Deception sustains unjust wars – honesty enables justice and peace.

November 7, 2011. Bradley Manning Support Network.


Troops are coming home from Iraq despite the best efforts of the Obama administration to keep them there. “We’re relieved to know all the troops will be home at the end of the year. This would not have been possible without the courageous actions of Wikileaks and the alleged participation of Bradley Manning” says Executive Director of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Jose Vasquez.

Until their abrupt reversal a few weeks ago, the Obama administration had been working hard to maintain between 8000 and 20,000 troops in Iraq after the current Status of Forces agreement was set to expire at the end of this year. Fortunately, the Iraqi government refused to renew the judicial immunity, under which the U.S. Armed Forces had been operating.

Establishment news outlets have largely ignored the reason for this sudden change of plans. A few weeks before the negotiations between Washington and Baghdad reached an impasse, WikiLeaks released a cable providing clear evidence that U.S. forces had been engaged in a cover up of the heinous execution of civilian non-combatants following a raid of a suspected insurgent stronghold.

“A U.S. diplomatic cable made public by WikiLeaks provides evidence that U.S. troops executed at least 10 Iraqi civilians, including a woman in her 70s and a 5-month-old infant, then called in an airstrike to destroy the evidence, during a controversial 2006 incident in the central Iraqi town of Ishaqi.” (link)

There were disagreements between reports from the Iraq government, the American government, and those of a U.N. special raporteur, whose unclassified report and questions to the U.S. embassy in Baghdad were published through WikiLeaks. The embassy cable supported stories told by villagers who witnessed the attack,

“Throughout the early investigation, U.S. military spokesmen said that an al Qaida suspect in Iraq had been seized from a first-floor room after a fierce fight that had left the house he was hiding in a pile of rubble.

But the diplomatic cable provides a different sequence of events and lends credence to townspeople’s claims that American forces destroyed the house after its residents had been shot.” (link)

All of the executed, the article reports, had been handcuffed and shot in the head prior to the building coming down. The cable contradicted the U.S. government’s position, and exposed the military’s and the administration’s unwillingness to investigate documented war crimes. This information created a political crisis in Iraqi politics that made it unacceptable for the Iraqi regime to continue allowing U.S. forces to operate outside of any accountability to human rights law. The Iraqi government was forced to draw a line in the sand that the Department of Defense would not cross. That is why the war is coming to a close. Our government’s well-crafted, amply-financed public relations spin campaign was ultimately no match for the stark reality of what is actually happening on the ground to the people of Iraq.

This decision can be celebrated by Iraqis and Americans alike. Since 2006, Pew research polls have shown a majority of American citizens oppose the war, which has been extremely costly both in terms of domestic dollars spent and plummeting opinions of U.S. policy abroad. Criticisms of the war have not come only from civilians. A Zogby poll in March 2006 found that 72% of US soldiers in Iraq said the war should be ended within a year. A military-commissioned study in 2009 found that a majority of troops deployed to Iraq reported low morale, and other studies have shown up to a third of returning U.S. Iraq War veterans to suffer from depression and/or PTSD.

Our government has a duty to act openly. Insisting on legal immunity for all troops does nothing to sustain respect for ethical soldiers, but instead helps shield irresponsible leaders. Truth and transparency are essential to public debate and decision making. In an analysis of the cable’s impact on the negotiations over whether to extend the U.S. military presence in Iraq, Salon reporter Glenn Greenwald writes, “whoever leaked those cables is responsible for one of the most consequential, beneficial and noble acts of this generation.”

We cannot claim to have a democratic system of government so long as 99% of the public is kept in the dark. We have to know what people in power are doing in order for us to have any chance of holding them accountable. Stand up for those who have had the courage to inform the public of information that they have a right to know. Join the struggle to free WikiLeaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning – not only to secure his freedom, but for the freedom of us all.

26 thoughts on “Deception sustains unjust wars – honesty enables justice and peace.

  1. Bradley should have won the Nobel Peace Prize not the war monger, Obama. I spent a few days in jail during the Civil Rights Days (not to be compared to his huge sacrifice). I admire the dignity and stamina of Bradley. He makes me proud of my young fellow countrymen.

  2. Superb article. We should all support Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and Lt. Bradley Manning for their actions to share truth with the people. In Bradley’s words as read in one of his emails to a supposed confident as to why he was thinking of releasing cable that revealed war crimes and treachery, he wrote: (paraphrased “The people need to know the truth of what is happening here. Maybe they will care enough to discuss it and maybe things can change.” (not exact words but close)

  3. Bradley Manning did what he had to in order to live with himself and retain his integrity. The world should remember Nuremberg and the lessons learned from those who tried to justify heinous acts by saying they only did what they were told to by their superiors. Bradley Manning is a hero, a model for good citizenship and the best of what humanity is capable of. He risked his own freedom in order to stop what he knew was wrong, immoral and inhumane.

  4. Very Sad, thank you Wilikleaks for sharing this . And thank you IVAW for your couragous work.

    I suppose I should direct this question to Jose Vasquez but I’m not clear from this article,
    1) is the breaking of this story really what influenced the US administration to pull troops out troops ? If so How ?
    2) Aparently the Cable and report by the U.N. rapporteur were unclassified. Why is there any reason to believe Bradley Manning had anything to do with release of this information ?

    If indeed they were unclassified it seems that Wikileaks was simply reporting publicly available information, not leaked information.

  5. I am sincerely hoping to be one of the first to hug Mr. Manning when he is released. This $8 billion/month war in Afghanistan can’t go on when there are 49,000,000 Americans living in poverty–someone has to be able to stand up and say, “enough, already,” soon. Hope the period of Mr. Manning being a prisoner and being the hero he is, is a short one.

  6. Listen to those that Know the real Truth……!

    Our Corrupted “New World Order” have “No’ intention of bringing Our Troops Home. I would go into the Facts, but it would take too long , to explain.

    Besides the fact, That I attempted to advise those folks at Bradley Manning Network , that The United Nations, is Corrupted & yet they went to them for Help. with Bradley Mannings Situation.

    You Folks have “No’ idea what your dealing With..!

    But, you will in the very near Future, & discover the real Truth, but all too late.

    Wake Up…!

  7. It is humiliating to be a part of this country. The ruling body has zero integrity, is ruled by the corporate elite and the imbeciles that make up the voting majority are too dumbed down by their TVs and religions to know up from down… This is “modern” man? Seems like Planet of the Apes to me.
    KUDOS TO BRADLEY MANNING and kudos to all of the thinking people in the world! We are citizens of the Earth, not of these fascists that would subvert and oppress us.

  8. Andrew,

    It wasn’t exactly the cable that led to the decision to withdraw troops, but rather the lack of renewed diplomatic immunity for US troops. The Iraqi government refused to renew this immunity, and the information publicized in the WikiLeaked cable was reported to have been a major issue in the debate.

  9. The Bradley Manning support network badly needs money to continue the fight. Now that Julian Assange’s resources are almost nil, given that most or all of the credit cards and banks have refused to handle contributions, we must be wary that they might try the same thing with Bradley Manning. I’m a low-income retiree, but even I can send a few bucks, so please join me.

    What others have said above about the utter corruption of this Adminstration — that we hoped would rise above the horrors of Bush’s warmonger handlers — it’s time to let the scales fall from our eyes: Obama and his “Justice” (!!!) Department are rotten to the core.

    And yet, given the Republican slate of certifiable nut cases, political whores, and Jesus freaks, we may again be stuck with the lesser of two evils.

    Which doesn’t mean we shouldn’t lean on Obama & Co as hard as we can, to bring Bradley Manning to trial — finally!

  10. I can assure you that there is a lot of support, here in AUSTRALIA, we have similar clowns running our country, and slavishly following the USA, to hell I feel

  11. RESIST! RESIST! RESIST THE WAR MACHINE AND THE RULING CLASS! We must all build communities of resistance and work together with other activists to turn the world rightside-up. Long Live Nonviolent Direct Action! Expose the follies of the fools who sit on the throwns–and flush out the fascists! Hi Ho!

  12. My heart goes out to all thinking Americans (and most of all, Bradley) looking at your choice in this up-coming election. Giborah’s description is totally on the money, it’s really scary. Having said that, our gutless Australian government won’t even stick up for Julian Assange who is fighting tooth and nail against extradition to Sweden and subsequently to the US.

  13. My husband & I donated to receive your 10ft sign & petitions, etc. (We have made previous donations for Bradley) Saturday we were at a busy intersection in Vancouver, WA displaying the FREE BRADLEY BANNER. We also got petition signatures. Iraq is not a war it’s a genocide by the U.S. corporate government. My sister committed suicide a year ago from PTSD using a 9mm glock. Bradley Manning is a hero trying to stop the genocide.

  14. Thank you, Bradley. I would trade places with you.
    No, I would. I am old enough to remember Pearl Harbor, and of course the trials at Nuremberg.
    You are young and full of energy. I want you outside that wall so you can conspire (!) with others who are doing what we can to save humanity from itself.
    Were you taught the precedents established at Nuremberg, or did your conscience tell you that it would be evil to hide an evil when you see one being committed?

    If anyone reading this is of the opinion that OUR U.S. GOVERNMENT could not possibly commit or cover up war crimes, then go no further than the events of 9/11/2001 for samples.
    Let me respectfully ask that you withdraw your head from the sand and let in the evidence, NOT someone’s word… NO, not even my word. I do not ask for youyr beloief, only that you pay attention to what you can see and hear …
    These links will get you started:

    These short clips show 9/11 footage most people have never seen. A controlled demolition of the World Trade Center means that it was pre-planned and the American people were conned.
    That means all the wars are based on a blatant lie.
    It also it means we have a phony war on terror domestically used to legalize torture,
    assassinate US citizens,
    end habeas corpus,
    conduct warrantless search and seizure,
    justify suspicionless roadside checks,
    grope us at airports (also announced for train stations, shopping malls, schools, NFL games),
    put people in naked body scanners, etc.
    …erode our constitutional rights, and liberty!

    What is next on their agenda?

  15. I love members of our armed forces, and hate to see them coming home ( 0ver 30% ) with mental disorders because they have been forced to engage in illegal acts, or have observed it being done.Illegal acts occured in Vietnam, happend in Iraq is happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and probabl soon in Iran. What happend to Obama? Who is influencing him to become what he has become? God saves America from these unseen hands.

  16. Support our troops, Veterans, and whistle blowers like Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, and Julian Assange just vote RON PAUL.

    Ron Paul has been vehemently against all these illegal wars and supports humanity. He has been supportive of Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, and Assange since the beginning.

    Enough of the fraud O-bomb-a, says he supports whistle blowers yet, has locked away Lt. Manning since May ’10 and wants to extradite Assange. Wake up America!

  17. David against Goliath. Truth against lies.
    Obama (the disappointment of the century) and his tyrants driven by greed and lust for control against man with clear view on human rights willing to sacrifice himself for justice.
    Manning will win the battle.

  18. Benjamin Franklin, conscience of the CONstitution, stands with Bradley Manning:

    “…It has been for some time a generally receiv’d Opinion, that a military Man is not to enquire whether a War be just or unjust; he is to execute his Orders.

    All Princes who are dispos’d to become Tyrants must probably approve of this Opinion, and be willing to establish it.

    But is it not a dangerous one? since, on that Principle, if the Tyrant commands his Army to attack and destroy, not only an unoffending Neighbour Nation, but even his own Subjects, the Army is bound to obey.

    A Negro Slave in our Colonies, being commanded by his Master to rob or murder a Neighbour, or do any other immoral Act, may refuse, and the Magistrate will protect him in his Refusal.

    The Slavery then of a Soldier is worse than that of a Negro!

    A consciencious Officer, if not restrain’d by the Apprehension of its being imputed to another Cause, may indeed resign; rather than be employ’d in an unjust War; but the private Men are Slaves for Life, and they are perhaps incapable of judging for themselves.

    We can only lament their Fate; and still more that of a Sailor, who is often dragg’d by Force from his honest Occupation, and compell’d to imbrue his Hands in perhaps innocent Blood.

    But methinks it well behoves Merchants, Men more enlightened by their Education, and perfectly free from any such Force or Obligation, to consider well of the Justice of a War, before they voluntarily engage a Gang of Ruffians to attack their Fellow Merchants of a neighbouring Nation, to plunder them of their Property, and perhaps ruin them and their Families, if they yield it, or to wound, main and murder them if they endeavour to defend it. Yet these Things are done by Christian Merchants, whether a War be just or unjust; and it can hardly be just on both sides. They are done by English and American Merchants, who nevertheless complain of private Thefts, and hang by Dozens the Thieves they have taught by their own Example.

    It is high time for the sake of Humanity that a Stop be put to this Enormity. …”

    Unpublished Letter of Benjamin Franklin to Benjamin Vaughan – Passy, March 1r. 1785


    Original Melody is an early American Pioneer fiddle tune called the 8th of January> Which was Covered by Johnny Horton, The Drifters and others. Intro:

    In 1814 we took a little trip along with colonel Jackson down the mighty mississip
    It went pretty well and that’s why we’re here
    we’re gonna show the government we aint got no fear
    (fiddle intro)
    In Twenty and eleven we took a little trip
    to take back the rights that our government had stripped
    we packed up our tents and flags took along our signs
    We’re here to fight corruption yeah we’re gonna Occupy
    we the people of camp occupation
    we are here to fight
    standin’ up for what is right
    wasn’t as many when we started in September
    but all around the globe folks are joining in our fight

    We Looked at our country saw what politicians done
    now we’re march’n round Wall St beating on our drums
    You ‘re gonna listen, ain’t givin’ you a choice
    Roaring like a lion we the people have a voice

    we the people of camp occupation
    we are here to fight
    standin’ up for what is right
    wasn’t as many when we started in September
    but all around the globe folks are joining in our fight

    (drum beat)

    You’ve raped and pillaged as long as we can stand
    now we’re gonna stop you its time to make a stand
    Corporation ties that you thought you hid so well
    We’re sick of your corruption
    and you’re putting us through hell
    we the people of camp occupation
    we are here to fight standin’ up for what is right
    wasn’t as many when we started in September
    but all around the globe folks are joining in our fight

    Spent taxpayer money while you made yours on the market put us so far into debt, and you thought we wouldn’t know
    They spent so fast and they thought we wouldn’t catch ’em but we did and now its time let ’em know they gotta go
    (drum beat)
    Privatized prisons do you have enough around
    For all the crooked politicians that the people found
    Look at all the occupiers look at all our signs
    Our Favorite is Politicians Divest or resign
    we the people of camp occupation
    we are here to fight standin’ up for what is right
    wasn’t as many when we started in September
    but all around the globe folks are joining in our fight

    Spent taxpayer money while they made theirs on the market
    put us so far into debt, and they thought we wouldn’t know
    They spent so fast and they thought we wouldn’t catch ’em
    but we did and now its time let ’em know they gotta go

    Copyright credit lyrics Debra Paulsen and David Acosta
    Crank up some old Johnny Horton Battle of New Orleans and sing along 

  20. Its all about the contracts,Tony Blair,william Bratton english/american/iraq,kuwait,contracts for policing,G4S staffing prisons and jails,oil fields,government offices,policing kabul,Kuwait,iraq,england,Billions in profits from a war,it still exists now with threats of war,KRoll integrity risk international,Homeland security,chairman william bratton,policing advisor tyo the english government,tony blair advisor for an oil company,the closing down of businesses JP MOGAN,enron,england america,

  21. I find it hard to believe that ‘THIS GREAT COUNTRY’ would act like this. Yes the NWO, the presidents, the whole power trip these INSURGENTS who are in the government should be stopped. Unfortunately, THEY ARE TOO POWERFUL. I think everyone of any common moral decency, like the people who are for freedom of disclosure, are happy to see some improvements. It’s about time. I for one wish I had the means to get out of this country for good.

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