Birgitta Jonsdottir, Icelandic MP, NYC event Apr. 5. with Kevin Gosztola, Alexa O’brien, Peter Hart and Sam Seder

On April 5, 2013, the anniversary of the release of the Collateral Murder video, Birgitta Jonsdottir held an event in NYC to raise awareness about Bradley Manning’s brutal treatment and his upcoming trial. She visited the United States against the advice of her legal advisors, who had concerns that she may get caught up in the US persecution of WikiLeaks.

Watch a recording of the discussion panel held with Birgitta Jonsdottir, Kevin Gosztola (journalist with FireDogLake), Alexa O’Brien (independent journalist long covering the Bradley Manning trial), Peter Hart (FAIR media critic). The discussion was moderated by film director, producer, writer and radio host Sam Seder.  

And if you haven’t already, consider watching the Collateral Murder video, released by Bradley Manning, which exposed the murder of innocent civilians and two Reuters journalists (bottom). 

Recorded from April 5th:


Photos from the event:



Original announcement:

Friday April 5th,
We invite you to an evening of art and discussion to sow the seeds of resistance against illegal wars, and to discuss the present state of free speech and freedom of the press. Your presence at Judson Memorial Church would send a clear signal that we the people value truth and stand against the unbelievable lack of ethics and accountability this, and other leaks, consistently reveal.

Doors open at 5:30 PM, for two hours of drinks, refreshments, and artwork , including stills from Collateral Murder, art prints by Molly Crabapple, and Laura Poitras’s five-minute documentary.

Then at 8 PM, we’ll move to a discussion among Birgitta, independent journalist Alexa O’Brien, FireDogLake’s Kevin Gosztola, and FAIR media critic Peter Hart, moderated by Sam Seder.

See more information about their discussion here, and see how to bid on Molly Crabapple’s art prints of Bradley Manning here.

Birgitta will be speaking in order to raise awareness about Bradley Manning and his trial that is coming up in June, as well as to help raise funds for his ongoing legal defense.

Along with helping Bradley we would like to help the families in Iraq effected by this war crime, and Ethan McCord the soldier on the scene in the video who helped the injured children – he now has severe PTSD. In interest of sparking discussion and more shifts in awareness levels printed stills from the video will be on exhibit for the very first time.

Please come stand with Birgitta Jonsdottir and support hero Bradley Manning, and the ethics and values he so clearly embodies.

RSVP for this event by emailing[email protected]

Join the Facebook event page here!

Schedule of other events for Birgitta’s visit:

— Thursday April 4th 5pm Yippie 9 Bleecker St, NYC

— Thursday, April 4th 7pm Yeslabs Hemispheric Institute 20 Cooper Square, NYC

— Sunday April 7th 5-7pm Culture Project 45 Bleecker St, NYC

Other informal gatherings, a press conference and discussions are planned  – she will be in NYC from April 3rd through the 8th.

Watch the Collateral Murder video:

46 thoughts on “Birgitta Jonsdottir, Icelandic MP, NYC event Apr. 5. with Kevin Gosztola, Alexa O’brien, Peter Hart and Sam Seder

  1. I only wish that I could attend and support this MP. Unfortuantely I live too far away. I fully support Bradley Manning and wish him all the best and hope that he soon gets out of prison a FREE MAN!!!

  2. Thank you, Daniel Ellsberg – and thank you, Birgitta. I am afraid that the US behaves more and more like the USSR, and where Guantanamo, etc., reflects Siberia. If America continues down this road – where human rights count for nothing – it may very well end as the USSR did; self-destruction…

    • Such a terrible pity that a once great and much loved Country as the US is quite unable to see it’s own injustice – and they keep asking “Why does the world not like us any more?”
      Very very sad

      • I believe our government knows EXACTLY why the rest of the world thinks we’re arrogant hypocrites.


        • The US-gov. does not give a crap about foreign opinions. The ‘hate’ twards your Union of States goes alot further back in time, than you think.
          But – ignorance and arrogance goes a long way. US-degeneration is now being compared to the fall of the Roman Empire etc. Now THAT is seriously bad for RedWhite&Blue.

      • You have the only real answer. Americans are, generally, an immature, poorly educated, historically illiterate, society, and unless and until the cycle of the arrogance of ignorance is changed nothing else of consequence will. Sorry.

      • I lived in Poland in 1973. While i get flashbacks of travelling through E. Germany when i hit US checkpoints you can still say your mind most of the time in the US. It’s not that bad. …Well at least for those of us lucky enough not to be in jail or prison.

  3. It is a total shame that in a so-called international city, Hong Kong has not mounted a single campaign to support release of Manning. Well done to all those who fight for the freedom of Manning. The fight has to go on and Manning has to be freed as he is one of the few truly honourable citizens of the community of mankind.

  4. I pray all the time. I comment on facebook. I cannot be there , I am 75 and do not travel. You have opened my eyes Bradley, that I am being inspired to read literate such as “The Obama Deception, the mask comes off, also Shadow Government, Dark Secrets,Engame, also What if Cannabis cured Cancer. You are a very smart young man, we all are on your side. Let us all wake up

    • I am Canadian,74 yrs. of age and have been also learning of the Dark Business controlling our lives. Canada suffers the pains of a dictator as well, being a Calgarian himself, he is working for oil companies and NOT the taxpayers. Knowing how the wars were brought about just to make money for the stockholders pains me deeply. I cannot even sing God Save The Queen because of her involvement in the shame of landmines,[she owns landmine manufacture factories] and I am sure she was involved in Diana’s murder too.
      Bradley Manning was/is a true patriot and should get the highest award the people of USA can give him. His love for USA does him proud.

    • Are you a strawman?

      This is drivel. What Manning did has nothing to do with off-the-wall shadow government conspiracy theories. It’s a simple fuck up plus coverup, the same kind that’s been happening since war was invented. But we have to rise above history and do better; when we *know* that a horrible mistake was made, the perpetrators, and we as a nation, must own up to it and pay the price. That’s what Manning exemplifies.

  5. it takes a special sort of courage to do what he did at such a young age , and I say that as the dad of a highly decorated green beret in the army , whose hospital room obama visited at walter reed , his first visit as cmdr. in chief . I reminded the white house of that visit when I nominated the white house of that visit earlier when I nominated manning for the citizens medal. Hats off to Bradley , Ellsberg , and all who love the truth ,regardless of how painful the truth may be

    • You have a unique and valuable perspective. Thank you so much for going on record with your stance. I hope you will continue to be vocal because you undoubtedly will have enormous credibility among those who find it hard to agree with the “fringe element” types.

    • However much sympathy one may have, and I do have too, for Bradley Manning, let’s not forget that he used to be a soldier, a US soldier, and everybody knows what soldiers, US or not, do.
      For sure, Bradley Manning deserves support and everything should be done to secure his release, but, in spite of the enormous risks he’s taken, I’m afraid I can’t look on him as a hero, even if he has to be commended for what he’s done.
      The Nobel Peace Prize for Manning? Well, given that Obama got that prize, even a capo di tutti may qualify for it.

  6. I am in tears that in the USA at THIS time – that young men with such high ethics is on trial – this is an indictment of the US –

  7. I support Bradley 100%, and send money as often as I can. Because of him we got thrown out of Iraq! Thank God because I know we would of stayed there forever. I’m hoping the same thing happens in all of the Middle East now that they know how we really fight. I’m so ashamed to admitt my country has come to this. Obama really irks me the wa he already found Bradley guilty before he ever went to trial. How is he suspose to get a fair trial now when the Commander and Chief has already found him guilty. There should be a mistrial and Bradley let go at once! He’s a hero in my book and deserves a medal even if he embarrassed our country, we always need someone to speak the truth.

  8. Here in Australia there I am just one of the many, many supporters for the freedom of Bradley Manning. May he be treated with the respect he so rightly deserves on his day in court, and may the outcome be the only proper one. So young, so true, so brave.

  9. Bradley Mannings arrest and incarceration. DARED BY FEW…..WILLED BY MORE…..TOLERATED BY ALL!!!! Hero….Whistleblower….PATRIOT!!!!!! What an inspiration. Thank you Bradley just doesn’t cut it…we are forever in debt to you good sir. In solidarity and on the frontlines in Little Falls, Mn. Robin Hensel

  10. You people are inspiring me with your loving support for Bradley truly a courageous man and a real american/world hero. Spread the word about this travesty. Bradley must prevail the option is unthinkable.

  11. Please make the talk available for those who can’t attend. If there is info about that here, I’m not spotting it. Many thanks.

    No more political prisoners.

  12. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the government has a right to withold information from the citizens. This act of availing the public a possibility to have an honest debate about cimes of their own state may not be perfect, but niether is this war. It is tile for us as a country to grow up and start treating ourselves as equal citizens due the truth.

  13. We are watching from Australia. Thank you all for doing what you can for Bradley. Thank you Bradley for doing what you did. You exposed the devils work. I realise you will be fighting these same devils in court, but you have the eyes and ears of many thousands of people who believe in you watching and listening. You have our best wishes too.

  14. Each time I come to this site I leave in tears. For Bradley. For my fellow citizens. For my country. For our vision lost.

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