Reports from the June 1-8th International Call to Action

sydneyforbradleySupporters gathered in Sidney, Australia, as part of international solidarity events worldwide

Leading up to one of the most important court martial proceedings in American history supporters of the heroic whistleblower Bradley Manning took action at the military base Fort Meade and across the world. With almost 2000 attending, the Fort Meade demonstration was the largest rally for Bradley Manning yet. And in London, protesters swamped the US embassy with music, chants, and variety of speakers – including activist and punk fashion legend Viviane  Westwood.  All in all over 40 events were held in solidarity with Bradley Manning. 

National events were held in Phoenix AZ, Tuscon AZ, Dublin CA, Los Angeles CA, Montrose CA, West Hollywood CA, San Diego CA, San Fracisco CA, Santa Cruz CA, Hartford CT, Tallahassee FL, Tampa FL, Des Moines IA, Chicago IL, Cambridge MA, Boston MA, Portland ME, Minneapolis MN, Honolulu HI, Highland Park NJ, Delmar NY, Medford OR, Toledo OH, and Seattle WA.

International events were held in London, UK, Brisbane,  Australia, Sydney, Australia, Vancouver, Canada, Toronto, Canada, Heidelberg, Germany, Berlin, Germany, Cardiff, Wales, Rome, Italy, and Seoul, South Korea. 

Bradley Manning’s lawyer David Coombs issued a statement thanking supporters for all their hard work: 

“On behalf of both myself and PFC Manning, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support over the last three years.  I especially appreciate the the tireless fundraising and awareness efforts of Courage to Resist and the Bradley Manning Support Network.  Finally, a special thank you to those journalists who have been reporting on PFC Manning since the beginning and who have brought worldwide attention to this important case.  I AM BRADLEY MANNING.” 

Democracy Now covering the start of the court martial:

7 thoughts on “Reports from the June 1-8th International Call to Action

  1. I really love and am encouraged by all of the support for the peoples’ hero, Bradley Manning!

    In solidarity,

  2. The trial and imprisonment of HERO Bradley Manning is a threat to everyone who is free and demands that their government be accountable.

    If we allow this man to be come a permanent political prisoner then we will never again know what war crimes our government is committing.

    Arrest The War Criminals & STOP The Endless Wars…!

  3. Democracy is based on free speech. Also in cases, when noticing malpractice in military action. Bradley Manning had a personal ethical conflict with the malpractice in military action, his superiours are responsible of those actions. Not Bradley Manning.I wish we all were as brave as him to express ourselves when confronting ethical dilemmas in our lives.

  4. Global protests? The most powerful military and government in the world slamming its full power against a little Private? Who is the guy? Why is the government spending Tens of Millions of $$$ to prosecute a “no-body” kid from Oklahoma for up to 9 weeks? Because this young man is a HUMANITARIAN who listened to his inner conscience, and by doing so rattled these most powerful forces in the world. Because this “no-body” boy is the every-body who believes in doing his duty for his country and the world. Had the Bradley Mannings in Nazi Germany exposed the crimes of their nation, perhaps WW II could have been averted. Had the Bradley Mannings exposed the crimes of the Vietnam war during the Kennedy days, perhaps we could have averted that holocaust.

    We do not know what all evils and crimes Manning stopped by his actions, but the U.S. got out of Iraq months earlier because the Manning documents discredited and proved morally the Pentagon and the war machine.

    Manning saved the lives and minds of many of his military comrades.

  5. The military dictatorship that rules USA is a shame for every citizen of the states.It´s spreading of lawlessness all over the world must be stopped.We want our democracy back.We want Bradly Manning and Julian Assange free.We want the human rights back to every person.God blames america.

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