U.N. torture investigator says access to Manning denied, condemns solitary confinement

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. October 19, 2011

Report on Bradley Manning to be Released Soon

NEW YORK — Juan Mendez, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, confirmed yesterday that the Department of Defense has blocked his requests for an unmonitored meeting with PFC Bradley Manning, the accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower. He told reporters gathered at a U.N. General Assembly committee on human rights that he would be issuing a report on Bradley Manning’s case “in the next few weeks.”

Mendez noted that the Obama administration had offered the possibility of a meeting, but only under “conditions in which they could not confirm the confidentiality of my conversations with him.”  He said that, according to the rules of his U.N. mandate, “that is a condition that we cannot accept.”  Mendez explained further that he nevertheless offered to meet with PFC Manning, but that “he also chose not to waive his right to have a private conversation with me.”

“The Special Rapporteur’s report on Bradley Manning’s conditions of confinement unfortunately won’t be complete so long as the Obama administration prevents them from having a private conversation,” said Kevin Zeese, a legal adviser with the Bradley Manning Support Network. “The administration owes an explanation to the American people why they won’t let a U.N. official investigate evidence of Eighth Amendment violations committed against a U.S. citizen.”

Juan Mendez condemned the use of solitary confinement at yesterday’s press conference, arguing that under no circumstances should it be employed for longer than 15 days in excess of 22 hours a day. PFC Manning was held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day during the eight months he was detained at a brig in Quantico, Virginia.

Supporters of Bradley Manning recently surpassed a signature threshold on a new White House petition website demanding unmonitored access to Manning for the U.N. investigator.  According to the website’s rules, the administration must now issue an official response to the request.

45 thoughts on “U.N. torture investigator says access to Manning denied, condemns solitary confinement

  1. Brdley Manning is entittled to all the rights offered by the constitution and bill of rights!
    Someday those responsible for this outrage will be held to account!

  2. Yes, I agree, Thank GOD for Juan Mendez and others who are standing for Bradley …. Bradley Manning is an American and world hero, and this case goes far beyond Bradley, look how we are torturing innocent people, killing them and not taking responsibility. We must stand in solidarity now, more than ever before!

  3. Whistle-blowers are very brave people and should be honored, not persecuted and tortured. Candidate Obama would have been horrified at Brad’s treatment, but then Obama became president, and…

  4. Obama has betrayed those of us who got suckered by his pre-election rhetoric. Among his other Bush-like actions is staying aloof from Bradley Manning’s torture and humiliation at Quantico, and (apparently) refusing to order that the UN Special Rapporteur be given unfettered access to Bradley Manning.

    By their deeds shall you judge them.

  5. As my son is on his 4th trip to Afghanistan, and we are killing 3 Americans every other day, and Obama said he had contacted the Pentagon to see if Bradley Manning was tortured by being in that box 23 hours a day for 9 months, I think Obama has not much common sense and is betraying the U.S.

  6. Please keep trying, Mr. Mendez. We are worried about Bradley, especially knowing that Obama thinks NOTHING of executing citizens of this country!

  7. I am so sorrowful that our country has degraded and embarrassed itself again by condoning and continuing its mistreatment of Bradley Manning, a brave and noble man, who should be honored and bedecked with medals instead of being stashed away in prison and tortured. And what a horrific abomination to have our President, A CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER, who was elected by citizens whose hearts were overflowing with the hopes of authentic, progressive, humane governance, cheer leading this evil. Shame on him, not just for this; but for the total sell out of his administration. He gave up the golden and rare opportunity to be the most extraordinary leader of a world that has been waiting for such leadership since the Stone Age. My hope for peace and justice is gone. The dark powers of money and power and Koch and Fox and war and tea parties are overwhelming and disgusting. I cry myself to sleep. PJ Frederick

  8. The Military Might will Do Whatever it can get away with and the Political leaders know it and protect those responsable for Criminal activity and Military leadership has and forever will be Iresponsable and inmature in there understanding of right and Wrong ..Military has its code of Injustice going back over a hiundred years and anyone they decide amongst themselvs behind there closed doors is Obviousley Guilty in there Imature way of thinking …True Fact ..Having served and retired from Military service I know full well the iresponsability and imaturity of its leaders …

  9. This is, friends, all about wealth, power,and secret government. This is about Wall Street and corporate control of government and access to other’s wealth, and maintenance of domination for the foreseeable future by any means necessary…and the resulting police state. Be aware but don’t be fooled.

  10. I am very sorry to see this development. I was hoping that the UN would be able to end this horrific situation but alas it seems that the US government’s sense of decency has completely deserted it and it is morally bankrupt. I doubt all the blame can be put on Obama however, I think he has demonstrated that he is pretty much powerless and is a lame duck president. No, this is revenge, pure and simple. It is also a warning to potential whistleblowers, make no mistake. They are unwilling for this to be brought to court so they can keep torturing Bradley. Julian Assange has also been hobbled in the UK on trumped up rape charges. But the genie is out of the bottle people – look at Occupy everything! This is much bigger than Bradley or Julian, they are heroes!

  11. Mr. President why are you turning your back on the rule of law? We need you more than ever and I am wondering what this failure of character will mean for you personally. It’s not too late. You can still save your soul. Grant Mr. Manning the rights he is guaranteed as an American citizen. The world is watching.

  12. All the best from Tasmania, Australia. Torture is wrong and the US like every other nation needs independant confirmation. Free Bradley Manning.

  13. I hope that the people running this site and spreading word never give up!! You are all American heroes and very brave. Thank you

  14. Blessings on Bradley Manning and Juan Mendez! As I have been speaking to OccupyAshland and OccupyMedford (both Oregon) I am amazed at how many people still do not know about Bradley and his case or the things he helped Wikileaks reveal. We must keep educating the American public to continue the pressure against our Dept. of Defense and the Obama administration. Let us not tire of this task until Bradley is FREE!

  15. I’m sorry to say this, ever since the 2nd world war I feel we have stood together – Europe & the US. But these days, thanks to those holding the power, America is starting to become a scary place.
    Its American citizens like Bradley Manning that give one hope.
    Mike UK

  16. “The dark powers of money and power and Koch and Fox and war and tea parties are overwhelming and disgusting”
    You must be kidding PJ? What do the Koch brothers, Fox News, and Tea Parties have to do with Bradly Manning? He’s being tortured by a Democrat administration!

  17. There are laws to protect whistleblowers – but they are not enforced and Bradely Manning stays sequestered while Wall Street swindlers roam to rape the planet in the name of “our national interests.”

  18. re: Obama administration continues to block an unmonitored visit by the U.N. official investigating what had been the inhumane conditions of his detention).”

    Juan Mendez U.N. General Assembly committee on human rights should appear with his Committee on the steps of the Brig at Quantico Va of USMC demanding private interview with Manning – and to investigate alleged evidence of Eighth Amendment violations committed against a U.S. citizen. Mr Mendez & his UN Committee should demand private interview with Manning – and not leave until accomplished.

  19. How ironic that the FedGov,and its preeminent “mouthpiece” Obama, should rain death from above upon anyone who questions their diktats. But should someone take them to task for being the hypocrites that they are they then try to weasel their way out.

  20. Human rights, freedom of the press, censorship and control of internet access are among subjects to be discussed in:


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    U.N. torture investigator says access to Manning denied, condemns solitary confinement

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    [2] Guantanamera: From Jerusalem to Guantanamo Bay — the US has lost all credibility as a Civil Society
    [3] Boris announcing dream party Jerusalem al-Quds 2012

  21. Hello Bradley,

    i hope you came alive&fast away from this stupid bullshit!

    I don,t like what the Army do,they don,t want help other nations,they want have all the nations!
    In the moment in german gouverment are all the same Motherfucker Moneyhunters…It,,s all about the money,they give a fuck of us.

    The Rich Humanhater all over the world want the New World Order,and take all of us for Slave!
    In the next time,there want destroy our Humanrights!The Biggest Enemy of our World is Money,Rockefeller,and all nations they nothing do about that!


    i give you all power of the world to come out of this Pain,when i see the video,i Cry,i Cry to see that never again…Fuck WAR!

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  23. USSA looking exactly as Orwell described. Blatant hypocrisy. Heading into an abyss with elements of Nazism, Communism, fascism, etc. Our media is exactly like Pravda, but with a glimmer and a smile. Our media and govt are LIARS. The people who pull the strings and rule DC and Wall St are sociopathic criminals of the worst kind. I am utterly disgusted. Sports and “entertainment” are the opiate for the mindless masses, and this is from someone who USED to LOVE sports and HBO lol. Big Pharma, govt education, mercury, flouride, TV, poisonous food etc is making people SICK AND STUPID. God help us.

  24. Manning’s rights are governed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, not the bill of rights. You can’t have an army with the same rights as civilian society, it just does not work.

    23 hrs a day in solitary confinement at a red line brig is not torture, it is confinement awaiting trial. This was normal operating practice 30 years ago for military prisoners awaiting trial if they were above the rank of Corporal. This was considered a privilege of rank since the person was only accused and not yet found guilty, not torture.

    I do agree with those who say that they should let the UN guy talk to Manning in private or else it is just another case of “Do as I say, not as I do”. Which should not get you any respect in the world.

  25. Seriously – WHAT is the USGov’t hiding that it is unwilling to allow Manning un-monitored contact with the UN representative (of an organization whose mission we supposedly support)? Previous poster put it perfectly: the USGov’t is morally bankrupt. End of story. What shame and disgust one feels for both the gov’t itself and the apathetic citizenry unwilling to open its eyes to these crimes, or worse still, the unthinking morons who gleefully support the gov’t in its actions, somehow believing that might makes right or USA! USA! USA! Ugh. Gag me with a fork.

  26. What are they Holding ? well maby its Hiding more to the question , Manning is the truth there trying so desperatly to conceal and cover and not let the Citizens hear about , And the sad thing is anyone thinking he will get off free is dreaming , As much as I would love to see him vindecated and alowd to go free they cant alow him to get his ay in front of the cameras . he has for too much to say ..Just posably that is prehaps his only chance is to strike that all so deal with the Devel and not speak of what he knows to be truth . The Military leadership will never alow him his day before a camera for the world to hear , I suspect ..The longer thay can conceal him the older the case grows and public opinion forgets is there mission to let time erase there crimes, How long they decide to keep him is what is so interesting here , Still no court date or sentenceing or day in court or before the Inquesion of the elected officers sworn to silance him forever..There Commanding officer has already issued the statement he is Guilty….What is left…??..Time will maby tell…How Much is the question

  27. Capt. BOB , Hate to tell anyone and rain on there little parade here , But that Uniform Code of INJUSTICE only aplies to the enlisted and is usualy decided behingd closed doors where a bunch of Officer good ol Boys decide the Fate of the So Calld Acused with No Rights to anything resembeling a Fair Trial…That is not Justice it is Kangaroo Court if there ever was anything to that example …Requesting a court martial is just going before the same Sharks already upset beceause they might stand a snow balls chance in Hell of Loosing a case they have already decided amongst themselvs ..Military does not know the word Fair or Justice

  28. well, the president had done one thing right, he told the un no. let them go through the court system of the us to see him. who made the un our judge and jury. lets get out of the un.

  29. So sad the USA turned out like that…it was a great place, build by great men… what happened? Will it be the country of real freedom and real justice one day again?

  30. John Pryke , Absolutely Sadly True , When has the U S ever listind to World opinion The U N and the entire free world warnd the U S of going into a War they can never win or Acomplish anything other than a Lot of Death and Hate.And lo and behold they were right But now were to (quote a song)Neck deep in the Big Muddy and the Big Fools in Washington still telling us to push on …Its far past time to back up ,,What comes after a TRILLION in spending for a useless War with all the Dead??..Maby you would like to tell us John…

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  32. This culture sickens me. Our true heroes either slip through the cracks or get treated like crud. IE BRADLEY MANNNING

  33. The USA is now becoming all the things it said the communist system was guilty of, only worse.
    There’s not even a pretence to aim for social equality.

  34. Liberty and justice for all? I think not. THIS is why so many outside the US have so little regard for her. So much hypocritical garbage going on here. Do I understand correctly when I assume that if Bradley Manning had illegally obtained evidence on, say, a Middle Eastern nation that would benefit the US “cause” to bring “democracy” to others, he would’ve been a hero? But because he dared to expose the true horror of US Military Operations, he’s the devil? What a crock. The US should be utterly ashamed of its judicial system right now. Rapists, pedophiles and murderers get less – and that’s AFTER the charges have been laid and the sentence handed out!!!!!

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