Berkeley City Council to Weigh Resolution on Bradley Manning’s Deprivation of Human Rights

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Berkeley City Council to weigh resolution on Bradley Manning’s deprivation of human rights in pre-trial confinement

Manning still receiving cruel and unusual punishment

By the Bradley Manning Support Network

BERKELEY, California, 11 February 2011 — On Tuesday, February 15th, the Berkeley City Council will vote on a resolution to call “for the immediate end to the cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of PFC Bradley Manning during his military confinement.” If passed, copies of the resolution will be sent to the Marine brig commander at Quantico, Virginia, where Bradley Manning is being held in maximum security solitary confinement, to the Quantico Base Commander, to Secretary of the Army John McHugh, Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, California Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein and President Barack Obama.

The resolution notes that Manning “is made to sleep in his boxer shorts with no pillow and no sheets and a heavy blanket so rough that he must turn carefully beneath it to avoid rug burn.” It goes on to describe his lack of freedom to exercise in his cell, his lack of seeing the outdoors, the many things he has been deprived of and the disturbances to his ability to sleep. The resolution is referenced with sources documenting Manning’s pre-trial confinement conditions and points out that Bradley Manning has not been convicted of anything.

The resolution was written by Berkeley Peace and Justice Commissioner Bob Meola and passed by the Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission on January 10th. In December, the Berkeley City Council tabled a resolution that called for freeing Manning and proclaiming him to be a hero if he did what he is accused of doing — releasing the “Collateral Murder” video and other documents to WikiLeaks. That resolution is still on the table.

Commissioner Meola said: “This is another opportunity for Berkeley to set an example by doing the right thing — standing up for the rights of Bradley Manning to be treated in a just and humane way. Later, Berkeley will hopefully call for his freedom and proclaim him an American hero and patriot if he leaked the ‘Collateral Murder’ video, the Afghan War Diary or the Iraq War Logs. For now, Berkeley needs to voice its outrage at the mistreatment Bradley Manning continues to suffer. Berkeley can be a guide for other cities to follow with similar resolutions to end the un-American treatment of this soldier by the U.S. government.”

Psychologists for Social Responsibility, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and thousands of Bradley Manning supporters have expressed alarm at the violation of Manning’s constitutional and human rights. A UN committee is reported to be investigating Manning’s confinement conditions. Last week, Congressman Dennis Kucinich wrote two letters to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates expressing his concern about Manning’s situation and requesting an opportunity to meet with Manning.

11 thoughts on “Berkeley City Council to Weigh Resolution on Bradley Manning’s Deprivation of Human Rights

  1. It is such a shame to see Obama praising the democratization of Egypt when there seems to be a such a breach of human rights, rule of law and due process within the borders of the US – not to mention the situation in Guantanamo – and the hypocrisy is so apparent to all the world.

    I hope the resolution passes and has some affect.

  2. Why aren’t the US government looking into why the likes of Bradley Manning (If he is guilty of passing on the info)feel that they have to expose what their own government are doing around the world. The American government, should take a look at themselves and think..Why the rest of the world hate the US and what they are doing.
    They don’t act like a civilised nation!

  3. Ich dachte immer, jeder sei unschuldig bis zum Beweiss des Gegenteils.
    Als Luxemburger bin ich aufgewachsen mit der Gewissheit dass Amerika uns von den Nazis befreit hat. Das war ein schönes Bild in meinem Kopf. Seit einigen Jahren sammeln sich immer schlimmere Bilder betreffend Amerika in meinem Kopf an. Und nun das Bild von Bradley Manning. Das Leid dieses jungen Mannes berührt mich zu tiefst.
    Lieber Bradley, ich erzähle jedem von deinem Leidensweg, und werde dich in meinen Bildern verewigen. Ich male Bilder die noch da sind wenn wir beide schon nicht mehr sind. Dein Handeln soll den Menschen ein Vorbild sein. Wenn du es wars der die Aufnahmen weitergab, bist du für mich ein Held.
    Ich bin in Gedanken bei dir, Armand.

  4. When are these morons going to get the message. Would Barack Obama sit around while one his children was in the same situation? Stupid question. Hold these so called democratic governments to account.

  5. Dear Bradley,
    last week was a report of the dreadful and horrifying helicopter attack in German TV and your brave action to inform wikileeks.

    Yesterday I decidet to write the following letter to the American ambassador in Berlin, Germany:

    “Dear Ladies and gentlemen,
    first I request you to watch the following video:

    I thougt the USA are a civilised nation with law and order until I have seen the video from Iraq with the absolutely inhuman helicopter attack (I believe it´s a AH-64 “Apache”) in the report in German TV (ARD) last week.
    I think that Bradley Manning is a very brave soldier because it is very important that the world knows what´s going on in Iraq (also in Afghanistan).
    Why is the good guy sitting in jail while the absolutely stupid and inhuman heli-shooters are living in freedom until now? That makes me very, very angry!
    I expect you understand my rage and I hope that the top-level ambassador of the USA in Germany reads my letter.
    I would be pleased to get a feedback from you!

    Yours sincerely,
    Guido Langenstück “

  6. Dear Mayor and Councillors,

    RE. BRADLEY MANNING: your vote

    I am writing from England to urge you to support the vote for the protection of Bradley Manning.

    I first heard of Bradley only a couple of months ago, and have, since then, followed with dismay reports of his treatment at Quantico. I remain deeply concerned for his welfare – the mentally debilitating effects of isolation are very well documented and it is increasingly worrying the longer it is. And he is only 23.

    Whatever Bradley may or may not be guilty of, it troubles me that a pre-trial prisoner should be subjected to any punitive regime, let alone one which is so particularly harsh, and, indeed, one which seriously compromises the possibility of his receiving a fair trial – by the time he eventually gets to trial, he will clearly be in no fit state to mount an adequate defence. This is not, it seems to me, the due process of justice in action.

    I feel that one of the most important safeguards against the perpetuation of these systemic abuses is making the authorities aware that the situation has not gone unremarked in the wider community, and I know that Amnesty International, which works on this basis, has been sufficiently concerned to write seeking an end to the inhumane conditions of Bradley’s incarceration. A statement from AI says:

    “We’re concerned that the conditions inflicted on Bradley Manning are unnecessarily severe and amount to inhumane treatment by the US authorities. Such repressive conditions breach the US’s obligations to treat detainees with humanity and dignity.”

    I therefore feel that today’s vote is of great significance as part of this witness and the pressure to restore proper legal conditions, and for the protection of Pt Manning who must, by now be extremely vulnerable.

    Please help to uphold the legal and human rights of this young man, and the good standing of the USA which is being brought into disrepute by such abuses.

    Kind regards,

    Lindianna Barnes

  7. I would like to add my name to the list of objectors at the treatment of Bradley Manning.

    HE is a young man who is idealistic, ethical and moral – he did what he is alleged to have done in the
    name of decency, honesty and democracy.

    Our governments have failed us at every level.
    This seems like another Guantanimo Bay scenario –
    torture and deprivation of human rights.

    I am from Sydney, Australia and my feelings run deeply for this young man.

    I have American friends who are ashamed of the treatment condoned by their government.
    I too am ashamed of my own government who are embarrassed by the information being leaked.
    They too are accountable for this treatment……….by their silence.

    Pauline White
    17th February 2011

  8. I only learnt of this young mans plight a couple of days ago, so quiet have the media in Australia been on the whole subject. Hardly surprising as we are after all nothing more than Americas lapdog.
    He’s revealed the true nature of ‘The War on Terror’. The Apache footage was hardly an example of collateral damage or attempts to minimize civilian casualties. More like an undiscriminating systematic execution.
    And this is Bradley Mannings reward for delivering us the truth. His reward for saying, look at the atrocities perpetrated by us. This is how we liberate a nation and deliver them freedom.
    It shames me that I am powerless to do anything about it. I am but one voice pleading for sanity and compassion in a crazy and cruel world. A mere whimper against the screams of a raging war machine trampling the dignity of mankind beneath its substantial boot.

  9. @ rohla armand:

    That was a different place and time and it took a joint effort between the US, the British Empire and the Soviet Union. With the Soviets paying the price in their blood!!

    And to think: we could have joined in on the side of the Nazis, had a Marine Commandant not ratted the putschists out to FDR. Google “Smedley Butler.”

  10. I’m very sad to say this is yet another negative impression of America being transmitted to the world. I’m a UK citizen I support American on the whole but your politics are way further to the right than in Europe. When are those responsible for his care going to realize their negligence is counter productive to their objectives.

    This is happening at the same time that a survey is broadcast around the world showing that half of Americans say they support the use of torture against alleged terrorists (who haven’t been found guilty yet) and the majority of Americans are against an inquiry into what torture has been carried out to date with subsequent prosecutions.

    Hilary Clinton gives a speech about protecting internet freedom for oppressed countries and in the same speech says it needs more restrictions to prevent WikiLeaks. Its frightening, if that’s America’s left wing party policy then the right wing…

  11. To those who still remember what it means to be an American and to stand for human rights for all, please contact your Senators and Congressmen at (202) 224-3121 and demand that they go visit Pfc Bradley Manning to see for themselves.

    It seems there are readers from around the world at this site.
    I entreat you to write to your government too and demand humane treatment of this young man.
    Perhaps the U.S. can be SHAMED into doing the right thing.
    We need to raise the volume of condemnation of the actions of his jailers.
    You can also contact our Senators and Congressmen at (202) 224-3121 and
    Please spread the word at every blog!

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