Friday. Hundreds of supporters participated both by attending the rally outside the gates of Fort Meade, and acting as citizen journalists inside the courtroom. Detailed notes from the hearings have been posted as feature articles on our front page.

On Monday LGBT rights activist Lt. Dan Choi, who spoke at our December 17th rally for Bradley Manning outside the gates of Fort Meade, was denied access to the hearing. Here he joins the Keith Olbermann show to explain what happened:

Over forty events took place worldwide on our International Solidarity Day of Action. December 17th was also Bradley Manning’s 24th birthday. Watch Occupy Portland activists’ birthday message to Bradley:

Unfortunately, the defense was severely limited by the prosecution and investigating officer, with only 2 of the requested 38 witnesses being compelled to testify. The Daily Beast discusses the last day of witnesses in summary here.

Two days ago Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald provided his own take on the legal proceedings on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman:


Last week some great media was released in support of PFC Manning.

An indie film called Prevention of Injury (POI) was produced to help the public understand how solitary confinement, and unnecessary POI orders such as those placed on Bradley while imprisoned at Quantico, constitute psychological abuse.

Rock-n-roll hall of famer Graham Nash also wrote a catchy yet powerful song about Bradley’s alleged whistle-blowing and mistreatment at Quantico. View the accompanying video here:

5 thoughts on “Update 12/21/11: Preliminary media roundup of Bradley Manning’s pretrial hearing

  1. The defence was only alllowed 2 witnesses out of 38 requested? For real! No one in thir right mind could see that as anything but an obstruction of justice! The REAL enemy seems to be the Obama Administration!

  2. kangaroo court indeed.

    but worse even than that is the fact that bradley was fooled into handing over the military’s data, by the military itself (or the cia-i must re-cap on that) which therefore says ENTRAPMENT.
    and Llamo who has prior issues with the military gets a slap on the wrist. is this the way of americans, to stab your friends in the back ?

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