Chelsea still faces charges for suicide attempt: Daniel Ellsberg, Michael Stipe release videos of support

September 13, 2016 by the Chelsea Manning Support Network

After years of inhumane treatment from the Army, and still facing 30 years in her prison sentence, Chelsea Manning attempted suicide on July 5th, 2016. Although happy to be alive, Chelsea is now facing charges related to her own attempt on her life.

>>Sign the petition and demand the Army drop these absurd charges against Chelsea<<

If convicted of these absurd “administrative offenses”, Chelsea could face indefinite solitary confinement for the rest of her prison term.

Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and musician Michael Stipe released videos today in support of Chelsea.

Daniel Ellsberg: “I stand with Chelsea Manning. I hope you will too.”

Michael Stipe: “I support human rights for all people. As an American patriot it is my duty to stand with Chelsea Manning… Instead of giving her the treatment she needs, the government is now threatening her with indefinite solitary confinement. This is unjustifiable. It is unfair, and it needs to be stopped. You can help me stop it now- sign the petition at”

Chelsea is being charged for:

  • Resisting the force cell move team (Chelsea was unconscious when this team arrived, which makes this charge particularly absurd.)
  • Prohibited property (For a book she had mislabeled in her cell)
  • Conduct which threatens (For somehow putting the prison at risk while attempting to take her own life, quietly, in her own cell.)

Chelsea will face a disciplinary board later this month, and could very likely be charged for her own suicide attempt. Join Daniel Ellsberg and Michael Stipe in demanding the government drop these unnecessarily cruel charges against Chelsea. Sign the petition, submit your own video of support to [email protected], or tweet with #StandWithChelsea.

Sign the Petition!
Demand the Army drop the absurd charges against Chelsea<<


6 thoughts on “Chelsea still faces charges for suicide attempt: Daniel Ellsberg, Michael Stipe release videos of support

  1. From

    “Promoting freedom and democracy and protecting human rights around the world are central to U.S. foreign policy. The values captured in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in other global and regional commitments are consistent with the values upon which the United States was founded centuries ago.”

    Yeah, centuries ago when the U.S. was founded by slave holders who were all about human rights and democracy.

    U.S. citizens want to believe these lies so badly that they are willing to look away from any facts that contradict them. Sadly, the treatment of Chelsea Manning is just another one of those annoying facts to be ignored in order to uphold the lie.

  2. The irresponsible people are free While manning is in Prison for telling the truth of there Crimes ..Typical Amerikan Military Injustice ..The Farce of ..So Called..Uniform Code of Military Justice,,(INJUSTICE) Is what is should be called..It is a typical Kangaroo court of Military cover up to satisfy there own idea of anything they determine or dont like that may make them look Guilty..

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