Join us at Fort Meade June 6-8th to support Bradley Manning!

Alleged WikiLeaker PFC Bradley Manning has won the 2012 Global Exchange People’s Choice Human Rights Award, and been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize, but the struggle for his freedom is far from over. His pretrial hearings have major implications for the rights of soldiers as well as the public’s right to know important truths about our wars and other overseas engagements.

Shamefully, at the last hearing which took place April 24-26th, the government clarified that it does not believe that PFC Manning’s motives, or even whether or not the U.S. was actually damaged in any way by the releases, are relevant to its case for the “Aiding the Enemy” charge. The government contends that life in prison is warranted for soldiers who would release information that hypothetically could be used by the enemy. The prosecution also considers irrelevant the issue of whether making the information public might benefit citizens of the U.S. or its allies.

Furthermore, at the June 6-8th hearing the government is attempting to ban any discussion of whether harm was or was not caused to the U.S. from future court proceedings, saying it could neither help nor hurt either argument. This would prevent the defense from accessing government-commissioned assessments of the impacts of WikiLeaks’ releases. Neither the content nor the conclusions of these assessments have been made public, despite the public’s obvious interest in this information.

We must go to Fort Meade June 6-8th to support alleged WikiLeaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning, and the rights of conscientious citizens everywhere!


On June 6th, join the vigil for alleged WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning at the Fort Mead main gate, 8am-10am (Maryland 175& Reece Rd, Fort Meade, MD 21113). We will be holding signs and banners outside the gate in the morning, and there will be a dramatic reading of the chat logs in solidarity with other actions worldwide. Supporters are encouraged to attend the court proceedings afterward.

Please RSVP.

We can help coordinate carpools from Washington D.C. and Baltimore. Please contact us if you need a ride, or can offer one to others!

Supporters are also encouraged to attend Bradley Manning’s court martial motion hearing at Fort Meade on June 7th and 8th.  Bradley’s lawyer, David Coombs, has expressed how both he and his client very much appreciate the presence of supporters in the courtroom.  This hearing will run from June 6-8th, beginning around 9am daily. To attend, go to the Fort Meade Visitor Control Center (directions here).  We suggest arriving an hour before proceedings are set to begin (if you arrive late, you should still be able to get into the courtroom later in the morning).

Want to attend the proceedings but can’t afford to do so?  We want to pack the courtroom with dedicated advocates so that we can build a strong team to defend Brad. See if you might qualify for financial support!

9 thoughts on “Join us at Fort Meade June 6-8th to support Bradley Manning!

  1. I live in Southwest Virginia and definitely want to come but not a ton of money. If I take a bus to D.C. will I be able to get a ride to Ft.Meade and possibly a place to camp overnight. (I have a tent)

    • If you can make it to the Greenblet Metro stop early Wednesday, I can take you to Fort Meade. We might have to find you a ride back from there. Patrick, Veterans For Peace 240-271-2246

    • Hey, David. I’ll look for you tomorrow at Fort Meade. I’m driving from southern VA and camping at Greenbelt Park, halfway between DC and Fort Meade. I checked it out last time with a friend from Vets for Peace who’s also camping. The ranger said tent sites were still open tonight. He can’t guarantee the 6th. I’ll try to get there and grab a spot before they fill up. You’re welcome to share it. Six people, 3 tents and 2 cars are allowed per site.

    • For our non-Spanish speaking readers: “Although I am with you are away for such a noble and just struggle. I wish you much success.”

  2. I wanted to know if there are places to stay in DC if we were able to get there for June 6,7,8….and also, how do we go about getting into the courtroom for the hearings?

  3. Has this info been passed along to 89.3 or Democracy Now? Would be great to get this on Community Comment (89.3) at least and hopefully get a lot more people out this week..

  4. I get off at 6:30 AM, and must return to work that evening, so couldn’t stay for the hearing; I could get to any Metro stop by 7:45 or shortly thereafter, but would have to return after the pre-trial rally. I could take transit back to DC, however.

    Must hear back before 8:15 tonight at the latest, to be able to respond and hear back before leaving for work…

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