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Justice for Bradley Manning petition

In a few weeks, depending on what the response trend is, this will be sent to the DoD and major media outlets covering the story, plus a paper copy to Brad Manning himself.

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Petition text:

To: US Department of Defense; US Department of Justice

We, the Undersigned, call for justice for US Army PFC Bradley Manning, incarcerated without charge (as of 18 June 2010) at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

Media accounts state that Mr. Manning was arrested in late May for leaking the video of US Apache helicopter pilots killing innocent people and seriously wounding two children in Baghdad, including those who arrived to help the wounded, as well as potentially other material. The video was released by WikiLeaks under the name “Collateral Murder”.

If these allegations are untrue, we call upon the US Department of Defense to release Mr. Manning immediately.

If these allegations ARE true, we ALSO call upon the US Department of Defense to release Mr. Manning immediately.

Simultaneously, we express our support for Mr. Manning in any case, and our admiration for his courage if he is, in fact, the person who disclosed the video. Like in the cases of Daniel Ellsberg, W. Mark Felt, Frank Serpico and countless other whistleblowers before, government demands for secrecy must yield to public knowledge and justice when government crime and corruption are being kept hidden.

Justice for Bradley Manning!

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  1. Desde esta parte del mundo:
    Seguimos queriendo saber siempre la verdad.
    Tal vez no estemos preparados para actuar en consecuencia, pero sí para no dejar que nos mientan.
    La población requiere información con MaYúSCuLaS.
    Sois la elite, sois imprescindibles.

  2. Hi, I have some questions:
    What is Bradley’s birthday?
    Do Bradley’s relatives support this site?
    The officials should not care about the leaks but about those who burke their failures.
    Regards, Simpl

  3. From Argentina, we send our support to Bradley and the hope that justice will prevail.. Vamos bradley todavia!!!!! el mundo necesita soldados como vos, que le digan no a las miserables guerras de los millonarios asesinos.

  4. I went to high school opposite Bradley in Montgomery County, MD. He went to Whitman, I went to Paint Branch, though years before him, I was Class of ’91.

    I was in the Army long before Bradley, and I will still be working around the Army long after he’s gone. I had my first security clearance when he was in elementary school.

    Bradley was smart enough to understand the terms of his enlistment, complete his training, get a security clearance, and all of the NUMEROUS non-disclosure agreements to get that clearance.

    We have something in America called the Constitution, and that places the military under civilian authority. Bradley agreed to abide by the regulations set forth for the Army by Congress and the civilian authorities such as the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Army and their representatives.

    Privates do not get the ability to decide what information gets released. If the State Department wants to keep its message traffic secret, the power is not given to some rulebreaking kid to decide otherwise.

    He’s probably not going to go to prison. He’ll get off light. In earlier times he would have been executed for espionage and/or treason.

    Play big boy games, win big boy prizes. He knew the rules, he broke the rules. He’ll go down in history as another spoiled whining kid who thought he was special and wasn’t.

    • reply to Daniel Kemp

      We only know Bradley Manning is arrested, but stil without charge.

      We realy know Daniel Elleberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers, the world wil never forget Ellesberg.

      • I agree with manning and not these tools of war. It says in your oath you take when you enlist to defend the constitution not the government. when you are serving your constitution and you see your constitution being violated you are morally and ethically obliged to stand up and speak no matter what piece of paper you sign. would you be willing to die for a politician or your full unremandated constitution??!!

  5. EMAILED to Daniel Kemp:

    “Privates do not get the ability to decide what information gets released. If the State Department wants to keep its message traffic secret, the power is not given to some rulebreaking kid to decide otherwise.”

    Oh really? You actually have the NERVE to bring up Rule-Breaking? Pay attention to your surroundings, and you’ll see who the real rule-breakers are.. unless the following lies dont count in your book:

    Staging the Gulf-Of-Tonkin incident, FDR allowing Pearl Harbor to happen, Bush Sr. Orchestrating JFK assassination, non existence of WMD’s, Execution of pending Anti-War vet Pat Tillman, the Future knowledge of the Oil Spill, CIA controlled Opium trade in Afghanistan and countless others.

    Accidental History vs. Conspiratorial History

    Who is the Controlling Elite?

    After one is to realize that he is only helping to perpetuate lies, all NDA and confidential paperwork becomes Null-and-Void. Maybe not in a legal sense (your claim), but certainly on a MORAL and HUMANITARIAN level, which is what the constitution is REALLY here to protect.

    You obviously have NO IDEA who you are actually serving (the New World Order) which is hell-bent on controlling every aspect of your life and your family’s.

    Hopefully your arrogant and clueless post earns you a lifetime of email spam.

    Good day sir,


    • Well said…I could not have written any better. Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning should be released immediately, although I know, of course, that that will not happen.

  6. Veritas, your e-mail has been answered directly. Go back to your tinfoil-hat conspiracy sites. This is not about the Illuminati ruling the world behind the scenes. This is about one young man who knew the rules, willingly broke them, and now has to face the cost of that.

    Mike, I suppose the concept of Bradley accepting the responsibility and consequences for his actions is just old-fashioned and out of the question?

    I will debate this subject all day, every day as my schedule permits.

    Daniel G. Kemp
    Fort Polk, Louisiana
    [email protected]

    • Well Daniel, let’s just hope you aren’t called away to search for WMDs somewhere. I would sure miss your objective point of view, not to mention my money that would be wasted on your adventures… um, I mean mission.

  7. On peut être militaire et avoir une conscience, une morale. En France, par exemple, le général Jacques de Bollardière a ouvertement condamné la pratique de la torture en Algérie, raison pour laquelle il fut condamné à deux mois de forteresse. En Israël, des membres de Tsahal ont témoigné de crimes de guerre commis par leur armée. Pour ma part, je ne vois pas ces personnes comme des traitres à leur pays mais comme des hommes et femmes d’un exceptionnel courage et d’une très grande humanité. Les tenants d’une obéissance aveugle à la hiérarchie militaire jouent avec le feu car cet argument peut tout excuser: tortures, viols, meurtres. Point d’accusés pour tous les massacres commis par les armées allemandes et japonaises lors de la seconde guerre mondiale: les soldats ne faisaient qu’obéir aux ordres. Aucun coupable pour les sanglantes années de dictature militaire en Amérique du Sud. Non coupables, ces fous sanguinaires qui se sont amusés et enthousiasmés à canarder tout ce qui courait sous leur hélicoptère… La barbarie n’est pas toujours où l’Occident affirme qu’elle se trouve.

  8. Doesn’t the public have a right to know if American forces are firing upon unarmed civilians and then laughing about it? From what I have read Bradley did a brave thing to let people know about wrong-doings of some of the US Apache personnel. Why haven’t these other guys who pulled the trigger been charged with a crime. All Bradley did was to publish the truth.

  9. Our government does shady shit all the time. They would like it if nobody was watching them, but that will never happen. I support Bradley Manning because what he saw a cover up of unethical behavour. The military should be embaraced. It took courage to do what he did, but pride was his downfall… next time someone leaks information, keep yer mouth shut.

  10. Free Bradley Manning! He is a hero for getting this information out there. The public had a right to know what our military does.

  11. Bradley Manning is among our country’s great heros. He took a risk by blowing a whistle and speaking truth to power. Although I am a strong supporter of our country’s mission, Bradley should not be punished for leaking this video which shows a clear violation of America’s high morals and ethics. Bradley should be released immediately and honored.

    • @Chris Thomas: “Although I am a strong supporter of our country’s mission…” If this whole affair doesn’t make you question the moral authority of the military, what on earth would?

      Would you support the boy scouts if it were leaked that they were shooting windows with bb-guns and their scout masters were covering it up? It wouldn’t make you question the organization itself? Sounds like irresponsible patriotism to me.

  12. In Specification 2 charges, PFC Manning was charged with unauthorized disclosure of information, for reasons of national defense, to wit: a classified video of a military operation filmed at or near Baghdad, Iraq, on or about 12 July 2007. Manning’s charge #2 states that he did willfully communicate, deliver and transmit the video, or cause the video to be communicated, delivered and transmitted, to a person not entitled to receive it, with reason to believe that such information could be used to the injury of the United States or the advantage of any foreign nation, in violation of 18 U.S. Code Section 1030(a)(1), such conduct being prejudicial to good order and discipline in the armed forces and being of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.

    Ironic, here we have a brave-as-hell whistle blowing hero making our troops, nation and world safer from war, and patriotically obeying his enlistment oath to the United States Constitution. Yet, the Executive Order of which he is in supposed violation is criminal; the war is criminal; Obama’s continuing war is illegal; and all these administration and top brass military cowards that stand behind illegal Executive Orders and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths, torture, loss of nations, values, limbs, families — they, these traitors, they stand behind their corruption smugly as they take huge salaries and convict this young patriot.

    And Obama has taken seven times more cash from Goldman Sachs than amBush took from Enron. Go figure. Go Obama (as in RESIGN!). I don’t care about all the liberal catching up on small fry Bushcrap, Barrack Hussein — stop your war crimes and find where your heart is located, if you have one, Mr. Teflon II.

    Manning, you honor us all. Thank you, young man! Obama, you dishonor this nation, and you are a corporate puppet.

  13. Bradley Manning was exposing a coverup. Jn:3:19 And this is the condemnation,that light is come into the world,and men loved darkness rather than light,because their deeds were evil. For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light,lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light that his deeds may be manifest that they are wrought in God” The army hates the light being shone on their evil deeds. So they will condemn the truth teller,and intimidate any others that may be so inclined to come forward. The army is the coward and Bradley courageous.

  14. I am Chinese,I support Bradley Manning,hope he can live in other good country happily and will not be charged by USA.

  15. “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

    PFC Bradley Manning is a hero. My cousin who is still on the Vietnam Memorial wall as POW/MIA is also a hero. My ancestors who fought in the revolutionary war and the civil war and WWII are heroes. Those who are prosecuting him are the problem, not him. They are fine with murdering journalists and children. “They shouldn’t have brought their children to a war zone if they don’t want them getting hurt!” Guess what idiot: THEIR ENTIRE COUNTRY IS A WAR ZONE thanks to the corruption running rampant in the USA.

  16. They must find it difficult…Those who have taken the authority as the truth, rather than the truth as the authority. -Gerald Massey

    The “Justice Department” is also prosecuting a whistle-blower who revealed dozens (maybe more) of ultra-rich who were sheltering their millions and billions with the help of UBS. He got 40 months, they got “fines” that weren’t even close to the amount they owed the American public.

    And these same ultra rich complain about how their taxes are used for welfare.

    How dare the people’s money is used for the people in a land that claims to be “for the people by the people”.

    Fools continue to watch Faux News, Rupert Murdoch’s third reich and continue to be lead into the desert.

  17. I praise and support Bradley Manning. I hope that in a similar situaton I could display the same courage.

  18. It’s not Bradley who should be held in custody but those who abused their status as soldiers and killed INNOCENT people! The fact he’s being charged for this is beyond me, what is the world coming to!

  19. Slaughter of civilians is nothing new to warfare since WW II. And don’t forget the My Lai Massacre in March 1968, in Vietnam.
    The Army guys who witnessed the killing by helicopter and tried to stop it were threatened after reporting to authorities. Threatened with death many times into civilian life for reporting the atrocities. Finally, many years later, were awarded top medal for valor. Justice eventally wins, but it takes time.

  20. Don’t kill the messenger! Bradley merely shed light on a severe military misconduct. Now the military needs to fix this. But not by silencing the voices of conscious.

    Bradley should get a medal and go free!

  21. The US violated the Geneva convention. Manning did the right and honorable thing. He is an American hero.

  22. Bradley is a hero to Americans who DO support the Constitution. The facts are that these american soldiers were on a killing spree, how many had they done before they were caught. Remember the Geneva Conventions and Nuremberg! Free Bradley long live the true patriots, the whistleblowers blowing the whistle on US imperialism and genocide.

  23. Thanks Manning….the corporate, blood-sucking, evil, murdering, satanic cult who are playing chess with the world need to be exposed. They have no loyalty and will sell USA in a heartbeat.

  24. There is no exception to the regulations that says “If you think it was moral to violate regulations, you don’t have to go to jail.” It is not an excuse.

    Bradley broke the regulations regarding release of classified material, and will be prosecuted for it in exactly the same manner as if he took a suitcase full of cash and a friendly hooker from a Russian KGB (well, SVR these days) agent.

    Again, I’ll debate this with anyone. The only person who will try to argue with me is that Illuminati-fearing kook “Veritas”.

    Daniel Kemp
    [email protected]

  25. Daniel Kemp, your silly appeal to “regulations” only underscores your immoral mindset and your blindness to the issue. As if “regulations” somehow trump truth and humanity! Your appeal to “regulations” is not an argument for Manning’s persecution, but in fact an argument for repealing and/or defying said “regulations”.

  26. Daniel Kemp said:
    25 June 2010 at 10:40 pm
    I went to high school opposite Bradley in Montgomery County, MD. He went to Whitman, I went to Paint Branch, though years before him, I was Class of ‘91.

    How did you know where Manning went to HS? It’s not published anywhere. You must be one of the perverted spooks setting him up.

    • To Kemp. Your zeal for regulations falls by the wayside. How that person found out what HS he went to is besides the point. Your boldness shows me your immaturity. Being in the military your job is to protect the citizens not protect the bastards known as the Government who oppose the citizens and violate the US Constitution time and time again and lie right smack in front of our faces.

      We all know what POTUS can do regarding the Insurrection Act and in my opinion it sucks. The Government is suppose to serve the people and not the people serve the Government!!!! There is no provision in this act that allows citizens to remove POTUS or the Government and the police without fear of being shot or arrested or detained if the vast majority of citizens feel the Government, Police or POTUS has exceeded their powers and have indeed violated the Constitution.

      So what choice do the citizens have when its a two party system and those running in those parties have been selected by the 1%, the Illuminati, Bildenbergs, Rockefellers and the blessing of the International Banking Cartel along with the electoriate getting millions of dollars to crush citizens objections to illegal government actions and plans.

      We have a right to bear arms, yet the Government, States and Judicial Courts and Legislators imposes regulations on such right, imposes us to register etc., and in my opinion such regulations is illegal and do read the Constitution OK.

      I am aware of about the Strait of Hormuz incident in 2007 and also know that a General was prepared to arrest Bush and Cheney and take the White House for trying to implement and create their warmongering and attack Saudi Arabia in their quest to capture the oil fields. Hence one of the underground tunnels was blown up to prevent POTUS of escaping. To simplify and make it short, this almost became a military coup.

      I also know the CIA were the ones behind the attack on the World Trade towers along with a few other branches within the Government yet the military remained silent.

      I am willing to serve part of Mannings sentence as I believe what he did was right, to let the people know the truth of the Governments cover up. Even Snowden is proving it outright!!! The Government is admitting it!!!!! How about you, and I think you don’t even have the balls to stand up to your rights as well because of your brainwashed convictions and belief being a regulations freak.

      You got a long way to grow up Kemp, as I am old enough to be your Grandpa and have far more experience than you have had up to now. Long live Manning and Snowden. At least they have Honor but not you.

  27. Our Federal Government has a way of shutting down whistle blowers:

    Sibel Edmonds – perpetually gagged by the Bush administration for exposing State Dept. mischief…

    Kurt Haskel – posed questions regarding the Xmas underwear bomber to the Fed, gets treated like a nutcase.

    Where’s the Main Stream Media on this stuff?

  28. WHERE is main street media, where they always are…hiding behind the skirts of the Pentagon and a corrupt imperialistic government. You will find no new information from the lamestreet, print only what we tell you media unless the Pentagon delivers them a message to write about. There are no real investigative reporters in the main street media. If you want to know the truth about anything these days we have so few sources of alternative reporting. is one of the best, otherwise there are some online sites. When Rolling Stone magazine has to report the truth, you know the media in the US is in bad shape. Free Bradley, Americas young hero.

  29. Daniel Kemp says:
    9 July 2010 at 4:46 am

    “Again, I’ll debate this with anyone.”

    Well, Danny Boy, what happened to your BIG MOUTH?

    How do you know where he went to high school?
    Is it true that you and your spooky ilk unlawfully accessed the records of PFC Manning?
    What happened to rules and regulations?

  30. Bradley Manning you are a hero and a credit to your parents for raising you with a strong sense of morality and the courage to try and put things right where possible. It is abhorrent that I have not read anywhere condemnation of the barbaric attack by the murderous thugs in the helicopter. Many of us have suspected that behind this veneer of supposed civilisation which our Western governments parade under lies a sickening hypocrisy which has been capable of barbarism and terrorism worse than that committed by our “enemies”. (Allende, Contras to name but a few)

    Obama you are a disgrace, why have you not spoken up and condemned this barbaric act, why have you not initiated an investigation into whether there are other crimes against humanity hidden away behind “classified information”.

    Bradley Manning should be given a medal not prosecuted.

  31. Only the empires of the evil hide the public’s relevant facts, they practice the censorship and they pursue in a vile way who it published them.

  32. We can’t afford these occupations any more.
    It will end US.
    $600 B/Year.
    Debate in the senate about health care?
    this took up all of 2009/ and part of 2010.
    Debate on “emergency supplemental July 2010 for Iraq and Afg?”?
    one hour.
    $32 Billion.

    Other than the 110? that voted against this insanity,
    (+10 cons)
    The rest cannot ever be considered fiscal conservatives.
    +- 325 Congress are not and can’t claim ever to be fiscal conservatives.
    They are tax and spend war mongers.
    They love military pork.
    And, when the 99er’s are out of luck,
    because all of their jobs are overseas
    because of Nafta, Cafta, Gatt, Wto, world bank, et al
    the greed of the money and the lobbyists for the monopolies,…
    we have to worry now about the debt?
    Now about the deficit?

    Tax and waste war mongers can shut the fuck up about the deficit.
    David Marden

  33. I cannot even imagine the guts and courage it takes for someone to buck the entire established order like this! He sacrificed himself for the good of the nation. You are a credit to the nation.
    Thank you Bradley!

  34. There were German soldiers during WWII that helped/allowed Jews to escape death, and that was highly illegal under their laws. In time, those “law breakers” would be viewed as heroes for saving lives. Manning did the right thing, and will be honored int he future. Hopefully he will still be alove when that day comes.

  35. what got us into the veitnam war…the gulf of tonkin incident. Daniel Ellsberg released the pentagon papers via the newspapers and eventually ended the war. today what is the reason we are at war… 9/11 was not what it first seemed…. as the kids in this video suffer, and you all think….what a shame…. to ignore is to condone. dont ignore….dont condone. listen to David Ms comment above – July 30 at 1:06am. Kick the about 325 congress members out. out out out. those 325 people cant control 300,000,000 people. Lt. Ehren Watada is truth. wake up fellow Americans

  36. love your neighbor as you love yourself. after this life, I and You, we will be judged. prepare for that moment… more than any. dont be fooled by the media, which is mostly controlled by just a few individuals influenced by the bad, into participating in any evil action. where should our tax dollars go. let’s see, a trillion on guns for war ….or to schools…hmmm

    • Julian Assange asking Ecuador to bring him to their country as the US through the UK and Sweden will try to bring him to US for espionage? No one really knows if Bradly gave Wiki those documents or not, and even if he did…Bradley and Julian did more for transparency and bringing out the crimes against humanity, than did all the news networks worldwide. Bradley and Julian are whistleblowers who are courageous heros in my book.

      • Absolutely! The government applauds one set of whistleblowers which generates revenue and goodwill for them whilst simultaneously deriding another set of whistleblowers who cast them in a bad light of cloak-and-dagger untruths, half-truths and Macchiavelian manipulation…TRUTH IS TRUTH ! Regardless.

  37. Un pais decente no debería encerrar a gente decente sino premiar su valor… hay que ser muy decente y tener mucho valor para hacer lo que ha hecho Bradley Manning. Mis más sinceras felicitaciones a todos los que contribuyeron a su educación, debeis sentiros orgullosos.

  38. Dear Bradley,
    You are a hero to many of us and we more than appreciate your sacrifice. The Political climate is pretty bad right now with the Tea Party gaining supporters and so many folks voting for the wrong party and people to strengthen the US and not weaken it but I still have hope that the truth will win and you will be free some day soon. You have a lot of people supporting you – more than you know – for example, it took me two (or is it three months?) to write this email but I’ve been with you from the beginning. Hang in there and they’d better be treating you well. Much love from all of us who want to create an honest and fair US and not let these crooks and war mongers get off scott free any more.

  39. Ed, where Manning went to high school was in the Washington Post article about him when the story first broke. While I never served in military intelligence, I can at least read a newspaper.

    CertainQuirk, Harriet Tubman knew what she did was illegal, and did it anyway. She knew she’d be hanged (if she was lucky) if caught, or worse, sold back into slavery. There would be no mass media pressure to save her, no whining apologists to keep her from the noose or from slave chains. She knew the risk she took, and accepted that risk unafraid.

    That’s heroism. Bradley’s actions somehow fall short.

    • How true! If we look back at our own history the real true patriots were forced to go against the “law” when the law was unjust. MLK was jailed how many times? Our history is filled with true patriots who challenged false law and laws that kept them oppressed. And we know the “watchers” are watching all his supporters….we are defending Bradley because it is OUR first amendment right to do so.I hope he is being treated better now.

  40. I think killing civilians costs lives. That puts far more US troops at new danger than anythign Bradle Manning did. Never mind the letter of the law, where is the spirit? There are reasons laws are written, and they should be questioned. Failure to do so amounts to doing what those wearing the jackboots say we must do. Judging by the way Bradley Manning is being treated, people on either ‘side’ have good reason to wonder who the enemy is. The more truth we know, the easier it will be to sort out the mess. It’s too expensive to indulge in it now, never mind the cruelty of it, and that alone is a damn good reason to stop. People often say it takes guts to die so others may live. So what are we supposed to think of warmongers who make careers of it? They live so that others may die. That surely makes them the worst kind of coward!

  41. @Drew: We closed that down in favor of the Stand With Brad petition begun recently, which should be of greater impact. However, the petition signatures have been processed and printed, and will be delivered to US officials. We’ll have a release about that shortly.

  42. Bradley Manning is a political prisoner of the US Government, incarcerated for daring to leak information about atrocities committed against innocent Iraqi civilians by US military personnel. These crimes had the tacit approval of their superiors who had no concern for the fate of the population of that country, illegal killings which they brushed off as being ‘collateral damage’. Bradley Manning is a hero not a criminal.
    The US military are the greatest perpetrator of human rights abuses in the world, far outweighing anything done by regimes in other parts of the world that they so often criticise.

    • Instead of taking Bradley to trial, why not those commanders and Bush and Cheney not on trial for their warcrimes…no wonder our vets have PTSD…these killings of innocent people is the real issue…not who told the truth about them. How can the US claim to be the humanitarian’s in the world, when the world knows what Bush and Cheney did.

  43. All REAL Americans realize that this man is a hero. He needs to have a trial of his peers, not a military tribunal kangaroo court. Free Bradley Manning!

  44. He IS a hero. Since the U.S. government has violated his rights so terribly, he must be freed, and all charges dropped.
    If we don’t protect our whistleblowers, there won’t be anybody to protect us.
    The government and media are so corrupt, they’re actually working against us.

  45. Bradley a brave defensor of the justice is a victim of the corrent pseudo-justice that defends all injustices.
    This pseudo-justice usurper of the true justice must be removed from the world. The true justice should show her face releasing Bradley Manning, a real hero!

  46. I pray for Bradley Manning and what he represents as a human being. He is an example of what true integrity is and how at times acting from within one’s own sense of what is right causes an individual to make the hardest sacrifices.

  47. I have to support this guy. He was upholding true American(Global)ideals. His government/the US Army are so wrong: once liberators,now reviled. How did it come to this? I just don’t believe in just ‘following orders’,displacing blame onto others. The SS were just following orders! S**t,your soldiers are coming home in body bags and wheelchairs. You’re also killin lots of ordinary folk. How did it all go wrong with you folk over there? What’s with your politicians and generals? Greed,avarice,power,status…you get the same guys appearing at the top everywhere: the pushy make their way to the front. Howaretheysleepinatnite!

  48. The ignorant, the bullies , so long as there’s a physical world they will always want to control.
    They have molded and packaged a story of what they call truth and if you don’t fit into that truth of theirs , then you are a justifiable target for theiir dark side.
    I send my prayers of empathy to Bradley Manning , for what else can you do?
    Some one has to be the victim of an oppressor in order for it to be seen that their is such a thing as oppression. Bradley Manning is that .He exemplifies the state of mind of those in power.
    Free Bradley Manning

  49. Dear Mr. Manning,

    You served the truth. Never doubt that what You did was wrong. The persons history speaks about, usually were blamed while they were alive.

    Everyone who doubts if You are right, should take a few minutes of his life and listen to John F. Kennedys speech on secret society.

    Thank You very much.

  50. Heroes like Bradley Manning are extremely rare. He demonstrated courage and extraordinary commitment and deserves the support of all those who dream of a better and fairer world.

  51. Governments hide behind national security. National security stands for dictatorship and censorship. National security is undemocratic and should be abolished.

  52. When do u get in trouble by telling the truth. Free Bradley Manning he did the right thing. We live in a screwed up world………………..

  53. I wish to add to this site and I hope my comments, in their context, add to the discussion and no more than that.

    1. I’ve not read all the posts
    2. I’m sure this site is monitored but I really hope those monitoring can take a step back from their brief (if you’re monitoring, please keep reading before you make a decision)
    3. I’m a UK citizen but I lived in the US pre-9/11 (gap year working for Camp America as an 18/19 year old) and loved it
    3. I am well travelled, educated and a professional with a young family
    4. More recently (2006/7) I spent a year in China – and loved that too
    5. I’m not an anti-government person
    6. I have not spent any time researching the case of Mr Manning although I have been previously aware of it through traditional news outlets re: Wikileaks and there was an excellent Radio 4 play which I happened to listen to perhaps 6-8 months ago when I was on paternity leave.
    7. I accept that he may have breached serious obligations which he agreed/signed up to/accepted and it is right that a recognised court determines whether he has or not
    8. I can understand the concept of “the fog of war” – I have watched the video that Reuters secured under a FOI request (which was part of what Mr Manning provided to Wikileaks) and whilst it appears appalling to me I have never been in a war situation so I am not qualified to comment on how I would react in similar circumstances and people should take note of this point.
    9. However when I read this
    9. My heart sank
    10. As a human being and as a father (to 3 beautiful young children) I cannot understand the need for this on any level…and would ask those who have sanctioned/approved/implemented this regime upon him to ask themselves how, if it were their child/sister/brother/mother/father, they would feel
    11. I recognise that there is little I can do but I do believe that many little things add up
    12. So I did a simple search for wristbands: which I have never felt the need to wear (despite the many good causes there are for these in the UK) as I had always had a concern that they were actually more to do with fashion/the wearer than any belief in a cause
    13. I do not wish to be behind the creation of a wristband for Mr Manning – my priority is looking after my family
    14. I do not wish anyone to profit from making such wristbands if they were made.
    15. However, if they were made, I would, subject to checking the profiteering point, because I think people have used/profiteered from Mr Manning….I WOULD BUY AND WEAR ONE FOR HIS TREATMENT TO DATE.

    My thoughts and thanks for reading if you got this far

  54. Bradley Manning is a hero, he works for the “Light” and he did the ‘right thing’.

    I am sure that if Jesus Christ were to be walking the earth at this time, I’m sure he would of done the ‘right thing’ as well, just like millions more of us, including myself !

    I have absolutely no doubt, that this site is being monitored by the intelligence agencies, but we have had two world wars standing up for democracy, a ‘free press’ and ‘free speech’ and I refuse to live under tyranny.

    It is “Western Foreign Policy”, that creates terrorism and most educated people all over the world, are well aware that ‘911’ was an ‘inside job’.

    The hidden agenda, initiating wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, was to not only take away people’s civil liberties and impliment ‘police states’ across the globe, in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, but to also control the trillions of dollars of mineral deposits and oil resources in the Middle East.

    It also enabled the bankers and armaments manufacturers to make billions and billions of dollars, manufacturing weapons of war, whilst our respective economies were in steep economic decline, engineered by the global elite.

    Bradley, you are a true “Lightworker”

  55. I noticed this page only has 168 likes. Clearly there is not enough traction here for your petition to help Manning. I strongly recommend using Avaaz petition tool which will help you reach a very large and sympathetic audience.

  56. Requesting assistance in obtaining signatures for the Bradley Manning petition that I’ve initiated on the whitehouse web site — would the Bradley Manning Support Network be able to post a link to the pardon Bradley Manning petition at http:// is set forth below:

    Petition to Pardon Bradley Manning and/or commute his sentence time already served.

    Request that President Obama exercise his power under Article II, Section 2, clause 1 of the Constitution and pardon United States Army Private First Class Bradley E. Manning of his pending court martial, or in the alternative, commute Bradley E. Manning’s sentence in the event that the court finds in the governments favor and Bradley E. Manning is sentenced beyond time already served. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns.

  57. He is a hero for disclosing war crimes, not a criminal. Release Bradley Manning immediately! US is a war machine, and there is no more justice.

  58. It’s horrible what the US government do against Bradley Manning and they says USA is a démocratic state no they are fascist state .Is a government who defend capital punishment is ,a democratic state no they must liberate Bradley Manning he is a hero what can we do for him

  59. I don’t see why the murdering dogs who pretend to be the brave faces of the U.S army aren’t standing trial for murdering all of those innocent civilians. they are the ones at fault. If they hadn’t have had such a disrespect and disregard for human life, there would have been no video in the first place. If I was Bradley Manning I would have done the same thing. The public has a right to know about their corrupt government. They complain when terrorists from other countries kill their men, how bloody hypocritical when the first chance they get they kill the “Dead Bastards”. America always has to have the first and last word.

    I’ve watched the video and was appalled at the conversations between the so called “hero” soldiers.

    They are saying Bradley Manning could spend over 100 years in jail. What the Hell? Is my response. What about Murderers and Drug Dealers who get off with measly sentences. It’s been proved Manning was not aiding the enemy by leaking the footage. He was simply doing what was RIGHT! Screw you Obama and the U.S government, where is your morality and where the heck is your humanity?

  60. Exposing US Government wrongdoing is not being a traitor. Whistleblowers should be protected by law. Manning is a hero. I am 66 years old and I have always been so proud of my country. Drones killing journalists? Are you kidding me? Creating enemies everywhere we go, God help us when the world turns on us.

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