Update 11/29/12: News reports from Bradley’s motion hearing

Bob Meola of the Bradley Manning Support Network is interviewed at the November 27th rally for Bradley at Fort Meade.

Bradley Manning’s “… attempts to exercise and stay occupied in bare cell only perpetuated harsh anti-suicide measures”, writes Ed Pilkington of the Guardian. In today’s testimony, Bradley Manning revealed the previously undisclosed, and terrifying, conditions of his early captivity in Kuwait, and more about the unlawful pretrial punishment he endured later at Quantico prison. For the first two months of his captivity, Bradley was segregated in what he described as a ‘cage like contraption’, before being transferred to Quantico prison where he was held in “Prevention of Injury” status for 9 months. Revealed in other testimony today, was the fact that at other prisons, the longest any prisoner would have remained in such a status was seven days. As Bradley tried to improve his situation, guards and Quantico command used irrational reasoning to justify his treatment, arguing that his dancing and attempts to stay busy were evidence that he was suicidal. (Read more…)

The issue of Bradley Manning’s proposed plea was addressed by Judge Lind early this morning. Wired.com reports that the deal was accepted and that “the 7 offenses together carry a total maximum prison term of 16 years in prison”. This is not a plea with the government however, and as such it remains to be seen if the government will continue to pursue the ridiculous charge of ‘aiding the enemy’. (Read more…)

“Today also marks the two-year anniversary of the first front pages around the world from Cablegate, an archive of 251,287 U.S. State Department diplomatic cables”, writes Julian Assange. What did the cables reveal? Assange discusses how the released cables have had a powerful influence around the world. (Read more…)

As Bradley’s unlawful pretrial punishment motion hearing began this week, protesters took to the streets around the world. Here are photos from the protest at Berkeley, CA.

3 thoughts on “Update 11/29/12: News reports from Bradley’s motion hearing

  1. recently someone of our people visited the english wikipedia page, a page with a list of whistleblowrs. in spite of the discussion clearly saying that editorship on a journalistic platform is something completely different than whistleblowing [legally, too, this -is- relevant, I think], JA landed on the list. bradley is not there. note that the fact -he- is in jail and regarded by the authorities as the whistleblower, this -should- be enough reason to add him there and revive the discussion what exactly JA is doing on the list.

    is anybody of you able to register a wiki account there? if so, I’ll place the exact link to that whistleblower list on wikipedia under your reply.

  2. Bradley is proving again and again how courageous he is in defence of human rights and our right to know what is being done by our government in viomation of human rights. He is an example to us all.

  3. Hooray for Bradley Bradley Manning and his courageous work for peace and justice. His testimony again shows his bravery and exemplary commitment to truth. May he soon see freedom!

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