“We are Bradley Manning” NY Times ad published

Our full page ad as published Thursday, July 25, 2013. Select for full size PDF.

Our full page ad as published Thursday, July 25, 2013. Select for full size PDF.

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. July 25, 2013

Our full page ad in The New York Times was published today! The ad in the nation’s “newspaper of record” featured a bold “WE ARE BRADLEY MANNING” with a field of names in the background. Thank you to the 850 people who donated to make this happen. The $12,000 raised beyond the cost of the $52,000 ad will go towards Bradley’s legal expenses.

Text of the full page ad to appear in The New York Times


We stand with WikiLeaks whistle-blower US Army PFC Bradley Manning

We are American military veterans, artists, journalists, educators, homemakers, lawyers, and citizens.  We live in red states and in blue states, in communities urban and rural.  We ask you to consider the facts, and join us in declaring:
Enough is enough.  Free Bradley Manning now.

In a time of endless war and economic distress, a cloud of government secrecy has eclipsed our republic.  We are told that these secrets are necessary, that they save American lives, and we are told the growing National Security state is beyond question.  More secrecy does not make us secure when it allows leaders and politicians to avoid accountability.  We’ve learned these secrets also conceal crimes: torture, illegal surveillance, and corruption—all committed in our name.

In a time when we needed the truth, a young U.S. Army private became our champion for openness and responsibility.  An Intelligence Analyst, Bradley Manning had access to some of America’s dirtiest secrets, such as U.S. support for Iraqi torture, and a video exposing American troops shooting children, civilians, and journalists from an Apache helicopter over Baghdad.  Bradley Manning acted on his conscience, with selfless courage and conviction, and gave these secrets to us, the American public.

“I believed that if the general public… had access to the information contained within the [Iraq and Afghan War Logs] this could spark a domestic debate on the role of the military and our foreign policy in general as well as it related to Iraq and Afghanistan,” explained PFC Bradley Manning prior to his May 2010 arrest in Iraq.  

“I wanted the American public to know that not everyone in Iraq and Afghanistan were targets that needed to be neutralized, but rather people who were struggling to live in the pressure cooker environment of what we call asymmetric warfare,” PFC Manning added.

Journalists used these documents to uncover many startling truths. We learned…
•   how Donald Rumsfeld and General Petraeus built their careers by supporting torture in Iraq.
•   how deliberate civilian killings by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan went unpunished, and that thousands of civilian casualties were never acknowledged.
•   most Guantanamo detainees were innocent.

For his service on behalf of an informed democracy, Bradley Manning faces life in prison.  Prosecutors accuse him of “Aiding the Enemy” for providing WikiLeaks with this information, but acknowledged that they would have done the same if he had given the documents to The New York Times.

Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three years in a row, Bradley Manning is a whistle-blower in every sense of the term.  He exposed secret crimes and malfeasance for the public good, and took  nothing in return.  Bradley Manning has accepted responsibility for releasing these documents and mishandling classified information.  Alone, these charges could send him to prison for 20 years.  Yet the Government argues for life in prison, declaring that he sought to indirectly aid our enemies with a new “open-source” espionage.

No proof that any lives were endangered, or that any person was even harmed, was presented by the prosecution.  

A new whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, has stepped forward since Bradley Manning’s trial began last month. He revealed that a vast, unwarranted, and fundamentally unconstitutional program of Internet and phone surveillance on every U.S. citizen is being conducted by the National Security Agency.  Edward Snowden fled his home explaining that he feared the type of extreme punishment that Bradley Manning has already endured in military pre-trial confinement.

We put forward this letter to advance the public debate, as Bradley Manning intended—to further transparency and accountability in government.  We dedicate ourselves to following Bradley Manning’s example to expose the truth, even when inconvenient to do so.  To promote openness in our government, so that it can be evaluated and improved.  To believe, passionately, in the power of real democracy.

We await military judge Colonel Denise Lind’s ruling as to what sentence Bradley Manning will receive in her Fort Meade, Maryland courtroom a few days from now.  As PFC Manning has been imprisoned for over three years, and subjected to brutal conditions at  Marine Base Quantico, Virgina for nine of those months, the only remotely reasonable sentence would be time-served.

We call on Major General Jeffery Buchanan to use his ability as Convening Authority of these proceedings to reduce any sentence handed down by Judge Lind in order to free Bradley Manning without delay.

Finally, we call on President Barack Obama to pardon Bradley Manning. This 25-year-old, openly gay soldier from Oklahoma does not deserve to spend one more day in prison for informing the public of our government’s policies.  Bradley Manning believed you, Mr. President, when you came into office promising the most transparent administration in history, and that you would protect whistle-blowers.  Now would be a good time to start upholding that pledged transparency, beginning with PFC Manning.

We will not relent until this American hero is free.


158 thoughts on ““We are Bradley Manning” NY Times ad published

  1. It’s time for the Obama administration under the leadership of President Obama to live up to their promise of support for people like PFC Manning, Assange and even Snowden. If they do not, how can we ever trust them again?!?!?!?!?!

    • In a real democracy its citizens must know the truth about what their government is doing, so that they can make intelligent decisions!

    • Time for Obama and his administration to live up to who they promised us they’d be and support Manning,Snowden and Assange to be the peoples government or go down in history as just another same old, same old.

    • Some of us had the good sense to see Soetoro and his drooling horde of sycophants, currently in the Offal Office, for the counterfeits and bald-faced oath violators they always have been right from Day One. The word “trust” has all but completely dropped from the American lexicon. To clinical sociopaths and narcissists like the kind the White House is currently msggot-ridden with, Manning and the truth he stands for are just so much “collateral damage” in their Hell bent rampage to annihilate our Sovereignty and all that goes with it.

    • Time for people such as yourself to see the writing on the wall: Obama and company are NOT interested in living up to “promises”. He said what he had to get elected. He is crushing people like Manning with an iron fist to break all dissent. That’s what he wants. That’s why he fought Hedges, Chomskey & co. in court over NDAA (and won) so vociferously. Wake up. Your years behind many of us.

    • Free Bradley Manning ! NOW !

      I just wrote lots of comments on
      ‘Huff-Post’, and have just found this site (1620, G.M.T., 31 July, 2013).
      I am delighted to see such a lot of support for Bradley.
      It is good that Amnesty International
      plus several M.E.P.’s ( E.U. M.P.’s) have spoken up.
      I didn’t know that Pres’ Obama had come into office with a promise to defend whistle-blowers :
      what does he say NOW ?!!!
      Pres’ Obama should : say stop this ‘hounding’ of Bradley Manning :
      it would be fair to give a MUCH lighter sentence : one year? for breaching Army secrecy rules.
      In the time in prison, there would continue lots of support : he could write all he knew and thought down, sell books later , film rights, make a fortune and good luck to him, well done, I say.
      Putting human principles before protecting evil-doers, even if they are on ‘our side’.
      Terrible things happen in wars, we all know that, but there has to be a limit.
      If we in the west want to hold the moral high ground, then all of us NEED TO KNOW what is going on in our name.
      Then we can say, we don’t like this,
      stop it.
      If it’s all secret, then the people doing these things will get the message that it’s O.K., and get worse and worse, more and more cruel, just like the terrorists and extremists.
      To keep it all secret is patronising and treating us like children.
      Mr. President, people will love you even more if you step in NOW and help Bradley Manning.
      Never mind protocol, speak up in the good old USA way, for honesty, as you said you would.
      Bradley must have known his career in the Army would end badly for what he was about to do, but he went ahead anyway,
      for the sake of PRINCIPLES.
      He has upheld the basic ethos of the USA, that is, fair play and promoting better behaviour, not to mention Free Speech.
      Please Mr. President, act NOW.
      It could make a huge difference to the world, long-term.
      Thank you.

    • Bradley Manning has made me, and all of us who declare “We are Bradley Manning” proud to be Americans in this day when there is too much of which we are not proud.

      God bless you, Bradley Manning.

      Anne Schultz, Chicago

  2. That young private is inspirational as one willing, at any cost, to stand for what he believes. HE AND PEOPLE LIKE HIM ARE WHAT MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT, AND HE SHOULD BE HELD AS A SHINING EXAMPLE, not persecuted by a government more interested in its image that in the Constitution, and the PRE-Parriot Act Way of Life. Stand on the side of Essential Liberty, and let Bradly Manning go free!

  3. I don´t think he´s a traitor or a hero. He´s a decent man like many others, a man with a conscience. However, the big difference between the many honest and decent men and women in our country and abroad is that, first, he had access to some of the most relevant information in the world, something of great importance, something that really could make a difference. Second, he acted on his conscience. He took that step where, for many different reasons and without judging, most stop. Most can´t, most won´t, and that´s ok. But he went ahead and risked everything he had and everything he is to show the American people, and consequently the world, what he knew was wrong, what those who are meant to be leading this country in an exemplary way, have fallen short of meaning and have very poor ethical and moral values – the ones that do not represent the American people.
    Every day more people are joining the protests and rallies, are better informed and more involved, in the US and abroad. AI and other Human Rights organizations are in and old intimidation strategies are (more and more) out. The pressure is on.

    • I would love to be able to add my name without contributing financially.

      Is there anyway that I can do this?

      • I sent in $100 this past month and since I am on social security as an elder I can not send more at this time, but I too am Bradley Manning.

    • Yes, it is in the voice of Americans who are asking fellow Americans to join us in supporting this American Soldier. We understand that this ad will have limited appeal to the international community.

      • I suspect this campaign to raise donations via the name ad will have far reaching, international appeal. This is not an American issue only, though proud you must be to count Bradley Manning a fellow countryman; It is rather of great importance for all of us world-wide as we offer praise to this brave young man who, in taking action to defend those principles most of us cherish in common, has placed his freedom, his reputation and social standing, and finally, perhaps, even his life in jeopardy. No small thing. No one among us could fail to be moved be they American or any liberty loving soul.

      • I think that this issue concerns people all over the world. Openness and transparency in America concerns all American allies and everyone who is being spied upon directly. American politics affect the whole world.

  4. This solicitation for funds, specifically $100, does a disservice to the I Am Bradley Manning cause, as can be seen by many comments that state they would stand behind Bradley Manning but cannot afford $100. By this time you should know who your donors are and hit them up for the money. $100 is a LOT of money to a LOT of people.

    • I agree that $100 is a lot of money to many people, and that $100 will be a real sacrifice for many–but this campaign has been built on the sacrifice of many over three years now. We welcome donations of all amounts for this New York Times effort. We’ll be using many names of people who give less than $100 for the ad, but we’re not guaranteeing that they will appear in the ad–it’ll depend on how the final layout comes together.

  5. Not an American, but WOULD THAT I COULD BE BRADLEY MANNING and have the guts to expose unrighteous acts in an unjust war.

  6. We know there are friends of our campaign that simply despise The New York Times, for a number of very valid reasons. If that is you, but support the general idea, consider using the same ad template in a small local paper. Such an ad might only cost $500, and you could get it published in your community by collecting $5 from one hundred folks, as an example.

  7. I fully support the actions of Bradley Manning, as a necessary part of the democratic process. I completely agree that what he did was NOT a criminal offense, but an ACT OF PEACE. Daniel Ellsburg shares his courage. SET HIM FREE!

  8. I am Bradley Manning….and F#*k this bullish*t, I want my predecessors who built this country to sleep well in their graves, not roll over in them. I want to walk as a proud American in a world that recognizes that there are STILL Americans who believe and will FIGHT for what is right, from the inside. Thank you Bradley, I have your back…every American should

  9. It’s the Obama administration that tortured him and is seeking life in prison for Bradley so don’t expect any justice from the commander in ..chief

    • Ya, I think he and his administration are probably best lairs in past decade. Some people did some work were not deceived by Obama in the first place, for example Noam Chomsky, but I did think there might be some change and I was awfully wrong. Or there are some changes but in complete opposite direction.

  10. The establishment always hates the Bradley Manning’s of the world because they expose the scoundrels for being the arch criminals that they truly are.

  11. We are so fortunate to have people like Bradley Manning, Snowden and Assange…………..without them we would never know how far this once-great nation has descended

  12. We are so fortunate to have people like Manning, Snowden, and Assange……without them we would never know the depths of our government’s atrocities.

  13. Common Law is based on precedent. Any decision exhonorating Bradley Manning for his actions, would open the doors for whistle-blowers. The whole “military/industrial complex” of exploitation would be discredited. It seems to me, any decision in favor of Bradley Manning, would have to be based on default of legal proceedure, e.g.: lack of a speedy trial, torture, concealment of evidence, prejudical statement by the President, etc. If the U.S. military insist on “playing hard-ball” they increase the risk of the case being decided in favor of Manning’s actions. It will be interesting to learn how clever the U.S. military really are.–R.T. Thomes (Amsterdam)

    • The CommonLaw of the United States is supposed to be the U.S. Constitution and historically “all laws in pursuit thereof and that much of Olde English CommonLaw not in conflict therewith….had Bradley been tried according to the true CommonLaw of the United States, the trial would have concluded three years ago and pigeons would be crapping on bronze statues of Manning in every city in the U.S.

  14. If it were not for people like Bradley Manning, I would not get out of bed in the morning. As an Army medic in Vietnam, I learned that lying is the most powerful weapon in war.

  15. Manning, Snowden, Assange ! They say my email will not be published, but who cares, the government know it already !

  16. Bradley Manning is my HERO! He never lied. But everyone who is persecuting him, with their speech and their actions, lies without any qualms. They are the opposite of HEROS!

  17. What USA is doing to Bradley maning is no better than what the Romans did to Jesus or what the Catolic church did to their critics during the mideavel times; called them witches and burned them alive.
    You call yourself free Americans living in a free democracy. That is not compatible with what’s happening right now. It looks Moore like a closed, murky system with a hidden agenda like north corea or iran.

    Who can we world itizen trust ? USA or Russia or Cuba ?

    People of the USA. Wake up! Take your responsibility and free manning. He is a pointer to a better world.

  18. You under-estimate international interest. I am Irish and I am Bradley Manning. He has universal appeal and stands for courage, the truth and protecting human rights.

  19. My disillusion with President Obama is very nearly complete. I overcame my skepticism about his brief time in the Senate and the hero-worship of his supporters despite his sparse record of governance and supported his nomination because of his anti-war comments, now retracted by his actions in simply switching tactics by trading boots-on-the-ground for mechanical, soulless drones and unprecedented surveillance of private, law-abiding citizens. If Danlel Ellsberg had exposed the government’s lies about Vietnam today, I have no doubt he would have been tortured just as Bradley was. As a lifelong Democrat, I fear that the rush to nominate Hillary Clinton, who is more “hawkish” than Obama, will result in even more violation of citizen privacy and “foreign adventures” the Founders warned against.

    • Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t that how Adolf Hitler came into power, by stealing ‘votes’ and then killing or otherwise silencing those whom he lied to in order to get into office – or anyone else who would oppose him later?

  20. Bradley Manning is the man we all want to be…
    I experienced Vietnam first hand and the invasion and murder of so many innocent civilians and people fighting for self determination is also a crime against humanity…
    Bradley Manning deserves the support of all….it’s time the USA took a serious look at its attitude to its own citizens and citizens of the world

  21. I would have loved to donate for any part of Bradley’s help but sadly I’ve been on sick for over a year & have an income of £0 & my bank balance is a long way in the red. It’s a little frustrating knowing there’s nothing I can do but check the news every day. Good luck.

  22. Hello,

    As a French Veteran supporting Bradley on my website …and in the street in Paris, I regret that your draft limits the appeal to Ameriacan people.

    Why do you send the appeal to foreigners if they are not included ?

    Sincerely yours,

    Hubert Rouaud

  23. I am a Disabled Veteran. I believe In the Constitution… Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press… I believe Bradley Manning did the Right and JUST thing for America! We as Americans have the right to know what our Government is doing!
    I Am Bradley Manning!

  24. Grow some balls Obama. I voted twice for you because I thought you to be a moral man, Not a weak one. This kid has suffered enough. Since when in this country is a whistle blower a criminal?

    • ahhhh…moral man? I remembered a female activists visited or interviewed Obama and their conclusion is he is a man without moral compass something like that, and the women are absolutely right.

      If you take a look at the things he has most power to change, like Guatanamo, NDAA, Drones, he never hold those programs, and he actually greatly expanded them. Obama is a great cheater, smart, knowing how to speak, presenting himself nicely, but in fact doing the opposite, and he does freak me out.

  25. Like many above I also think Bradley Manning is not an American matter only. You forgot Poland 😉 which also took part in in Iraq and Afganistan wars. This was not my war and I believe many feel the same.

  26. I am so sorry! As a low income worker i don’t even have a credit card to donate you money. But to say it here: Bradley Manning is a modern hero.

  27. when people were able to tell the united states about the atrocities of the nazis by sneaking films of the deportments to the concentration camps,they were considered by the nazis to be enemies of the state… this is what Bradley Manning represents to the neo nazis of this state. He never should have been in jail and TORTURED in the first place for reporting the Truth about what this WAR has been about! Free Bradley Manning and all POLITICAL PRISONERS.

    Neil h. Bernstein

  28. Bradley Manning is a HERO. He saw what our industrial complex, which is run by the so called elitists (The Morgans, Rothschilds, Rockefellers,Queen of England, Etc.), are trying to do in the world, and wanted the people in the U.S.A., and the world to know how these groups of scum bag, power usurpers are using the U.S.A., to push their fascist plan to undermine all of the peoples on the earth. We have been lied to by the very people that we hired to protect and serve us. They swore an oath when hired to serve us, not the Queen of England, and they are the real traitors, NOT BRADLEY MANNING. The real traitors are scared as hell that the world is going to find them out and see their true colors, and that is precisely why they target whistle blowers and NOT the Banksters, to whom continually steal everyone’s wealth and freedom and Liberty. The U.C.C., or Uniform Commercial Code is the law for everyone, but the powers that were tell us that we cannot use this system. All commerce and trade in the world operates under the U.C.C. Law. The worlds governments, Banks, and Corporations, where legally Foreclosed on as of Dec., 25th, 2012, under U.C.C. law, (unrebutted), therefore it is law as a matter of fact, for operating a slavery system against all the peoples of the Earth. Please check out http://www.oppt-in.com or I-UV.Com, to read more about the World Foreclosure of the Powers that were. They have been found guilty operating a slavery system, and are guilty of TREASON. It is vital that everyone world wide know this information, so that we can take our world back. One last thing. People in the USA, think that we have a common law court. This is false. We operate under British Admiralty Law. The B.A.R.,or British Accreditation Registry, (Bow to the Queen of England), that is what our lawyers and Judges operate under. We where taken over at the very beginning of our country’s birth, by old George Washington, himself. I take NO pleasure in saying this, but it is the truth. Check it ALL out for yourself. We have all been betrayed, and are history is mainly been lies. Please check out Courtesy Notices also under I-UV.Com. More people would sign the petition for Bradley, but many do not have one hundred Dollars to spare. It is a shame that people cannot donate what they can and still be included for his support. God Bless Bradley Manning, My Hero.

  29. Go to hell America with all of your killings (be counted in the hundred thousands!!) of innocent people around the world..

  30. The Obama Administration is following in the tradition of Bush. Bradley Manning is being prosecuted
    and ludicrously overcharged not because he had aided the “enemy” but because he has exposed to the world the war crimes committed by the Obama Administration, as is his duty under international law.

  31. Bradley Manning is being prosecuted and egregiously overcharged not because he has aided the “enemy” but because he has exposed to the world the war crimes of the Obama Administration, as is his obligation under international law. The Obama Administration has shamelessly adopted the very policies of Bush that Obama campaigned against in 2008.

  32. Bradley Manning alongside Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and many other men and women of truth who are not with us any longer should honored with Nobel Peace Price as Mr. Obama should forfeit his – since he has accomplished quite the opposite of PEACE and we need to give it to the men who deserve it. These men do not belong in exile, or in torture chambers – they belong in and of the world. Please find the ones that are affraid of what their leaks will reveal and there you will find who belongs in prison.

    • Mr. Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize is to me SO, so ludicrous. (Maybe it was given intentionally to heighten the deception PLANNED against the American people… especially).

      The hypocrisy is enough to silence you… or cause one to scream!

  33. In a similar situation such as Bradley’s, I would have done the exact same thing. Enough with the lies.

  34. So sorry I cannot contribute as I don’t make transactions online and don’t have a credit card – but know this I support Bradley Manning all the way – bless you mate and good luck – there is going to be a lot of questions asked of people high up if any harm comes to you, questions they won’t want to answer

  35. The collective “we” are watching all of these proceedings and can hear the voice of humanity speaking truth to power. There is a deep sadness that comes from the lack of awareness in the young generation’s consciousness. Perhaps it was always the small informed minority that had to carry the load for the sleeping masses? The chips on the table seem to be closer to critical mass as far as survival of the species goes. The gamble on the aquatic species survival in the oceans may be the last chance for us all. That may occur in a few short years.

  36. Why do I get the idea Bradley Manning was found guilty even before the trial started. Not prepared to drop “aiding the enemy” without proof of anything even suggesting something like that?

  37. People like Daniel Ellsberg, Bradley Manning, and Edward Snowden are an antidote to all the rot that is modern American politics, both domestic and internationally. Obama will be remembered as the biggest let-down in modern American history!

  38. The unlimited power of the industrial military complex must be pulled in significantly!!! THE MILITARY SO CALLED LEADERS MUST OBEY THE LAW, OUR CONSTITUTION AND ACT TO PROTECT OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES AND THOSE OF BRADLEY MANNING!!! By twisting the law to further torture Bradly Manning who was courageous in exposing the military’s deceitful actions makes him a hero in my eyes! The military is succeeding in becoming the enemy of the American people!!! FREE BRADLY MANNING WHO CARED ENOUGH ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO GO AGAINST THE MILITARY’S SELF AGGRANDIZING ANTI-AMERICAN ACTIONS!!!!

  39. Manning and Snowden ♥ Thank you for showing the world the truth. Thank you for showing the world that there are US Americans with a heart too. Thanks for showing what kind of leaders we have in the *free* and *democratic* world. Time to change this world!

  40. Very disappointed the text omits the fact that Bradley Manning is gay. He’s queer as a three dollar bill and it’s not okay after so many LGBT people have organized on his behalf, and here in San Francisco worked overtime to have him made Grand Marshal of Pride, that his gayness is shoved into the closet. The ad must state’s he gay, please.

  41. honesty and open discussion, freedom of speech, is the american ideal of a democratic society. not spying, torture and imprisonment without trial, killing of innocent civilians calling it collateral damage and carrying on with the same, keeping the american public in the dark. people like assange, manning and snowden are courageous heros, sacrificing their own freedom and comfort in the circle of their friends and family.

  42. Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, now Bradley Manning. What a joke is US justice. What a splendid example to the other rogue states.

  43. As I voluntarily sign this paper in order to express my voice against this abusive act, I also ask you kindly to stand up against other kinds of abuses (political, economic, technological, etc.). Latin-American countries must fight against all this kinds of abuses, which are perpetrated by the same kind of people who want Bradley Manning in prison, we aren’t asking for favors, we want just you’re government to stop trying to control our countries to serve its interests and the ones of the lobby groups which support it.

  44. I am Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Have no money, only my heartfelt support to give these brave outstanding heroes of our time.

    • Yes, we’re publishing all of the names of those persons who give at least $100. We’ll make those names fit.

  45. Bradley, You are a hero, as you risked everything to inform the American people what their country was doing in their name and with their tax.

  46. What Mr. Manning has been put through at the hands of our government is unconscionable. It is my opinion that Mr. Manning is far more worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize than President Obama will ever be!
    Free Bradley Manning!


  47. America has one Organized Criminal Syndicate NOT two political party’s. The current President is as much a liar, thief, mass murderer, war criminal and traitor as the last one was. And the one before him and the one before him, etc., etc., etc.. Until American’s wake up to the fact that America is now a Criminal Enterprise NOT a Constitutional Republic it will continue the downward spiral of total destruction. Use RICO against these thugs and hoodlums.

  48. Warm greetings from Southamerica Brad Manning :)!. I only saw a video from wikileaks in which US soldiers killed parents and kids in front of their school. That’s a crime :(. I’m glad you shared this kind of things to your people and to the world. Media will say only what they are allowed to say and I can imagine how hurting can be the fact, for a decent American citizen, to realize where his taxes go… to support war crimes against civilians :'(.
    Dear Mr. Manning, I am Christian and I really hope you are holding on The Lord in these hard moments, for He’s with you, you just have to believe… Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”
    Many people think they can do bad in the darkness and no one else will know and will make justice, but the truth is that God sees all, and that’s why good people try to do the right thing, because the Almighty will pay each according to their deeds. Matthew 10:28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

  49. This country has become evil because the only way to make money now is by continually killing people in these trumped up wars over natural resources .
    I was in the U.S. Air Force years ago and have never been so ashamed of our country in my whole life .
    If this is Christianity unfurled then this tells me that Christianity is a big LIE .
    In some ways this country has become worse than Nazi Germany from the past albeit in unstoppable power .

  50. It is disgrace to the USA that the US-military is not going with the same determination after those who committed the war crimes.

  51. To all the people working to help Bradley,THANKS!!!Great job!!Free B.Manning! I’m from an invaded country by US army since 1898 (Puerto Rico)and we too dererve freedom,independence.

  52. Anyone who actually believed anything Obama said on any issue should have checked what they were smoking or swallowing.

  53. Judge Lind needs to listen to the Public outcry and I wish her family could be aware of what She is doing and posably presuade her to do something Right in the eyes of the world and stop being a Pawn in the Military might gone crazzy..That is if she has any family with a Concense ..

  54. Free Hero!
    Free Bradley Manning!
    Obama are you loser ?
    USA Are You loser. If you want be hero free Bradley!

  55. Bradley Manning is a hero. The true criminals are those who persecute him starting with Obama right down the line to that subjective government puppet Judge Lind

  56. Government works best in full sunlight. As the Bible says, “Men preferred the darkness because their deeds were evil.” I voted for change from government’s evil ways. I’m still waiting for that change.

  57. I´m german living in Spain Europe and I am Braedley Manning. Tomorrow I make public my anthem for Bradley Manning in a musicvideo. As a musician thats my support. All the best to all followers.

  58. What a terrific project. The ad is excellent, very clear, very eloquent. Exactly the kind of tribute Bradley Manning deserves for his good work, for doing the right thing under the most difficult circumstances. Also great to hear about his peace prize and the article calling on Obama to pardon him. It’s a very important time to get the message out.

  59. I support Manning. There are few people as brave as that one.

    I can’t say ‘i am bradley manning’. I have not been through the fire as manning has been. I have not felt the weight of the entire government on my neck.

    It is time for an end to the Moloch of the security apparatus that is eating our kids.

  60. It’s time for our, “Criminal in Chief” to be prosecuted and impeached!! Along with Bush and his cronies!

    Free Bradley Manning!

  61. I am Bradley Manning who supportd president obama the first time but did not get fooled twice. The NDAA and attacks on whistle blowers, not to mention unwilling to fight Monsanto and Wall Street left me very dissapointed.

    I will always be Bradley Manning

  62. Right now, people like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are America’s moral leaders. As for Mr. Obama et al, enough said. Many thanks to the Mannings, Snowdens, and all those in eery land who face power with truth and insistence on a just and nonviolent world. They are brave and inspirational.

  63. the real criminals are those who have so much shame that they would have truth be denied us, the emperor has no clothes and we are all Bradley Manning. Watch this false empire crumble under it’s own insane delusion that reality can be withheld indefinitely for the sole benefit of keeping our so-called leaders empowered. ..for what is a leader with no followers? nothing at all but a deluded tyrant on the brink of total insanity, may he rest in pieces

  64. Exposing USA (United States of Army) war crimes does & has saved many lives.
    Judge Denise R. Lind as a representative of the US Army, United States of Army (Finance-Media-Military-Industrial-Complex) people & government have been found guilty by the people of the world of Crimes Against Humanity for their conduct in the illegal manufactured wars against Iraq, Afghanistan etc. including most significantly the torture, persecution & false ‘show’ trial of whistle-blower PVT Bradley Manning, intelligence officer who exposed these crimes against humanity.
    As a consequence, the US of Army, corporations & its citizens are now shunned by the world’s people as linked to murdering, irresponsible & earth-destroying practices. Considering this aggravated assault follows in the wake of hundreds of illegal manufactured aggressions & wars (mostly undeclared) against nations around the world, including the sovereign 1st Nations of the Americas, it will take a full apology & redress under ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) law & custom. http://www.indigenecommunity.info
    Vote with every dollar & moment you spend.

  65. Today Bradley Manning will be sentenced. I so admire his courage and thank him for his bravery in releasing that information into the public domain.
    From here in the UK I wish we had similar heroes.

  66. We should all be Mr Bradley Manning.

    He is a hero to many of us here in Australia. This man is a good, decent man of conscious. We stand and applaud the decision and actions that Mr Manning undertook to reveal the truth – and the lies – of the American government. Australia is a lap-dog to the USA, blindly following whatever action they take, and getting ourselves into the same mess.

    It has to stop. And thankfully Mr Manning has opened our collective eyes to the deception, ego and blatant hypocrisy a succession of American governments has inflicted on the world (as if, in many instances, we didn’t know already!).

  67. We need a force of 100,000 or more to march on the facility of his retention. We need to be willing to stay even though we may be beaten. We need to consider, if Bradley Manning was our brother or son, would we be willing to do what needs done. What needs done is to get him out of jail. Obama, so long as he takes this attitude towards those who reveal the injustice of the American “system”, is contemptible. We need to march for Bradley Manning. I am so disgusted I voted for Obama. I’ll gladly throw my vote away on the Greens next time.

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