Update 12/1/11: 64 MEPs condemn Bradley’s treatment, Michael Moore and Queerty discuss Occupy and updates

A growing international community stands with Bradley, including Naomi Klein and Daniel Ellsberg. Submit your photo at iam.bradleymanning.org

On Wednesday of this week, a number of European Parliamentary Members (MEPs) held a press conference to discuss 64 MEP’s open letter to the U.S. government. The letter expresses concern about Bradley’s treatment while in custody, and asks that the U.S. cooperate with UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez’s requests to conduct an unmonitored meeting with PFC Manning. Bradley Manning Support Network Gerry Condon helped to organize the effort. Read their letter here. View their press conference below:

Popular online gay blog Queerty today they summarized recent news about Bradley, including his lawyer’s thwarted requests for evidence and the news about the MEPs. Read more here.

Last Friday, in a round table about the Occupy Movement organized between The Nation magazine and The New School in New York City, Michael Moore explained his views on the origins of the movement:

“If you really want to pin it down to somebody, I would thank Bradley Manning. And here’s why. A young man with a fruit stand in Tunis became very upset because he couldn’t figure out why he was just getting screwed and why he couldn’t make it. And he read a story, put out by WikiLeaks that exposed how corrupt his government was. And he just couldn’t take it anymore, and he set himself on fire. That event, by giving his life to this, created the Arab Spring movement that went across the Middle East and then boomeranged back here to what has been going on in the fall here in North America.” Link.

There are now 12 events registered for the International Day of Solidarity on December 17th, Bradley’s birthday and second day in court. Visit our events page to find a demonstration near you, or learn about organizing your own.

2 thoughts on “Update 12/1/11: 64 MEPs condemn Bradley’s treatment, Michael Moore and Queerty discuss Occupy and updates

  1. The “occupy” movement seems to target the rich 1%. They don’t count that the military could buy out the top ten richest American corporations every year and have lots left over. The occupy movement assists the big power spenders by diverting attention to the “rich” 1% who are petty pawns.

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