Bradley Manning’s supporters set for week of actions during hearings; defense team posts motions to be litigated

Whistle-blower’s supporters to “Occupy the Department of Justice,” throw “Surprise Party” in Portland

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. April 20, 2012.

Kevin Zeese, Lt. Dan Choi, Gen. Ray McGovern, Col. Ann Wright, and hundreds more protest Bradley's imprisonment at Ft. Meade

Supporters of accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower PFC Bradley Manning will be taking action in over fourteen cities world-wide as his pre-trial hearing resumes on Tuesday, April 24.  Vigils will also continue to take place outside the front gates of Fort Meade during the hearings. An updated list of events can be found here.

Yesterday, PFC Bradley Manning’s lead counsel David Coombs published most of the motions filed by the defense. These documents, which were redacted at the government’s behest, are available at this link. Mr. Coombs explains:

“The Defense has received authorization to make its motions available to the public. The Defense’s effort to publish its motions is designed to be responsive to concerns raised by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and the Center for Constitutional Rights. Each organization believed that the lack of access to documents filed in this proceeding resulted in the public not being adequately informed. The Defense believes that the vast majority of the parties’ filings should be made public. However, the Government has opposed the public filing of motions due to concerns over revealing protected information…”

Specifically, the discovery motions (including the motion to dismiss all charges with prejudice), and motion to dismiss the specification of charge I (“Aiding the Enemy”), are expected to take center stage during next week’s hearing.

Events near Fort Meade

WHAT:  Occupy the Department of Justice
WHO:  “Free Bradley Manning” contingent
WHERE:  950 Pennsylvania Ave NW
WHEN:  Tuesday, April 24 at 11:00 AM EDT

WHAT: Vigil for Bradley Manning
WHO:  Supporters of PFC Manning
WHERE:  Fort Meade Main Gate at Reece Road and MD 175
WHEN:  Wednesday, April 25, throughout the day, starting at 08:00 AM EDT

WHAT: Pack the courtroom for Bradley Manning
WHO: Supporters of PFC Manning
WHERE: Fort Meade Courtroom (get base pass from Fort Meade Main Gate Visitor Control at Reece Road and MD 175)
WHEN: Thursday, April 26, throughout the day, starting at 07:30 AM EDT

10 thoughts on “Bradley Manning’s supporters set for week of actions during hearings; defense team posts motions to be litigated

    • Army Public Affairs was “confused” on this issue, but we’ve confirmed that the hearings do in fact begin Tuesday, April 24th, as scheduled.

      • Thank you Mr. Paterson,I was just wanting to make sure people would be at Bradley’s hearing.I wish I could be there,but can’t.Hope you guys are going to be there in the court room with him.Let Bradley know he’s not alone and let him know the people do care about him.

  1. Mr.Paterson I was thinking last night,I’ve been in the military as well and I know how they,sometimes think.There is a chance Army Public Affairs was pulling your leg about the hearing.You know how our government lie all the time.That might have told you it still starts Tuesday,but it might start Monday.They could be trying to keep people from being there on the first day.Is there any way to get a few people there on Monday to go in and see if Bradley’s hearing was started on Monday.I’d like to know for sure our government isn’t messing with us.

  2. You guys on this website I’ve been reading comments on the savebradley Facebook page and one comment caught my eye.A guy by the name Brent Diamond wrote he is adopted and his parents think Bradley is a traitor,I don’t think Brent believes Bradley is a traitor though.His comment got me wanting to ask all of you a question so here it is.-Is there a way to get The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning shown in high schools and colleges and can you get it on chat networks frequently visited by school kids and encourage them to get their parents to watch it to see that Bradley is no traitor-.We need to get the people to look at the evidence and see he’s no traitor,they’ve only heard the lies from the government.They need to see all the videos wikileaks put out and they need to know this could be their child this is being done to.

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