June 1-8: Take part in the week of action for Bradley Manning

Can’t make it to Fort Meade on Sat., June 1st? Help sponsor travel for others — each $20 will cover a bus ticket for someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come Please note “Bus Sponsor” in the comments field when making your tax-deductible donation.

secret witnesses to testify

Join us at Fort Meade. June 1, 2013

June 1st will mark the beginning of Bradley Manning’s fourth year in prison and the start of his trial. The June 1st Ft. Meade protest for Bradley Manning will be the largest action of our campaign! People across the nation (and the globe) will converge on Ft. Meade to stand up for the Army whistle-blower who risked everything to give the public real facts about our government’s wars in the Middle East and foreign policy worldwide.

Join Pentagon Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg, LGBT activist US Army Lt. Dan Choi, former US diplomat US Army Col. Ann Wright (ret.), and former soldier Ethan McCord–who rescued the wounded children in the van in the Collateral Murder video—and hundreds of our supporters of heroic WikiLeaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning at Ft. Meade. Together we’ll make history.

Visit our new guide to transportation & lodging near Ft. Meade for help planning your trip.

For those unable to travel to Ft. Meade, Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and the Bradley Manning Support Network, are also calling for solidarity actions from June 1st-June 8th worldwide. 

Daniel Ellsberg speaking out for Bradley Manning

June 2nd. Panel on Manning and the Media. Pentagon Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg, Government Accountability Project director and DOJ whistle-blower Jesselyn Radack, Center for Constitutional Rights president emeritus Michael Ratner , and former State Department employee Peter Van Buren will discuss how WikiLeaks and the Bradley Manning trial have impacted journalism. The panelists will examine how the information released by Bradley Manning helped shaped the public’s understanding of war, diplomacy, and government secrecy, and the way the press reports on each. They’ll explore how the government’s unprecedentedly broad interpretation of “aiding the enemy” in prosecuting Bradley Manning gravely threatens press freedoms in the United States.

When: June 2, 2013 – 5:00-7:00
Where: All Soul’s Church, 1500 Harvard Street NW, Washington DC, 20009

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International Call to Action

International Events

Brisbane City, Australia -6/1
Sydney, NSW, Australia -6/1
Vancouver, Canada -6/7
Vancouver, Canada -6/8
Toronto, Canada -6/1
Heidelberg, Germany -6/1

Berlin, Germany -6/1
Cardiff, Cardiff -6/1
London, UK -6/1
Rome, Italy -6/1
Seoul City, South Korea -6/1-6/8

U.S. Events

Phoenix, AZ -6/7
Tucson, AZ -6/1
Dublin, CA -6/8
Los Angeles, CA -6/1
Montrose, CA -6/7
West Hollywood, CA -6/8
San Diego, CA -6/1
San Francisco, CA -6/1
San Francisco, CA -6/1
Santa Cruz, CA -6/1
Hartford, CT -6/6
Tallahassee, FL -6/2
Tampa, FL -6/1
Tampa, FL -6/6

Des Moines, IA -6/5
Chicago, IL -6/3
Cambridge, MA -6/5
Boston, MA -6/1
Portland, ME -6/1
Minneapolis, MN -6/6
Honolulu, HI -6/1
Highland Park, NJ -6/1
Delmar, NY -6/3
Medford, OR -6/1
Toledo, OH -6/1
Toledo, OH -6/9
Seattle, WA -6/1



If you have planned an event or action, please register it on our website so we can promote it to other supporters in your area. Interested in organizing something but want some ideas, materials, or help contacting other activists in your area? Contact [email protected] for assistance

57 thoughts on “June 1-8: Take part in the week of action for Bradley Manning

  1. We are all Bradley Manning! I’m from Querétaro, Mexico, a recently got my college degree for Political Science. This man inspired hundreds of students in my homeplace, he is a true hero, not only for the American people-that do not diserve that government- but to all human beings. Seeking the truth will free us all, long live Bradley Manning.

    • I am so sorry that Bradley is not being given whistle-blower status under federal law…

      Oh wait, that doesn’t really get applied as it is stated under federal law either. Never mind; it is not such a safe defense after all…

      Bradley, you are still a real hero, no matter what; you MADE a real difference in that war without end/oversight…. Someone with legal training,constitutional knowledge,ethics, etc MUST be able to get him out of a life sentence; right??? I still cannot understand this, I never will.

      I am a lifelong democrat but this pushes every single one of my OMG buttons and we MUST change our political system/narrow 2 party debacle and oh so much more.

      Good Luck Bradley and I honor your efforts always. Thank you!

  2. Hi all,

    Watermelon Slim here. I just got my advance copies of my new record, titled Bull Goose Rooster (release date June 25). The dedication reads,

    “This CD is dedicated to the whistle-blowers of America. I’ve known a few in my life: Serpico, Ellsberg, Nader, Ann Wright, Richard Hayes Phillips. The last of these taught me, beyond recall, that when we express ourselves, and say what must be said– or sing it– we are at least doing it for the record. We don’t know if we can bring peace to America, or induce America to allow peace in the world. Or help any one person love any other one more. But we’re acting for the record, and we can never just go through the motions. Here’s to Bradley Manning, who is walking the path now.”


    I am sure I can not be at Fort Meade on the 1st of June, because I’m having the CD release gig in OK City the night of the 31st of May. I will note to the crowd that Bradley’s trial begins the next day, and they can think of that while buying their CD from this journeyman whistle-blower in bluesman’s clothing. I may drive up from Mississippi, but only if somebody else in this region wanted to go up.

    Bill Homans,
    VVAW/OSS Operations Co-coordinator,
    VFP Action Committee

    • Bradley Manning showed us the TRUE Ugly side of this/these Illegal Wars. I appreciate your support of him as I hope to do in future. I’m a songwriter so my cd’s come out under others names and beleifs, and I am working at present in Europe where the case is not well known…unfortunately. But I will say that we as musicians and songwriters have a Duty to show the world that This Man Bradley Manning Deserves The Nobel Prize instead of Military Conviction. Peace, Ken Bruno

  3. Did Pfc Bradley Manning really help the enemy? My assumption is no because of the material was more historical in retrospect of its suggestion (memo’s). The State Department documents most likely gave Osama Bin Laden wishful thoughts, hoping there would be something where-as he most likely fettered his time away. All the State Department cables most likely did not suggest any new ideal targets or opportunity’s(old stuff).the State Department documents would have had presented no technical advantages either.

  4. I am still trying to figure out why members of the Bush Administration have not been criminally charged for their provision of false information which led us into war with Iraq…offenses of a far more egregious nature than anything Manning did.

  5. Just registering support for fair and honest treatment for Bradley Manning – not always the case in the past. We need whistleblowers concerned with wars’ justification and citizens’ rights to protest, peaceably.

  6. Bradly Manning helped the enemy, but only if you include the American people as the enemy. The point was not to keep this information from enemy combatants, but to keep it from us.

  7. A lot of download on Osama’s hard-drive but was anything constructed from that material, probably not. For Osama Bin Laden, it was more useless material than otherwise could be suggested as even being inspirational.

  8. The man provided a much needed public service, he acted with honor and integrity against those who would abuse their privilege to bear arms in the name of the USA, and he brought to light the severe lack of good judgement our military leaders have had in preventing crimes against innocent bystanders from occurring from our military troops. He deserves a medal rather then a hearing, and he should no longer be held by our government on any charges. Release him at once and make all future knowledge of who and what and when available while leaving where out of it until the operation is complete so that the American people can determine exactly what our military and the military leaders are doing in our name.

  9. I was a medical officer in the Vietnam era and left the military and fled to Canada, where I was welcomed. Issues of conscience were recognized by Canada and eventually I was able to return to the US and then re-immigrated to Canada where I have been since 1975, The world has changed both in Canada and the US. Actions of conscience are not recognized or forgiven. Bradley deserves our support and admiration.

    • Bradley manning should be supported for he dared to shine a light on to those who engaged in secret and overt forms of retaliatory abuse. Corruption and vested interests were probably behind the violation of his constitutional rights. Thankfully the arc of justice intervened and exposed the cruelty and folly of such actions.

      What happened to Bradley Manning is not an isolated incident by the way.

      But he had the tenacity to quietly take on those who sought to punish and discredit him. His colleagues may one day thank him for he copped the ‘punches’ and in all likelihood stopped the same retaliatory actions being dished out to them. Maybe….

  10. Manning is an American hero, like those before that revealed Fed Crimes and unconstitutional obscenities by the US Government.
    As we have had a rogue government now for decades, it will take more than backing by the citizens of this nation, before Manning is given the proper respect and freedom he deserves.

  11. You know what, I hate to think we traded a helicopter for this hard-drive, for what it’s worth, it belongs in the Smithsonian Institute of Natural History along with Fielding’s filing cabinet.

  12. We are all with you Bradley. Courage. The world knows that you are a hero and that the government and military who want to condemn you are cowards – or surely, they wouldn’t punish courage and support submission under even atrocious orders.

    Thank you Bradley, for what you have done for the US. It wouldn’t be the same without you. We will all stand by you during the trial and protest against the wrong that you suffered.

    Courage and good luck. Sometimes there is such a thing as just simply luck.

  13. The information that PFC Manning let out was not in anyway really classified information. Yes the authorities have said it was classified, but I would like to remind the people that the Army classified (among other things) the number of rolls of toilet paper that the US army had in Europe. Everybody who has worked in classified areas know and can tell stories of over classification.

  14. Manning should be treated like a hero release him go for the higher chain of command from what I have read he should be set free there are many others that should be there in his place. Why is no one listening? Now look what us going in this country. Free him now look further into who really needs to be there in our cabinet.

  15. BManning did the right thing and should be supported, not penalized. as others have pointed out, GWBush and his cronies did more harm to this and other countries and were not prosecuted at all.

  16. It is highly important that a court stenographer be present throughout the U.S. court martial of Pfc. Bradley Manning to produce a reliable record for immediate use and for history. The following highly relevant example shows why.

    As a teenager, Joan of Arc was the youngest leader of any nation-state’s armed forces in world history. She was captured and martyred. Mark Twain considered his best novel to be “Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc” published in 1896. It is one of the best narratives about any trial in the world (including Socrates and Jesus), and it is based on the original eccelesiastical court record of the inquisition, written in the French language. Twain procured a copy of that court record from the National Library in France, and it served as the factual basis of his compelling recounting of her trial. Among many other abuses, including sexual violation of her virginity while locked in an iron cage in a stone tower where she was detained during her lengthy trial, she was denied due process, denied an appeal to the highest ecclesiastical court in Rome, and condemned to die by public burning at the stake.


    The point of this message is to encourage supporters of Pfc. Manning to contribute to his defense fund so that a qualified court reporter/stenographer can be present for the sake of Pfc. Manning and the sake of all humanity now and in the future.

    Don’t let Pfc. Manning be martyred for lies, coverups, corruption, crimes against peace, and crimes against humanity.


  17. PFC Bradley E. Manning, like everyone who takes the oath of a U.S. military service member, swore to serve and protect the U.S. Constitution and U.S. signatory international treaties and conventions.

    Like all such oath takers, PFC Manning had two choices: either (1) obey his military oath and violate lesser laws, e.g,. UCMJ and Espionage Act; or (2) violate his military oath and obey lesser laws.

    In this Alice-in-Wonderland, Catch-22 trap, PFC Manning is one of the rare individuals who chose to honor the higher laws. PFC Manning, almost alone among others, saw himself as merely one person among the connected human family of all 6.5 billion or more persons worldwide.

    When the mettle of PFC Manning was thereby tested, he was shown to be pure gold. He has remained a shining exemplar of the noblest values of humaneness, consciousness and awareness. Lesser persons may not grasp these higher dimensions of his actions entailing surpassing brilliance, courage, generosity, goodwill and kindness to all.

    While we may not be in Fort Meade at his court-martial hearings, we can be there in heart, in spirit and in our contributions and other support.

    My gratitude goes to the board of the Bradley Manning Support Network for their admirable guidance through difficult times past and to come.

    I would not have known about the plight of PFC Manning without the efforts of David House who exposed himself to attacks for his early public advocacy for PFC Manning, and my gratitude also goes to him.

    My gratitude goes to all other supporters of PFC Manning.

    And not least, my greatest gratitude goes to PFC Manning.

  18. Since when does the truth become harmful to our society and our government. It is time we leave special interests behind and focus on allowing the American people to learn the truth so that evil is exposed. Bradley Manning did that. Why is that a punishable offense?

  19. What is more noble than to speak out when a horrible wrong has been commited? It is wrong to condemn and prosecute Bradley Manning for being a whistle blower!

  20. Anybody who does not “whistle-blow” on war crimes is as guilty as those who perpetrated them: it is their DUTY to report them. Bradley Manning did the correct thing and the moral thing. Anything less is hypocritical of the US.

  21. Short in height, tall in stature, Bradley Manning humbly appeared on the world stage with great aplomb in his first spoken statement, surreptitiously recorded at a pretrial hearing and leaked to the press.

    Friendly, earnest and energetic in presentation, Bradley Manning embodied the values of humaneness, thoughtfulness and self-sacrifice.

    Professional and competent in tone and demeanor, neutral in voice, PFC Manning demonstrated the qualities of esprit de corps and public service that gracefully and naturally elevated him head and shoulders above those in his chain of command.

    May those who have been touched by the humble appearance, values and qualities of Bradley Manning be able to find ways and means to help him now, at this crucial advent of his court martial.

  22. I hope I live to see the day when Bradley Manning receives a standing ovation from all members of Congress as he walks down the aisle to receive his Congressional Medal of Honor and Presidential Gold Medal.

  23. I wouldn’t put Pfc Bradley Manning in so much as a light-year distance to having same caliber of distinction as Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc as recorded was a valiant leader engaged in field of actual combat!

  24. As for the stone tower captivity nothing special here either. Mary Queen of Scotts last days were spent in like circumstances.

  25. Telling the truth should never be a crime. The people and clandestine organizations that are tormenting this TRUE PATRIOT are the same ones (or descendants of) the scum that executed President Kennedy before he could withdraw us from Vietnam and before he could kick U.S. Steel’s ass for violating the agreement he brokered between them and the union representing their employees. Then to make sure they drove the message home, they murdered his brother as well. The lesson they are trying to teach the public now is the same one they as they did when they framed Lee Harvey Oswald and murdered the Kennedys. The message is clear: don’t mess with the Military Industrial Complex, or they will go after you. This is what we have brought on ourselves for not heeding Eisenhower’s warning, and unfortunately, it is our bravest, best, and brightest who are paying the price on the front lines of the battlefields that do nothing to promote “Peace and Freedom” and everything to line the pockets of the wealthy with even more filthy lucre.

  26. This young man, as a military intelligence soldier, was entrusted with our nations secrets. He joined the army as a gay man in a time when gays were (whether justly, or not) prohibited from joining the military. He may be a nice kid, and he may have been bullied by his fellow soldiers and his chain of command (which is inexcusable) but the fact remains………he gave away secret information which was entrusted to him.

    Just because people are mean to you, does not mean you are free to be derelict in your duties, or to compromise sensitive data.

    As an Intel soldier, Pvt. Manning was very well aware of what he was doing and of the consequences of his actions.

    Gay or straight, big or small, white or black……..UCMJ does not discriminate……..he should be punished for his crimes.

    As a former soldier of 2nd BCT, 10th Mountain (the unit which Pvt. Manning was a part of when he committed his crime) I hope he hangs.

    • Mr. Schamch- You do not have your facts right about what Bradley did nor why he did it. You do not understand the gravity of the crimes Bradley witnessed and acted to prevent. You do not understand that military regulations and orders do not supercede your oath to the Constitution and to the law of the land.
      Soldiers tried at the Nurenberg Trials learned that “Following orders” is not an acceptable defense for committing war crimes. “Following orders” is what the rest of Bradley’s fellow soldiers did when confronted with immoral and illegal procedures and in so doing, dishonored themselves and the nation. “Following orders” is the easy, cheap, and cowardly choice for those unwilling to speak truth to power in defense of helpless human beings.
      As to being punished for his crimes, Bradley has already been subjected to over 3 years of unnecessary and vindictive pre-trial punishment, 11 months of which were cruel and abusive. By precedent, he should be immediately set free on time served, as his constitutional rights have been royally abused.

    • Schamch, will you now apologise and behave as an honest Citizen of US? If not, you are working as a supremacist military goon working for US military industrial complex. You are not considered honest, conscious US Military force committed to its Constitution nor working for Freedom. Those, who like you, considers administrative orders from chain of command in violation of the Constitution, bible of the State, need to be taken to prison on charge of violating the constitution. The tragedy is that persons in charge of execution of this simple procedure often violates this spirit on extra-constitutional consideration and terrorize the law / constitution abiding citizens / personnel. You are first a citizen then a military personnel.

    • @Schamch; No offence intended Mickey Schamch but from what you say you sound like a robot and 100% committed to your job. But it seems like what you say makes no sense.
      What are you talking about? “was entrusted with our nations secrets”; you are obvious not talking about US military Oath taken on enlistment which acknowledges the Constitution. Pvt. Manning acted in honour and in accordance with this Oath and the Constitution. Really, what planet are you on?

  27. Schamch – you are wrong. Manning’s oath (and your’s too) was to the Constitution. Read Art VI, Sec 2 which says that all ratified treaties are “the law of the land” – among these treaties are those forbidding torture, attacks on non-combatants, and aggressive war.
    They teach that, sorta, to officers; but NEVER to enlisted peeps like you and me.
    It was YOU who violated your oath, not Manning.
    I’m gonna try to organize some sort of support action here in Ohio. The Bradster deserves it.

  28. There’s an old saying that physicians bury their mistakes; well, governments classify theirs — then prosecute (‘persecute’ is a more accurate term)those who have the temerity to reveal them.

    And, yes: fealty to the Constitution of the United States trumps all (a concept even some members of the SCOTUS are unable to grasp).

  29. I agree that Bradley Manning did a most heroic act and deserves medals and accolades. The people need to know the heinous acts committed in their name.

  30. Doesn’t any body know that only one crime worth media attention has occured in public memory? And Jodi has already been convicted. Do the correct thing. Talk about this trial to everyone you interact with. Maybe we can get a portion of the public to at least recognize Manning’s name. Maybe even know what he is accused of. Nancy Grace, I know you’re between gigs, but could we pay you to focus your peculiar attention to this trial? I don’t think it matters which side you choose.

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