Update 10/18/12: Hearing regarding motion witnesses begins, defense gains access to more evidence

Yesterday was the beginning of a two-day hearing in which the defense and prosecution will argue over which witnesses will testify about delays in court proceedings.  Coombs wants to use witnesses to argue that Bradley Manning has been denied a speedy trial as guaranteed by law, and thus his charges should be dismissed.  Read our notes from Day 1.  You can also read about Day 1 and Day 2 of the court proceedings on Firedoglake’s website.

Judge Lind has ruled that the government must turn over an additional 600 e-mails to Bradley Manning’s defense.  The emails discuss the military’s plans to respond to queries from reporters about Manning’s detention, preparing for protests, changes to Manning’s list of visitors and other details, according to the judge.  This is a small victory in these court proceedings, and will give the defense a fuller picture into the motivations behind Bradley’s solitary isolation at Quantico.  Read more here.


Bradley Manning supporter Peter Van Buren is known as the author for “We Meant Well: How I helped lose the battle for the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.” He says “I am a former US State Department employee and I wore my Free Bradley Manning T-shirt to work on my last day to remind my former State colleagues what freedom of speech means.” Thank you, Peter.

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