Urgent call-in: demand Maj. Gen. Buchanan free Bradley!

Convening authority Maj. Gen. Buchanan

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. July 25, 2013.

Yesterday we listened to the prosecution trample on Bradley Manning’s rights during the government’s closing argument. Prosecuting attorney Maj. Ashden Fein repeatedly took Bradley’s quotes out of context, denying that he’d been disturbed by the war crimes he witnessed in Iraq or that he wanted to inform the public about them, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

Military Judge Denise Lind, who will rule on Bradley’s sentence in a few weeks, unfairly favored prosecutors last week by allowing them to present new evidence after they had officially closed their case. Furthermore, this evidence was in the form of unsupported testimony by Bradley’s former direct supervisor, who’d been disciplined for making homophobic remarks to him.

Call (202) 685-2900

The military is pulling out all the stops to chill efforts to increase transparency in our government. Now, we’re asking you to join us to ensure we’re doing all we can to secure Bradley’s freedom as well as protection for future whistleblowers.

Major General Jeffery S. Buchanan is the Convening Authority for Bradley’s court martial, which means that he has the authority to decrease Bradley’s sentence, no matter what the judge decides. As hundreds of activists join us in DC today to demonstrate at Maj. Gen. Buchanan’s base, Ft. McNair, we’re asking you to join our action demanding he do the right thing by calling, faxing, and e-mailing his Public Affairs Office.

The convening authority can reduce the sentence after the Judge makes her ruling.

Let’s Remind Maj. General Buchanan:

  • that Bradley was held for nearly a year in abusive solitary confinement, which the UN torture chief called “cruel, inhuman, and degrading”
  • that President Obama has unlawfully influenced the trial with his declaration of Bradley Manning’s guilt.
  • that the media has been continually blocked from transcripts and documents related to the trial and that it has only been through the efforts of Bradley Manning’s supporters that any transcripts exist.
  • that under the UCMJ a soldier has the right to a speedy trial and that it was unconsciable to wait 3 years before starting the court martial.
  • that absolutely no one was harmed by the release of documents that exposed war crimes, unnecessary secrecy and disturbing foreign policy.
  • that Bradley Manning is a hero who did the right thing when he revealed truth about wars that had been based on lies.

Remind General Buchanan that Bradley Manning’s rights have been trampled – Enough is enough!

Please help us reach all these important contacts:

Adrienne Combs, Deputy Officer Public Affairs (202) 685-2900 [email protected]

Col. Michelle Martin-Hing, Public Affairs Officer (202) 685-4899 [email protected]

The Public Affairs Office fax #: 202-685-0706

Try e-mailing Maj. Gen. Buchanan at [email protected]

The Public Affairs Office is required to report up the chain of command the number of calls they receive on a particular issue, so please help us flood the office with support for whistleblower Bradley Manning today!

Act for Bradley!

16 thoughts on “Urgent call-in: demand Maj. Gen. Buchanan free Bradley!

  1. America should be aware that Manning‘s fate in comparison with the fate of war criminals and torturers will shape the world‘s perception of the value system of the United States. And this case will also send automatically a message to future terrorists, if the crime „betrayal of secrets“ values so much more and will be punished so much harder than the crime of torture and killing innocent muslims, then this is indirectly a message to Islamists, that a muslim‘s life is not much important. And THAT would endanger the security of the US, indeed !

  2. Called 202 685-2900, instructed to call 202 685-4899. I did and left a message. They say to leave a phone number, but I am pretty sure they can know that, and most everything about us. Thank you Bradley Manning for your courage.

    • I called to and then called the other number. How convenient that the main number is not taking messages which will mean less phone messages taken overall.

  3. All the mailboxes are full, so we cannot leave any messages. Wrote emails instead. Any other means to exhaust???

  4. Hold out Bradley. We will free you. They are liars. The US Millitary was in “conspiracy with Al Kaida” in Afghanistan, what was the reason for the “attack on WTC”. This liars now will get the “international” response for this “war crimes” which are unbelieveable. They are the “snichters” and that will be “proofed” with mathematical analytics. The proof is the “Family Bin Laden” which had been the “business partners of George Bush”. The US Gouvernement is “forensic pathologial insane”, and they dont need to make bloody Hollywood Films, to tarn their unbelieveable crimes. They behave in a “pathological pervert insanity”. True is Fault and Fault is True. This cant be accept. We now “internatonal” will go on to get theese war criminals by law and sent them for “hundreds of years” to prison where they belong. We start reporting and sent the “murdered kids and murdered and tortured civilians” to absolutley every place on this earth so that the kiddies will know, what theese “baby crushers” and women rapers are for real. We’ll get theese “nazis”, this bloody pervert germs. They will not escape. We report until “Bradely is free”, on this planet, today there is not one person anymore, which believes in a “US americain”, at last they are only insane perverts, which kill in “amok” in school and murder on the streets, and their bloody “goebbels hollywood” will be smashed down, with their “profitating” perverts “madonnas” and gagas, which take all the money, bounce and bounce, they got billions, this “ugly not to describeable total perverts”, they are “the worst” what ever on this planet can ever be seen. But they think they “escape”, ha, Den Haag is waiting, they support Al Kaida, and the Wahabites in Saudi Arabia, when Bradley, our chiefconstable, trying to bring back, honelsty, trust into democracy for the arabian people. Shame this liars shame for ever, now the CIA will be called “Al Kaida CIA”, what is the fact and the proofeable truth. Time to make a “new entente cordiale with Hollande” which has so much “too much” with this nazi axis. The kidgasers rule the USA, and this can be watched everywhere, but its time to stop them, lets all stay togehter and get theese criminals to a “tribunal in Den Haag” where this “court which is not a court” its a “nazi german Schnellgericht”, here you can see them, the IG Farben and BASF, Standard Oil, Exxon Mobile, Monsanto, the pervertest crimes ever seen on the whole planet, but now they’ll get what they earn.

  5. Its tragic to see how USA became war criminals and global terrorists. The US militarys only intention seems to be how they can start a new war somewhere, their “intelligence” even helped thoose who lied about the IRAQI wmds. I belive that the real leaders of USA are their military generals. The Presidents are just a bunch of Muppets! To give Obama the Nobel Peace Price must have been the biggest joke of all time!

  6. Unfortunately the PAO will probably reply to those emails with canned responses, if at all. There’s a pretty good chance that they wont even read those emails. General Buchanan is even less likely to read or respond to anything.

    The military answers to congress and the executive branch. A far more effective method would be to contact a congressional representative or senator. I know that may seem like a roundabout way to make your wishes known.

  7. President Obama must return the Nobel Peace Price. Giving this price to President Obama was at best a ridiculous mistake. At worst it is a gigantic scandal.

  8. America has so much to offer our world, but instead its set the world on fire. From Reagan to the Bushes “along with Tony Blair” to Obama! along with the Israelis. hundreds of the thousands of innocent people have been killed for what? tell me why!!!!!.some of those are young Americans!!but For what? you have turned the world against you for your crazy logic of greed, power, and oil, More Bradley Mannings and Snowdens will come forward to expose you for your Crimes against us. Obama has failed us all. (a voice from the uk)

    • America only seems to vote criminals into government. They all have been warmongers.Americans you have been in a slumber since 1913. About time you woke up!
      You have failed a Free world and have directly and indirectly killed millions of people for greed. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  9. I pray in the name of Jesus that Bradley Manning will walk free as a whistleblower
    for revealing to the American people in
    the only way he had available what his
    conscience required he reveal: The Truth
    about things that happen in war time that
    need to be known and brought to justice!

    I saw that video online and it was unbelievable! The cameras did NOT look like
    weapons!!! Not one bit!!!

    I heard the audio when they ‘got permission’
    to fire on the photographer and others.

    Really strange and callous.

    God have mercy on them because they know not what they do on some level. No one would do
    what they did if they were in their right mind. This all needs to be brought out and
    Bradley had the right mindedness to do it.

    God bless him and take him out of this

  10. Sorry, but Bradley Manning knew the consequences of his actions. He released thousands of confidential information endangering many American lives. Look around you. This world isn’t as free as you think it is with all the terrorist attacks.

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