Bradley Manning supporters crash SF DNC watch party, demand freedom for whistle-blower

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. September 7, 2012.

Yesterday, following speeches from Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace, 100 protesters marched to the location of President Obama’s Official San Francisco Democratic Acceptance Speech Watch Party. In a room full of local Democratic officials, Obama activists and donors, they delivered a message demanding that the President free accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower and Nobel Peace Prize nominee PFC Bradley Manning.

Several of those attending the party stopped to ask the protesters about Bradley Manning.  One woman decided to come outside to join the protesters, and a San Francisco delegate even offered to send a proposal to the national DNC on their behalf.  Once President Obama began his nomination acceptance speech, the activists began chanting, “No more promises, free Bradley now!” Michael Thurman, of the SF Bay Area Iraq Veterans Against the War and the Bradley Manning Support Network explained, “We’re tired of President Obama promising what he refuses to deliver. Bradley Manning exposed war crimes, corruption, and abuse. He’s the type of whistle-blower Obama vowed to protect.”

The San Francisco action was part of an effort to target the Obama campaign in 34 cities nationwide.  The protests ranged as far as Hawaii, Alaska, and even Texas.  Protesters hope that through reaching out to American citizens, and those in the Obama campaign in particular, they can pressure the President to take a public stance in support of Manning.

Though he’s spent 837 days in prison, Bradley Manning’s trial won’t begin until at least February 4. On November 27, defense lawyers will argue a pretrial motion to dismiss charges, based on extreme imprisonment conditions at Quantico that were declared “inhuman and degrading” by the UN.

In the meantime, Manning supporters encourage more actions at Obama campaign offices, calling on the president to live up to his 2008 promise to protect whistle-blowers.

See more photos of the actions here. 

Read the letter protesters mailed to Obama here.

8 thoughts on “Bradley Manning supporters crash SF DNC watch party, demand freedom for whistle-blower

  1. Yes we must HONOR THESE TRUE HEROES that risk their LIVES so that WE may know the TRUTH! He is what this country SHOULD STAND FOR!!!!

  2. My Father was in the Navy for over 23 years fought in WW2 active duty in the Pacific (deployed with Marines, because he was a Radio Man) and along with his four Brothers as well they gave everything to their country. My Uncle that passed away this year fought in Korea & Viet Nam receiving the Bronze Star & Purple Heart while in the Marine Corps for over 30 years. They agree that this country MUST start being more TRUTHFUL with it’s People in order to have a TRUE Democracy! My Father is 88 years here and is very disturbed by all the dishonesty that has been going on for FAR TOO LONG.

  3. Thanks for not giving in.The swedish opinion is difficult to get on the move,but we are trying.
    We need to stay on the barricades.

  4. As a 76-year old with only peacetime military experience, it appears as we move closer and closer to becoming a nation under a government being a fascist regime, that true patriot’s and hero’s such as this young man find themselves immorally and illegally placed into a prison system of injustice.
    I hope it is not to late undoing the injustice and immoral treatment of this young man, the signs however are all pointing in this direction.

  5. Without a declared war in progress at the time, Manning committed no crime, and neither did Assange. Scrap the cases and cease persecution of WikiLeaks and Manning in the simple condition that military tactical and other sensitive data should be held until after the war is over. I’d trust Manning and Assange long before I’d trust government on that, especially the current excuse for libtard administration!

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