Sign Daniel Ellsberg’s petition to free Bradley Manning!

Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistle-blower, and one of the sponsors for this petition to free Bradley Manning.

Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistle-blower

Sign our petition to free Army Private First Class Bradley Manning, a brave young whistle-blower who exposed war crimes, American forces’ complicity in abuses by Iraqi allies, understatement of civilian casualties in the middle east, and corporate influence on foreign diplomacy. As both UN officials and a military judge have observed, Bradley has already been unlawfully punished before trial.

This petition to President Obama at the White House, as well as convening military authority US Army Major General Michael Linnington, was created by Pentagon Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the Bradley Manning Support Network.  

We ask that you join us by adding your name in support of transparency, democracy and justice.

Petition to free human rights whistle-blower Bradley Manning!

Bradley Manning has worldwide support because the information he released to the public uncovered human rights abuses and corruption, and contributed to peace and democracy. Nobel Laureates like President Obama shouldn't send Nobel Peace Prize Nominees like Bradley Manning to prison for life! After more than 950 days of pre-trial imprisonment by the US military, and multiple instances of outrageous government conduct, it is time to drop the charges and free Bradley Manning!


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Why this is important


Accused WikiLeaks whistleblower and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bradley Manning will spend the rest of his life in prison for telling the public the truth, if US officials get their way. Government conduct, apparently aimed at discouraging whistleblowers, has ignored due process and made a fair trial impossible. But, in the past, outrageous government conduct has led judges to dismiss the charges against whistleblowers. Tell the prosecutors in Bradley’s military Court Martial to do the same!

  • Bradley was held in pre-trial solitary confinement for 11 months, in conditions condemned by the UN Rapporteur on Torture as “cruel, inhuman and degrading,” including being stripped and made to stand naked at roll call. This was a clear violation of the US military’s Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ: Article 13). Yet, only worldwide outrage–including over 500,000 supporters signing a petition–ended this illegal treatment.
  • Both President Obama and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dempsey have declared publicly, prior to trial, that Bradley “broke the law.” Their statements make a mockery of presumption of innocence and have prejudiced the proceedings with Unlawful Command Influence (UCMJ: Article 37).
  • Article 10 of the UCMJ promises defendants a speedy trial. However, Bradley was imprisoned for nearly two years before his pretrial proceedings even began, and his court-martial trial has yet to start.
  • The prosecution has withheld key evidence which the defense believes will show that Bradley’s alleged actions have not damaged US national security. And there is clear evidence that the leaks were motivated entirely by conscience. Yet the military says that Bradley’s intention should not even be considered by the court, and that he should be convicted of ‘Aiding the Enemy’ and sentenced to life in prison, regardless of any moral motive, lack of harm, or overwhelmingly positive results of the disclosures. Against all Justice, this would make any kind of whistleblower defense impossible.

Call on convening authority General Linnington to acknowledge the outrageous government conduct in Bradley’s case, and drop the charges against him, and tell President Obama to pardon him in the event of any conviction!

The information released has helped inform public understanding of the realities of the War on Terror, and revealed governmental and corporate corruption and collusion. It has contributed to the ending of the Iraq War and to positive people-power movements such as the Tunisian Revolution and the Occupy Movement. Tens of thousands of regular citizens worldwide have supported Bradley and funded his legal defense (See: It is time for US officials to stop obstructing democracy and free Bradley Manning!

Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistleblower
Center for Constitutional Rights
Bradley Manning Support Network

223 thoughts on “Sign Daniel Ellsberg’s petition to free Bradley Manning!

    • Whistle-blowers/people with a conscience, are our heroes, what keeps democracy/decency alive. Thank you to all of you.

  1. May those who have judged Mr Manning in such an evil way themselves face the same judgement come the day they face God and may they all rot in hell, a hell they themselves have helped create..

    • This is a brave man, he knew what the rewards would be yet he still did it.

      As Edmund Burk said ‘Evil flourishes when good men (and women) do nothing.

      We are all guilty of wishing the protesters would go away and leave us our comfort zones intact.

      We must all stand up for what is right.

  2. Thank you for being brave and selfless. This is what really means to serve our country. You put the country’s interest first before yours despite the consequences to you.

    Thank you for your sacrifies you are the real heros.
    May God bless you and protect you.


  3. I admire the courage of Private Manning. It is time to end the senseless slaughter of innocent people in the name of freedom fighting. Nothing good comes out of deception! Hopefully more people stand up for the truth and the responsible parties are being brought to justice.

  4. Bradley Manning exposed the reality that our government is not of, for, and by the people, but rather has contempt for its people, contempt for the truth. Our foreign policy and our military activity creates enemies, terrorists and fuels the logic of rule by fear. The US is the world’s worst terrorist. Our corrupt government needs replacement. Hopefully American citizens will ceremoniously, peacefully, withdraw their consent from the present government and switch over their consent to good people, for a change, to serve as our government.

  5. The criminals ,especially the ones in high places MUST be prosecuted and NOT the brave honest people who do the right thing by reporting the crime.
    Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all the previous ones. Free Bradley now!

  6. Thank you for freeing Bradley!!!!
    Love and peace for all human beings on earth!
    Thank you Bradley for speeking out the truth!

  7. I support Bradley Manning becuase all governements need to be transparent in their actions. Governments are voted in by the people and thereby need to keep the people informed of what is really happening.

    • Hi Charles,

      It seems our site is currently being attacked by some hackers who are trying to take it down. Give it another try now. Hopefully we’ve mitigated the attack enough for it to go through.

      • Bradley Manning is a hero whistleblower! He will be remembered long after the “rats” have left office to work for the Corporations that pay them to screw the people. Brad spoke “Truth to power” and he is my kind of hero.

      • Yes. Daniel is in Herlong, CA a few miles from where I sit. What a tragic, horrific misuse of political entrapment. The kid went in and made a bid…
        the whole thing is shameful and tragic. Someone in the community rolled their eyes about him and I said… He is my hero…

    • Free not only Bradley, but other US prisoners of concern to Amnesty International: Free Edward Poindexter, Mondo we Langa, Gary Tyler and Leonard Peltier.

    • Constitutionally, it’s not allowed. Well, except when the government wants to intimidate would be whistleblowers, or when the administration is so far above the law that they believe they have the right to detain indefinitely without charges or to assassinate American citizens.

  8. Having trouble signing this petition. At first, I got messages that the petition was not online several times. Now, after signing it at the referenced link, there was no indication that the signature was accepted.

  9. Bradley Manning is a national hero and should be honored for exposing the horrors of the Iraq war. We need to keep exposing the craziness of war. I am horrified that the government has detained him so long without due process…..he should be released immediately. No crime was done except to Bradley himself by the cruel punishment he had to endure in the military!

    • I am also shocked that soldiers in todays army(i.e. Bradley Manning) are receiving such poor treatment. Let him have his day in court. Stop the craziness.

  10. Bradley Manning’s actions are similar to Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers release. Manning should also be considered a national hero, as Ellsberg is.

  11. There must come a time when American citizens reclaim the right to protect the integrity of public policy and the actions of our government and military. We can not accept a standard that those who bring wrongdoing to light are punished rather than the wrongdoers. President Obama could not be President today were it not for those who courageously resisted corrupt policies of the past. I support Bradley Manning and the ideals he represents!

  12. This treatment, that is, mis-treatment of a man who has exposed government misbehavior, is the violation of a country being run like a facist state. The lack of humane, commonplace treatment is disgusting and an abomination in a nation that prides itself on being democratic and fair. What a joke.

    • Thanks, Ken. We’re aware of the issue with the broken link and are working to resolve the issue. Should be all back up and running by tomorrow morning at the absolute latest. Hope you’ll try again then and “start your day off right!”

  13. The people in power in the USA have used secrecy to cover up their evil deals and their illegal WARS. The NOBEL PEACE PRIZE should be taken from O BAMA and should be given to the real HERO of humanity
    BRADLEY MANNING. His “BUDDIES” in the army should see to it this happens.LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND “SEMPER FI”
    peace and justice for ALL. mylo

  14. The despicable campaign to marginalise and demonize Manning is the hallmark of a tyrannical sea change in the once-free United States. Mr Manning epitomises the moral standard that I raise my own children to, and I salute him as a true Being. Those who would attempt to destroy him, and also the principles that he has stood firm to, deserve nothing better than a gallows. Big Dark, Soon Come.

  15. It seems like the government is afraid of something here. What? Does keeping this guy behind bars, mute, for months really help the government’s case? Doesn’t look like it…..

  16. This is one reason why many people believe in the 2nd amendment which is to protect citizens from a tyrannical government. I wish the New York City types out there would recognize this.

  17. I support PFC Bradley Manning in his attempts to reveal government information that was and is contrary to the stated principles of US in the rules of law.

  18. I support Bradley, because I am a 79 yo Australian Viet Vet, and have seen all this before.
    The Daniel Ellsberg, revelations benefited all, as did Bradley’s, in exposing the hypocrocy of our leaders, and their dependency on war, for profit.

  19. It is sooooooo shameful what they have done to this young man, a real American hero! He did what I would have wanted my son or grandson to do!!! Now, they have probably ruined his life! Shame, shame, shame!

  20. There are few issues as important to me as the treatment of Bradley Manning. As the father of a Marine and coming from a family dedicated to service, I find it important that the horrors of war be shown in the stark light of day. Perhaps through Bradley Manning and his courage to illuminate the workings of war, we humans will make different decisions in the future.

  21. To the American people..there is a Jewish lobby in control of the governance in the United States Of America Bradley will not receive the justice he richly deserves when he did what he did..Bradley confronted the Jewish lobby..We are Bradley’s only hope and we must not let them win.Graeme.

    • Graeme, approving your comment here in good faith and to maintain as open a dialogue as possible. But, have to say, your comment here sounds awfully close to prejudiced or scapegoating towards Jewish Americans, which may not be continuously approved if the only result is to upset other visitors seeking meaningful, reasonable dialogue regarding Bradley Manning and the disclosures revealed by the leaks.

      • Hello,I did not mean to come over as anti Semitic which i am not i was giving what i believe is a warning for the American people and all it’s diverse races and how it affects Bradley i am sorry it sounds bias. Kind Regards, Graeme Henderson.

  22. What is wrong with us as a nation? We sentence a whistleblower to 30 months for revealing the government’s illegal torture program (Kiriakou) and we attempt to silence Bradley Manning for life for telling the dirty secrets of the government.
    This is revealing, horrendous, and not to be toloerated.

  23. I can’t believe that this “American” soldier is still being subjected to this treatment over nothing more than showing the “Truth”!! Some so-called government officials were embarressed and a young American is forced to pay the price for speaking the truth. All the serious issues facing America and the world and these “officials” keep playing politics.

    Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither
    liberty nor security. — Benjamin Franklin

  24. Bradley Manning is a hero not a criminal the criminals are the military personnel who mistreated him and the Obama administration who approved the atrocities that Bradley exposed and who have also approved the mistreatment of him in an attempt to dissuade other courageous whistleblowers.

  25. When did the truth become a punishable crime? I seem to remember in President Obama’s 2008 election campaign, he said ”democracies need whistle blowers
    and that they should be protected”. I guess what he should have said was ”whistleblowers should be protected unless we (the govt) don’t like what they have to say”, which seems to be the case with Manning and Assange amongst others. So President Obama, how about you stick to your own ideals and firstly take the right steps to have Bradley Manning’s charges dropped or pardon him if he is convicted, which as President you have the power to do, and trust me that the rest of the world will applaud and admire you. Secondly, stop the witch hunt for Julian Assange. Show the world just how presidential you can be!

  26. Bradley Manning’s decision to release classified U.S. government information compares closely and favorably with the conduct of those brave Germans who opposed the Nazi regime from 1933 to 1945. How can U.S. officials, who always pay lip service to true patriots abroad such as those anti-Nazi Germans, now persecute and prosecute Private Manning for exposing U.S. war crimes?

  27. Do not let this hero down. He has suffered at the hands of our governmnent for exposing the truth, not anything else . He is a hero not someone to be locked up!

  28. Had I been a civilian, I might have had the courage to release documents showing military abuse of power and State Dept shenanigans. Had I been a soldier, it would have been impossible as I would have understood that you leave your constitutional rights at the door to your barracks and enter an alien world of absolute ipse dixit. Bradley’s courage transcended the cowardliness of many and is as heroic as any that I can fathom in a patriot. For that reason I will always support him.

  29. I signed the petition today, the 68th anniversary of the US government’s murder of Private Eddie Slovik (January 31, 1945). God bless and keep the Mannings, Sloviks, and Ellsbergs of this world!

  30. Bradley Manning is a hero for revealing the truth and has been persecuted for it. The military judge’s recent rulings are laughable. We must appeal directly to President Obama to intervene with clemency – or we never learned any lessons from Daniel Ellsberg and his publication of the Pentagon Papers!

  31. That Pfc Bradley Manning is in jail, rather than the service personnel who (evidence shows) killed innocent civilians and even joked about it, is a travesty. How can we, as a country, claim a to hold a shred of justice, trust or dignity while this remains true?

  32. At some point in time this population became convinced of this notion of freedom in America. What a joke. I’ve been here 56 years and I never observed any freedom whatsoever. It’s a myth, a lie. Some believe there’s such a thing as a fair and impartial trial. That is a myth as well. The so-called justice system is the most corrupt thing to ever exist. Some also believe The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the Supreme law of the land. It is not and has never been. The U.S. government has been a lawless mass murdering warmongering terrorist operation since before I was even born. People need to get over these ignorant notions put forth by the Masonic founding fathers of this country. America is a slave state, a gulag, a massive prison that puts you away or down if you dare speak any truth that goes against their agenda.

    Signing a petition, knowing all this, is total nonsense and I will have no part of it.

  33. I am Major USAF, Ret’d : WWII – Fifth Air Force, Southwest Pacific – Hollandia, Morotai, Leyte, Luzon, Okinawa, Tokyo; Korean War – RADC, ARDC; 20 years in the Reserve ..sworn to “defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC..”

    Manning’s treatment is flagrantly in violation of Articles V and VI of the Bill of Rights

    You have taken the oath; we call on you to abide by it

  34. The idea that Bradley Manning should be punished for trying to bring the truth to the American people of what their government is up to – while the rest of the world knows – illustrates that the American government is afraid that their actions in the name of the American people can never stand the light of day. Bradley Manning has been tortured, violating the principles established at the Nuremberg Trials and by the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment – and deserves to be freed IMMEDIATELY!

  35. As valuable as Daniel Ellsberg’s public revelations were of the Pentagon Papers, Bradley Manning’s of the overwhelming numbers of horrific US government actions (and of other governments also) in fairly recent years is even more so. The US Government’s actions to silence him is evidence that what was revealed threatens those in political power and their friends.

  36. bradley manning would appear to be an ideal rallying point for the left worldwide. there’s a bad guy. a heroic good one. the abuse of our right to know about decisions made in our name and paid for my us. it’s imperative we know what we sign on for.

  37. Evolution DENANDS that we learn to live together with honesty, fairness, and respect. Bradley Manning, like Daniel Ellsberg before him, has pointed to our failings in this area. Either we learn, change, and evolve or we shall surely destroy this evolutionary experiment.

  38. This petion is an excellent is an excellent idea. Specvially for people like me who could not donte. My country, Portugal, is in such a crisis that middle-class is practically desapearing. Bradley, as Assange should be regarded as heros.
    He is the the real American patriot, not the defenders of a system that oppreses American people and uses military force to colonize the world.
    A true patriot wants his/her country to improve and, to accomplish that he/she must expose its crimes and wrongdoings, not silence them.
    A true patriot rather wants his/her country to be loved and respected than hated or feared…

  39. Brad deserves a medal and by god, that’s exactly what Veterans For Peace gave him two years ago!
    Dan Ellsberg, Brad, the whole line of whistleblowers are the best this country’s got.
    Thank you!!

  40. Thanks Brad: We need more like you!! We have the right to know what our elected officials do behind our backs as we know they are not God so can make some bad mistakes, in our name, Thanks again & remember we LOVE you Gramma Ellen

  41. Who would have thought America would become the sort of place where whistleblowers who reveals crimes end up in jail while the murderers, torturers and fraudsters run free…and (in many important ways) run the country.

  42. It is a sign of how far down the moral sewer America has gone, that Bradley Manning has been subjected to a transparently biased star chamber proceeding. Every kind of mistreatment that authorities thought they could get away with, has been applied to him; only the voices of citizens have made the more obvious abuses stop.

    This does not alleviate the fact that the Commander in Chief proclaimed Manning “guilty” even before his hearing process had begun–much less a trial! Justice for Bradley Manning can only be obtained if there is widespread, sustained demand by Americans that he be treated like the man of conscience he is.

    We stand with you, Mr. Manning, knowing that without the kind of risk you have taken on behalf of moral duty, we would inherit a nation unrecognizable to those of us schooled to believe it the repository of human dignity and freedom. We will never abandon you.

  43. It is heartwarming to read the comments from other countries which recognize
    the inconsistency of declaring ourselves a Democracy and our gov’t acting (toward
    Bradley Manning) like a fascist thug!

  44. My name is Bing. If you guys don’t wish your country to be like mine, don’t allow your government treat Manning like our government treat our people!

    • Forgot to mention, I live in China, which can hardly be called “my country” cause I don’t have vote and freedom to speech.

  45. In addition to freeing Manning, the crew inside that U.S. military helicopter should be held accountable for gunning down civilians who were trying to help those who had already been shot, including a journalist and children inside a van, in Iraq. Those were war crimes. What are their names? When is their trial?

  46. Thank you for running this effort–and thank-yous to both Bradley Manning and Daniel Ellsberg for your courage. As an American, I am grateful. I know my country is better than the sometimes misguided actions of its government. It’s time for us to set Bradley Manning free.

  47. The military is simply being political. Someone in the militart decided they can get promoted if they can make this thing stick. The military is in violation of its own code of justice. They are in violation in manner of treatment,incarceration,and prosecution. They( the violaters need to be charged and prosecuted for their violations of the military code of justice and their denial of a fllow soldiers rights. It is all political and those politicians and their minions also be tried for their fraud,crimes.
    This is what happens when politicians are not held accountable, like the rest of us, by our laws.

  48. There is no indication that my name was added to the petition. I pressed sign………….nothing happened. I waited 15 minutes while reading.

  49. I would love to say with confidence that “I am Brandley Manning”, but he has shown more strength, integrity and courage than I have ever known. He is not a criminal. His actions were righteous and I admire him beyond words.

  50. I’m all too happy to sign this petition. I have little hope that Obama will act because of it – he will obliterate this hope along with all the “hope” he put forth in 2008, and then obliterated. But I do hope that enough other people can learn from how issues raised by a government that has made its “feeding” choices based on fear, greed, hate and oppression can affect their lives as well as Manning’s.

    What encourages me is that despite the tons of character assassination applied, along with the Presidential condemnation of “breaking the law,” when Manning appeared at his recent trial he stood tall, spoke clearly and purposefully, and showed the world that he has more courage, intelligence and moral character than the entire system trying to crush him. All Hollywood/Military “heroes” bravery amounts to a thimble-full when compared to Manning’s ocean-like reservoir of inner strength and dedication to helping others.

    I too am Bradley Manning.

  51. Bradley Manning has allowed us the American people to see the truth regarding our governments policy of criminal and inhumane wars on countries that it wants to dominate mainly for their resources. He is not enabling the “enemy.”

    • What “enemy”? If our government regards allowing the American people a glimpse at the truth of its activities “aiding the enemy”, then it follows logically that it regards all of us as its enemy. So, we’re being governed by our enemy???

  52. I have been working in Afghanistan to help the poor Afghans for the last ten years. I fund sixteen Afghan dental professionals operating a free dental clinic and dental school. I have put over $1 Million of my own money into it. I started because Afghanistan was abandoned to invade Iraq. Support the return of technical infrastructure to Afghanistan. I posted a Bradley Manning sticker inside the security office of the US Embassy in Kabul. Liberty and especially Justice to all.

  53. Daniel Ellsberg had friends in high places. Manning has no such friends. Justice for the well connected and injustice for the unconnected. When the US government had me declared insane I looked for justice and 31 years later I am still waiting.

  54. We know the outcome of this mock trial already…just like Mr. Kyriacou who was found guilty of telling the truth, Mr. Manning must be made an example for others who dare to uphold their oaths to the Constitution rather than to an agency or that agency’s employees. Why? To instill fear thus ensuring that truth is forever denied and silenced. Such criminal conduct by the judicial is beyond Orwell’s, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”. Our judicial is now bent on reducing telling the truth to a crime while THEY brazenly break numerous laws to do so believing THEY are above the law!

    As for those sitting in judgment of Mr. Manning, Tolstoy describes you perfectly when he states, “And do not say that you do what you do for the people; that is untrue. All the horrible things you do, you do for yourself, for your own mercenary, vainglorious, vengeful, personal reasons, so that you can live a bit longer in that state of corruption in which you live, and which seems to you a blessing.”

  55. Obama should be unceremoniously stripped of the Nobel peace prize not to mention the office of the presidency itself….as he has been making of both an obscene mockery—and it should be given to Bradley who has quite potentially and literally given his life for it and what it was once intended to symbolize. Every time I see Obama’s face on the internet, I see the word “hypocrite” stenciled all over it in 3 inch caps

    • Bradley Manning, John Kiriakou and Julian Assange should share the Nobel Peace Prize, were it to be rightfully stripped from Mr. Obama.

  56. Bradley Manning incacerated for nealy 1000 days in inhuman conditions while the banksters who really brought the USA to it’s knees walk the streets free with their pockets stuffed with billions of public money. The Administration should be ashamed of itself.
    The Land of the Free has become a joke.

  57. If all American citizens acted, at their own risk, to expose war-crimes commintted by the US armed forces then the US would be the greatest nation on earth – not just a nation with some of the greatest people on earth.

    Almost without exception, every citizen of every country outside the US sees Bradley as a true hero.

    I believe more pressure should be put onto your president – who (FYI) is also loved worldwide. If any president in history would consider quashing the charged, then it’s Mr. Obama,

  58. Shame on the US government and on Obama ! I can only hope that Bradley can feel the support he has from around the world – he is a courageous human being, and eventually will bring some change in the world, which is what he has stated as his hope when he is the free man he should be ! Courage Bradley – you will be free.

  59. Private Manning’s treatment by his own government has been shameful and appalling, it is past time for him to released,

  60. I’m grateful Mr Manning. As Ellesberg, he’s a genuine hero. Manning’s treatment is flagrantly in violation of the Bill of Rights.

  61. I am a 60+ irishman and i know secrecy is the enemy of all who believe in freedom and justice.JFK among other noble people warned of the rise of the military industrial complex and the abuse of secrecy to further
    an agenda. The recent so called leaders of the USA all said we must protect the whistle blowers and yet here we have a young man facing this military complex.
    If by some SATANIC INJUSTICE this young man is FORCED to serve any time in prison I would be ready and willing to stand as a substitute for his time.
    This sort of justice is what “people” like STALIN and POL POT and IDI AMIN used to control the people
    and so many AMERICANS found to be un-acceptable and
    horrific so what has changed.Do the people of the USA still believe their “govt” would not do that.
    WAKE UP ITS HAPPENING.peace and justice for ALL. mylo

  62. When truth is rare, we need all the truth tellers we can get. Courage is not something you can teach a society if you surpress it.

  63. The absurdity of this trial as well as the other shame trials taking place at Gunatanamo and especially the CIA agent just sentenced to 30 months in jail for fulfilling his oath, and not to mention a similar trial that never will happen because of the bullying our security state so wildly out of control causing Arron Schwartz to take his own life all so they can continue to keep the illusion of a new “Scarry Enemy” we should all be so afraid of we’re willing to give up our privacy, our rights and what ever else they feel they can get away with. Bradly Manning as well as Arron Schwarts and John Kiriakou are all being made examples of in order to strike fear into every sector of society in order to make sure no one will do the right thing out of fear of being persecuted while the real criminals, banksters politicians and corporate welfare queens go free. It’s sickening!!! So file that in your Bazillion bits of data storage building the least able have so unwillingly payed for.

  64. Bradley Manning, our struggle to protect our right to the TRUTH derives its perseverence from your heroic resistance. THANK YOU!

    Evangelos Kalambokidis

  65. As a Canadian, I am deeply concerned about the neo conservative country that the US has become. President Obama is one collosal disappointment. I don`t understand why Bradley Manning is in prison when Obama declared him publicly guilty, which should have resulted in a mistrial. I feel an enormous amount of graditude for Bradley Manning and other heros like him, who fight the good cause at their own peril. Thank you Bradley, may you find peace in knowing that you are a world treasure. You have inspired us.

  66. After trying several times yesterday, I was finally able to sign your petition just now. This is so important that I would not give up until I could sign.
    It was apparent that someone, somewhere was trying to sabotage this petition. We need more people like Bradley Manning, so that when this happens, we can uncover THEIR crimes against freedom and democracy, rather than our HEROES!

  67. Bradley Manning: I’m an 86 year (female ) American citizen ! I’m a retired Public Health Nurse, divorced, mother of three children (all have their Masters) and are doing their part to help make our country great ! Our family is still together (Dad, too). We love each other ! I want you to know that you are one of my heroes ! Thanks for you’re bravery . Sincerely, Rachel M Hervey PHN

  68. Erik Prince walks free and is in fact STILL winning government contracts (taxpayer funded) to commit more of the crimes exposed by Bradley Manning. I don’t even want to speculate at Dick Cheney’s role in the mercenary war-making industry.

  69. I tried to sign but it didn’t seem to go through. The whole ‘sign’ box went kind of gray but nothing seemed to register.

  70. ACTION: PROSECUTE/ELIMINATE “MURDER-fraud- crime- injustice networks” (inc. officials, judges, developers, lawyers, employees, etc.); expand further unjust operation; endless unlawful- immoral acts; rob/destruct resources (rights, land, properties, home, buildings, assets, accounts, income, pension, documents, evidences; public, private; business, civic, political); frivolous litigation, levies, foreclosures, garnishment, guardianship, power of attorney; improper processing of complaints, procedures, proceedings, docketing, bookkeeping, accounting; cause vicious cycles: socio- political- election-media- budget- legislative- system problems; civil-human rights backwards; people-slave. Frequent recommendations/petitions to officials, agencies, law enforcement, local – federal; as individuals or with civic organizations. ** EXAMPLES OF PROBLEMS – “MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS”- with official misconduct, government gang- endless unlawful immoral acts:

  71. Example of MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS: Leslie Gradet, Tamera Jones, William D Roessler; Offices of Treasury, Comptroller, Attorney Gneral: Joel Jacob/Jacobson, Gail Malle-Davis, Sylvia J. Brokos, Mary Hawse, Linda Tanton, Gerald Langbaum, John Barry, Pamela Porter, Leo F. Partridge, Mark Vulcan, Jamis Riley, James Britt, Audrey Thomas, Jeanne Lippy, Jesse Rosenburger, Ralph Lepson; transcribers Margaret Bauer, Senators: Walter Baker, Barbara Hoffman, Thomas Middleton, Trooper: Marty Sealey, Vincent Mass, State Election Board Ross Goldstein; Maryland DOEd Susan Page, Barbara Smith(?), SSA employees and supervisors (especially in Rockville, Md), and Bullivant (?, probably in N. J.; or other states). Lobbysts/ municipal attorneys/lawyers/affiliates, Paul Glasgow, David Venable, Joseph Stoltz, Jr., Barry Gordon, Stephen Perouka, David Steinberg, Wolpoff & Abramson, Richard D. Mirsky, Poppleton, Garrett & Polott, P.C., accountant Hilda K. Matijevic;

    • Yes standing up can be hard. But if you realize that someone has decided that you, your children and/or grandchildren will have no rights to even life once accomplished. Standing up for our rights right now does not guarantee freedom, but not doing a thing you are guaranteed to be NOT free. The thing you want to ask yourself, do you trust the government to start doing the right thing? And was there more you could have done to keep you and your loved ones alive and well?

  72. I wonder if I would have had the true courage to do what Bradley Manning did. I hope so. We live in a great country with the potential to do great things for our
    people, the environment and all the people on this planet and when we do bad things we all need to know about it. There are too many secrets. Too many lies.
    To many lives squandered for what? And for whom?

  73. Enough of this, already! How can openness and transparency be bandied about and this young fellow helped us (in a democratic republic) learn a few things about some under-statements/over-statements by our government. (Did you note that “our”?) . . . So, we shouldn’t know about what our government is doing? Furthermore, Paul Krugman should be nominated to be new Treasury Secretary. On whose authority all these drones being sent about! What about the damage and death from them to innocent people in vicinity? Does somebody up there think we won’t have to answer for this! The people in that part of world dislike us more! And finally, as a sign to us and the world populations, there should have been/be prosecutions of “people from Wal;l Street and Banks that created the economic mess that weare still in!

    Thank you Daniel Ellsberg: for then and now . . . and may Bradley Manning be freed.

  74. I am a Vietnam Veteran against war. I have seen too many young lives ruined for the greed of govt. and fat cats. I thank you Bradley Manning for having more balls than our President and the military lap dogs. I too am Bradley Manning.

  75. For all conscientious American citizens, especially by governmental officers, and those other many of us who have sworn to uphold the Constitution, there is no question of Bradley Manning’s innocence. I find it incredible that in a nation in which so-called Christian ethics are claimed, that there is any question of a proper remedy to be shown for the courage and right shown by this young American soldier. You, President Obama, are obligated in honor of your oath of office and your own pre-election promises to DO THE RIGHT THING! FREE BRADLEY MANNING BY OBSERVING YOUR OBLIGATIONS AS CIC !!!

    • If you ain’t got balls to stand up for the truth you ain’t worthy to be called the president….Bradley followed his common sence about what was obviously wrong and wanted the world to know…and thats not a bad thing

  76. Lets face it few politicians care about the truth.

    Or true democracy where people have access to all the facts and can therefore vote in a logical way.

    Doesn’t it make more sense to put liars (or those not telling the truth) in prison.

  77. Dear President Mr.Obama,
    You’ve promissed that to the WORLD (not only to American people), amoung others, to ____Bradley____ too.
    Still you have a CHANCE (so Bradley too) to BE__”the”__CHANGE (Bradley did it)!
    And to keep your promise!!!
    Thank You.


  78. Whistleblowers, whether of corporations, government, or the military, are the real, true, brave heroes. Bradley Manning is one brave young man. I salute you, Private Manning! Stay strong. We are pulling for you.

  79. It is so depressing to see the way that the USA is treating Bradley Manning. Why is the USA fighting in the Middle East? Supposedly because it wants those people to have democracy like the Western World. Yet when Bradley Manning tried to speak the truth, he was put in jail and tortured.

    This is why I don’t want Julian Assange to face charges in Sweden. If he gets moved to the USA, he also will be treated brutally and humiliated and held for extended periods before he is put on trial. I don’t think anyone should ever be sent to the USA for trial. It is now a country that tortures people.

    That is the awful victory of Osama Bin Laden. He didn’t just bomb some buildings and kill a lot of people. That was crime enough but worse was to come. He destroyed America’s commitment to human rights.

    • You should read Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine. Osama bin Laden didn’t destroy US commitment to Americans’ human rights (foreigners never had any when it came to US “interventions”). From the speed at which the USA Patriot Act was trotted out after 9/11, we can assume this government removal of our rights has been on the drawing board for quite some time, awaiting the “right” moment, when frightened people were clamoring for safety and vulnerable to this scheme. Read the book; it will all make sense.

  80. As we invade country after country pretending to spread democracy and freedom we see freedoms vanishing within our own country. Omnipresent surveillance, jailed dissenters, sham trials, and incarceration of whistle-blowers who dare to expose the truth. Time to take back the too-quickly-awarded Nobel prize and present it jointly to Bradley and Julian.

    • Not to mention the government has now done away with courts and the necessity of evidence. Apparently, anyone – including US citizens – can be assassinated at will, based on hunches rather than evidence. The US as we know it is doomed.

  81. Don’t Mourn, Organize

    Pardon Private Bradley Manning Stand-Out-Park Street Redine MBTA Station-Boston Common –Saturday February 23, 2013

    Let’s Redouble Our Efforts To Free Private Bradley Manning-President Obama Pardon Bradley Manning -Make Every Town Square In America (And The World) A Bradley Manning Square From Boston To Berkeley to Berlin

    Support And Build The Bradley Manning International Day Of Solidarity February 23, 2013 –The 1000th Day Of Pre-Trial Confinement-Park Street Station- Boston Common- Downtown-1:00 to 2:00 PM

    • The truth has to be protected by a bodyguard of lies all warfare is based on deception if we all knew our governments secrets then our enemies know as well and can use them against us

  82. George Bush Sr. once told a reporter that if people really knew what the government was up to people would literally hang them from lamp posts…

    We need to find out the darkest secrets of government because we are funding the government and if the government are doing crimes in our name they deserve to be executed in the streets.

  83. President Obama’s peace prize should be rescinded/withdrawn and awarded to Bradley Manning. The Nobel Prize committee has made a laughingstock out of itself by awarding President Obama a peace prize. This is an opportunity for them to redeem themselves for that foolish error.

  84. I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you Braley Manning.

    a true warrior makes war against war.
    I believe you took a huge risk to bring truth to bear regarding our govt behaviors in the world. what ever happens to you, Thank you.

      • It is those who do not speak up against war crimes- who are the cowards- and it seems we have an awful lot of them in our military services. WHAT A SHAMEFUL NATION WE HAVE BECOME.

        It takes NO courage to do as you are told, as you are risking nothing. It takes a great deal of courage to stand up against the greatest war machine on the earth and to do it to defend his fellow man.

        You’d better check your dictionary and the meaning of “courage”. I would not be surprised if the name Bradley Manning has been added as an example of it.

  85. What does this say about Americans, and especially our government, when the perpetrators of criminal acts face no accountability, yet those who expose the crimes are themselves treated as criminals. The US is going to hell in a handbasket and the majority of her citizens don’t seem to care.

      • Manning has honored his oath which includes a RESPONSIBILITY to report crimes against humanity. The real criminals are those of higher office who knowingly continued to feed innocent civilians into the torture-mills aka Iraqi interrogation camps.

  86. Thank you, Bradley Manning. Your sacrifice may help organize our citizens to bring back the democratic republic we once enjoyed.

  87. I also tried to sign but it didn’t seem to go through. Is it cos I’m from another country?? I’d really love to sign the petition, it’d be very kind of u to let me…

  88. The Obama-Orwellian World we are now living through. Thank you Bradley! We support you! If not for heroes like you – we would continue to be duped by the US gov’t.

    “Orwellian” is an adjective describing the situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. It connotes an attitude and a policy of control by propaganda, surveillance, misinformation, denial of truth, and manipulation of the past, including the “unperson” — a person whose past existence is expunged from the public record and memory, practiced by modern repressive governments. Often, this includes the circumstances depicted in his novels, particularly Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

  89. In 1970, it became Public Law to protect Whistleblowers. This was just recently extended. So if this is public law, why is it not being applied to Mr. Manning?

    It’s a shame what America has become. I personally can’t place blame on any certain person– there are too many agencies that find loopholes in the law, so they’re all to blame in my opinion.

    Occam’s Razor: Bradley Manning did the morally correct thing to do. I don’t care if the allegations about him taking government data is true or not. He did what was RIGHT– to show the world horrendous things that America does that no one else would mention,let alone know about.

    “When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will that far more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion.– CP Snow, 1971

    Please also sign the government’s OWN Whistletblower complain forms below.

    Whistleblower Protection Act Information:

    A federal agency violates the Whistleblower Protection Act if it takes or fails to take (or threatens to take or fail to take) a personnel action with respect to any employee or applicant because of any disclosure of information by the employee or applicant that he or she reasonably believes evidences a violation of a law, rule or regulation; gross mismanagement; gross waste of funds; an abuse of authority; or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.

    The U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) has jurisdiction over allegations of whistleblower retaliation made by employees of the SEC.

    Whistleblower Protection Act Complaints should be sent to
    U.S. Office of Special Counsel
    Complaints Examining Unit
    1730 M Street, NW, Suite 201
    Washington, DC 20036-4505

    The required Whistleblower complaint form is available online at
    OSC (

    The Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the Securities and Exchange Commission will also investigate allegations of retaliation against SEC employees for cooperating with the OIG or for other protected activities. For information on how to report reprisal to the OIG, see

  90. not only should Bradley Manning be freed, but also, the US should drop its charges and pursuit of Julian Assange.

    Our government “doth protest too much”. We, as citizens of the US and as responsible global denizens, should not be afraid of transparency.

  91. The government doesn’t want to put PFC Bradley Manning on trial, and that’s why they keep delaying it. The information about the shameful conduct of the United States government that will come out in this trial, even behind closed doors, is what’s keeping PFC Bradly Manning from going on trial. The government is punishing him by keeping him locked up for as long as they can without a trial. It’s like a conviction without a trial. When he finally does go on trial, it will be nothing but a kangaroo court anyway.

  92. Bradley Manning is my hero and I’m so very appreciative of the sacrifices he’s made in telling the truth. He really speaks for the conscience of our country.

  93. I don’t know what Bradley Manning’s motives were. I know that I’m grateful that he exposed some of the atocities committed by U.S. occupation forces in Iraq. As a war crimes whistle-blower he is among the distinguished ranks of the men who exposed the My Lai massacre and other atocities in Vietnam. As citizens we have a right to know the facts about what the military has done in the name of OUR country. We are America, not Nazi Germany.

  94. Small consolation to Bradley Manning, but Bradley, your name will be remembered long after the criminals and thugs you denounced and who torment you are dust and forgotten.

  95. When Obama wrestles from the grip of his puppet Reichmasters
    The American People and the rest of the World should imprison the real threat to this world The Globalists and Isralie lobby who are hell bent on causing as much Genocide on this planet!Hell will freeze over when that happens! Obama you are a Coward and a disgrace to your office and the People you claim to represent! Resign now.

  96. This is absurd how out of control and power hungry the government has become. Grow up, we preach to our youth how we should treat one another with respect and dignity yet we act like this as adults. Shame on us, it is no wonder we are hated around the world now, and I know this because I travel for a living. Also thanks for keeping the value of our money down so I can hardly afford to do what I do.

  97. Having served 25 years in the US military I’ve seen far too many abuses of security classifications with things being classified not because their disclosure hurt the security of the United States but because their disclosure would damage some senior officer’s or politician’s career. In a free country very little should be classified other than actual military plans or other things which would change the actual outcome of our war-fighting capability.

  98. In a free democracy, the truth, no matter how horrible, should not be hidden. The people need to know exactly what their money and support is buying in the war.

  99. People who don’t agree that you should be rewarded, not punished, don’t understand the importance of telling the truth!

  100. Convict those that the information Manning released convicts! Don’t punish the truth teller, the real honest reporter. Punish those who tried to hide their acts from the American People. The dream that was America, a Free People, sovereigns all, is destroyed by the arrest and punishment of this innocent honest man.

  101. It seems as if truth is always a casualty of war because those in power have vested interest in everything but freedom. God Bless Mr. Manning and all those who’ve fought for freedom from tyranny. You will not be forgotten by the citizens of the world.

  102. Make no mistake- I am all about the theory that is America and keeping our troops safe- I backed the actions of Col. West 100%- however, just as during the Vietnam War the arbitrary sacrifice of our troops is the REAL crime. These wars have not been properly executed since day one!! The continuation of these wars has been about corporate gain and nothing concerning the human effort or what America or freedom is really all about– and with that in mind it is for those reasons that I believe Bradley Manning should go free and live out his life- to be judged by his peers- not some faceless entity whose secret tactics to under mind the war effort were revealed.

  103. Thank you Bradley for your bravery. As a new mom, I do not want my children growing up in a world controlled by these oil hungry jingos who spare no expense for their selfish agendas, yet don’t care about the constituents they supposedly are here to serve!!! Despite your suffering, know you are loved around the world and will become a true legend of courage!!

  104. Bradley Manning is an American hero. He exposed war crimes that embarrassed the U.S. government and exposed these illegal wars for the atrocities they are. Bradley Manning, unlike our warmongering president, deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.


    Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Kent State killings during a protest of the Viet Nam War in 1970. It signified our government’s declaration of the ability to kill citizens in the public space. Bradley Manning’s jailing signifies our government’s next declaration: the freedom to jail whistleblowers and hold them in extended and inhumane circumstances.

    What is the significance of the Pride Parade’s refusal to honor Bradley? Have Progressives become so mainstream that they tolerate these government abuses?

    Join me in SF at the Parade to bring Bradley Manning into this huge spotlight.

  106. Unlike invasion, assassination, and dozen similar abuses, whistle-blowing is not a crime under US law (as twisted as it gets some time). As in its wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and who-knows-where-else, the US government has flouted domestic and international law in practically every step of its persecution of Manning. It is this abuse of government power (the kind which produces the equivalent of a Boston bombing every few weeks in several Middle Eastern countries, sometimes even more frequently) which make whistle-blowers like Manning so desperately necessary. Manning deserves a commendation, not a criminal trial.

  107. “Truth telling in the defense of Life and Liberty, when the nation’s Capitol has become entangled in lies and corrupted beyond reform; when public servants entrusted and pledged by sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution instead by their actions mock it, and, under the sickening pretense of ‘National Security’, daily spill the blood of innocents upon it; when the truth tellers among you are vilified and persecuted for exposing the ignoble deeds of tyrant power; this truth telling is then the most noble, heroic, and highest form of patriotism, and embodies the very heart and soul of the First Amendment.”
    ~ P. Matthew Revere

  108. Bonsoir. Bradley Manning, vous me réconciliez avec le genre humain, vous me réconciliez avec moi-même. Merci de nous élever, très haut, au-dessus de la misérable condition qui nous est imposée par les soit-disant puissants de ce monde. Vous n’êtes pas seul, nous sommes des millions qui vous aimons pour ce que vous avez fait. “Et pourtant, Elle tourne.. Against our minds,they have no weapons, and we shall overcome..

  109. I’m scared I’ll end up on “some list”, but I’m still Bradley Manning. I’d tell, you got to.

  110. Bradley Manning is an antidote to everything that is wrong with this country. He carries forward the noble legacy of Henry David Thoreau, Martin Luther King, Daniel Ellsberg, and all the others who have stood up for peace, justice and freedom. He does indeed deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

  111. I am with and support all the whistle-blowers, standing up for peace and justice. Bradley manning, Thomas Paine would be proud of you.

  112. I support all the whistle-blowers who stand up for peace and justice. Bradly manning, Thomas Paine would be proud of you.

  113. DHS, TSA, Patriot Act, Convicting Whistleblowers, this country has gone to shit and is NOT the same country I took an oath to defend!

    When OUR justified people have to flee to Russia to avoid persecution (or worse) what does that say about our lack of righteous leadership in this country!

  114. The military was negligent in it’s failure to treat Private Manning’s mental illness when he requested help, prior the to the leaks. The military’s failure to provide adequate medical treatment undermines Private Manning’s culpability for actions which might have been prevented had he been treated. We have lost more soldiers in these wars to suicide than to enemy hostilities. It would seem that our failure to treat our own is a greater threat to soldiers than any hostile foreign force.

    The military is generally negligent when it comes to the treatment of service personnel during and after their period of service.

    The military is negligent in its failure to adequately screen new recruits for mental illness, and irresponsible, in one example, by requiring would-be recruits to abstain from psychiatric medications for one year prior to enlisting. This policy incentivizes the discontinuation of stabilizing treatment prior to entering situations highly unstable.

    Sending soldiers untreated into war zones, and failing to treat conditions which present once there, endangers the lives of those soldiers, the lives of their fellow soldiers, and the lives of foreign civilians. This is an imprudent and uncompassionate way to undertake conflict resolution. Their crimes are our crimes.

  115. Bradley Manning loves his country and did his best to correct wrongs; official channels were not open to him nor viable .He acted as a Good Samaritan !

  116. Will we see a statue of Bradley Manning in the capital of the United States of America in the future, or are statues just for those puppets who slaughter others in the name of profit and power.

  117. Why are we not prosecuting the true war criminals, beginning with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and those who lied us into illegal wars in the first place, and continuing to those exposed by Manning?

  118. I believe in Bradley Manning at what he did, hopefully his actions continue to inspire people and that one day we shall have enough power to change the world and make it a better place… Stay strong Bradley Manning! We are all here for you 🙁

  119. I wish that myself and 364 other people would be allowed to sit in jail in place of Bradley Manning, for one day each year, each, so that he could be free. I would do it for the next 90 years, if possible. This guy is not guilty of anything rotten or horrible. No one in the GRACE of GOD would find him guilty of anything. Just dreaming out loud. Bradley Manning is a PATRIOTIC HERO. Nothing less.

  120. I attended the Pentagon Papers trials and talked with Daniel Ellsberg. That left an indelible imprint on me for a lifetime. Thank you Dan for continuing on with the good fight.

  121. Such a misappropriation of power. The gov’t (power) did something constituents would never approve of and then got caught. (There was nothing wrong with this unless it got caught). So they are turning the blame on one of the citizens who discovered the abhorrent act and had the courage (we all fear the power) to tell the rest of us. Sound familiar? Sure, that’s what rapists do. The victim/constituent takes the stand, is bullied and the power walks away with a big smirk on his face.

  122. What truth created on our planet only truth can sustain. We are consuming the earth to build killing machines to enforce and defend the differences in our lies. Only the truth requires no army to enforce it. Lies do. These invisible borders do not belong on our planet.

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