Update 11/2/12: Report-back on Friday’s Graham Nash benefit show, German parliament says “We are Bradley Manning”

Last Friday’s Bradley Manning benefit with rock-n-roll hall of famer Graham Nash was a resounding success.  Graham Nash, James Raymond and Shane Fontayne played to a packed room at the Church in Ocean Park, Santa Monica.  Close to $10,000 were raised for Bradley Manning’s Defense Fund.  Thanks to those who came out!  We hope other artists will follow suit.  Check out Graham’s CNN interview about why he supports Bradley.

A number of German parliamentary members have joined our “I am Bradley Manning” photo petition.  Please submit your own photo, and encourage public leaders you support to do the same!

Petra Pau is Vice-President of the German Federal Parliament, and she stands with Bradley Manning

A writer for DigitalJournal.com submitted her opinion in support of Bradley Manning.  She argues that while UN law and US military law may actually come into conflict where Bradley Manning’s alleged actions are concerned, UN law should take priority.  She says:

“It is my belief that the law of the United Nations stands far superior to that certain code of the US Military, not only because the UN is more encompassing of the entire world, but because I believe in Thoreau’s philosophy of governing with one’s conscience which the UN law does.

Whether a person likes it or not, we are part of the United Nations and if we as a country decide to be a part of that union then we need to respect and obey the laws that are set in place to make our world a better, more peaceful global society.”

Finally, we’d like to make sure you’re aware of some important upcoming events.  On November 27, there will be another rally and protest to support Bradley at Ft. Meade, during his most important pretrial hearing.  On December 3, attorney David Coombs will be making his first public appearance, to speak at a live-streamed in Washington DC.  For more information about these two events, check out our recent e-newsletter.  For updated information on hearing and trial dates, go here.

4 thoughts on “Update 11/2/12: Report-back on Friday’s Graham Nash benefit show, German parliament says “We are Bradley Manning”

  1. Join The Smedley Butler Brigade-Veterans For Peace, Their Friends & Allies On Veterans/Armistice Day Sunday November 11th In Boston For An Anti-War March And Program

    All Are Welcome. Come join us to celebrate Veterans/ Armistice Day, really an International Peace Day on Sunday November 11th for a march and other activities.
    Forming up for the parade at noon at the corner of Beacon Street and Charles Street (just up from Cheers at the entrance to the Boston Common).

    VFP Pavilion at Faneuil Market (Samuel Adams Park) from 11 AM -4 PM. Volunteers needed to set up the pavilion and staff during the parade.

    VFP Program at Faneuil Market starts after parade finish (approximately 2:00 PM but is contingent on the finish of the official parade) with speakers, singers and bands (about 30 to 45 minutes, the shorter the better)-This year’s highlighted issues-No War On Iran- Freedom For Private Bradley Manning.

    We will be leafleting during the day at various places in the downtown Boston area (including the Armed Forces Recruiting Station on Tremont Street and other sites TBA) handing out handbills highlighting our two main issues- Iran and Bradley Manning.

    Come help set up and staff the pavilion at Faneuil Market. Help leaflet. Help swell our numbers. Bring fellow VFPers and other supporters. Report this event to your local newspapers and tell them you will be there to aid our publicity campaign.

  2. My heart goes out to you Bradley. You are a hero in my book. I feel our president is a hypocrite and worse. Wishing you freedom ASAP !

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