Evidence shows three-star general ordered Bradley’s unlawful, brutal treatment

Supporters of Bradley Manning engaged in civil disobedience at the Quantico Marine Base gate, March 2011

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. August 13, 2012

David Coombs, civilian legal counsel for accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower PFC Bradley Manning, has published the Article 13 motion that in July he said would “shock the conscience of the court.”

This document not only reveals new details about Bradley’s brutal conditions at the Quantico Marine Brig in Virginia, but also the shocking revelation that a three-star General, far removed from the brig, ordered this illegal treatment. Two different brig commanders then carried out these unlawful orders in clear violation of Article 13 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) which prohibits pre-trial confinement conditions “any more rigorous” than the minimum needed to ensure the accused appears for court hearings. Mr. Coombs will argue this motion for dismissal of all charges, based on these military law violations at a critical October 1-5 pre-trial hearing at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Mr. Coombs has detailed how these newly uncovered emails “reveal that everyone at Quantico was complicit in the unlawful pretrial punishment, from senior officers to enlisted soldier.” Continuing the pattern of abusing Bradley Manning’s right to due process, the prosecution withheld these emails for six full months. They were finally turned over to the defense only hours before Mr. Coombs planned to file the court motion regarding this issue. Bradley was forced to remain in solitary confinement for more than 23 hours per day, with 20 minutes of exercise during which time his hands and feet were shackled with metal restraints. Military officials uniformly declared that he had been placed on this special “prevention of injury” watch for his own good-despite nine straight months of Brig psychiatrists’ evaluations that declared the treatment unjustified.

“These emails now make all previous assertions by Quantico and Pentagon officials that they were simply following procedures to keep Bradley Manning safe patently ridiculous,” noted attorney Kevin Zeese, of the Bradley Manning Support Network.

Twenty-nine-year military veteran US Army Colonel Ann Wright (ret.) declares:

The revelation that a Lieutenant General would order the mistreatment of a fellow soldier in violation of the UCMJ leaves me aghast.  This general, and those who obeyed his orders to mistreat whistle-blower Bradley Manning while he was held in pre-trial confinement, must be held accountable. If not, the entire military justice system fails all members of the military.”

Jeff Paterson, of the Bradley Manning Support Network, notes, “It would take a military judge of extraordinary character to do the right thing under military law and toss this case. For the first time, however, there is real hope that justice may be served, and the charges against Bradley dismissed.

With the financial support of nearly 13,000 supporters, the Bradley Manning Support Network continues to be responsible for 100% of PFC Bradley Manning’s substantial legal defense expenses.

Mr. Coombs will argue this issue at Fort Meade October 1-5. Additionally, Bradley will appear in court before then on August 28 for the next scheduled pre-trial hearing.



32 thoughts on “Evidence shows three-star general ordered Bradley’s unlawful, brutal treatment

  1. The game is so rigged against Bradley and his counsel, who is not being allowed to introduce important material at his client’s “trial”.

    It will take a mighty effort to defeat this Juggernaut.

    I apologize for getting “political”, but you need to think about how to vote this fall. As usual, I’m voting for the lesser of two evils — and that is NOT Robot Romney.

    Obama isn’t much better, but there at least there’s a ghost of a chance.

    Remember: If they can do it to Bradley Manning because he embarrassed the authorities — they CAN do it to you or your loved ones. We used to be a country of laws…

    • how could it be better for Bradley with Obama? It happened on his watch and he has already declared as Commander in Chief that Bradley is guilty!

      • Yeah, that’s preposterous. It’s time for revolution. When you play those kinds of games, you end up letting the government influence you more than you’re influencing it. Don’t vote, it’s retarded.

      • Yeah, almost everything Obama has done in the “national security” area is nothing but Bush lite.

        But the other side is so completely sold out to Our Corporate Masters that we really are stuck with the lesser of two evils. And that is still Obama.

        Whether he can grow a pair in his second term, is devoutly to be hoped. He sure didn’t show any in his first term.

    • A vote for the lesser of two evils is STILL a vote for evil.

      Vote with your conscience and morals and vote Ron Paul. If every person that says, “I like Ron Paul but won’t vote for him because he can’t win” voted for him, guess what, HE’D WIN!

      Voting for the lesser of two evils is what got us into this police state.

      • I wouldn’t vote for a Libertarian if it was the last candidate on earth. These are children who have no grasp on reality.

        Ever wonder why there are no black or poor Libertarians?

        Think about it!

    • Um, yeah. Obama is the Commander in Chief. If he wanted to dismiss the charges against Manning, he could make it happen. As head of the military, he is also ultimately responsible for Bradley Manning’s treatment.

      So, no thanks.

  2. It should come as no great surprise to find a 3-star general ordered the illegal treatment when his commander in chief has himself personally “driven right though a constitutional stop sign” by allegedly authorizing the killing of an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki. The leader sets the moral tone and underlings follow. Morality is dead.

    • Now we all understand why Obama was so unwilling to take the previous administration to justice to pay for the war crimes they committed, including torture.

  3. Anon says: “Don’t vote; its retarded.” Not sure what that means – “retarded”. Sounds like the writer is young, irresponsible,unthinking. He urges “revolution”.

    If good people don’t vote, bad people get into office.
    It’s that simple.

    • voting is just part of the system no matter who you choose the outcome is always the same! if no one voted we would be better off. not one single person, get out of the system that is holding us back!

      • It would just mean they would count less votes, and the same old faces will get elected. As someone has said, voting is the only thing you can do really – but I totally agree that is seems pointless, when haven’t the same old faces been voted in? It’s the way it is, not so much because of the corrupt politicians, but the idiot population who vote for cowboys and the like, they are impressed by things normal thinking adults would baulk at. That idiot population is, and always has been the overwhelming majority. If there was some way of co-ordinating it, so that the ‘normal thinking adults’ could network effectively and join forces, then that would be something I’d like to see, but the other problem is apathy. People are too busy surviving to turn their lives upside down, which is precisely why Bradley Manning is not just a hero.

    • If good people vote bad people get into office!

      You have one choice and it’s bad government.

      Don’t vote, walk away and watch the system crumble.

      What would happen if you threw a war and nobody came?

      • True – as long as the system runs on MONEY! We need to get the MONEY out of politics, so decent people will come out and run for office.

        So, let’s put on our thinking caps. What do we need to get the MONEY out of politics?

        We need action by Congress. We need laws that limit contributions to small amounts by INDIVIDUALS — not Justice Robert’s corporate friends.

        So, is Congress going to vote those laws. (Falls down laughing!) Not as long as they are sucking on the corporate teat. Big Business, Big Banking, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Oil and Coal — they all expect — and receive a quid pro quo for the money they funnel into that whorehouse called Congress.

        Wish I could see a way around a situation where TV will fight to the death to keep the gazillions candidates spent on TV ads, for just one thing!

        Sorry, but I think the game is so rigged that we ordinary folks don’t stand a chance against the Juggernaut of wealth that Congress — and the 5-4 majority in the Supreme Court — have not only allowed, but ENCOURAGED — to take over the country.

  4. isn’t it amazing: military Law ( uniform code of military justice) is just thrown out the window because a three star general wants to make points with his commander-in-chief. To hell with the UCMJ!! This man should be court-marshaled and given a BCD (bad conduct discharge)NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just like all of the torture ordered at Abu Ghraib and in Guantanamo, as well all the CIA black sites. This is all here domestically now. A natural evolution when Nuremburg Principles are not applied to War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. People need to go to prison for 9-11, The Iraq war, and all of the murder, torture and kidnappings. All the WMD scams when all that was found were schoolbooks in children’s parks, a geometry text. There should be three democracies in the Middle East right now, not only two. Just not rebuilding Iraq is a crime against humanity. People in Government and in the Military Services need to be held to Nuremburg Principles, either here or via the ICC.

  6. I apologize for getting “political”, … Don’t apologize, just take it somewhere else. This site is about Bradley Manning. Not about horses and ponies.

    Does the 3-star Lt.General have a name?

  7. Why is the Article 13 Motion redacted? I am sure it is because of government corruption and not necessarily Manning’s defense team decision; nevertheless this information should be public for possible later use for legal or social justice reasons.

    • Hello Chris, We’ve redacted nothing from these documents. The court has the power to instruct counsel to redact certain portions of documents when sharing them with the general public.

  8. What you must understand, is that he lied to the country. He swore an oath to protect our nation. He clearly divulged information that was not his to a foreign entity full of ignorance. That is treason. He deserves everything for not having the intestinal fortitude to got through the proper routes and chains of command to punish those responsible. And it does happen often. Of course he is in solitary, the other brig mates would tear him apart. What you don’t understand is our troops fight for our nation and our people. Not to throw their dealings in the spotlight.

    Did you just sit on the corner of your street and tell everyone what was happening in your house? Good and bad?

    • As part of our nation and a person of our people, I’m glad this happened. I appreciate your service and your commitment, Chris, but given all the revelations the leaks revealed, I wonder if maybe we need more soldiers who have the intestinal fortitude to refuse orders that are simply criminal and immoral and to speak up when they’re given.

    • Mr. Smith,

      I suggest you actually read the oath that is taken. Which includes “from within”. The US is democratically run (supposedly). Therefore the government including the military works for The People. If the US military is performing war crimes, that needs to be brought forth and stopped. As I doubt the majority of Americans condone the act of war crimes. Not to mention that the military commanders including the Supreme Commander in Chief, are responsible for any and all illegal activity. Anyone who commits a crime, be it local, federal or international law, should be charged and tried for the crimes they have committed.

      Bradly Manning is being brought to trial for supposed crimes, while not one other person has been brought to trial for war crimes that were evidenced.

      The military is not a private home, they have no right to privacy, when it comes to criminal activity.

      The US is less than 10% of the world population. A large portion of the worlds population beliefs, is that the US Government & Military is their greatest threat to freedom.

      Do you really believe that the worlds view of the US Government, Military, and The American People, look like good people when war criminals are not brought to justice, but hidden and protected, and anyone who speaks out and presents evidence of war crime, becomes a victim of war crimes.

      Do you trust people who commit crimes, and then punish anyone who will stand and witness those crimes in a court of law?

      The American People, the American Government & Military, better wake up, because if the 90% of the worlds population, who are not Americans, decides to fight back, there will no longer be a United States of America.

  9. As far as PFC Manning goes, what he divulged is like a bell that’s been struck. You can’t unring a bell. Should he be Punished? Is it Treason? Maybe, as a former member of the U.S. military, if every person got what was coming to him under the UCMJ, defined by the information that was released, first. Before they even look at Mannings’ case. I say punish him to the same standards of the guilt of those within those documents hold. In other words. Punish the people in those documents, that comitted punishable offenses, before they even look at Mannings’ case, as treasonous, or otherwise. Then when all the hidden crimes in those documents have been prosecuted, decide his guit on what was brought to light, and how it balances the scales. Until then, manning should be discharged, put in the civil system, where he could be out on bail, until such time the government decides to charge him with a crime. Anyone who has spoken that oath, knows that it is your Duty to not follow an unlawful order. The only thing he should be prosescuted for now, is not following his chain of command, which should be time served. Period!

  10. Pay attention to move to amend The constitution. Vote with your intelligence and heart. MTA.org Do it now do not wait.

  11. He should have been court-martialed long before he leaked anything. He had no business having a security clearance. He was unstable, jacked up in the head, a poor worker, and had already been punished administratively for lackadaisical work. He was a time bomb waiting to happen. What’s more, he readily admitted to several parties that he planned this so he could get out of the military. It was an immature and petulant reaction to getting his hand slapped for his own poor conduct. The hero treatment is highly undeserved. Treason is a crime punishable by death. Regardless of what he uncovered, he should be given the death penalty. What he leaked does not change the fact that he violated his oath, the trust of his nation, and the code of all intelligence personnel. Whistleblowing one specific incident is one thing, if done through the correct channels. Whistleblowing for the purpose of self-promotion, manipulating the system, and getting out of punishment is something completely different. Give him the full penalty.

    • Another uninformed troll. Seriously, there are links at the top to pages which serve as a rebuttal to all the false information and absurd conjecture you just posted. If you really care as much as you are pretending to right now, you would have taken a few minutes to read before going straight to the comment section.

      Do you seriously just accuse people of crimes punishable by death with the same level of thought you use to decide if you should take a stroll through the park later this evening? Hey guys, no need for a trial based around evidence and due process legal proceedings, Nancy Grace here says just put him to death, so let’s do that.

  12. THIS POOR KID HAS TO BE MADE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF.ITS UNAVOIDABLE AND HAS TO BE MATTER OF FACT.Otherwise there will be nothing stopping the illegal things our govt does daily from being brought into the light by whistleblowers.HE GOTTA PAY!>>>or>>>Remove the corrupt officials who violate our constitution and have broken many laws proof in sight and clean the house!A revolution which wont happen,is the only way to save brad and usa.It makes no sense the bad guys prosecute the good guy.Want to sacrifice your Life,tv,iphone,internet comforts for the next generation to live free??no u dont so go sit on your couch and watch jersey shore and mtv and wait for the next guy to take care of it. Like DRAKE what a laugh that was.SEE what happens to whistleblowers csnbc 43trill lawsuit article,they killed babies just to send a message.Believe there WILL BE a message here.most likely death penalty for treason. so sad.so so sad it is,hope he grasps the strength to endure his fate from god.

  13. As a member of the military community, I say PFC Manning is a traitor for what he did. I feel to save his own a** he has only created excuses suddenly to make himself look helpless when in actuality he is not. None of you people seem to understand the consequences of his actions, probably none of you care. Partly cause most of you are paranoid conspiracy theorist’s who is afraid of the government that protects you and your rights everyday. It’s been like this for hundreds of years, and it will continue to be this way. Get over it. The kids gonna hang and well I believe he deserves it, he knew the risks and he took them his own fault. I don’t think many of you people will understand until our country is truly at war and the imminent threat of another country invading our own looms on the horizon. When that day happens, you all will wish and pray to have what we have now. Your all just a bunch of sniveling children.

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