Collateral Murder video

American Soldiers Gunning Down Unarmed Civilians, Journalists and Children

On April 4, 2010, whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks published a classified video of a United States Apache helicopter firing on civilians in New Baghdad in 2007. The video, available at, shows Americans shooting and killing 11 individuals who do not return fire. Two of those killed were Reuters’ employees, including 22 year old Reuters’ photojournalist Namir Noor-Eldeen and his driver, 40 year old Saeed Chmagh.

The video includes an audio recording of the internal commentary by the American soldiers before, during and after the shooting. The soldiers repeatedly request and are granted permission to open fire, encourage one another and joke about the dead and dying civilians. (Full transcript available here)

A total of 11 adults were killed. Two children, passengers in a van that arrived on the scene after the first bout of gunfire had ceased, were seriously injured when the Apache helicopter opened fire on their van.

In 2007, Reuters called for an investigation into the attack. In response, a spokesman for the multinational forces in Baghdad stated: “There is no question that coalition forces were clearly engaged in combat operations against a hostile force.”

Read the Army’s report on the death’s of two Reuter’s employees and the wounding of the two children.

There was no investigation into the nine other deaths.

No charges have been filed against the American soldiers in the Apache helicopter who shot and killed the civilians in the video.

Watch the video:

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  1. I really feel sorry for Bradly. I have no trust in a fair trial for him. We can only let him know that people care about him. So me as a Muslimwoman, can only help him by calling the muslimcommunity to support Bradly. I did it by writing to cageprisoners in the UK:

    Assalamu alaykum,

    I want to inform you about a recent cage prisoner: Bradly Manning; former US soldier who’s held in custody for leaking information about US forces in Iraq to the wellknown Julian Assange.

    Even though he is not a Muslim, he did support the Umma by letting the world know how the US military treat fellow muslims in Iraq. His punishment for this couragious act, is his inhumane treatment in a US prison. He has already health problems.

    So I want to ask you, please inform your visitors about him and let them support him too by sending letters:

    Bradley Manning
    c/o Courage to Resist
    484 Lake Park Ave #41
    Oakland CA 94610

    I would also refer you to his support network:

    Thanks in advance for your attention

    kind regards,

    The Netherlands

    I refer you to:

    I wish you good luck with your actions. May God help Bradly!


    • I’m not even from America, but this is probably one of many instances that the American government has done behind a veil of secrecy…

      This conversation or debate between everyone on this site shouldn’t be about this event.

      Bradley is just a pawn in a sick game.

      The question that needs to be asked is why the Americans are really in that country, why?

      They didn’t find weapons of mass destruction, so why are they there?

      We all know why they are there and it’s not to liberate or bring peace or protect the world, etc BS!!!

      Always remember the 5 finger rule. 1 what’s, 2 in, 3 it, 4 for, 5 me?

      The world and it’s people are sick of the American lies and bullshit!

      The world’s people are not stupid…

      So back to Bradley, well done son!!!

      You actually care about the human race, whereas America only care about itself…

      That time is running out…

      • it is not america perse but the lying elite, rich 1%ters( shadow government, crooks thieves n murderers,banksters n corporations~ occupation/ resources n control~

        • In 2004, as American boys were dying in the process of creating 4.5 million Iraqi orphans, an incident occurred which revealed to a blind world the true nature of power, who holds it, how they weild it and when and why they choose to do so.

          With the blood of Iraqi children mixing with the blood of their own sons, American mothers lost their minds in 2004 at an indecency they could not tolerate.

          War crimes, genocide, even murdering their own children for leaching invasions fought on insulting pretexts are tolerable. What American mothers could not tolerate was Janet Jackson exposing her partially concealed breast for less than a second during the half time show at the Superbowl (broadcast live).

          1.5 million furious complaints forced the US government to bring the ostensibly all-powerful broadcasting industry to heel.

          Mothers control everything, everywhere. They only care about protecting their Right to undress to impress and their Right to control the emotional degradation of their reduced, abused slaves.

    • I sobbed watching this. It is Holy Thursday–Maundy Thursday–which is short for Novum Mandatum, a “new commandment”. Jesus commanded us to love one another…. This makes me so very, very sad…each of those soldiers probably identify as Christians. We all have to choose if we follow Christ or follow the commands of the empire..unfortunately they have made their choice. May there be mercy and freedom for Pfc Bradley Manning. He is, indeed, a Christ Follower and most truly the holder of the Nobel Peace Prize.

    • This diguests me so much. No wonder all the countries want to bomb America and or Canada and or just simply hate us. Doesnt it make sense. The gov’t and the president has full control over EVERYTHING thats done day in and day out.

      We starts battles for no reason, we kill people who havnt done anything wrong, or people are sent to prison for really long because somebody leaked information that the gov’t doesnt want us to know. A.K.A Whistleblowers

      But lets think a bit here, because of these whistleblowers, we humans finally can know the truth about what the gov’t/president havnt wanted us to know for many years.

      The whistleblowers are the ones who keep us safe. Without whistleblowers in our day to day life, we would still be living life in a full lie. At least now you can actually start knowing the truth about what the gov’t and stuff do behind our backs.

      I for one am completly and utterly sick and tired of people being slammed for this and that, or punished for this and that, when those people are only doing things that the gov’t/president should have been doing this whole time.

      Lets say this. We have a book of laws and rights, it is an incredibly thick book of laws.

      some of those laws are, Human Rights and invasion of privacy.

      So if we have laws to protect humans and keep us safe, than how come those rules are broken EVERY SINGLE DAY.

      If its okay for the president and the gov’t organisations to break laws every single day, that why should we humans/tax payers abide by them?

      now PVT Manning
      Sent to jail for 35yrs for leaking data about what REALLY goes on in the wars and such. No chance of proving a point or anything, the gov’t sees it as an act of terrorism ONLY BECAUSE they cant accept the fact that he truth was revealled.

      BRING BACK OUR FREAKING HUMAN RIGHTS AND PRIVACY LAWS, what the hell is the point in have laws if taxpayers are the only ones that must follow them.

      Since laws mean nothing to the gov’t and president, why dont we just remove them. Than the gov’t/president will finally see what its like when u push civilians around so much and dont let them have there freedom of speech, or human rights.

      We all have a right to speak our minds, but 70% of humans are afraid to because were afraid to go to prison for speaking our minds. We have laws for a reason, everybody has the right to fight.

      Take a stand,speak your mind to the public. 1 person cant make a difference, but as a group, as a legion you can make a difference bigger than humans have ever seen. but we cant do it without your help.

      FREEDOM OF SPEECH,Human Rights,and ourr privacy laws.
      We do not forgive.We do not forget.
      Expect us.

  2. He was so brave to expose these heinous war crimes which are so often ignored or condoned by the American public, who immediately fall for stupid lies. People will believe whatever they are told by the government. He was not “aiding the enemy;” he was trying to expose the truth that should never be kept secret. I hope I would have done the same had I been in his position!

  3. This video is shocking to say the least. The government once again got caught murdering and is making the messenger pay for it. The U.S. Government is a bunch of cowards! They murdered U.S. citizens on 9/11. I saw the PBS Video with Bradly’s Father. My opinion is his father is one GUT LESS COWARD. That man did nothing to help his son. Maybe the Army will call him to testify against his son. This guy actually said if Bradly did release the information, then he should be prosecuted. This coward said that is the way the military did it when he was in the military. I wish frontline would have asked him if he saw collateral murder and what he thought about that. Bradly’s dad is a coward! He could have hammered the government in that interview! He looked like a scared dog!

  4. Honestly, when I look at this video, all I see is a U.S. Apache unit doing its job in protecting the streets of Baghdad. If those news reporters had been smart, they would have 1) been sure to wear clear media identification, and 2) not been shooting coverage of insurgents in a militarized area. And the men in van that later approached were foolish to not only drive into a demolished area when it was bound to still be observed by the attacking troops, but also to bring their children into such an obvious threat. There seems to be plenty of anger against the military for doing their job, but everyone seems to skip over the sheer lack of knowledge on the part of the casualties.

    • What would you recognize as clear identification from a helicopter that could not be recognized by people in the street? The vehicle in which the soldiers were shooting from was a stealth attack helicopter shooting from miles away. People in the street could neither hear nor see the helicopter approaching; the shots when they came would seem to rain from the sky. Is it the responsibility of every citizen to wear identification on the outside of their clothing when they are walking outside in their own country, or journalists to wear identification that is large enough to be seen by a helicopter that can shoot from a range of 300 miles? If so, we all must be doing something wrong, don’t you think?

    • In your world, the military actually had a right to be in Iraq. In your world, the military is always right. In your world, journalists should not do their job in a war zone. In your world, the citizens of Iraq had no right to be on the streets in their own country. In your world, the only right is that which the US military says it right.

      • Actually, my ignorant “friend”, it is the military’s job to follow orders. The American people expect a certain level of performance from the military. There are planty of soldiers who don’t want to go to war, but the American people keep electing presidents who have no problem with it. In *your* world, it is easier to paint the military as a bunch of warmongers than to accept the fact that you are voting and paying for their occupation in other countries.

        As far as the collateral murder video, I agree the inhumanity of this video is shocking, but there has NEVER been a war that does not affect Innocent civilians in one way or another. If the American people can’t stomach that then STOP VOTING IN PRESIDENTS WHO THINK WE SHOULD BE INTERNATIONAL POLICE.

      • International police? This is a joke? You just forgot the US gvt forged “proofs” of the existence weapons of mass destruction in order to invade Iraq, and this against the decision of the United Nations security council.
        Please don’t try to explain us that these soldiers were protecting us, or anybody but themselves.

        • Geneva convention makes it illegal for any soldier to follow and order to kill an innocent. as a NATO soldier you are trained in how to decide what is and isn’t an illegal order (at least i was in ozzie army) “I was only following orders didn’t wash for Nazi’s.

    • Surely you jest! Those guys could not even tell that a camera was not an AK-47! And someone looking around the corner, suddenly has an RPG?! WHAT?! Then, it ws not just ONE AK-47, but PLURAL?! HOW? I saw men walking, in light colored clothing, with their arms swinging – no guns were carried, nothing was! You think if they had been wearing some ID, the guys in the sky could’ve seen it?! This entire operation was FUBAR! To make matters worse, they were LAUGHING at the harm done to two children – saying they shouldn’t have been in a war zone. The entire nation is a war zone, you schmucks! WE BROUGHT TO THEM! What is just as bad is that those ground troops, who saw that there were NO weapons, and who picked up the children and the dead, seeing cameras and cell phones …are they going to be the suicides that keep occruring more and more every day because of things like this over in Iraq?! DEATH .. of civilians, of our kids, the soldiers in way over their heads .. it’s all wrong.

      • I think the soldiers legitimately thought they had weapons… where would lying get them? Besides maybe justifying the murder a bit in their own hearts, nowhere, they didn’t know the footage would be released, they may not have even known they were being recorded. That said, it was a hugely inhumane thing for these soldiers to do, but it felt like, besides their attitudes, nothing was wrong with this. They got permission every time they wanted to shoot!

    • Assalamu Alaykum,
      i jus read a comment of someone saying that he couldnt fault the heinous action taken by the soildiers, now i ask, how do u characterise the killing of children, whether or not this act of utter brutality is an accident, the fact remains that it is still unforgiveable, lives have been lost that shouldn’t hv been. and to the commanding officer that authorised this crime, i again ask, under what premiss do u fire at people that are unarmed and how do u sleep at night?

    • Jacob. This video made me sick to the boots. It wasn’t a gun fight, it was simply cold bloodied murder, done by a bunch of cowards in a helicopter. You optimize the self opinionated attitude of the U.S. You and those like you are the reason why America is HATED. How could any human being watch that without wanting to cry. I hate you and all those like you. DIE.

    • And your a moron like the military industrial complex and government. Were you in the military at one time getting brainwashed and drugged up to kill anything? Sounds like it.

    • Do I think what happened was good or okay? No, I agree, it was a terrible thing. However, when I watch the video, I see soldiers doing their job. The cameras did, in fact, look like weapons, and if it hadn’t said otherwise, I would have thought they were. One of the men was very obviously holding an AK in his right hand. The one man leaning around the corner did, in fact, appear to have an RPG.
      The soldiers saw a threat, and they worked to minimize it, as is their job.

      As for the “joking” that they did, yes, I think it was in terrible taste. However, humor is a way of coping, it helps you get through the day, and it helps you to continue. People here seem to think that all the American soldiers are just cold-blooded psychopaths that enjoy killing children. They don’t. Killing people takes a massive toll on you, and unless you can find a way to at least temporarily deal with it, you can’t continue to function.

      I’m not saying that it was a good choice of words. I’m not saying that I agree with their actions. I am saying, however, that I do not understand why people think that they should be punished. They did their job, and nothing more.

      • Rubbish, I was a soldier and i refused to fire on civillians. i was trained that it was illegal under the geneva convention to fire on unarmed people who were obviously rendering medical assistance. “i was just following orders” didn’t work for NAZI’s and should NEVER be a valid excuse for murder. may be justified in initial attack as mistaken identity but subsequent attacks on obviously unarmed people was illegal and those pilots should be charged.
        Their attitudes show very clearly why the US will never win wars of small scale operations. Should send the US home once the big gun war is over coz they just make it worse.

    • What a stupid comment. Imagine for a moment your neighbourhood has been turned into a war zone. You just happen to be driving towards that area, with no idea what transpired 4-8 min earlier, and see a man (ignoring his race for the moment) injured and trying to crawl for help. I would, and I hope you would, stop and help him.

      This is life in a war zone. We have this completely naive idea that there is this nicely little roped off area where only the “bad guys” gather. In reality these are neighbourhoods just like ours. There are families living in them, or trying to, they have a lack of food and resources. The “they shouldn’t bring their kids to a fight” is moronic, they LIVE in this fight zone and many can’t get out. We brought the battle to them! While I’m also against weapons, especially fire arms, I also do believe if you lived in a battle zone you would want to protect yourself and your family. Therefore I don’t believe just carrying a weapon entitles ANYONE to be fired on.

      While I am vehemently against killing, when you put yourself in the shoes of people trying to exist in this kind of atmosphere, I can someone understand (tho never EVER condone) the angry attitude of young eastern men who are passionate and frustrated with seeing so many lives cut short with no solution or end in sight.

      While I refuse to vilify all military personnel for the actions of a few, I do believe this happens more than we like. The way those soldiers spoke was chilling, its not a computer game and the fact that they have dehumanized who they see as the enemy is both sick and troubling. It’s that mentality that made it easy for the Nazis to brutalize and murder Jews and for the atrocities in ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Rwanda. What kind of life can men like that expect to come home to. With such deadly weapons in hand, the military needs to take far more caution before engaging anyone and there needs to be more human treatment. If the military is the cause of children being injured they also have a responsibility to give them the VERY BEST treatment. You OWE it to them.

      Sadly I know all these words will fall on blind eyes. Those who don’t want to see won’t they are the type that only learn from experience. I hope you never have to experience this and that your opinion will be changed by common sense and compassion instead of an assumption that anyone living in a particular zone, of a particular race or culture deserves to live a life in fear, blood and death. This whole situation and the world we’ve created for ourselves breaks my heart.

    • From all that can be identified is possibly 2 people with what could have been guns. They killed 11 people who were not even armed. The “soldiers just doing their jobs” are the ones who confirmed them as hostiles. They gunned down unarmed men even as they tried to flee the scene including an unarmed van tried to help the wounded.

    • I don’t think the pilot did anything wrong with the first attack, they appeared to be armed. The second attack on the van though, they had no reason to shoot. It just appeared to be good Samaritans helping. I agree things like this can happen in wars, but this things should be released so the public. The government answers to the american people not the other way around, we need to see this things to make informed decisions regarding our governments performance good or bad. I just hope there are more soldiers like Manning out there who remembers the out “I’ll defend the constitution on the United States foreign or domestic”. For all you who are simple minded and don’t see how it applies read and understand the first amendment and why it is important. I may support or condemn their action, but let me decide that and don’t hide it from me and my fellow citizen.

    • 1) What would you have journalists do to clearly identify themselves as media which can be seen from a fucking plane? Wear giant neon signs on their heads? 2)The journalists were taking footage of militarized areas because they are war correspondents and that’s what their job is. 3)These are neighborhoods in which people live. I know you probably live in a yuppie American suburb somewhere but believe it or not, there are places in this world, Iraq for example, where there is constant fighting and bombings. I know an Iraqi family who lived in Baghdad. They told me that there were times that they could not leave their homes for weeks because the fighting and bombings were so intense. The father of the family told me that everyday he sent his 5 young children to school, he worried that they would not return.
      What about all the children whose lives have been cut short as a result of American intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan? What about them? Those men in the helicopter chose to be in the military at some point in their lives. But these families and these children were given no such choice. Its wrong and unfair and it breaks my heart that there are people out there like you who defend these murderers.

    • dude, seriously? From what i see there is NO reason for the US military to be active there. let them handle their own shit and leave.
      There was NO WMD’s and clearly this isnt peacekeeping.
      how many more casualties must there be before people give a shit about the middle east.
      haw haw sandniggers and ragheads yeah funny but to them the troops posted there are INVADERS. I’m sure it would be a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT story if the positions were reversed. but then again old m8 US FUCKIN A the big powerhouse is in control.
      im pretty fuckin sick of this shit like really. for OVER A DECADE THEY HAVE BEEN OCCUPYING A FOREIGN LAND THAT ISN’T US SOIL.
      idk fuck war

    • Really , are you insane in human! Did you not hear those men laughing as they shot those people ? Like it was some kind of sport. You are one sick person

  5. I couldn’t agree more with Micelle. The helicopter was shooting from many miles away, observe how long the interval between the firing and the impact of those explosive rounds that the helicopter was firing. The reporters were war photographers, it was their job to take photos in militarized areas. The rescuers who tried to rescue the wounded reporter had no idea of attackers being nearby.

  6. “Those brave choppers were just doing their duty and protecting the streets of Baghdad…” yeah, right…pardon me while I blow chunks…the cow jumped over the moon in ballet slippers, too. “Protecting” the streets of what was once a place called Baghdad—-for WHOM (U$$$$$ofA) and from WHAT?I am sure that over a million Iraqis feel very “protected” ever since Uncle Shaftstein planted them six feet under their own soil…you might want to recall that the USS Liberty displayed the American flag very prominently on their after signal deck and that sure as Hell didn’t stop the jewish Mirage pilots from deucing that ship with everything they had—-and that was from less than 200 feet altitude and here you are expecting Reuters correspondents to wear protective insignias that would be visible from miles distant. Sorry, but cold blooded murder is cold blooded murder whether it hides behind a U.S. military uniform or George W Douche’s pinstripe suit.

  7. Bradley Manning’s tragic case is almost like an updated rerun of that of Tyler Kent, the code clerk at the U.S. Embassy in London in 1940 who witnessed cables that clearly showed beyond any reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty that Roosevelt and Churchill were both in a collusive joint mania to LIE the American people into making war on Germany…

    “We will make war on the German people whether they want it or not” W. Churchill in 1936

    • Uh … I do not think that has a thing to do with this! Churchill and Roosevelt both knew that many upper class Americans and British LOVED Germany and all things Berlin! It was the top trending city of those days, and none of the wealthy wanted to do a thing about the Jews, the lower classes, etc. So, they had to be MADE aware of the dangers coming .. in the form of Hitler and his genocide solution. No, this is NOT the same AT ALL.

    • Both world wars were started by EUROPEANS who just can’t get along with each other.

      I just wish we would have let the Europeans kill each other off, the US never should have involved itself in WWI/WWII

      • Joe you moron. The US joined world way 2 because the Japanese Empire and Nazi Germany both declared war on you. I’ve heard some BS that America joined to save Britain’s ass, it’s a complete lie. The Battle of Britain had all ready been fought, and the 2 turning point battles of the campaign against Hitler had already been won, Stalingrad and El Alamein, by Dec ’42 when the US joined – as I say because the fascists declared war on you. Not you on them.

  8. One can only imagine what this young man is going through right now. He knows he did the right thing, so do I, and so does anyone who has seen the direction the government has taken since 911. Whistle blowers are supposed to be protected when they expose criminal activities or malfeasance by the highest offices of business or government. These state secrets which are classified in the name of “National Security” are in fact indictments against a government that has not only violated the UN Charter, but the Geneva Conventions as well. If the U.S. had signed on to the World Court, those responsible for “going over to the dark side” would be placed on trial for war crimes in the Hague. Extraordinary Rendition, torture, and the killing of civilians from UAV’s, attack helicopters, and by JSOC assassination teams without trial or due process are indicative of a government that has lost its compass.

  9. To be fair, those civilians were clearly and openly carrying AK47s. One of them even had an RPG. Would you rather they wait for the RPGs to shoot down transports carrying dozens of US troops before neutralizing them?
    It’s a shame that innocent people were killed during this incident, but being a journalist in a warzone does not come without risks.

    • @OC Two civilians were carrying weapons. Those who have been stationed in Iraq say that this is the norm. Civilians carry weapons in order to protect themselves because they live in a war-torn country. The civilians in question, however, had not shown aggression toward the helicopter. Additionally, killing the wounded unarmed Reuters reporter who was trying to crawl away, and firing on the van that tried to rescue him, was a clear violation of UN law. Ethan McCord is one of the soldiers who appears in the video near the end. Here is his account of those events, and the larger context.

    • Which ones were carrying weapons? YOU can pick that out?! I saw a photographer with a camera but no weapons but if they were, they DO have the right to! It IS their country, and they DO have roving bands of very evil people! But an RPG?! where?! WHERE WAS AN RPG? NOT ONE WAS EVER FOUND and NOT ONE WAS SEEN! The guy peeking around the corner did NOT have an RPG. Sheeple like you is why we are still there.

  10. Emma, there’s no doubt that what happened was terrible, and I’d like to believe our troops in the Apache would not have opened fire if they had known two Reuters reporters were down there. I saw the video multiple times, and from their point of view it’s not easy to determine what the two reporters were carrying. The only thing that can be clearly seen from that distance is that one of the civilians in the group was definitely carrying a big ol’ RPG.
    Now, I’m willing to give our troops the benefit of the doubt because it’s not like they opened fire on completely unarmed civilians. Remember, They are the ones risking their lives out there everyday. They are the ones who pay when civilians with RPGs pop out of nowhere and blow them to pieces, so they damn well have more rights than people sitting behind their computers to decide when to take down RPGs. Or are you going to tell me they carry RPGs and IEDs (which kill thousands of civilians) for their own protection too?

      • The problem is, they don’t get a chance to go back over the footage many times. In the heat of the moment, if I saw anything that looked remotely like an RPG, I would want to shoot them, from their perspective, leaving this man alive might mean the death of 5 of their brothers in arms just days later.

  11. I might even be tempted to go along with this “mistaken identity” or “collateral damage” mantra if I didn’t know better about America’s far from sterling conduct in wartime—-nothing new by any means: right after the Spanish-American War of 1898-1899, McKinley decided that rather than give Philippine natives autonomy over their own islands, he would make of that archipelago an American “colony” whether the people there wanted it or not so that Wall Street would have more to exploit. The popular revolutionary leader, Emilio Aguinaldo, and his people who had fought on America’s side against Spain and had lost the lion’s share of casualties made it plain that they were tired of being colonized by anyone—-America immediately made war on the people of the philippines, losing 4200 men and killing over a quarter million mostly civilian men, women and children like the 900 Philippine Muslim Moros on the island of Jobo who, with their entire families were trapped in a volcanic crater and then casually shelled and fired upon until there was not one left breathing—-and the captured civilians accused of “sympathizing” who had water forced into them until their stomachs distended to just short of bursting and were then stepped on to make the water geyser three feet into the air and who were then left to die in excruciating agony. Well, they didn’t have Apaches back then that could fire missiles from two miles away but I dare say that some sociopath on this thread will try to claim that was all “mistaken identity” as well

  12. To shoot people brings resentment..If somebody shoots my child ,Wife ,Friend or kid down the street I do not care if they claim to have done it for my freedom..Fighting local people from Planes will be many Mistakes..One cannot kill many locals then expect them to welcome us with open arms..If people were flying over America Killing people in the street by Mistake would be a Problem..Bradley Is a Hero had the Courage to Speak up..If the people were killed were Family of yours would you be Happy to cover it up..Think 99% of people if their family members were killed by Mistake would want it Known So we can stop this things.happening..We need the Troops out It is our leaders Fault The Army have a job is Impossible to do ..Feel sorry for the Military

  13. When I first saw this video I was disgusted by just how quick U.S. troops made their choice to open fire on the unsuspecting Afghani civilians. I feel utter sorrow for the victims and their families. The problem with the Afghanistan war is that many U.S. troops are told by their superiors that the Afghan people are their enemies. This leaves no room for deliberation on military tactics amongst U.S. military personnel or discourse between the U.S. and Afghan people.
    I hope that in the future, U.S. troops can better assess a situation before getting “trigger happy”.

  14. For the love of God! This took place in Iraq! Not Afghanistan. They are 2 distinct nations with distinct cultures. I know it is hard put please, try to appreciate that the world is more diverse than America and ‘the rest of the world’.
    The video is an absolute horror to watch, the pleasure the soldiers take in killing fellow human beings contrasted with the absolute absence of any threat from the people on the street. It is appalling. I remember watching this video when it came out & being physically ill. They remind me of Nazis, these trigger-happy murderers. History will show, the parallels are many.

    • i cant belive how stupid a lot of people are… are u only eating bio foot ore what happened to you? there are people armed in a WARZONE. how stupid u must be to go armed in warzones? people saying the pilots killed them for their own amusement and that is like ww2 is the stupiesd u can tell.

      • They would be stupid NOT to be ARMED .. like you say, it IS a war zone! And besides, can you pick you which TWO guys out of the two dozen there had guns? Show which TWO And btw, they never found an RPG. The Americans were trigger happy .. and ENJOYED this exercise. To them, and I can hear the youthfulness in their voices, this is a video game. Except the blood is real. They’re so farway though, they never see it. Just the ground troops – who are committing suicide EVERY DAY now .. and have been since 2006. SIX YEARS OF SOLDIER SUICIDES and it’s over crap just like this! Get real — we should not even BE there, period!

  15. cathie….what do you know of the Mideast? And what in the cornbread Hell difference does it make whether the jewish instigated and profiteered carnage is in Iraq OR Afghanistan? And what if indeed anything do you know of German National Socialism? Most likely you hadn’t even been thought of back during WWII and don’t know jack squat about the greatest demo derby in history other than what you read in some damned high school twistory book written by a jew.
    Well I did live through that conflict and i wish people like you would leave any mention of Germany and National Socialism out of your feeble comments until you know what you are talking about as clearly you don’t.

  16. The people in that city KNEW US troops/tanks where on the ground yet they openly carried weapons, AK’s are allowed, 1 per household w/ 1 30rd magazine. BUT that RPG is a BIG no-no. Its a clear sign of aggression and everyone on the deck in Iraq/Afghanistan KNOWS this, including reporters. As for Manning, he signed up to be part of the military and he will pay the price for making a decision WAY out of his pay grade, it was stupid. The military is no place for weak-minded individuals with an overwhelming conscience. If he or anyone here, spent 1 day in combat you would know exactly where im coming from.

    • So…. having morals is weak-minded? Congratulations. I don’t see how leaking information about the US being corrupt is “weak-minded.”

    • The people in that entire country KNOW that US troops/tanks were on the ground. Heck, they just might have seen the helicopter flying in the sky too! Are civilians supposed to hide in their houses until our wonderful president decides to bring our US troops home? How do you explain to a child that he/she cannot go outside for 10+ years because they are a huge threat? How can you tell an Iraqi civilian he cannot carry a weapon on his back when he walks home just in case he needs to defend his family?! Those civilians lost their lives for a reason that does not exist. It makes me so sick that Bradley Manning is in PRISON for posting this video and the Apache pilots who killed civilians that were clearing not shooting their weapons, are free. This is not the America I know and love. FREE BRADLEY MANNING!! He is the hero and the voice of innocent HUMAN BEINGS(doesn’t matter where they came from) that were made to take their last breath. You have to switch sides just to see how screwed up this massacre truly was. God Bless America and Bradley Manning. -Megan from Tennessee!

  17. Remember Iraq was the country we (the US) invaded based on false weapons on mass destruction (WMD) claims. REMEMBER? These people were in their own country, we (The US) used GPS surveillance to see them and target them and kill them in their own country. Might I add for OIL OIL OIL OIL Wake up.

    • INFORMATION FROM THE BRITISH!!!! Remember this folks, it was British “intelligence” that said “WMD’s are being built in Iraq

    • Halabja poison gas attack…..
      The attack killed between 3,200 and 5,000 people, and injured around 7,000 to 10,000 more, most of them civilians; thousands more died of complications, diseases, and birth defects in the years after the attack.

      Phew, lucky Iraq didn’t have WMDs eh? Imagine the damage they could have done then. (Point of note: Chemical weapons ARE generally classified as WMDs).

      This is not something that could have happened, this, along with the many other cases of mass murder, or genocide, DID happen.

      While I utterly condemn the actions shown in this video can we please stop sanctifying the Iraqi people and their regime.

      It’s estimated (mass graves are STILL being found) that 800,000 men, women and CHILDREN died at the hands of the Saddam regime with tens of thousands more being brutally tortured, raped and mutilated.

      But hey, it’s ‘their own country’, right, so we shouldn’t use spurious claims to put a stop to it, we should just allow the murder to go on – or at least that seems to be your point.

    • A special BBC Panorama programme … details how British and US intelligence agencies were informed by top sources months before the invasion that Iraq had no active WMD programme, and that the information was not passed to subsequent inquiries.

      Ok, what next, Blame Canada??

  18. SO ashamed to be an american. I will tell every soldier I see from here on out “What’s wrong with you?, you morally corrupt piece of shit, go kill some more civilians, you ass wad.” and “Thanks for ruining any shot at a peaceful earth.”

    • Really? Every soldier? You are as narrow minded as the people that opened fire on these people. As a fellow military member, I too see the wrong doing here. They CLEARLY violated the LOAC and ROE (Law of Armed Conflict and Rules of Engagement). Granted they had weapons, they were not raised, thus posing no threat at the time. Get your head out of your ass before you bottle up everyone. Some of these people want to and try to do the right things and changes this government and military into what it should represent; Honor and Valor. We have lost all reality of our core beliefs.

  19. Thanks to Michael Moore I just read the background and viewed the video. I agree that GW Bush, Dick Chaney and Rumsfeld should be the ones that are behind bars rather than PFC Manning

  20. First off, unless you are an Apache pilot, stop making claims on weapons ranges. Every reference to any type of range in these postings are false. 2nd, most everyone is right; the AH-64’s were not at risk. However, the people on the ground who had been In a firefight for the past several hours were at risk. It’s those people the Apache were protecting. While it is our job to pull the trigger, it is not a highlight of our day to kill anyone. It is a good feeling to know that we may have saved coalition lives. We take several tests a year that teach us what the best munitions are to minimize collateral damage. If there is a crowd of “innocent” people in the middle of a firefight, and 2 people in that crowd have AK’s, they are all guilty. Why would you, an innocent person be in that situation? We have to live with every life we take. This is something most people on this blog will never have the tragedy of living with.

    • You make it sound as if innocent people just WANT to be around AKs willingly! Is it someone’s fault that they just happened to be walking down the street and a drunk driver kills them? It’s by pure chance! Where is the “guilt” in that?

      • Your rebuttal is flawed.
        If you were on a long straight road in your neighborhood, and saw a car coming down the street swerving from sidewalk to sidewalk, running over mail boxes and garbage cans; would you walk out to the street and try to figure out what was going on?
        Would you A) Grab your child and walk out there to see what was going on?
        Would you B) Grab your child and run inside for protection and call the authorities.

        I would choose B.

        The next time you try to reply, come up with a better analogy.

    • The fact that there are multiple people who have posted on this board in defense of the soldiers in the helicopter makes me lose all faith in humanity. I mean we actually have people today that see nothing wrong with a completely belligerent, unwarranted mass-murder of innocent civilians. It’s a shame, and ironically, these are the same people who would be the most enraged by the same scenario if it were ever to occur on American soil.

      • Yes, and the real sick tragedy of it is that they vote….they also run for office. Fully 4% of the people loose on the streets of this country are clinically confirmable sociopaths. They are the ones who end up in corporate boardrooms on Wallow Street and in public office.
        The only good sociopath is a very dead one…they are the ones that should be getting themselves massacred right here in America where the Constitution is in by far its greatest peril…what Constitution we have left.

    • ” . . it is not a highlight of our day to kill anyone.”


      Crazy Horse; “Just fuckin’, once you get on ’em just open ’em up”. “Lets shoot”. “Light ’em all up.” “Come on, fire!” “Keep shoot, keep shoot.” “keep shoot.” “keep shoot.”

      “Oh, yeah, look at those dead bastards.”


    • You’re the one that should be behind bars and held in a military prison. not Bradly Manning. Manning is the hero here, not you lying murdering pilots. And you, you snake you haven’t saved any lives, you are part of the group taking lives.

  21. Can you recall back to when Nixon cracked to the public “if the president does it, it isn’t a crime”. Well the excuses for humans whereof you speak are blessed with that kind of sociopathy—-if America engages in it, it isn’t a war crime—only other nations are guilty of war crimes, according to the Wall Street “government” that can’t. Fully 4% of all the people in America are clinically confirmable sociopaths and andother 15% are what are known as borderline—which measn that they will gleefully engage in sociopathic behavior and antics once they see someone else do it first.

    And they vote.

    Yes, America has become a terrific incubator for misanthropes. It’s all downhill from here.

  22. SHAME ON YOU AMERICA!!! Hypocrites! You (America) were quick to demand the prosecution of other heads of state, political leaders and military leaders to the international criminal courts against war crimes, and now it’s your heads of state and military leaders who should be referred to the ICC to be prosecuted NOT BRADLEY!

  23. That’s right…..that is why I have been saying that this country should erect a gigantic sign constructed of huge concrete blocks with tri-cornered reflectors on the top surface of each….a sign that stretches from seaboard to seaboard, all three thousand miles, can be seen from about 140,000 miles out in space and reads HYPOCRITES R US….next to Israel, America, its drooling lap poodle, is the single most sociopath-ridden and hypocritical police state on the face of the earth. No wonder its army can now proudly boast the highest suicide rate in its entire history.

  24. The people in that entire country KNOW that US troops/tanks were on the ground. Heck, they just might have seen the helicopter flying in the sky too! Are civilians supposed to hide in their houses until our wonderful president decides to bring our US troops home? How do you explain to a child that he/she cannot go outside for 10+ years because they are a huge threat? How can you tell an Iraqi civilian he cannot carry a weapon on his back when he walks home just in case he needs to defend his family?! Those civilians lost their lives for a reason that does not exist. It makes me so sick that Bradley Manning is in PRISON for posting this video and the Apache pilots who killed civilians that were clearing not shooting their weapons, are free. This is not the America I know and love. FREE BRADLEY MANNING!! He is the hero and the voice of innocent HUMAN BEINGS(doesn’t matter where they came from) that were made to take their last breath. You have to switch sides just to see how screwed up this massacre truly was. God Bless America and Bradley Manning. -Megan from Tennessee!

  25. I dont to hear about how the military was protecting the streets blah blah blah. You have an American soldier who was there exposing this bullshit. What more do people need to see that these missions are nothing but masacres. The freakin soldier who was there knows it but people still believe what the government and mass media tell you. Unfreakin beloievable how gullable some people are.

    • Yes…they are referred to as the Moron Majority and tragically they all vote—-that is why we keep getting the same sewage flowing right back into public office time and time and time again—I mean insufferable dreck like Mike Thompson of Cally’s 1st District and Diane Swinestein and Chuck Schumer the Tumor

  26. WOW i have to agree with the other 99% of what these people are saying…..IM SO DISGUSTED BY AMERICA . IM SO ASHAMED TO BE AMERICAN..ALL THIS COUNTRY CARES ABOUT IS MONEY AND FATTENING THERE OWN POCKETS …and the military is just despicable it is very clear from the video that they just opened fire on those people for no reason and from what i could clearly see those innocent people showed no type of hostility towards the the helicopter now with that said if those iraqi people were to open fire like that on u.s soil oh believe me they would have been punished to the fullest extent of u.s law. so contradictory the u.s is.. i dont even consider these so called troops heroe’s lol . i call them mass murder’s . it certainly changes the way i look at the military. and all for what fighting over oil oil oil that does not even belong to us . and were in debt because of those so called troops over there 80 million a day or so. wow how screwed up is this country really is.. i think bradley should be free. and those apache helicopters guys should be locked up and punished to the fullest extent of the law. famous line from tupac shaker…..we got money to make war’ but not feed the poor . i think the us military needs to pull out and mind there own damn business on us soil and stop trying to bully other countrys for there stuff. and stop playing the blame game it’s very clear they were in the wrong . and they know it to. but you see they can lie to america and they can lie to there friends and family . but truth is???? they cant lie to god. he knows what they did and he will punish them for there wrong doings and bring balance back to the situation .bradley your in my prayers . you have along battle . but we are with you know that. god by far can punish them greatly then we ever can. i have lost my faith and trust in any military uniforms .they will never have my respect ever again. and the military really should stop playing the blame game and start being held responsiable for there actions … noble heroe’s my ass…lie to some one else nothing can ever convince me any different as to who they really are. and to those of you military personal who say we should not blame all of you . well im sorry to say that when people see these video’s , it kinda looks bad on all of you. so don,t give me a lousy excuse for why these idiots did what they did. the military should be punished for running such horrid conduct . i hope god can help this country . bradley you have my full support .. the president only cares about himself just like the military. we need to start choosing better people to run and improve this country,s economic catastrophe

    • I wonder what would happen if we just did not have a military any more? What if we had only a real “homeland security” force – to man our borders, watch our ports and international airports? Who would actually ‘come after’ us? I mean, who COULD and then, who WOULD and for what?! We import everything, or dang near. We export very little but … war and supposedly an example of how democracy works. But, I don’t think it DOES work. I think it was Ben Franklin who said to beware the patriots, they are the rabble-rowsers – and so far, the political patriots are just that! The people? They no longer know which person to vote for because they’re too busy “Dancing with the Stars” or watching the Food Channel. Americans are, by and large, too busy chasing personal WANTS and don’t know much about NEED.

      My mother nearly died in the Great Depression, of starvation! My great-uncles came back (those that did anyway) from WW2 with nightmares that last 25 years or more but they still felt it was right – because a madman was killing millions, and we were threatend with real invasion from two sides. I wonder if we’re not facing the Great Depression 2, and that all those rounds of ammo that HSD just ordered, plus all those FEMA camps that are set up, are all about another global war coming but it will be the USA who is the monster, the rogue.

      Obvious, in your face, greed, blatant corruption, observable lack of empathy for fellow humans, and a utterly transparent lust for power and control are the factors for the decline, if not the death throes, of American civilization.

      This poor young man, who blew the whistle on higher officers, of the overall conduct of the US Military, will be let go once the election is over, I’m fairly hopeful. But what happens to the USA? What happens to the People? Something appears to be happening in the USA and it seems to be AGAINST the People of the USA. Who is behind it and why? Surely not our own kind? Or is there an elite that thinks we are all too stupid to save? Too greedy ourselves to even care that there are other people on the planet that are hurting so we Americans can live a lifestyle that is just not sustainable for EVERYONE though they flock to our shores to partake. If EVERYONE comes here, then nothing will be left for anyone, anywhere.

  27. Free Bradley Manning! Corruption in the world today is disgusting. We need to start embracing these revolutionary brothers, those who do believe in right and wrong. I want to help Manning, Assange and ever other individual who is there to make the world a better place.

    F*** the US Military and every government official in favour of such actions.

  28. has any one stop to think and lets really think about this for a second why the military recruites kid’s as young as 18 right to go train to be killers . but yet you cant drink and buy alcohol until your 21 … so i think that clears my point as to how corrupted the goverment is . i think america needs to wake up to the crisis happening around us the worldly changes in weather, presidents. definitly need to start making better choices . for the future you wont see the goverment recruiting 25 to 30 year old men and women thats because at that age we know the truth we are mature goverment cant lie to us. think young men and women before you join the military . its all based on lies… bradley we are with you . my heart and my prayers go to you

  29. And now the main sewer stream media (yahoo “news”) is telling us he is intending to cut a plea bargain with the bastards who are trying to kill him.

    I would leave this country permanently in the next five seconds if I had the resources to do so—–America has truly ushered in the New Dark Ages for itself and for all the remainder of the planet and for all time: there will be no Renaissance from the cultural gutter that we will soon find ourselves in.

    Fuck it all dead…I mean all of it.

    • If I had the resources (but didnt win the lottery yet, I would have shipped out a Welsh male voice choir to sing this at full belt – Bradley is half Taff, and as the song says, ‘Welshmen never yield’
      If anyone there wants to make an old lady happy – sing loud enough to be heard in court.
      (I always have this song going through my head when I think of Bradley.)
      We all tell our kids to not lie, to tell the truth – lead by example I think.

  30. I literally cried when I saw those innocent people being murdered. It almost looks like the people in the helicopter were bored, and saw them as an excuse to liven up their day. I’ve seen cops in my state do the same thing on slow days. They’ll pull people over for going 2 miles over the speed limit just because they’re bored!

  31. Those pilots of the Apache helicopter knew they were journalists and deliberately lied that they saw machine guns to justify murdering innocent people searching for the truth. those pilots are traitors and should be hung for murder and war crimes against humanity.

        • There were 3 men with rifles. They were carrying them by their straps. They were not threatening anyone with the weapons at the time the helicopter pilots identified them. The alleged RPG launcher identified by the pilot was being held by a man crouching at the corner of the building as the helicopter was going around it. The way it looked to me was that the man was raising it to his shoulder to fire at the helicopter. At this point the helicopter pilots had every reason to believe they were going to be fired upon. If you’ve never been in a war or lived in a war zone you don’t understand the fear that is lived with day in and day out by the people that do. If The apache pilots felt threatened they were right to strike first. What was wrong was their attitude after the fact and when they found out there were wounded children. It was as though they were playing a video game and their attitudes were callous and heartless.

          • In my opinion, they have a choice between blocking the horror of war or going insane. what would you chose?

  32. I want Bradley Manning to know that I regard his actions as courageous and principled. I think of him often and I am paying attention to his trial.

    I believe the soldiers involved in this incident were behaving as they were trained by the military. This is how war is waged. All of us free citizens of coalition countries are guilty of allowing our countries to make war.

  33. Bradley is already free. We’re the ones in prison – a gilded cage is no less of a cage. God may forgive us but can we forgive ourselves for being complicit in such crimes?

  34. Bradley Manning is a HERO. These helicopter pilots are COWARDS & CRIMINALS of the most dispicable kind. In this world of evil we live in where goodness is punishable by torture,persecution & incarceration while evil goe unpunished & is rewarded, how are we to win unless a complete revolution takes place to disassemble our completely corrupt government by our our military that are real men & woman who will fight for good & dare to engage evil with the same vivor that the evil people fitgh against goodness, & until they have the courage to do so we are all doomed to these satanic forces who are being ALLOWED TO RULE US ALL. “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”. & this certainly does NOT apply to Bradley Manning – Thank You sir for what you did , you are MY HERO.

  35. A retired sergeant offered that Manning is a traitor who should have taken the problem “up the line”. Does anyone out there seriously believe that anyone “up the line” including White House personel would want to acknowledge these apparent crimes and want to deal with them??? Any military personel or politicos would be headed for occupational oblivion if they tried!

  36. Bradley HAS won the Nobel peace prize…..three times as far as I and any balanced,discriminating person is concerned.

  37. Manning is a true hero and a political prisoner. I deeply feel for him and how they are persecuting him.

  38. Over three years imprisoned without trial, this is injustice at its height. I have not forgotten Bradley nor will i ever; He is a hero. I recently set a picture of him as my background so everyday i am reminded of his heroism, bravery and his continuing struggle with the US Military for doing what was right. I for one say human morals are a law much higher than any written down. YOU ARE A HERO BRADLEY. YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED AS ONE. THE CHILDREN WILL BE TAUGHT THAT YOU DID WHAT WAS NEEDED, WHAT WAS JUSTIFIED AND WHAT WAS RIGHT.

  39. Never in my 61 years have i seen such a more disgusting act of Murder…what i would like to know is surely those so called Pilots seen the Children, and how do those pilots sleep at night..They laughed and joked, while killing innocent people, there was no engagement of fire only on the Helicopters part…these pilots should be made to stand trial for WAR CRIMES….They shot up a van carrying Injured and dead people, there was no guns to be seen..Any normal person would carry weapons if a war is on hell even i would ….. AMERICA YOU SHOULD ALL BE SO ASHAMED OF THIS…and those people taking sides of the American in this Video, should take a very good look at themselves….I am an AUSTRALIAN, a Grandmother, and i am so shocked to the core at the attitude of these so called Soldiers in this video,the big wigs making out they did right by the Kiddies…Do they also sleep at night and do they have kids…DISGUSTED ….

  40. Does anyone know who the gunner “Kyle” is in this video? if Bradley Manning is under arrest for releasing military docs. Surely “Kyle” should be arrested for war crimes.

  41. There are several areas that need to be addressed. First, What are we doing there? Now, that we are there as a military action either authorized or unauthorized you have to address the safty of our (US troops). From what was shown in the video, 1) was it a mission of recon? 2) or search and destory? In either case you can clearly hear a request for permission to fire. This has been a standard operation procedure going back to Vietnam which is the only expericene that I have to reflect on this action. Now address the circumstances on the fire or no fire. 1) were the US troups under attack? 2) were they in fear of their lifes? 3) were they authorized to utilize deadly force? All of these are question to be answered. From what I saw it appear that 1 individual hide behind a corner of a building and it looked like he was pointing something at our troops. Gun or no gun? At this point there was a request to be allowed to fire.

    Stop and lets look at this from another point. If it was you on the ground what would you aspect? Would you be hanging around with others with guns? If so would you aspect to be shot at or not? Now move forward in time you are driving a van going up to a place where you find dead people on the ground. Would you attempt to pick them up or not with a blackhawd still in the air? Especially if you had children in the van? Next, if you were picking up people for aid would you pick up a gun?

    Sometime simple mine set should kick in and you should think I could get killed if I do this.

    NOW, LET GO BACK to the point where you are the US troops. You see the van can you identify that they are children in the van or not? Again you can clearly see and hear a request to fire on the van. Threat of not to US troops? Can you see or not see someone shooting at you again? Was any lives in danger and if so at what point? Taking an additional step back to where it appears the individual is shooting at the troops, can you hear rounds being shot at the US Troops or not, can you hear them hitting anything or not? From my point I can only hear the communication stating we are being fired on.

    Lets assume that the mission was only a recon and you have a the option to back off and watch at a safe distance. They did call for ground troops to come in why not wait for them to start with?

    With all of the questions answered or not answered lets REVIEW the attitude of the troops.

    Non of my actions did I even laugh at or make fun of anyone in Vietnam. There you did have individual including Children attempting to kill you. Nothing about any of it was funny. This is totally unacceptable under any circumstance.

    If they are going to go after Bradly Manning then let us open of the files and go back and get other and from what we know now as public information we can start back with WWII many Generals including Patton who was very public. What ever happen to Lt Cully from Vietnam? Ever once in a while someone want to make a point and they go after a no body for actions which were in the best interest of the USA.

    I was awarded several award including the Silver Star my actions were not because I was trying to be a hero but was a result of me trying to get people back so we had another gun to help stop an advance. This was not just one occasion but several. I was also aware 2 Presidential Citations give by Nixon and 2 US Army Citations give by General Westmorland. The Silver Star(s) were awarded with associated medal non of which are really important but I think they were actions which made the ARMY feel good and were for media press minutes only. Now with cancer I get the use of the VA and even that is actually a long drawn out process every time I go. But I do have medical care which from my point of view is very good.

  42. where is d civilization in this? this is a pure barbarism getting innocent lives wasted. where are the western institutions, United Nations, International Court of Justice, and their other instruments of suppressing ‘al haq’;the truth?…The whole world is seeing the characteristics of western civilization.

  43. “Maybe we should always show pictures. Bin Laden, pictures of our wounded service people, pictures of maimed, innocent civilians. We can only make decisions about war if we see what war actually is, and not as a video game where bodies quickly disappear leaving behind a shiny gold coin.” -Jon Stewart
    “There’s a whole generation of American kids seeing violence on their computer screens and then getting shipped off to Afghanistan. They feel like they know the violence when they don’t. Not having a proper understanding of violence, especially what it’s like on the receiving end of it, just makes you interpret it wrong and makes inflicting violence easier.” -M.I.A.

    They saw this as a fucking video game.

  44. Bradley Manning you are one of the few American hero’s in my book. For what ever it is worth I give my condolences to the family and friends of those who were killed in this video. The war machine is sick; it is no secret that these transgressions are commonplace on the war ground. The US military does not care how many innocent civilians and children are killed when they can blatantly lie and imprison the noble souls who speak out against such cold blooded murder.

  45. Gonna play some devil’s advocate here.

    First, and foremost, there’s a concept called “the fog of war.” this means that no one on a battlefield has the full picture. the soldiers in the Apache had no way to know that the persons they believed to be threats were Reuters employees. In addition, it was VERY hard to tell that there were children in that van. I could barely make it out, and it was labeled. If I was a gunner in a helicopter, I think I could overlook the passengers of the vehicle as well.

    The pilot percieved a threat, unaware of the nature of his target. his Commanding Officer gave him clearance to engage, knowing only what the man in the helicopter told him.

    Essentially, accidents happen. we have no right to be enraged over the *completely* accidental killing of innocents. back in Vietnam, when US forces were massacring villages, we had the right to be up in arms. but when the pilot thought he saw weapons, and chose to engage, he followed the rules of engagement regarding armed persons in, after reading the full transcript, an area that appears to be the location of a US operation(AKA we had troops going to that area on a combat mission), to the best of his ability. More often than not, the Insurgents know the ROE as well as the US forces, so they can take advantage of it. The pilots were trying only to save their buddies lives.

    If they had better information, i have no doubt the soldiers involved would have acted differently.

    And regarding the joking around, they do that all the time. it’s that, or PTSD. and usually both, anyways. War is hell.

  46. The president doesn’t declare war.. oh wait, at least he isn’t supposed to (ahem, Bush).

    The underlying problem is NOT the voters’ fault. The American people didn’t vote to go to war. The corrupt governing bodies have outside interests; they aren’t interested in proliferating peace in the Middle East but rather they want to take what they can get from the region, scare every other nation in the world to the point where they fear no opposition and can do and take what they like from anyone, anywhere. That is the underlying agenda. The media has been used as a tool to guide public opinion in accordance to this agenda, which is why there was no social upheaval acknowledged when we went to war in the first place.

    So, don’t pin responsibility on the public when they have been denied the information needed to make an informed vote. It wouldn’t have mattered if Bush or Obama were president, we’d still be in this mess because the forces that are at work in the Military-Industrial Complex and the Senate and the White House, the CIA, etc., they do not abide by the governing rules we all read about in Civics Class. They write their own rules and, evidently, if someone exposes any part of that corrupt system, they are subject to life imprisonment, assassination, defamation, etc.

    These careless wars have gone on long enough; it’s time to bring our heads back home, recall all elected officials, and reassess who we are as a country, what we have done as a nation for the last century, and try to set a new course for more conscientious existence in the global community as well as a clearer-headed domestic agenda. I’m so sick of all the nonsense that is disseminated by the government officials, the media (“conservative” OR “liberal”, take your pick, they’re both sucking on the government teat), the military officials. It is all nonsense and does nothing to serve the actual people of the US or the world. It’s all part of a Ponzi scheme to make a select few powerful, wealthy, untouchable, and keep them that way.

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist, this is just how the world works. There are a few super-wealthy, powerful figures in society, who orchestrate events, economic trends, social campaigns, all in efforts to exert influence in other regions, steal votes, steal money, murder people who stand in their way.

    Nearly everyone in the US is blinded by their false dichotomy, whether they’re “Democrat” or “Republican” – it keeps us all in a forever stalemate, bickering, oblivious to the actual plot line. Stop being so pompous, proud, and ignorant; your opinion on gay marriage really doesn’t matter, nor does your opinion on, say, abortion or capital punishment. These are issues that keep your emotions running high, your reasoning capabilities dulled, and any questions about what’s really going on in Washington and abroad in the back of your mind.

  47. once again an outstanding example of U.S Army’s lack of intelligence on so many levels both personal and professional.

  48. I watched the video and friggin CHEERED as they put the lead down there on that ass. The only thing I saw that was wrong is they quit firing. They should have continued to fire into the whole dam neighborhood and flattened it. If a frigin bird moved it need a 20 mm round on it. That is how you win wars. What I saw in the video was a well executed operation. The heli put the people in heaven and everybody won that day. GOD bless AMERICAN BULLETS !!!!

    • Simply minded fool. Must be awful to be the most hated nation in the world….but with those comments I can totally see why! Bring on De-Americanisation.

  49. I am 54 years old and a retired police officer who has been in two deadly force shootings. This is the first time I’ve seen this video. I am not a military veteran, but many of my fellow officers are – Vietnam, Falklands, Panama, Gulf war, Iraq, and Afghanistan. This is TRAGIC! While the children in the van had no place there, it appears the men were acting in good faith to aid a wounded man. This is war and it is very complicated. However, it seems obvious, from the film, that these were not IMMINENT THREATS. Could not the gun ships have waited for ground troops to arrive, identify, and verify the players? This is a bad shoot [even in war time] on so many levels. The men helping the wounded were not armed, neither did they display any aggressive intentions. I do not have enough time to detail my observations based on my knowledge and experience in armed combat. As for Manning, no doubt the US will continue to play his gender identification as a psychiatric card against him. Again, this is a real cluster f#*@, and neither Manning nor the rest of the poor souls victimized by poor reconnaissance and poor judgment have a chance a against the egomaniacal US government. Bradley did violate his oath and Army regulations. Some jail time is the appropriate consequence. However, Bradley did the right thing in following his conscience. He is a courageous person. I commend you Bradley. This could not have been an easy choice for you. However, morally, you chose the high ground. In fact, you acted sanely and humanely. Now, what about those airship gunners who committed murder?

  50. President Eisnhower warned about the industrial / military complex taking over the USA decades ago, Well America you have a Police State taken over by psycopathic politicans and bankers (the 1%). The world that once looked up to you as the ‘free world’ now despises you on mass as revolting oppressors.

    America is the new Rome, trigger happy supporters of dictators and murderers and keep that company well.

    Wake up Amerians to what your scum government is doing in your name, are you ashamed? If so – start protesting and stop being silent.

    “The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

    Hello is anyone there …??? … or are you to busy being renditioned and waterboarded yourself ?

  51. Manning did the right thing. America is a war machine, and has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians under the disguise of “anti-terrorism”. Most of the combatants in those countries are only fighting to try to free themselves from American occupation, American greed, and American conquest.

    Manning is the true hero.

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