Pardon Bradley Manning campaign launched – sign the petition and show your support!

President Obama, uphold your promise to protect whistleblowers! Pardon Bradley Manning!

President Obama, uphold your promise to protect whistleblowers! Pardon Bradley Manning!

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. August 21, 2013. 

Take action for Bradley Manning, the heroic soldier and 3 time Nobel Peace Prize nominee who has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for blowing the whistle on war crimes and government corruption.

Starkly showcasing the US government officials’ misplaced priorities when it comes to human rights, whistleblower and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison. The information that Bradley gave to the public exposed the unjust detainment of innocent people at Guantanamo Bay, the true human cost of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and forever changed investigative journalism. There is no evidence that anyone was harmed as a result of the information exposed.

Join Amnesty International and the Bradley Manning Support Network in signing a petition to President Obama, demanding that Bradley Manning be given clemency and be released immediately.  After having been tortured and abused at Quantico prison for 9 months where he was held in solitary confinement against the recommendations of every health professional who assessed him, and after having already spent more than 1190 days in prison (more than 3 years confinement before the trial even began), Bradley Manning should be set free! Uphold your promise Obama: protect whistleblowers! 

Like Bradley Manning, we believe a healthy democracy requires public information. What price will future whistleblowers pay? It is time for President Obama to pardon Bradley, and to focus on preventing human rights violations instead of punishing much needed whistleblowers.

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  1. Revealing secrets about crimes and misdeeds is not a crime. Most of the documents leaked by Bradley should not have been classified anyway. Yes, he took an oath, but so did his superiors and government officials who lie, deceit and cover up. Until there is an effective working way to clean up the army from within, whistleblowers should not be punished. Pardon Manning, please.

  2. Where is the Obama I supported in 2008? It seems that every year Barack Obama is becoming more and more a puppet of the military industrial complex.

    What a shame! Does Obama have no conscience?

  3. There are way too many secret members of the globalist organized crime syndicate in congress and in the president’s entire administration. These people secretly call themselves “Us” and “Satan worshippers”. They are highly educated, very wealthy, very stealthy and cunning. They have mind boggling technology (stolen). They have absolutely NO morals whatsoever and their only rules seem to be “Don’t get caught or arouse any suspicion and don’t betray your fellow Satanists”. They use any criminal method to get what they want (murder, war-mongering, extortion, bribes, spying, abortion, election rigging, lies, threats, assassinations, propaganda, UNconstitutional “laws”, etc. They have evil, deceit and treachery honed to an art and a science. They have taken over MANY (MOST) positions of power, authority, leadership, ownership and governmental positions at every level in every branch in every nation of the world.

    They are worse and more dangerous than jungle savages, but pretend to be upright citizens.

    Jesus warned about “wolves in sheep’s clothing; he knew what he was talking about. Pray to recognize these people and pray for all their evils and destructive creations to be returned back to themselves for their own destruction.

    • THANK YOU for writing that. It’s still so difficult for me to bring the whole Satanist element into our country’s, and the world’s, goings on. Plus you educated me a bit too with your info.

  4. The Nuremburg trials rejected claims of soldiers following orders, demanding that they should have done the morally correct thing and refuse to follow orders to commit atrocities.
    Manning has done the morally correct thing in exposing war crimes and has been sentenced to 35 years.
    The world has been turned on its head.

  5. Bradley Manning for Nobel Peace Prize
    Best man of US
    What a shame he is sentenced to 35 years and the murderers on the films he gave to weakyleaks are free

  6. If you believe that we as a people should have an open government that keeps no secrets from its people than it is the moral duty of every citizen to report wrongdoings of our government even the ones they conveniently call classified.

  7. A government of the people, by the people and for the people. As Americans, we have the right to know what our government is doing and the right to make all other Americans aware of those facts. As human beings we should have the right to expose corruption and inhumanity whenever and wherever we see it. That is what Bradley Manning did and he should never have been imprisoned for doing so in the first place. Only a coward would lock him up. A coward afraid of the truth. Let him go.

  8. What happpened to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Bradley Manning is a hero for risking everything to expose the corruption and deceit of our government against its own people. He should be given a full pardon.

  9. This is a very sad day for the freedom of speech. Not only in the US but all over the world. Shameful how we treat whistleblowers.

  10. Free Bradley Manning. This is a horrible outcome! He shed a light on a horrendous act. I want justice for the people who were murdered. Those who ordered this must be held accountable as well as those that pulled the trigger. How can you stand for this mr. President?

  11. Take down your Lady Liberty, your scales of Justices, your Flag of honor today they became meaningless. Pardon Bradley Manning he believed in something that wasn’t there to believe in.

  12. While those above Bradley Manning in rank scoffed, he exposed war crimes – that was his (and their) legal duty. Bradley’s sacrifice should end with a pardon now after the absolute travesty of “justice” via the court-martial. The world has been watching and will not avert its eyes.
    Free Bradley Manning now.

  13. Free Bradley Manning now. He had the balls to let the American people know what was really going on in Iraq when President Bush lied to us, President Obama covered it up, and the military contractors made millions.

  14. Thank you for your sacrifice Bradley Manning. You are a prisoner of conscience and an inspiration as you face your adversity. I pray that you will be pardoned.

  15. Because of this hero of our days all the World can see the hypocrisy of the coward UNconstitutional US Government! Immediately free bro Manning, the true MAN, not like you, USgov sucks!

  16. Thruth was on trial in the US and has lost.
    Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?
    Shame on Obama, the legal system and the military for hiding the thruth.
    I would go for the light of love, no lies. In the end that will prevail.
    Manning did a great job for freedom of speech and truth and should be honoured in stead of prisoned for even one day, let alone half his life.

    This is the opportunity for the US authorities to show their true nature.

    From europe I vote for THRUTH, respect and freedom for Bradley Manning,
    Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, the United States and the world!
    (And I am not some anarchic kid, but well educated 50+)


  17. “Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in government is an existing government employee committed to public integrity and willing to speak out. Such acts of courage and patriotism, which can sometimes save lives and often save taxpayer dollars, should be encouraged rather than stifled. We need to empower federal employees as watchdogs of wrongdoing and partners in performance. Barack Obama will strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government. Obama will ensure that federal agencies expedite the process for reviewing whistleblower claims and whistleblowers have full access to courts and due process.” From Obama’s 2008 transition promises, following his election.

  18. Stay strong, there are people who wish you well, and care that in the land of the free and that promotes democracy, you should have had such a disproportionate response to your actions.

  19. When I try to sign the petition, my computer crashes.
    Hmmm… thank you NSA for protecting me from this domestic “terrorist”! I know you’re much too busy with people like Manning, Snowden and Assange to go after the likes of Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Madeleine (“we think it was worth it”) Albright, let alone Hilary, Kerry or O-bomb-em. After all, what’s a little DU or a few “collateral damages” from drones compared to O-my-God! ratting on the psychopaths in DC?!

  20. In this country there are too many hypocritical things happening. For we are of our finances,destroyed our economy, illegal spying on Americans, wrongful killing of innocent people,banks stealing our money and paying ridiculous bonuses to CEO, police attacking the citizens, and not one of these people are going to jail for what they have done. But the government is willing to put this guy Bradley manning in jail for exposing the truth and the human rights violations and the killing that has been done to innocent people. Come on who does our government really work for?. Free Bradley manning now free him today and put those other people in jail instead. Let have some real justice finally.

  21. In the case of Bradley Manning, the question is: If one enters the military does he/she then give up all his/her constitutional rights? What happened to transparency in government and checks and balances? It appears that none of these protections for democracy exist any longer.

  22. Manning should go down in history as one of our great American heroes. As time goes by, it appears our government becomes more corrupt. As Hitler gained more power, his government also began to punish (or execute) any who spoke out or criticized their government. I hope history is not repeating itself and I wish and hope Manning will be granted a full pardon.

    • There is no donation required to sign the White House petition. We do have a “Stand with Brad” petition, that will soon be updated, that does suggest a $5 donation. But even that has a option to not make a donation.

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  24. This man is NOT a criminal. He is a hero to Humanity. He did what was morally right. During the Vietnam War, we had some bad apples that took innocent lives. They were given merely house arrest by Richard Nixon. Now, they’re going to throw Manning in prison for 35 years for exposing these same types of disgusting war crimes?! That is a terrible injustice. Just goes to show you that there is no freedom. Especially if you stand up to the establishment and the powers that be. They don’t want the corruption exposed! Well, in numbers we all can make a difference. We don’t have to tolerate this. Make your voices heard and Obama(unlike Bush) WILL listen.

    Free Bradley Manning!

  25. This man is a very good man. He just wanted this country to stop hiding the truth. He like many others wants this world to stop rotting, and using the veil of “justice” to accomplish any goal, even those goals that are dictated by an evil moral compass.

  26. Emergency Bradley Manning Stand-Out –Park Street Station-Boston –August 21, 2013 –Report

    President Obama Pardon Bradley Manning

    (This report was written prior to the announcement that Bradley Manning, as of August 22, 2013, wants to be called Chelsea and referred to by use of the feminine pronoun. In the interest of historical accuracy this report will use the old forms.)

    Approximately 100 supporters of Private Bradley Manning responded to the call of the Boston Bradley Manning Support Committee, Veterans for Peace, and other activist organizations to an emergency stand-out at Park Street Station in Boston after his outrageous 35 year sentence was imposed by a military judge at his court-martial down in Fort Meade, Maryland. A number of speakers emphasized that the sentence imposed on Private Manning for telling the truth was harsher than many sentenced imposed on those who committed war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. Others mentioned the importance of continuing the fight to free Bradley by every political and legal means possible including immediately contacting the convening officer of the court martial, General Buchanan, to reduce the sentence and President Obama to grand a pardon. All speakers agreed that although it was a tough day for whistle-blowers and truth-tellers and their supporters that it was necessary to continue the fight to free Bradley. One speaker evoking the spirit of the old radical labor Joe Hill said-“Don’t Mourn, Organize! And we will.

    Over one hundred dollars was raised by passing the hat to aid in providing funds for Bradley’s future legal expenses as he, and his lawyer David Coombs, pursue the reduction of sentence by General Buchanan, presidential pardon, and any military or civilian court appeals. People were also urged to contribute on-line at the Bradley Manning Support Network

    August 21, 2013 almost mark a new focus on the campaign to free Private Manning. The central theme of the day and of the new campaign is –“President Obama Pardon Bradley Manning.” An immediate task is to begin organizing around the call by Amnesty International and the Bradley Manning Support Network to sign an on-line petition directed to the President. The goal is to get 100,000 on-line signatures by September 20, 2013 to make our case loud and clear. All pardon petition efforts should focus on the on-line petition to send that message as one voice.

    Below is a link to the Amnesty International/Bradley Manning Support Network to sign the on-line petition. The process is a little more cumbersome than other such petitions, including having to set up an account with an e-mail but since they (and you know who the they are (first letter N) have all our e-mail addresses anyway push on. This is for Bradley.’-human-rights-record-and-grant-clemency-pvt-bradley-manning/L7zHZv4r

  27. It is a sad day for this country when the head of NSA can spew lies under oath with impunity and the person who dispenses truth gets 35 years

  28. Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies.

    Why are the gov puppets and their campaign bribing banksters/MICsters plus other warprofiteering criminals not in jail?

    Central gov, too much power, too easy to corrupt. Power and money should be restored to communities and individuals from which it was taken.

    Thank you Bradley Manning for helping me to get awake.

  29. The Nuremburg trials rejected claims of soldiers following orders, demanding that they should have done the morally correct thing and refuse to follow orders to commit atrocities.
    Manning has done the morally correct thing in exposing war crimes and has been sentenced to 35 years.
    The world has been turned on its head.

  30. A group of men have committed murder. A noble soul, after seeing proof of it, told the world. The criminals are absolved and the messenger tortured for daring to expose the truth. How are we to sleep at night? Any one of us could be next. Bradley Manning must be released by whatever mechanism allows Washington to save face. The line of injustice has been crossed. Please don’t cross the line of inhumanity. Release Bradley soon, please.



    Being honest and exposing crime and dirty secrets is not illegal! Our taxes pay for these atrocities. We deserve to know what we pay for!! End this tyranny. It’s time to protect this country from the corporate monsters in charge!! Time to revolt America!!

  32. Please do the right thing and renew my faith in a government that lied me into serving my country against communism by sending me to Viet Nam and cowardly leaving the people we promised to make free at the expense of millions of innocent lives. The middle east is now our killing ground for what reason? By killing others we kill our very souls. We need Manning, Snowden, Elsberg, Wikipedia to reviel the transgressions that make us criminal and to hold us accountable as our justice system is designed to do. Our constitution is our strength and purity and should never be allowed under any circumstance to be subverted without the will of the people.

    Free Bradley Manning

  33. A true David and Goliath story- Except in this case David is locked up, covered up, tortured and the key is thrown away. Don’t just sit there.

  34. He’s guilty. He grabbed those files that he knew were classified and then gave them to an unauthorized source. He couldn’t have possible known what was on every single document and how an enemy could piece those documents together. All he knew were search terms and dates. In the Intel community it’s the worst crime you could commit regardless of motivations it was still illegal. He signed papers saying he could be trusted and that he would protect all classified documents under penalty of law. The fact that he is gay or transgender has nothing to do with any of this. Go look for a real hero and let this criminal serve his time.

    • Bradley Manning is still her legal name and therefore still relevant for a petition for presidential pardon. We will work on changing the name elsewhere on our site for sure, although it will take us a few days.

      Thanks for your support!
      Emma Cape, Campaign Organizer

      • Thank you for keeping this issue straight! Our petitions to the government need to continue to refer to Bradley Manning I bet- as that is the name on the prosecution. I fear they would use any excuse to throw away petitions if not about Bradley. One could change it to PFC Manning. It is so sterile, I know, but evades the first-name and gender issue.
        I love him/her in either case, and will be happy to help pay her hormone therapy and college. But let’s fight the wrongful prosecution and conviction with all we’ve got first! We have to get her out of prison ASAP!!!

  35. Bradley Manning is a hero, not a criminal. His deeds uncovered crimes against humanity. S/he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama: you need to stop playing golf like George W. and reset your moral compass.

  36. Obama, you were elected based on lies… a sad and disappointing fact! Freedom and democracy belong to each and every one of us on this planet. Manning simply told the truth. Turn yourself in and those who control your strings. Free Bradley Manning NOW.

  37. Obama is turning out to be just another lying politician. He preached change but when the chips were down to take a stand for what’s right he buckled. Nothing more then a coward as things are right now

  38. To quote Ron Paul:
    Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies.

    When government has nothing to hide, whistleblowers are welcome.

  39. I respect this wesbite and its posts – thank you for the job you have done. I want to request that you change the title of your site to be “”, as it is a support network and you can’t in reality support someone by ignoring their gender identity. I appreciate that you have the step to change the banner to say “Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning”.

    I hope that you will change the site to fully respect Chelsea Manning’s wishes and self-identity.

    Thank you.

  40. by punishing manning just proves to me how guilty the us goverment is and its really sick but that peice of shit obama will get his judgement god sees everything he might not have met his match yet but he should remember what goes around comes around over and over gods gonna handle them with his wheel of justice everyone should just keep manning in there prayers whitehouse must just know theres a god that sees

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