Peace prize nominee Bradley Manning now 500 days in confinement

October 7, 2011. By the Bradley Manning Support Network.

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Supporters of Manning at the Occupy Wall Street protest 10/4/11 NYC

This year’s nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize are bound together by a common drive to nonviolently reassert democracy in the face of authoritarian abuses of power.

Alongside those who have fought against the unjust accumulation of financial and political power, PFC Bradley Manning is alleged to be part of a movement to dislodge an informational blockade that enriches the interests of the few at the expense of our democracy.

Citizens cannot make truly informed decisions when the actions of government are routinely concealed from the public that they have sworn to serve.  Government officials must be held accountable if they have withheld information from the public so as to hide evidence of wrongdoing.

Tonight, on the eve of PFC Manning’s 500th day in pre-trial confinement, we do not forget that all people have a right to due process, free from cruel and unusual punishment.  The Obama administration must stop obstructing the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez, from conducting an un-monitored meeting with PFC Manning.

From the current petition “Free PFC Bradley Manning, the accused WikiLeaks whistleblower”:

Using the information PFC Bradley Manning allegedly revealed, media outlets have published thousands of stories, detailing countless attempts by governments around the world — including our own — to illegally conceal evidence of human rights abuses. According to the President, “employees with the courage to report wrongdoing are a government’s best defense against waste, fraud and abuse.” It appears that PFC Manning acted on his conscience, at great personal risk, to answer the President’s call.

We expect any President to obey the Constitutional freedoms that we all share.  No one should be silenced for having the courage to speak or act against wrongdoing. The administration’s message to us is clear: We are all Bradley Manning.

10 thoughts on “Peace prize nominee Bradley Manning now 500 days in confinement

  1. I really want this guy to be recognized as a hero. A false report that he is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee would ridicule the whole effort to present a truthful, helpful, valid claim – along with everyone associated with the lie. What’s the source of this info?

    • Both Reuters News and the UK Guardian have reported that Bradley Manning is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. You can find articles with a simple google search.

  2. “Information about the nominations, investigations, and opinions concerning the award is kept secret for 50 years.” ~

    On the other hand, we have: indicating Wikileaks has been nominated, and where the Guardian shows Manning as the clear #1 reader favorite.

  3. i totally stopped taking the US of A serious, after Manning was jailed. really, this opened my eyes. the US of A turn out to be such a joke… hardly can’t believe i once had an respectable image of that third world country. great news that some recognized organization also sees Manning as a hero 🙂

  4. So sad Manning did not win the Nobel peace prize.. The impact on the US government may have brought the world to re-asses the awful way they are handling this situation and brought much needed supprt to this ongoing battle.

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