Update 10/24/12: Iraq War Logs anniversary, analyzing the government war on whistle-blowers

October 22nd was the anniversary of the publication of the Iraq War Logs in 2010.  Check out our write-up about the documents, and share some Iraq War Logs facts with your friends.

Forty tickets are left for Friday’s Bradley Manning benefit with rock-n-roll hall of famer Graham Nash.  We are offering a limited number of half price tickets for L.A. area Bradley Manning supporters.  Try coupon code “brad50.”  Go here to get your tickets now.

HuffPo breaks down the contradictions in U.S. government’s attitude toward classified information.  Release information which embarrasses higher-ups?  Punishment will be severe.  Release information for political reasons supporting the status quo?  Okay.  The article argues that even though NSA whistle-blower Thomas Drake ultimately served no prison time, the harsh charges against him make others in the ever-growing intelligence committee feel afraid to reveal information pertinent to the public good.

National Whistleblowers Center representative Jesselyn Radack writes in the Daily Kos about the government’s case against whistle-blower John Kiriakou.  She explains that he will most likely be going to jail for outing a torturer.  The U.S. government is arguing that national security has been endangered because Guantanamo prisoners (many of whom we know, thanks to WikiLeaks, were innocent) may have learned the name of one of their torturers.  Studying the cases of Drake, Kiriakou and other whistle-blowers, can help us to understand that the prosecution of Bradley Manning fits into a pattern.  A pattern of a government system that discourages questioning and criticism, in the form of severely punishing whistle-blowers who try and engage the public in evaluating policy.

Supporter David Jah Vega created a video to tell the story about Bradley Manning.  Check out his creation on youtube here:

3 thoughts on “Update 10/24/12: Iraq War Logs anniversary, analyzing the government war on whistle-blowers

  1. Here to help. Have had self and kids threatened by teacher at quantico, robert j bunker phd
    i was a 9 11 witness. i identified ahmed ahlnami as a man i met while working at wtc in mid 80s. ahmeds real name was olly and he was visiting “new friend” who worked facing WTC sitting in computer headhunters office, self proclaimed CEO of company, but used name on biz cards different from drivers license – bus name greg owens, license greg hoens, most likely a fake license. bore astonishing resemblance to formerly incarcerated SI congressman murphy’s son, who became my landlord years later in more gang related control (unknown to me). Murphy is of ABSCAM fame for taking bribes on camera from supposed arab shieks during 1980s. “Olly” met with this could-be-bro of murphy, in his hells kitchen apartment, and intro’d him as “my friend Olly from Israel”. This bunch is part of Bon anno family who are both italian and have cousins in israel. Seems Mr. Bunkers wife Sheleena is Wm B’s direct cousin, and Mr. Bunker eluded detection via FBI office on gangs in NY records, being conveniently destroyed on 911, as well as his “consultancy” non-fed employee status with DOJ, and same “consultancy/guest” position teaching at quantico, where he still does. His photo on their site, as proof, shows added hair (his natural curls he keeps shaven off), a narrowed face (his is pie circular), a heightened forehead with telltale white/tan line from the addition, and large comical ears added which he does not have. His eyes are hazel. The photo is him, adjusted. Mr. Bungler moved in next door to me in the early 2000s and committed fraud by trying to hide his identity on house deed (A for middle initial – easy out, “dictaphone goofed”), then “divorced” his wife or such to redo the deed on file for his home on W Belfair Valley Rd Bremerton WA, changing it to “Ferrand” wifes name. Still visible on the tab related to this house, “building permits”. He entertained mr. bon anno in his yard, the grandson of the ganger who wrote a bragging book about his own ganghood leaderism, at least 10 times during my living there. Bunker broke into my home so many times it was not funny and made me live in fear, stalking me. He ran at home some “counter opp for” company, makes me wonder if its not a tax paid hit station for 911 witnesses. My cell wouldnt work, couldnt call cops, and after finally having hard evidence of the harassment at my home and telling a local cop I called from a payphone, a suspicious “drug crazed (dead) shooter” spree went on killing 5 to 10 of my local cops in a diner or such. I think Manning should be freed and the quantico rat exposed who not only is a gangers brotherinlaw they failed to detect, but had both accesses to doj leaks and fbi leaks (scotland yard anonymous hacker fiasco) to be the perpetrator behind same. True gang style for this bunch, is look over here while I steal a whole lotta money from defense contracts, or wherever. 🙂
    Good Luck Manning
    I just risked my life for you and that is as far as I am going – told this on 9/11 direct to prez, also again to PD, no one EVER heard my witnessing properly. This gang has harassed me for 20 years now, since the day I met that creep Olly visiting from Israel, and there is much more to the tale I will not tell. Tired of being afraid of them. God will protect you.
    PS – State Dept of War left a “certified mail going back, 4th notice” ironically in MY mailbox – because of irony — Bunker spent first 2 years nextdoor pouncing on the mailtruck and rifling thru my box – found out, it was because all his mail is to a bogus house number (data system evasion to be found) — 30 blank numbers available on our rural street between me and him — so, if checking for his VISA mail likely to get misdirected to his NONEXISTANT house mailing address, seems Kharma sent that crucial piece of mail into MY box, while meanwhile he was away for weeks (with his gang buddies clunking 2x4s, slamming car doors etc on his property over the blinder fence, acting it up to look like he was home, as if goading me to call police on him for late-night vandalism/trespassing on my yard, etc. Clever little man, PHD you know. Shame when the PhD’s use their brains to be diabolical.

  2. It is the DUTY of EVERY American Citizen to blow the whistle on crime in the government and everywhere it resides. When the crime is murder, or a fake war on a country that truly did nothing who’s citizens are being holocausted for the sake of what looks like a price-free war benefitting a neighboring country for absolutely free– (american blood, familys torn apart, kids with dead soldier parents, the mothers of same, as well as the “enemy” that was lied about being rested into peace against their right and wills) — this is murder, and a holocaust at that; and the treasonists who created it whether civilian or government, need to be brought to punishment. Where is the right to free speech these days? Why is our CONSTITUTION not back in order yet? Because it appears America has turned into some form of dictatorship at the hands of organized criminals in key positions, Mr. Bunker for proof. Lest anyone dare uncover the lies of 9/11 and the entire war, America makes up “new laws” self-servingly to perpetuate and coverup the lies? And to scare anyone with contrary knowledge to what is on the news, into not coming forward? That is terrorism at its best.

    Reading about “not allowed to sympathize with Arabians” – what is this horse hockey? If I choose to feel sorry for patsied innocent parties, and am a first hand witness to the fact that ANOTHER party performed and carried out 9/11 (I lost a family member, and my relative is a chief of police), a witness who’s evidence was ignored, are you saying someone in my position may not speak the truth, about my life? Bullcrap. These people tried to metaphorically have me for dinner – and are doing the same to Mr. Manning, who should be proclaimed a hero and patriot. It is because of HIM that I am AGAIN coming forward. This entire concept, is prejudiced towards arabians – what if I were an arabian immigrant? I may not feel sorry for all the innocent souls in that country? I thought, 911 was purported to be four handfuls of men – why an entire country punished? Lets get our story straight.

    Mr. Manning did what his duty is — to protect his country — WE ALL are his country and he showed us a sampling of the lies and outright murder that have gone on not disclosed to the American public — the killing of Reuters journalists???? etc??? Innocent patsies in Cuba and the gov covering it up??? and in this case, here we have a bonafide marital relative of a murderous crime family, teaching no less, the FBI – take the NYC scandal of the NYPD having a prosecuted-now hitman finally discovered, in charge of the gang-crime investigations (and not finding any of his own friends of course), and multiply by 100 to perceive the truth in what I just said, that is going on under our own noses, in our “of the people” government, and with our own tax dollars.

    The people at Quantico who broke the law and tried to mentally torture Mr. Manning, as Mr. Bunker did to my family, need to be behind bars. And I am allowed to say that, it is my right and utter common sense. They are our governmental SERVANTS, not our dictatorial kings. And the organized criminals who the released documents show set up innocent Arabic parties to take the fall for their own 9/11 scheme in Cuba, need to be court martialed for Treason! This NY Crime family has fake cop cars, UPS trucks, a friend with plate glass window “Owens” who was daily viewing at work, the truck entrance of the WTC, and this family very easily could have done, and had every motivation to do, 9/11 including, the loss of their criminal records that they were being hounded night and day about by law enforcement,–both there, and at the most likely backup station, ie the Pentagon, who also suffered losses of buildings on 9/11. Not only that, but the 12 Trillion dollars announced missing 8 hours before 911 happened, by the army general on national TV on the 10pm news night before, who said “the terrorists are not across the ocean, but in our own dept. of defense” by again, the ACCOUNTING DEPT WHISTLEBLOWER only to have that sidetracked by a bigger crime the morning after. What has been the cost of the war since 9/11 overseas, interms of a setup, US gang related, embezzled war with psychological stimulus included to inspire the “big brother” response to “fight back” the patsies? What would the charges be to prosecute the guilty parties who arranged such, for such a mind-boggling loss of money, american lives, global lives, and embezzlement??? There is not even a name for that intensity of crime.

    What better crime for this gang in motive wise, than to teach the FBI how to NOT find them…by getting their newly-clean record brother in law into that job – who let him in? and of course, what a position, to give the test answers to all their own training candidates, and fill the ranks with same. Everyone this man has taught, passed, and graded, should be transferred to completely other jobs as they are possibly tainted by this connection. Ive had bald-headed strangers coming up to me, baiting me to say 9/11 was done by Jews – not so – I have 3 in my own family – it was done by organized criminals from the scene of the crime, NYC, and what looks like an overseas politician’s son, who looked mighty simmering, upon being introduced as “from Israel”. (have no clue as to his religion and it doesnt matter one hoot, but “religion” is apparently not something any of these criminals possess, to perform such heinously cold and calculated deeds against fellow human beings).

    I have one final question — If murder is illegal, who made the decision to authorize the government to commit murder, under the new name of “war”?

  3. BTW- this is the same RJB who wrote “NonLe Thal Weapons” critiqued for public view on abidemiracles.com, citing 7 Geneva Convention violations (suggesting warcrimes) in his advice of how our defense ought to behave; among them blinding entire populations of “enemy” men in foreign countries; using holographs to project “god” upon clouds over “enemies” telling them to “not resist and welcome the invaders”; and most importantly, sugggesting one use of holographs in terms of how “a mobster with an enemy he’d like to kill, enemy having heart condition, would project a film of one of the target’s dead victims, to scare him awake in his bed and induce a coronary”. I wonder how he thought that up. Anyone can read this self-published book’s critique online, it is a horrifying example of the mind and thinking of this man at Quantico.
    I myself, have never had so much as a parking ticket in my life, am an ex-girlscout, and spent 14 years being taught by nuns and eating in their convent; if the man would like to slander me, he will have to do it by sheer unbelievable lying. I am also disabled for 30 years physically by an infection and leave my home less than 12 times a year. I am currently writing a book about the brotherhood of man and good work to the nobel winners for supporting Bradley Manning.

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