Rally for Bradley! Quantico VA. Sunday, March 20

Rally for Bradley

On March 20, 2011, there will be a rally at the Quantico Marine Base in Virginia to support accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower Army Pfc. Bradley Manning. Supporters will gather for a 2pm rally at the town of Triangle (intersection of Anderson Road and Route 1/Jefferson Davis Hwy), then march to the gates of Quantico. Bradley has been held at the Quantico brig in solitary-like conditions for eight months without any meaningful exercise. We stand for truth, government transparency, and an end to our occupation wars… we stand with Bradley! Event endorsed by the Bradley Manning Support Network, Veterans for Peace, Courage to Resist, CodePink, and many other groups.

We will meet at 2pm immediately adjacent to Rt. 1 and Anderson Road. Parking can be found at the Marines Corps Museum. They have HUGE parking lot, there. About 1/4 mile walk. There might also be some parking behind church adjacent to Inn Rd and Rt. 1, behind the rally location.

The day before, on Saturday, March 19th, in Washington DC, supporters of Bradley’s will be joining the noon rally at Lafayette Park and march on the White House to “Resist the War Machine!”

Reserve your seat (only $10 round trip) on our chartered bus from Washington DC at couragetoresist.org/bus. Buses will leave from in front of Union Station, Washington DC, at 12:30pm.

Download, view, print and share the event leaflet (PDF)

WHO:  Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Paper’s Whistleblower; Ret. Col. Ann Wright; Representatives from Veterans for Peace, Bradley Manning Support Network.

WHAT:  Rally in support of Pfc. Bradley Manning

WHERE:  US Marine Corps Base Quantico Entrance and neighboring Triangle. Rally to be followed by a march to the intersection of Rt. 1 and Fuller Road where the main entrance to Quantico is located.

WHEN: Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 2:00 PM ET

CONTACTS:  Pete Perry, Veterans for Peace. (P) 202-631-0974 (W)pete4peace [at] gmail [dot] com; Trevor FitzGibbon, FitzGibbon Media. (P) 202.406.0646 (W) Trevor [at] FitzGibbonMedia [dot] com


General Directions: Park in the Marines Corps Museum Parking Lot first. If that lot fills up, try and park in the church parking lot behind where we are going to rally.

After parking in the museum’s parking lot, walk back to Route 1 and turn left. Cross over Joplin Road. In another 30 yards you will be at the rally point on the left hand side of Route 1.


  1. Take Exit 150A to Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway)
  2. Turn right (South) onto Route 1
  3. Travel approximately one-quarter (1/4) mile to the Museum entrance on the right.


  1. Take Exit 150 (Jefferson Davis Hwy)
  2. Turn right (South) onto Route 1
  3. Travel approximately one-quarter (1/4) mile to the Museum entrance on the right.

88 thoughts on “Rally for Bradley! Quantico VA. Sunday, March 20

  1. Way to go everyone…good luck with the rally.
    We are in Canada but our hearts are definately with you all and as always with Bradley Manning. I think postering the old fashioned way and handing out flyers with the date on them at schools and universities really helps. Facebook and twitter are great but can be over relyed upon..from my recent experiences with out own g20 policing public inquirey protests.
    There are probably many people who are passionate and would surely attend but they are often left out of loop because they dont use social media.

    All the best and much grattitude to you great people!!!

  2. G’day
    Is there rallies in other country on the same day? We here in Australia would also like to show our support for this brave young man. Stay strong Brad. we are thinking of you.

  3. I will start the process of getting a permit today for the rally. But technically, last time I checked, we don’t need a permit to exercise our First Amendment right to peacefully assemble to petition our government for a redress of grievances.

  4. Woohoo!! Sounds like it’s going to be a grand ole time. Hopefully 1000’s of protestors show up. Does anyone think we will be able to shove the marines around like last time? I’ll be bringing my gas mask just in case things get wild..

  5. I’m an Aussie mum of a 22yr old and my heart and tears go out to Bradley.He enters my thoughts everyday so I would like to know if there is anything in Australia, on March 20th that we can do.This is exactly one of the things ‘Wikileaks’is trying to accomplish;transpancy in how citizens are treated(unjustly).

  6. Boykott Hollywood. Lets organisize an international Hollywood Boykott. Theese “germany has conquered Hollywood” Hollywood propagandists, only want to hide the role of the USA as an international massmurder. The same as Goebbels. A moralic man isn’t able to look any US Films, except Michael Moore. If I see a US Love Scene I must go to toilette and break out my meal. The only ones, which now about USA are the “Blues Brothers” and the “Soul and Funk Brothers”. Ask Elwood Blues about the USA. He is right. Kid Killer and torturers. And the Hollywood pissers party in L.A. and get Milliards of Dollars, thats pervers. Lets organisize a international Hollywood Boykott !

  7. Good afternoon. I am a local newspaper reporter for the News and Messenger that covers the Quanitco Marine Corps base. Can I get contact info for the organizers? And, will see you all on March 20.

  8. Having been in the military for many years, in and out of uniform, I am concerned that some posts, like Jimmy’s, suggest a physical confrontation with those who support and defend the very right to peaceably protest:

    “Woohoo!! Sounds like it’s going to be a grand ole time. Hopefully 1000′s of protestors show up. Does anyone think we will be able to shove the marines around like last time? I’ll be bringing my gas mask just in case things get wild.”

    … or Jables’ post: “Its time for a revolt – no more peaceful protest.”

    Really? Would that be a measure of success…Jimmy? Jables?

    It appears the Bradley Manning Support Network is a quality website that offers valid and insightful points of view; that it represents a civil and cogent argument of the issue.

    It really would be unwise and shameful to seek to tangle with Marines.

    Not only would a physical confrontation serve to ultimately degrade the BMSN overall, but it would diminish, dishonor and debase the good efforts already achieved by the network.

    Marines have always been consummate professionals who understand sacrifice like few do. After all, their motto is Semper Fidelis: Always Faithful. They also constitutionally understand the First Amendment of OUR Constitution.

    I hope the BMSN leadership exercises prudence and distances themselves from unproductive rhetoric; and distances themselves from those who think attempting to “shove” Marines around would somehow advance the cause.

    I doubt seriously that the Marines at Quantico would tolerate unlawful protest or trespass on Federal property by anyone.

    Civil disobedience is a beautiful, uniquely American thing. Crazy people like Jimmy and Jables…well, they are just plain crazy.

    Semper Fi.

  9. I agree that this gathering needs to be peaceful. It is the violence of the government (putting Manning in prison) that we are protesting; let’s not give them an excuse to put blame on us.

    I will be traveling from California to participate in this protest. I, too, have been violated by our federal government…they have committed 3 felonies against me and will probably walk away from all of this with no disciplinary action. Just Google “YouTube 93 TSA applesauce” and you can see what I mean. This type of corruption has got to stop. I have also started a blog; it is:


    Thank you to all who have started this protest. I hope others wake up to what is going on or else our entire nation is doomed to die.

  10. Is USA better than KSA? The difference is only in USA the Lords can change the horses, where it is not in KSA. Otherwise USA is the same as KSA.

    Anyway, I recall history of Judas who kissed Jesus Christ and got 12 dollars for that. He has a bit conscience left and therefore hanged himself. Is Andrien Lamo a reincarnation of Judas? If he has a bit conscience left, would he do the same?

    Dr. S M Babulanam

  11. Hi, I am one of the key organizers. It will be peaceful. We will march to the gates, and we may block traffic, but we will not be violent. None of us. If folks wish to become violent and act crazy, they are not welcome. On March 20th we want to reflect the world we wish to create.

  12. I just checked out the google maps for triangle. Looks like Main Street is route 1 and intersects route 1 also, twice. Clarification please?

  13. I ordered four bus tickets for the ride from DC to Quantico and back.
    I haven’t gotten any email receipt to show I’ve reserved the seats. Does anyone know when I’ll get the email receipt or how this will work.
    I’m from NH and not accustomed to how to get around down in DC and I don’t want to miss the rally! Thanks!

  14. Hi Art. We just sent you an email you can use as your bus seat reservations. We currently have you down for six tickets. Often spam filters eat the auto-generated receipts. We’ve reserved about half of the available bus seats already!

  15. I’m so glad I took the stand to phone PayPal directly from Australia. Another example of People Power. It may be a small win but it’s a win nonetheless. Yahooooooo! I still don’t know if there is anything happening in Australia on Marth20th that I can be part of?? Anyone??

  16. Medea & Co.–This ex-Marine (and one time CO of Headquarters Company at Quantico) will definitely be there). Hope you can find time for me to read the letter on Manning that I just sent to Obama today.–Dave MacMichael

  17. Out here in Washington State – too far away – but there in spirit. Thanks for doing all you can to stop this outrageous torture. I hope Amnesty Int. is making this a major priority.

  18. Looking forward to seeing you nuts. Our counter protest is picking up steam and we think we have at least 1000 on hand to shout you down. Got to love the free speach we have in this wonderful country. May the louder voices on the 20th win!!!!!!

  19. Hey David,
    I look forward to your letter. I was 82d Airborne and have worked from Cambodia to Baghdad (summer of 2007). Young Manning deserves all the honor and the help that we can give him. Live Free or Die! Hey, what can I say? I’m from NH.

  20. Dear Spy Hater…
    …and I suppose you are one of those individuals that also will protest at a soldier’s funeral…I’m sorry, that is “no class” in my book.
    The least you could do is hold your rally on a different day. We won’t bug you if you won’t bug us. Some of us were really looking forward to bonding and now you have to come in with your troops and add vinegar to our sweet union. That’s disgusting! You have no respect for others. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  21. will definitely be there! will you please make this a facebook event and open it to invitations. there is very little publicity about it!

  22. Dear Spy Hater,

    I discovered a while ago that if i was going to post comments anywhere I should be willing to use my real name. Otherwise I was a phony.

  23. good luck. i am a non-violent person, however it is sad that throughout history change has only happened with some violence. unfortunatly, in todays world, the media often gives greater attention to noisy demonstration than peaceful ones. i’m glad that the people of the u.s. are standing up to their government and realizing some of the atrocities they have committed. i wish you all success and safety. i hope bradley knows that many people around the world are routing for him and that he is a hero in the eyes of many and hopefully he can remain strong until he is released.

  24. Society for International Friendship, Sweden calls all good people of the world to recall Martin Luther King saying that he feared the silence of the good people more than the misdeeds of the evils. He was a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi (Mahatma was not his name but title that in Indian language Maha=Great Atman=soul). Gandhi taught us to resist oppression by Non-Violence, No-Cooperation and Civil-Disobedience. It is real today how the dictators in Middle East fall today. Rmoval of tyrrant Saddam by an unjust war was by a wrong method, that replaced tyrrant by another.

    Gandhi was murdered by an evil person of his own country, named Nathuram Godse who thought himself to be a great patriot. The patriot act of Bush would let Nathuram go free, and punish the witness who saw Nathuram killing Mahatma Gandhi.

  25. Nadine, glad to hear you are coming out from CA – me too! I read about your awful treatment (and your grandmother) by TSA. I swore I wouldn’t fly until I go to NYC for Sept. 11th, but I have to be there for Bradley Manning.

    I was at the protest on the base last summer, and perhaps SpyHater was there with his teeny tiny…group, who cowered behind police tape and said not a peep, and left after maybe an hour or less. I don’t expect much of a presence from the likes of him. In any case, we who stand with Bradley Manning are peaceful nonviolent protesters exercising our first amendment right. Any agent provocateurs will be shunned, I am sure.

    Question for Jeff or other organizers: I will be driving with a friend from Maryland – where should we park? From what I gather, this protest is outside the base, whereas the one in the summer was on base. We will also go to the DC protest on Saturday.

  26. Laurel Burik and Matt G.:

    Let’s keep in touch. I’m near Los Angeles in California. Here is my home phone number: (805) 484-4452.

    I am hoping this is going to be a beginning of a movement to change and reclaim the “government” we are supposed to have. There is so much corruption right now that I am not proud to say I am an American. But with enough good people, I truly feel we can bring about an incredible change.

  27. Nadine and Matt, I am in LA. I organized an event at the Santa Monica Pier for the International Days of Action in September. I believe there will be another worldwide event like that in April, and I would be happy to do it again. We had a great outreach; it’s a great location with tons of people. The BMSN has done an incredible job of bringing awareness to Bradley Manning’s plight. I will call you, Nadine, so we can find each other at the Quantico event.

  28. I’m another from Canada who regrets not being able to be there with you at this time; maybe another time (I hope it won’t be necessary!) But I’ll be with you in prayer and in spirit.

  29. First of all Jimmy, why are you picking on the Marines? They’re just following orders. The Marines aren’t going to harm you. How do you know there aren’t Marines who sympathize with Manning? He’s just being held there. Did you ever wonder why he’s held at Quantico and not on an Army Base?? I just hope your “thousands” don’t get hurt in the lousy traffic around the base. And while you’re there, say hello to my son. Wish him a happy birthday too. Knowing him he’ll be as usual a gentleman.

  30. Husker Marine Mom: A long time ago when I was in the 82nd Airborne I worked with the Marines. You’re right when you say there are Marines who sympathize with Pvt. Manning. I know some. I’m sure your son is a good man and I know he’ll do his tough job the very best that he can. Maybe we can help raise the awareness of the Marines about the importance of keeping pretrial detainees in good physical and mental health so they can properly prepare for trial and participate in their own defense. Best wishes, Art

  31. Violence at this rally would be a victory for the corporate media and Manning’s captors. They would love the opportunity to discredit the peaceful message.

    On that note, I don’t think anyone that is going to attend the rally for its intended purposes will have a violent notion on the 19th or 20th. However, history should have taught us that there very well could be agent provocateurs in the crowd. Their goal will be to start a clash with security to discredit our incredibly dangerous message of peace and human rights.

    We had agent provocateurs at some of the protests for the Pittsburgh G20. I believe there is some strong evidence of the same deceptive law enforcement strategy at the Toronto G20 as well.

    Some of the aforementioned deception appears to have already started. It’s obvious in some of these posts.

    Stay vigilant and confront any provocative protesters. No matter how plain clothes cops try to dress they still are pretty easy to spot. In Pittsburgh we just told the trio that if they tried to get violent we would walk them over to the uniformed cops ourselves. We then directed our protest at them, which caused them to leave a few minutes later.

    As a veteran I would also like to stress the unwavering respect that should be shown to the enlisted security forces during the rally. Most of those boys signed up for all the right reasons, and it’s not their fault they have been deceived by their “leaders”. Civilian cops, or Military officers are a different breed though, and I hope that we can push a few of their buttons – through non-violence of course.

  32. 101st, my friend lives in Germantown; not sure where the others are coming from. Whereabouts are you? I’ll ask if we have room in the car. Let me know asap.

  33. Hello all,
    I didn’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. I let my emotions get the best of me, I am just excited for this rally to finally get here. I just believe we need to shows our strong support for Bradley. He deserves all the support in the world for his heroic actions.
    By the way, I don’t understand how my previous comment upset so many people, I was at the last rally and there were some pretty vulgar/racist things being said towards the cops and marines. I would also say we shoved them around pretty good last time ( no physically per say). We didn’t really have any resistance from them, we were able to do our own thing without much issue.
    Anyway, safe travels to everyone and god bless.

  34. I’m too far away (BC, Canada) to make it to the rally, but my thoughts go out to all who will be there and Bradley himself.

    A suggestion for the organizers (although I feel some guilt suggesting this seeing that I won’t be there myself): Is there any way figure to turn this into the beginning of a multi-day vigil instead of a one day protest? I think to even have a chance of bringing about reasonable and just treatment of Mr. Manning it is going to take the same continued and powerful protest that is creating change in the Middle East and challenging Governor Walker in Wisconsin.

    Recently Obama dismissed concerns over Bradley Manning’s treatment by saying that he had checked with the Pentagon and that they had assured him that everything was being done for his ‘safety’. We need to demonstrate that this type of lip service to the cause of justice (a hallmark of this administration) is not even close to good enough. We are quickly sliding down the slippery slope to fascism and if we do not exercise our right to speech now it may become much harder in the future. We are all truly Bradley Manning, or Maher Arar http://www.amnesty.ca/human_rights_issues/maher_arar_overview.php, or any one else that has been subject to government repression in this war on terror. If they can do this to one of us they can do this to any of us.

    This quote has been used before and perhaps overused but I can’t but help to feel that it is appropriate to our moment in history:

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    -Pastor Martin Niemoller

    To be perfectly honest, I’m terrified. In my own life I am struggling to figure out how to create a living for myself and pay rent, and it takes a great deal of energy just to stay afloat in this world… And yet I have enough awareness to realize that we live in that requires action from all of us. History is composed of the actions of many “ordinary” people, like Bradley Manning, it is up to each of us to figure out what we can do to create a better world for ourselves and then do it. Each action has ripples that we can never truly understand, our actions together can create waves of change more powerful than we can possibly imagine.

    My heart goes out to Bradley Manning and everyone engaged in the struggle for Peace and Justice.

  35. I am so glad that there still are people who care about human rights on this continent! I am from Canada, and I would love to go, but I am unable. I hope that all goes well, and that the gathering is enormous, so that people will pay attention. Thank you, Bradley, for being true and for reminding us how we should live on this earth.

  36. CHICAGO__

    Sleep deprivation, isolation, nakedness, cold, restraints, no exercise or other sanity-preservation activity…

    Obama’s Gitmo! Obama’s Abu Ghraib!


    “You all right, Bradley. I need a verbal response.” [Wake up, Brad. You all right? I need a verbal response.] Every five minutes, a wellness check in this U.S. hell-hole. Call Pres. Obama.

    Wish I could be there, March 20, 2011!

    James E. Gierach
    Chicago, Illinois

  37. To whom it may concern,

    I’m puzzled and outraged that a hero such as Bradley Manning and another hero like Julian Assange can be made out to be criminals for taking steps to inform and protect our citizenry. These are brave people who had no profit motive for their actions other than the feeling of satisfaction that comes w/a good job well done. I’m proud to ba a fellow American of Bradley Mannings and a fellow planetary citizen of Jullian Assanges. It is most important that these citizens be treated w/respect and human decency. Please take whatever steps are essential to arrive at this point and then onto complete freedom for both men.

    Respectfully Yours,
    Percy Hilo

  38. We will be thinking of you this Sunday. It is the 8th year of the Attack on Iraq and Poets for Peace will hold a happening, Monday March 21 from 8 pm to 10…. at the Cafe Coco, 210 Louise Ave., off of Elliston Place in back of Exit/In, Nashville, TN 37203 This will be a poetry slam and accoustic music jam to remember 8 years of the attack on Iraq, the start of the Rebel With A Cause bicycle ride to aid Bradley Manning, and to celebrate the reawakening of our spirit of independence. Come a little before 8 to sign up. Several poets and musicians of note will be there. A special poem for Bradley will be unveiled that night.

  39. Please release Bradley Manning as he is a U.S. Patriot who the military should view as a hero and nothing less!

  40. Why I Will Be Standing In Solidarity With Private Bradley Manning At Quantico, Virginia On Sunday March 20th At 2:00 PM- A Personal Note From An Ex-Soldier Political Prisoner

    Markin comment:

    Of course I will be standing at the front gate to the Quantico Marine Base on March 20th because I stand in solidarity with the actions of Private Bradley Manning in bringing to light, just a little light, some of the nefarious doings of this government, Bush-like or Obamian. If he did such acts. I sleep just a shade bit easier these days knowing that Private Manning (or someone) exposed what we all knew, or should have knew- the Iraq war and the Afghan war justification rested on a house of card. American imperialism’s house of cards, but cards nevertheless.

    Of course I will be standing at the front gate to the Quantico Marine Base on March 20th because I am outraged by the treatment of Private Manning meted to a presumably innocent man by a government who alleges itself to be some “beacon” of the civilized world. The military has gotten more devious although not smarted since I was soldier in their crosshairs over forty years ago. Allegedly Private Manning might become so distraught over his alleged actions that he requires extraordinary protections. He is assumed, in the Catch-22 logic of the military, to be something of a suicide risk on the basis of bringing some fresh air to the nefarious doings of the international imperialist order. Be serious. I, however, noticed no ‘spike” in suicide rates among the world’s diplomatic community once they were exposed, a place where such activities might have been expected once it was observed in public that most of these persons could barely tie their own shoes.

    Now the two reasons above are more than sufficient reasons for my standing at the front gate to the Quantico Marine Base on March 20th although they, in themselves, are only the appropriate reasons that any progressive thinking person would need to show up and shout to the high heavens for Private Manning’s freedom. I have an addition reason though, a very pressing personal reason. As mentioned above I too was in the military’s crosshairs as a soldier during the height of the Vietnam War. I will not go into the details of that episode, this after all is about soldier Manning, other than that I spent my own time in an Army stockade for, let’s put it this way, working on the principle of “what if they gave a war and nobody came.” Forty years later I am still working off that principle, and gladly. But here is the real point. During that time I had outside support, outside civilian support, that rallied on several occasions outside the military base where I was confined. Believe me that knowledge helped me through the tough days inside. So on March 20th I am just, as I have been able to on too few other occasions over years, paying my dues for that long ago support. You, brother, are true winter soldier.

    Private Manning I hope that you will hear us, or hear about our rally in your defense. Better yet, everybody who read this join us and make sure that he can hear us loud and clear. And let us shout to those high heavens mentioned above-Free Private Bradley Manning Now!

  41. I would love to attend this rally for Bradley Manning. I am an WWII Marine and a vet of Iwo Jima.

    I live just next to Asbury Park, New Jersey and can meet at a convenient point possibly at a Garden State Parkway exit.

    Thank you,

  42. does anyone know of car pools coming down from NYC? i’d be happy to chip in gas money if i could get a ride down…


  43. Dante Deen, there is an action right in NYC:

    New York City:

    Date: Sunday, March 20

    Time: 2:00pm

    Location: 14th Street – Union Square

    There are actions around the world – the more the better. People who can’t be in Quantico can take to the streets in their own towns and cities and protest! I believe there will be another International Days of Action in April besides. Organize one in your own city! There is info on this site about how to organize. I did one in Santa Monica back in September, and it was exhilarating. It is important to show WORLD WIDE SUPPORT!

    I strongly suggest you go to Courage to Resist and get yourself a t-shirt at a minimum. There are other tools available such as info cards and buttons to pass out, and banners, but you can make those yourself. A t-shirt is a walking advertisement, and people will go home and google Bradley Manning and learn more about the issue.

  44. Can you hear us Mr. Obama? You are responsible for torturing Bradley Manning, violating the constitution and civil rights. He is a hero, not a traitor! Stop forcing people to quit (Crowley) for supporting this hero. Free Bradley Manning now.

  45. This is a question about toilet utilities being provided. Will access to toilets or port-o-potties be available? We’ll be on a bus.

    Two Activist Grandmothers {TAG}

  46. Thanks Laurel, I will be driving myself coming from Baltimore. Germantown, Montgomery county right? If you guys are meeting up somewhere let me know as we can go down in a group. I do a lot of work in loudoun county, fauquier county and loudoun county so i am familiar with the area.

  47. Just be careful, guys. Please don’t let anyone do anything stupid out of passion. I don’t agree with you because I don’t believe that the information circling the internet is correct, but I support your exercising the rights my husband fights to protect – it makes me proud that we as Americans have the right to disagree with our government and with one another. Please, please, please stay safe while you’re doing your thing out there.

  48. The three chartered buses filled up yesterday. If there is anyone in DC area that can’t not make it to Quantico otherwise, please do meet us in front of Union Station by 12:15pm, March 20. We’ll have a few cars on hand for backup. The web error message for the bus URL link has been fixed–now it just says, “Sorry, the buses are full.”

    The Marine Corps has closed the main road and gate to enter Quantico today. Since we will be holding our rally and march outside of Quantico in the town of Triangle, Virginia, this doesn’t affect our plans.

    Toilets will be available on the buses, and I believe additional facilities will be available near the rally.

  49. Beware of right-wing trolls like Jimmy – they are just trying to provoke us – our protest will be peaceful!

  50. Ok first off I dont see how this guy is any sort of hero? For what not doing his job? He isn’t a civilian anymore, if he was then I’d be like yeah he deserves a fair trial asap! But he signed away his rights a long time ago he’s owned by the government now an they can do whatever they want with him and they’re not torturing him! He told the guards he’s goin to kill himself with his underwear and clothes and things so they took it away! He’s just a guy with serious problems who got in trouble got demoted and decicided to act like a child and leak information! He’s a Benedict Arnold he spat in the face of every American. Let the military decide what to do with him he isn’t a civilian he’s a traitor.

  51. Why is the protest at Quantico? No one in Quantico has any authority at all to release him. The only person who can order him released is General Horst at Fort McNair in DC.

  52. We just got back from the protest, my 3 yr old daughter and I. I will see about posting our video and photos somewhere.

  53. Well, the BMSN Admin has again deleted my post – so, I guess it would be a little hypocritical of you to complain about the Quantico Admin when you are no better!

  54. Kim, maybe you can tell your 3-year old daughter the values of joining the military and then divulging classified information. I’m she’ll understand.

  55. Tom – I agree. James, I can tell you don’t have children yet or you wouldn’t have mentioned my 3 year old. You’ll know what I mean when you have little ones of your own who you actually love and know.

  56. Kim, you are the one who brought up the topic of your daughter. Look 2 posts above mine in case you forgot. Bringing a 3 year old to this type of event is completely irresponsible. Will your daughter understand why Manning is going to be in jail for the rest of his life?

  57. Poetry Slam & Music Jam for Peace & Justice 8pm @ Cafe CoCo 120 Louise off of Elliston Place in Nashville, TN. No need for 10 years war. Rebel With a Cause starts up the Trace. Free Bradley Manning. Solidarity with working people! Bring our war $$$$ home!

  58. James – this wasn’t a boxing match or dog fight. Lord. All we did was walk around and smile and wave at a few people. You should have come. It was actually quite a nice way to spend the afternoon. Beautiful weather and the moment she was pooped we headed home. My mom carried me on her back with my dad at a protest in DC in the 60s and I have always wished they had taken a photo. So I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity for Amelia’s baby book. She can make her own mind up on every given topic. Of course if anyone had gotten nutty we would have left post haste. There were about 200 police and another hundred swat in the woods just in case. I have never felt so safe.

  59. Oh, and I agree with Kim. Kids should see role modeling of what democracy looks like. Otherwise, they won’t know what to do when they grow up. They need to be encouraged to think for themselves and given all the relevant information and not shamed if they disagree with their parents—but they should be able to see, for themselves, what peaceful demonstration looks like, what courage to speak up looks like when people like you give their Mommas and Daddys grief…they need to see that problems can be worked out through civil discourse.

    One of the finest things in the world that people do is gather to send out a message. I’m proud that we have parents like Kim in our country who understand how important it is to get the truth out.

    What about those kids in the collateral murder video? “Shouldn’t be in a war zone!” Well, they live there.

    Our kids here in the U.S. would be horrified to know what happened to those kids. You want to explain it to them?

    Or would you like to explain to them why this is allowed to go on and nobody does anything about it?

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