International protests on Bradley Manning’s 1000th day jailed without trial. Photos, videos, reports.

A video of Feb. 23rd events prepared by supporters in Berlin (@freebradde on Twitter)

It was a historic week. Leading up to last week’s pre-trial hearing at Fort Meade, supporters staged over 70 events internationally in support of Bradley Manning on his 1000th day in prison without trial. The actions were an enormous success raising awareness of the government’s persecution of Bradley Manning, while at the same time waking up the media prior to one of the most important pre-trial hearings thus far. And while Judge Lind ruled against the defense motion to dismiss the charges due to the lack of a speedy trial, Bradley Manning issued a powerful statement denying most of the government charges against him, while accepting responsibility for having released documents to WikiLeaks as an act of conscience. News coverage of this historic event was significantly improved thanks to the phenomenal grass roots support demonstrated internationally.

Supporters did incredible work disseminating information face to face, holding signs, organizing music and theatre events, street performances, and by taking action online. Beyond waking up the media, thousands of people became aware of Bradley Manning at the demonstrations through these direct actions of supporters.

Events took place globally:

North America
Tucson, AZ, Tempe, AZ, Guerneville, CA, Cahuenga (L.A.), CA, Los Angeles, CA, Long Beach (L.A.), CA, Montrose (L.A.), CA, Studio City (L.A.), CA, San Francisco, CA, San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, Washington, DC, Washington, DC, Daytona, FL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Pensacola, FL, St. Petersburg, FL, Tallahassee, FL, Hilo, HI , Honolulu, HI, Chicago, IL, Ft. Leavenworth, KS, New Orleans, LA, Boston, MA, Augusta, ME, Portland, ME, Detroit, MI, Kalamazoo, MI, Minneapolis, MN, Wilmington, NC, Eatentown, NJ, Highland Park, NJ, Albuquerque, NM, Santa Fe, NM, New York, NY, Rochester, NY, Toledo, OH, Corvallis, OR, Philadelphia, PA, Newport, RI, Austin, TX, Houston, TX, Norfolk, VA, Bristol, VT, Bellingham, WA, Seattle, WA

Brisbane, Australia, Melbourne, Australia, Sydney, Australia, Brussels, Belgium ,Vancouver, Canada, Paris, France, Berlin, Germany, Kaiserslautern, Germany, Rome, Italy, The Hague, Netherlands, Oslo, Norway, Oporto, Portugal, Seoul, South Korea, Kampala, Uganda, Dublin, Ireland, Birmingham, UK, Edinburgh, Scotland, London, UK, Peterborough, UK, Yorkshire, UK, Fairford, UK, Bangor, Wales, Cardiff, Wales, Newport, Wales, Wrexham, Wales, Wales/Ireland/Scotland/England

Public support has, and continues to play a critical role in this trial. In light of Bradley Manning’s statement taking responsibility, the government’s decision to prosecute the greater charges, particularly “aiding the enemy,” is ridiculous, irresponsible and wrong. We must pressure the government to do the right thing: drop the charges against Bradley Manning. On June 1st, days before Bradley Manning’s court martial, the Bradley Manning Support Network is calling for an international day of action. Please keep up the fight. Join us June 1st for a day of action at Fort Meade, and worldwide.


From supporters in Holland.

Video from the NYC protest

Videos from the events:

VTV – Free Bradley Manning!



Denver’s Free Bradley Manning Protest (2/23/13)

Bradley Manning 1000 Days Bridge Protest San Diego

Larken Rose – Protest for Bradley Manning’s 1000th Day in Prison

Bradley Manning 1000 Days Candlelight Vigil Rally San Diego

Bradley Manning Protest in Long Beach, CA

Free Bradley Manning Protest, Chalking is illegal in California

Bradley Manning 1000 Days March (Eastbound) San Diego

February 23. 2013 worldwide protests for Bradley Manning #freebrad

Bradley Manning Rally SF 21030223

the bradley manning protest

Rainey Reitman at Bradley Manning rally in San Francisco, Feb 23, 2013

I am Bradley Manning: from the San Francisco rally Feb 23, 2013

Bradley Manning 1,000 in jail without trial Portland ME rally

FREE BRAD MANNING – Seattle Solidarity 2/23/13 Ethos Speech

Free Bradley Manning Vigil San Diego – 1000 Days of No Justice


Free Bradley Manning- Park Street Station, Boston



In the news:

‘Manning shouldn’t serve even one day in prison’.

International Protests Mark 1000 days in prison.

Protests Held to Mark Bradley Manning’s 1,000th Day in Prison. Democracy Now.

BRADLEY MANNING’S 1000 DAYS MARKED IN Wales,Ireland, Scotland and England. WISE Up Action.

Protests mark WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning’s 1,000th day in jail. The Guardian. 

Manning Campaigners Hold Protests. Cambridge News.

In Boston, protesters, military veterans urge release of Bradley Manning on 1000th day in detention. Free Speech Radio News.

Bradley Manning 1000 Days in Jail and more Government Crackdown on Transparency. The Real News Network.

On the News With Thom Hartmann.

Manning Supporters to Hold Worldwide Protests.

Jeff Paterson, Bradley Manning Support Network, MSNBC 2/23/13. MSNBC.COM


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4 thoughts on “International protests on Bradley Manning’s 1000th day jailed without trial. Photos, videos, reports.

  1. One passage from the chat logs reveals the profound consciousness (rather than conscience) of PFC Manning, quoted from Wikipedia:

    Manning said it made him realize, “i was actively involved in something that i was completely against …” He explained that “i cant separate myself from others … i feel connected to everybody … like they were distant family,” and cited Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, and Elie Wiesel. He said he hoped the material would lead to “hopefully worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms. if not … than [sic] we’re doomed as a species.”

    PFC Manning is connected to everybody and everything. He feels it and is intensely aware of it. That is his humanity, his kindness, his compassion, his generosity.


  2. Bradley Manning is a Hero – History will show that Truth always Wins!
    USA cannot silence the Truth – Julian Assange – Aaron Schwarz and all the others seeking Freedom from Corruption.

  3. I’m pleased with myself for having taken part in one of the events for this brave young man Bradley Manning. Maybe not in the near future, but I believe history will know what a true hero he is. But suffer he will as many great people have historically.

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