Help Bradley Manning website launches! is intended to be a coordination point for support and aid to Bradley Manning.

Manning, 22, is presently said to be detained by the US military in Kuwait pending charges related to the release of the leaked classified video now known as “Collateral Murder“.

At present, the web services here include this blog, a discussion forum and a wiki.

Your contributions and suggestions are most welcome.

23 thoughts on “Help Bradley Manning website launches!

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  2. To America’s criminal ruling-class, it isn’t the despicable acts of the imperialist U.S. military that are crimes, rather it is the revealing of those crimes to the public.

    • I don’t want to be too rude about this but didn’t you just contradict yourself? Regardless of whether or not I agree with your statement (I don’t) you seem to be siding against yourself.

  3. I am an Iraqi blogger. I salute Bradley Manning for his courage and humanity. In these ugly times, it needs a hero to expose lies and criminal acts. God bless you.

  4. Let us all support this courageous young man, he is a true American Hero! I pray that our support will encourage other Heroic Whistleblowers to come forward: we need them now more than ever!

      • @Maria deZosa: I don’t know. Likely not. I have not had contact with him or his family. I would like someone to make contact with his family — probably via his aunt, from the press I have seen — and at least get an opinion. For now, this is all we have.

  5. Bradley is a true American hero! It’s too bad the entire military isn’t comprised of people like him.

    Today is the 39th anniversary of the publishing of the Pentagon Papers. Apparently some things never change. Real heroes still aren’t respected in America!

    • Elizabeth, we must not let that feeling get in the way of making an effort here. For now, not so many people even know the man’s name. It would seem to be our job to spread the word and gather support for the cause, from whatever direction it might come. And we are just beginning.

    • Elizabeth, feel free to tell your friends about his story and/or get involved with this site, yourself.

      We have our work cut out for us with the possibility of a “death sentence for espionage”… No, I’m not kidding. According to the most recent article in by Philip Shenon, the state department might be considering such extreme measures.

  6. I truly admire SPC Manning’s effort to let the public know about the cover ups our government has done. I blog about corruption in Kuwait. If there is any support I can lend for SPC Manning, I will spread the word. I have seen corruption by our government, the Kuwait government, and contracting companies first hand. I know of a lady that had a CaC Card for a number of years and a job as a military travel coordinator for Combat Support Associates for a number of years under a fake name. The only thing that happened to her was she was terminated from her position. Combat Support Associates did not even report her to the U.S. government or Army CID. Combat Support Associates just simply told her when she gets her name corrected they would hire her back. Mary Jean Busgano used the name of her dead relative Michele Espina for her position with combat support associates. Mary Jean Busgano is a resident of General Santos City Philippines.

    • @John Boy: You have clearly seen a huge amount of WEIRD!

      Would you like to be a contributing writer here?

  7. @Mike, I can help in anyway I can. I may know the address to where SPC Manning is at in Kuwait. The address is his full name, Military Brig-Camp Arifjan (I am just guessing this part because you have to have a unit name)APO, AE 09366. It doesn’t try to mail him, it may two weeks for him to get a letter unless it is sent Priority Mail. If it is sent priority mail then it takes one week.
    I have seen it all while in Kuwait from Trafficking in Persons to corruption.

  8. As bad men go from bad to worse, courage is the one quality that all decent people need, but which, too often is in short supply. May God give us all the same courage that he has given Bradley Manning. Good for you Bradley!!! Hold your head up high. God bless you.

  9. Hi, I’m a freelance journalist writing a story about Manning for I’m focusing on the repercussions of being a military whistleblower– it is a topic I have written about before, including my book, Tortured (Wiley 2010) in which I interviewed the Abu Ghraib whistleblower.
    I would love to interview the people who set up this website. I’d love to hear the feedback (positive and negative) you have received and your thoughts about the situation.
    I’m also trying to reach his family, lawyer, and other members in his unit, so any leads on that would be great. I can be reached at sharrocker at hotmail


  10. Bradley, thank you for sharing our lies and hidden truth.
    The people in charge and their underlings all use “Secret” Stamps to hide anything that they do not want to be available for someone else to see. It is all a cover-up of bad decisions and embarrassing actions and has nothing to do with National Security.
    Just as Bradley has shown us—the Military lies to “We the People” and then Classifies the Truth as “Secret”. Not to keep us secure; but to keep their Lies from being discovered.
    It is not unusual or a special condition that this represents. It is the normal means that all branches of the government use to hide things that would look bad for them. There is no honesty in the government; only cover-ups.

  11. What was his crime? Bradley Manning is a courageous guy, he is the real hero – the real criminals in the US-Government and Military should be punished for their warcrimes, not he!!!!!!
    Over 1 Mill. Iraqis were killed in this imperialist us-War –
    The US-Governsment and Military should sentenced to Den Haag!
    Free Bradley Manning!

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