Respond to Bradley’s sentence in your community Wednesday, August 21


Photo from the July 27th worldwide call to action! Organize a rally in your hometown immediately following the Judge’s announcement of Bradley’s sentence. This is expected to come shortly after the defense finishes its arguments, which will begin August 12th (eta).

Judge Lind has announced that she will read Bradley’s sentence on Wednesday, August 21, at 10 am.

Immediately following the sentencing announcement of heroic WikiLeaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning by the military court at Fort Meade, Maryland, join us in the streets to demand, “President Obama: Pardon Bradley Now!”

Many communities have a historic gathering location, such as a downtown intersection, central park, or other visible location. Please spread the word for folks to join you immediately following the sentencing to celebrate, protest, and/or simply show your support for Bradley.

We will likely have one day notice before sentencing occurs, so we’ll have some heads up. If it takes place in the morning, we suggest gathering that evening. If it takes place in the afternoon or evening, we suggest the following day. Same-day events are more likely to be covered by your local media in conjunction with the national breaking story of Bradley’s sentencing. Please contact the Support Network for posters, stickers, and info cards.

Our primary message for these response rallies: “President Obama: Pardon Bradley Manning”

Photos from the last worldwide call to action. 

In Phoenix, AZ supporters stood out front of Chase Field Stadium before a Diamondbacks game:

In Boston:

In Minneapolis,

In New York City, 

 And in London,




25 thoughts on “Respond to Bradley’s sentence in your community Wednesday, August 21

  1. Bradley Manning is an American hero. He is a hero to the American people who understand and love freedom. He is a criminal in the eyes of a criminal, despicable government who murders innocent journalists and children. I stand behind Bradley, as I stand behind Ed Snowden, another American hero. God bless them and all whistleblowers who bring to light criminality within the government.

  2. I am a disabled senior and I cannot afford the $5.00 needed to sign the petition. I do not have a credit card . I consider Bradley Manning to be one of the foremost heroes in the battle for humane behavior and against bullying.

    • Please go to where it says “Sign the Petition” and there is an alternative link where you can sign the petition without the $5.00 donation! Good luck. I just did it, by the way.

  3. I will try to do this yet, if you have materials I could use them. I know of people here who support Brad and we could possibly have a really good turn out. Thankz!

  4. As an ordinary person with family in the military in England I say that the truth should never be withheld. People telling the truth should be honoured not punished. I say free Bradley Manning !

  5. Bradley Manning, hero, patriot, truth teller,political prisoner, a man with more courage in his little finger than anyone in the US Government or Military.Bradley is a shining light for Democracy.God Bless Bradley Manning.The fight goes on to free him, this is just the start.

  6. Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. ONLY brought to light what the REPUBLICANS CREATED . AFTER ALL BUSH DID Let 9/11Happen and let Bin Laden Free time after time that caused all of this. Mr. Obama is a GREAT PRESIDENT .

    • Dear Garrett
      He would be a great President IFF he had an Undo-Bush policy.
      Sadly, he CONTINUED everything that Bush started to the great detriment of the nation:
      The Patriot Act to destroy our Freedom
      The AUMF to perpetrate illegal premeditated war
      The destruction of the DOJ though partisan yes-men infiltration.
      He KEPT DOD Robert Gates.
      He KEPT all the partisan US Attorneys infiltrated by Rove.
      He kept Guantanamo.
      He kept the top military yes-men brass put in place by Bush.
      He kept the environmental waivers granted to Halliburton & friends to enable massive pollution by fracking and mountaintop removal in defiance of the Clean Air and CLean Water acts.
      His DOJ is an abomination, having turned a blind eye to all the crimes of war and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Bush administration. He has continued those policies, so now he would have to prosecute himself.

      Even worse, he is waging a vindictive and destructive War on Whistleblowers and a War on Journalists!
      You were saying…? something about a “great president”

  7. Our government wants to jail Bradely Manning to scare others from seeking the truth and justice, our government wants dirty secrets to remain in the dark, our government is INCORRECT and Bradley Manning is CORRECT, FREE BRADLEY MANNING NOW!

  8. Dear Mr. Manning,

    It is I who would like to apologize to you. Im sorry. I am sorry that more people in America did not have the courage to stand with you and behind you. For these wars were created on lies only to perpetuate our War Machine and the Greed of the 1% and their Cronies. I am sorry that more of us Veterans did not fidn the courage to do so either. I served in combat during the Persian Gulf War. I am sorry that our politics of interference and destabilization techniques towards Middle Eastern Countries put you and your brother and sisters at harm, yet again, causing you to take this enormous risk to stand behind the the ‘real’ values that America likes to say she believes in; even though we are a “Do as I say, not as I do” Country.

    You stood up for the real values of human life and we turned our backs on you…especially those of us on the Left. For its not so hard to understand why those on the Right fall in tow behind the Puppet Masters. But for those of us on the Left, we should all be ashamed that we did not take to the streets and scream at Washington for the actions that they are involved in, and in your defense.

    My apologizes to you, and your family. Eternally grateful to you and ashamed of what we did not do for you

  9. Bradley Manning Sentencing Heads-Up-August 15th –Al Johnson

    On Wednesday August 14, 2013 Bradley Manning and members of his family spoke in his favor during the defense portion of the sentencing phase of his trial. With those statements the defense rested. The government is scheduled for a Friday August 16th rebuttal (they get the last say because they brought the case) which will probably close the sentencing phase and Judge Lind will then deliberate on a sentence. Like on the verdict she is expected to give the media and us 24 hours’ notice of her decision. The BM Support Network’s best estimate is that she will render a decision on Tuesday August 20, 2013.

    The BM Support Network has called for street demonstrations centered on the demand for a pardon for Bradley on the day of his sentencing. We plan to have an emergency stand-out at Park Street Station in downtown Boston from 5:00-6:00 PM on the day of sentencing. We are assuming the 20th but stay tuned for any updates.

    We will also have our regular scheduled Wednesday Bradley stand-out at the Central Square Cambridge MBTA Redline stop from 5:00-6:00 PM.

    Finally-after sentencing our tasks will change, centrally focused on getting a reduction of sentence from General Buchanan and a pardon from President Obama, but we are not finished with defending Bradley and fighting like seven dervishes for his freedom- Free Bradley

  10. God Bless you Bradley Manning – praying for you constantly – you are a tru hero – one of God’s brightest lights shining on this planet. God Bless you always and may the campaign to get your swift release prevail – God willing
    Moira Govan, Gloucester, UK

  11. Bradley Manning was doing his civic duty under the Constitution to rise up against corrupt individuals in our government. He SHOULD NOT be imprisoned and his treatment has been disgusting. Too many secrets since the Bush gang committed their war crimes and walked away free. The Bradley Mannings and Ed Snowdens of our country will go down in history as heroes.

  12. If a German in 1940 had disclosed details of the concentration camps then the Nazi government would have considered him a traitor. By the same token Bradley Mannings is a traitor and history will judge him and Obama as they would the 1940 German and Hitler.

  13. This is the worst sort of exploitation. I have heard both sides and even if someone views it as “he went against his government and leaked information” they are not seeing the whole picture. Manning was a 19 year old BOY when this whole thing started. The US has entrusted intelligence documents to a 19 year old (practically a child) and then they condemn him when he makes a decision based on the horrible things he sees going on around him. F U C he was just a kid and the government taking away his whole life simply because he did what he thought was right. At 19 you can’t fully understand consequences because you still believe in things. Things like truth, justice and the American way. Believing in his country and government is the only thing he is guilty of.

  14. This conviction is not the conviction,it is admission of war crime by America and violation of human rights all over the world by some persons in the system who enjoy the authority. Manning is not guilty of any crime. Even the Judge Lind’s act is not as per law.

  15. Bradley Manning A Martyr, A Man Of Our Times!
    He Uncovered Injustice, Is This Realy A Crime?
    Right Know He’s In Prison Three Decades Detain!
    I Can’t Help But Think This Unfair And Insane?
    He Has Been Labeled A Traitor, For What Being Honest And True?
    With Blood On His Hands,Come On Who’s Kidding Who?
    Speak Up All You Citizens And Let It Be Said!
    The True Spirit Of America Must Never Be Dead!
    A Great Son Of Your Country Is What You Will See!
    So Speak Up For Your Son Know And Let Bradley Manning Free!!!

  16. Bradley Manning is in good company following such people as Mohandas Ghandi and Nelson Mandela in being imprisoned for doing what is right
    Let us hope that by the time he is released we have not forgotten his sacrifice
    He exposed war crimes which shame the US government
    and I hope they can never persuade him that it was he who did wrong

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