Wow. Donations tripled through Jan 1st

By Lorraine Reitman. Bradley Manning Support Network. December 27, 2012.

We have amazing news. A week ago, we told you that a generous anonymous donor offered to match donations in December, meaning that donations through the end of the year would be automatically doubled up to $10,000. Since then, we’ve heard from another donor, a long-time, Bay Area queer anti-war activist who wants to be identified as just “Henry.” Henry has offered to also match donations in December, up to $10,000.

This means that every dollar you donate to the Bradley Manning defense fund before January 1, 2013 will be tripled:


If you donate:
Defense gets:


You have already raised enough money to hire Brad a top-notch civilian attorney. And thanks to your work, Brad has been freed from the torturous solitary confinement conditions.

But we’ve got one more big responsibility ahead of us: paying for Bradley’s court martial. If we can raise $10,000 in December, those funds will be tripled to equal $30,000 – reaching nearly half of our total fundraising goal for the legal costs of the court martial. Can you help out?

We can do this, if we all pitch in. As we head into the court martial in 2013, let’s make sure Bradley Manning gets the very best defense.

Please donate today. Let’s raise the money we need to cover his legal costs and advocate for his cause in the court of public opinion.

Thank you for all that you do,

Loraine Reitman, Co-founder and steering committee member, Bradley Manning Support Network

PS Funds raised will be used to cover Bradley Manning’s legal representation, including paying his attorney and expert witnesses and legal fees. We will use remaining funds to raise awareness about Bradley, including covering his trial on our website, holding rallies and vigils, and organizing petitions on his behalf. All donations are tax deductible. Donate now.

Help us continue to cover 100%
of Bradley’s legal fees! Donate today.

2 thoughts on “Wow. Donations tripled through Jan 1st

  1. Boston First Night- Copley Square New Year’s Eve Pardon Private Manning Stand-Out

    Stand In Solidarity With Private Manning In Copley Square As We Celebrate The New Year, The Year Of Bradley’s Freedom. (This spot is now the traditional First Night spot for all those who want to stand against current wars, impeding wars, and for national liberation struggles so we will be among kindred spirits as people gather to watch the First Night parade that starts in the area later in the evening.)

    Let’s Redouble Our Efforts To Free Private Bradley Manning-President Obama Pardon Bradley Manning -Make Every Town Square In America (And The World) A Bradley Manning Square From Boston’s Copley Square To Berkeley to Berlin-Join Us In Copley Square (at the Boston Public Library, corner of Dartmouth and Boylston Streets ), Boston , Ma. For A Stand-Out For Bradley- First Night, Monday December 31st From 3:00-5:00 PM
    The Private Bradley Manning case is headed toward a late – winter trial now scheduled for March 2013. The recent news on his case has centered on the many (since last April) pre-trial motions hearings including defense motions to dismiss for lack of speedy trial (Private Manning’s pre-trial confinement is now at 900 plus days), dismissal as a matter of freedom of speech and minimal effect on alleged national security issues (issues for us to know what the hell the government is doing either in front of us, or behind our backs) and dismissal based on serious allegations of torturous behavior by the military authorities extending far up the chain of command while Private Manning was detained in Kuwait and at the Quantico Marine brig for about a year ending in April 2011. In December Private Manning himself, as well as others including senior military mental health workers, took the stand to detail those abuses.

    Some more important recent news from the November 2012 pre-trail sessions is the offer by the defense to plead guilty to lesser charges (wrongful, unauthorized use of the Internet, etc.) in order to clear the deck and have the major (with a possibility of a life sentence) espionage /aiding the enemy issue solely before the court-martial judge (a single military judge, the one who has been hearing the pre-trial motions, not a lifer-stacked panel). Other news includes the increased media attention by mainstream outlets around the case, as well as an important statement by three Nobel Peace Laureates (including Bishop Tutu from South Africa) calling on their fellow laureate, United States President Barack Obama, to free Private Manning from his jails.

    Since September 2011, in order to publicize Private Manning’ case, there have been weekly stand-outs (as well as other more ad hoc and sporadic events) in various locations in the Greater Boston area starting in Somerville across from the Davis Square Redline MBTA stop (renamed Pardon Bradley Manning Square for the stand-out’s duration) in Somerville on Friday afternoons and later on Wednesdays. Lately this stand-out has been held on each week on Wednesdays from 5:00 to 6:00 PM in order to continue to broaden our outreach at Central Square, Cambridge, Ma. (Small Park at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Prospect Street just outside the Redline MBTA stop, also rename Manning Square for the duration.) Join us. President Obama Pardon Private Manning Now!

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