Mass Rally for Bradley @ Ft. Meade, June 1

Join us at Fort Meade in support of Bradley Manning. By the time his court martial begins in June, he will have spent more then 3 years in prison. All for having done the right thing, for having exposed war crimes!


1:00 pm Gather at the Fort Meade Main Gate at Reece Road and US 175, Fort Meade, Maryland (map). Parking and transit info below.
2:00 pm March (one mile south along US 175)
3:00 pm Rally and Speak Out at Llewellynn Ave and US 175 (map)
• 4:40 pm Return to Reece Road (one mile north along US 175)
• 5:30 pm Chartered buses depart from Reece Road

Sponsored by the Bradley Manning Support Network and the national Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War organizations, with the help of Courage to Resist, and many other groups.

RSVP at our Facebook event page.


Get on a chartered Bradley Manning bus! Info for buses from Baltimore MD, Washington DC, New York City NY, Willimantic CT, New Brunswick NJ, Philadelphia PA, Syracuse NY, and Minneapolis MN.

After more than three years of imprisonment, including nine months of torture, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bradley Manning’s trial will finally begin June 3, 2013, in military courtroom at Fort Meade, Maryland. The outcome of this trial will determine whether a conscience-driven 25-year-old WikiLeaks whistle-blower spends the rest of his life in prison. Bradley believed that the American people have a right to know the truth about what our government does around the world in our name. We will send a message to the military prosecuting authority, and President Obama, that Bradley Manning is a patriot and heroic truth-teller.

Join us at Fort Meade on the eve of Bradley’s court martial. However, if you can’t make the trip, dozens of solidarity actions are scheduled worldwide–many local events are being sponsored by Veterans for Peace chapters. Complete list of solidarity events.


Free parking has been arranged at Meade Heights Elementary School, 1925 Reece Rd, Fort Meade, MD 20755. This parking lot is a half mile (11 min. walk) east of the Ft. Meade Main Gate.

Additional parking is available at Van Bokkelen Elementary School, 1140 Reece Road, Severn, MD 21144. This parking lot is a half mile further east on the same road–a 24 min. walk from the Ft. Meade Main Gate. Shuttle vans will be helping folks along Reece Road.

Please do not park in the the mini-shopping center parking lots along US 175 or Weis Market near Llewellyn Ave on Blue Water Blvd.


Portable toilets: Regular and handicap toilets will be available at both Reece Road and Llewellyn Ave locations.

First aid: First aid support is being organized, but please come prepared for a hot day. Bring water, sunscreen and snacks. There are no stores or services near the Reece Road gathering spot. What services exist near Llewellyn are on the other side of well-traveled US 175.

Shuttle vans: Two vans will assist folks who may have to park in the overflow parking lot at Van Bokkelen Elementary School, and to transport individuals who are not able to march the one mile from Reece Rd to Llewellyn Ave, and back.


Speakers for the rally include: Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistleblower; Ethan McCord, the soldier who saved the children attacked in the Collateral Murder video; US Army Col. Ann Wright (ret.), the most senior state department official to resign in protest of the Iraq War; Sarah Shourd, hiker imprisoned by Iran turned prisoner rights activists; US Army Lt. Dan Choi, prominent anti-Don’t Ask Don’t Tell activist.


Join us in the courtroom for the trial beginning June 3, 2013. Drive (or taxi) to the Fort Meade Visitor Control Center at the Fort Meade Main Gate (all the other gates are for military ID holders only), Reece Road and US 175, Fort Meade, Maryland. We suggest arriving when the visitor center opens at 7:30 am, and certainly before 8:15 am. The proceedings are scheduled to begin at 9:00 am daily. The multiple layers of security take time to navigate, and procedures often change from day to day. Each person will need a valid state or federal photo ID such as a driver’s license, state photo ID card, or passport. Foreign passports are accepted. Anyone driving on to Fort Meade will be required to submit their driver’s license, vehicle registration, and printed (not digital) proof of insurance. Your vehicle will be subject to search, and you may be required to cover over political bumper stickers on your vehicle. Consider walking on base if there are any questions at all regarding your vehicle and paperwork.

The proceedings will be held at the Magistrate Court, 4432 Llewellyn Ave, Fort Meade, MD 20755 (this is one mile from the Visitor Center). Electronic devices, including cell phones, computers, cameras, are not allowed in the courtroom, and should be left in your vehicle.

There are no pre-registration requirements for the public to attend the proceedings. However, those wishing to attend as credentialed media should contact the US Army Military District of Washington Public Affairs Office at 202-685-4645.

64 thoughts on “Mass Rally for Bradley @ Ft. Meade, June 1

  1. Wish I could be with you guys in person, but I live in Australia and so it’s just not possible, me thoughts are with you none the less. The way in which the Bradley is being treated is morally bankrupt.

  2. Wish i could join you all but unfortunately i will not be ablr to. But you all and brad will all be in my heart and my thoughts and prayers go put to you all!

  3. Dear PFC Manning,

    I am a better informed citizen thanks to you. Together with Wikileaks, you have picked up where the main steam media has failed. I will be at Fort Meade on June 1st.

    Thank you,
    Mike Madden

  4. The Iraqi invasion by the coalition of ‘western’ nations was IMMORAL, ILLEGAL AND INHUMANE. I will NEVER forget the heartbreaking photos of a boy being held by his father with his skull peeled open like a can, from one of the U.S. bombs in the first wave. This photo will haunt me forever. It took the courage of Bradley to reveal the insanity that he witnessed. And for what????? The country is run by criminals and will never recover. Su i cide b*mb ings were never part of Ara bic culture prior to this horrendous act. Good on Bradley for making a stand. He has a free conscience and he did the right thing by showing what the US war criminals were doing. Don’t EVER doubt yourself.And the current president is no better than bush. The world should be demanding Bradley’s immediate release. To all the supporters…keep up the fight. I also live in Australia like other Bradley supporters. My spirit will be with you on 1 June..Jenny Black

  5. For years now I am disgusted by the foreign policy of the USA. The war in Indochina, the September 11 CIA coup-de-etat in Chile 1973, the bombing of Bengasi and Tripoli in Libya leading to Lockerbie etc. etc.
    The illegal invasion of Iraq is the one of which the excesses by US-military were made public with the assistance of Bradley Mannings, who needs to be praised and supported. But the US-military in its tradition of Wounded Knee and My Lai thinks different – shame on them!

  6. My hero. 🙂
    And of course I can be found on ‘I am Bradley Manning’.
    It truly disgust me that a country claiming to be land of the free, home of the brave, will punish a hero that slams his foot down and show the world (and his own country) what horrible acts has been comitted by (amongst others) USA-troops.
    Stay strong, Bradley!

  7. That our government needs to protect secrets of war crimes says it all. To cover up truth they would put a man in prison without batting an eye. They have certainly done it before. They are soulless and totally devoid of morals.

  8. At a time when our government was lying to us, and the major American news outlets were participating in that lie, Manning gave us a look at the truth. When we the people don’t know what our government is really doing, when we don’t know that crimes are being committed in our name, then those who deceive us are endangering our democracy and, in doing so, become an enemy. Bradley Manning wasn’t “aiding the enemy,” he was showing us we had enemies far more dangerous to our democracy than the insurgents fighting our troops. I can’t be there in Maryland, but I will find a way to support Bradley Manning here in Texas on June 1.

  9. his conscience stood up for the powerless people and their lives. his aathma is to be worshipped.
    my prayers for the boy

  10. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Much love to Bradley and supporters from Pat in San Diego.
    We will be having a rally here in San Diego for Bradley too on Jun 1,
    and a lead-up rally March 23 with great speakers, including Marjorie
    Cohen, constitutional lawyer.

  11. I am in Calif and can’t afford the plane fare, but I’m doing everything I can to influence people who have only heard the govt. propaganda. This article you just wrote is very valuable in that it shows the direct connection between Bradley Manning’s brave act and the “ending” of the illegal war in Iraq — to the extent that it has ended.

    People will now, I hope, look at the nextproposed govt. adventure with a wary eye. Get after your elected reps. to refuse the funding!

  12. Its the same case as in Baden Würtemberg, Filbinger commanded “liquidation” of Walter Gröger, with the “support” of the “pseudo christian CDU, CSU”, you know them as “Franz Josef Strauß, the Pinochet, Peron, Botha etc. supporter” and the Prescott Bush amigos, with the “CIA Colonia Dignidad” criminals. But good to know, that there is a rest of realy good “americains”. Dont stop until this men is free.

  13. I would like to come to the demonstration, but after beeing hunted by the germs of germany, which wanted to “eliminate” me and my kids, but which battle i won, i am harz IV and got no money and no furniture, when my health is going down from “COPD”. But greetings.

  14. There must be a few Bradley Mannings out there with important information that could expose plenty more war crimes and questionable activities of parties involved with war. Perhaps people should deliver their findings to the media in a show of support, and to coincide with the showtrial of Mr Manning? Bradley Manning had the guts to deliver the truth regardless of his own freedoms being at risk- so where are all the others willing to do the same??? If the U.S could find a way to scale down the wars it would scale down the amount of scandals that are exposed- and it starts with soldiers refusing to be ordered to kill, and ends when weapons are just left in the dirt, where they belong…

    • “Bradley Manning had the guts to deliver the truth regardless of his own freedoms being at risk- so where are all the others willing to do the same???”

      Good question Russell…… is cheap.

      If we do not turn out in record numbers we Americans are going to get even more under the thumb and we will have nobody else to blame but ourselves.

  15. Mass Rally for Bradley Manning June 1st at Fort Meade MD. Anyone from Chicago want to go? If we can get enough people from Chicago they will give us a bus cut rate towards the bus. (See e-mail)

    I got this e-mail:

    We can help rent a bus for you if you and others in your area can secure 50 RSVPs of folks willing to pay $20-$30 each, sliding scale.
    We would need someone in the Chicago area to volunteer to serve as “bus captain” to manage the RSVP list, field questions and coordinate w/RSVPers and those interested, liaison with the bus driver, manage headcounts, collect money.

    Let me know if this is something you or a group in your area are interested in pursuing.
    Mike McKee
    Courage to Resist

    We need 49 people – (I’m one of them). Would like to have a older woman companion – have to meet you first at a Ihop or Denny’s or somewhere first. I’m not much of a leader, more of a techie – Any leaders / Coordinators out there?

    There has just got to be 50 of us in Chicago willing to go.

    Hope this link goes through has bus info:

    If not search “Help organize a bus to Ft. Meade for June 1st! Protest for Army WikiLeaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning”

    Chicago should at least make a appearance.

    I have four free new posters – just need a staple gun and a wood pole.

  16. If anyone in Chicago wants to go we should have a date (Sat/Sun) at some central cheap coffee / food shop (like Denny’s or Ihop, ? to arrange this thing.

    Chicago is a large city – Pharaoh Obama lived here awhile……….again Chicago, it is a long distance but the Marines never leave a wounded man in the field.

    Bradley needs for Chicago to make a show – numbers is the key.

    A couple hundred will mean squat – a couple thousand might make them think.

    God forbid, but I doubt it, ten thousand might really make DC rethink what they can do to us.

    And get this straight – it’s escalating. We are losing our say so a little everyday.

    It’s one thing to keyboard, another to actually pack a bag and do the walk.

    Chicago is a large city, there has got to be 49 of us that can go. Wonder if we can sleep in the bus? I’m bringing my sleeping bag. 🙂

    • We are in Ninneapolis/St Paul area and going by full van via Chicago. Could meet with you to caravan or to hope on your bus. Yes, Chicago should be able to organize a bus. I hope you do. Let me know if need help.

  17. With his trial finally underway after over 1,000 days in jail without trial or due process, and slated to resume May 21, the time is right to speak out for freedom and justice for WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning!

    While held in solitary confinement (itself a cruel and unusual form of punishment) before having been found guilty of any crime, private first class Manning was subjected to conditions described by Amnesty International and other human rights groups as torture, including sleep deprivation and psychological harassment.

    His treatment is a stain on the U.S. government and military establishment that wants to punish him for embarrassing them via the WikiLeaks revelations. But he is a hero to people who believe that these institutions need to come clean with the public, respect and uphold the Constitution, and be held accountable to the American people.

    Please join the following GLBTQ community leaders in supporting Bradley Manning to be honored as a Grand Marshal of the San Francisco Pride parade happening June 29, 2013. You can call SF Pride at (415) 864-0831, or email [email protected]:

    Organizations listed for identification purposes only

    Lt. Dan Choi – 2009 SF Pride Celebrity Grand Marshal, anti-DADT activist
    Joey Cain – 2008 SF Pride Community Grand Marshal, past Board Member and President of SF Pride
    Gary Virginia – 2012 SF Pride Community Grand Marshal
    Kate Raphael – 2004 SF Pride Community Grand Marshal; LAGAI – Queer Insurrection
    Dr. Carol Queen – 2008 SF Pride Honorary Grand Marshal, 2001 SF Pride Community Grand Marshal, writer, speaker, educator and sex-positive activist
    John O’brien – 1970 Inaugatory Pride Committee member; Stonewall Rebellion Co-Organizer
    John Caldera – Commander, American Legion Bob Basker Post 315ED & SF Veterans For Peace
    Alice Walker – Pulitzer Prize winning author, poet, womanist, and activist
    Leslie Feinberg – Transgender author and activist
    Glenn Greenwald – Award-winning journalist
    Minnie-Bruce Pratt – Award-winning lesbian writer, anti-racist & anti-imperialist activist
    David McReynolds – War Resisters League; first openly gay U.S. presidential candidate
    Stephen Eagle Funk – Artistic Director, Veteran Artists
    Marshall Brown – United States Air Force veteran
    Becca von Behren – Staff Attorney, Swords to Plowshares Veterans Service Organization
    Peter Tatchell – Founder, Peter Tatchell Foundation
    Troy Abraham – President Of Human Equality Organizations
    Luke Adams – Community mental health counselor, minister, and organizer
    Orus Barker -Bradley Manning supporter
    Dr. Gray Brechin – author Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin
    Susie Bright – Public speaker, educator, and writer
    Adele Carpenter – Civilian-Soldier Alliance, SF Chapter
    Merrill Cole – Associate Professor of English, Western Illinois University
    Gabriel Conaway – Equality activist; Steering Committee of SAME
    Salvatore Conti -Kansas Bradley Manning Support
    Su Docekal – Queer Action Coordinator; Freedom Socialist Party; Co-founder, Seattle’s Freedom Day Committee
    Dossie Easton – Therapist and author
    Rena-paulette Guay – Executive Director, Oklahoma Center for Conscience and Peace Research; Co-founder, Tampa Bay Lesbian & Gay Pride March
    Joan P. Gibbs, Esq. – National Conference of Black Lawyers
    Evan Greer – Radical queer riotfolk musician
    Liz Henry – Poet and activist
    Liz Highleyman – journalist and member of ACT UP, San Francisco
    Lori Hurlebaus – Civilian Soldier Alliance, SF Chapter; Co-founder, Courage to Resist
    Pat Humphries – Musician, Emma’s Revolution
    Sergei Kostin – Art Director, CODEPINK Women for Peace
    Sandy Opatow – Musician, Emma’s Revolution
    Malachy Kilbride – Coordinating Committee, National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance
    Drew Langdon – Lavender Green Caucus; Candidate for Rochester, NY City Council
    Kendall Lovett – Lesbian and Gay Solidarity, Melbourne
    Jill McLaughlin – World Can’t Wait Steering Committee
    Tommi Avicolli Mecca – queer activist, writer and performer, editor of Smash the Church, Smash the State: the early years of gay liberation.
    Pamela Means – Award-winning OUT musician
    Lori Nairne – Queer Strike, SF Bay Area
    Anne Phoenix – Queer Strike, UK
    Starlene Rankin – Lavender Green Caucus co-chair (Green Party)
    Rainey Reitman – Steering Committee, Bradley Manning Support Network
    Michelle Robidoux – Co-founder, War Resisters Support Campaign
    Mannie De Saxe – Lesbian and Gay Solidarity
    Martha Shelley – Co-founder, Gay Liberation Front; Radicalesbians, NYC
    Oliver Shykles – Queer Friends of Bradley Manning
    Starchild – Libertarian National Committee member, sex worker, pro-freedom activist, former candidate for District 8 Supervisor
    Jan Steckel – Bisexual Author and Activist
    Jon Sugar – Founder, Gay Artist and Writers Kollective; former KPFA radio personality
    Andy Thayer – Co-founder, Gay Liberation Network
    Lori Selke – Author and activist
    Curt Wechsler – editor, Fire John Yoo
    Sherry Wolf – author, Sexuality and Socialism
    Kit Yan – Queer & trans Asian-American poet
    Lee Zaslofsky – Co-founder, War Resisters Support Campaign
    Russell Zellers – Former Assistant Director, HIV Health Services AIDS Office, SFDPH

    • This venue is for Bradley Manning’s life and future, not your political agenda. Focus on the point for this gathering!

  18. Wish I could be there. I’ve got a new rope I’m willing to donate to hang the traitorous little weasle.

  19. I am a veteran. I opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,and still do. However,Manning is charged with treason. Treason is a crime and I cannot support those who break the law regardless of their reasons.

    • I also am a veteran and in my opinion, he would be treasonous for not revealing what he was privy to, if his conscience told him this was wrong. I don’t think the American people would approve of the behavior of some of our misguided military people, whose moral compass has been demagnetized by the unnecessary wars. Do you feel that the military should be allowed to commit atrocities in your name, time of war? Do you believe that America should be above the War Crimes Tribunal, or should we be on the same playing field as the rest of the world? I, for one do not believe we are better than other countries just for being Americans. We were just lucky to have been born or live here but unlucky to have a rogue government that is no longer by and for the people, but by and for the Corporations, who won in these wars. The only winners!

  20. Manning is my hero. And in a time where so few heroes exist, this means a lot. Hes only a few years older than i am. And hes being tortured in prison..
    I thought America didnt do shit like that. I will be flying signs with support for Bradley out of my 24/7 occupy camp in Easton, PA. Solidarity forever <3

    I am Bradley Manning.

  21. I still remember the famous words of Mr Bush the then president of USA, on a telephone call to the President of Pakistan Mr Pervaiz Musharraf while sending first armed battalion/air attack to Afghanistan soon after 9/11 incident ;
    ” Are You with us”. and at the same time he threatened the president that to turn the whole nation in to stone age. How we could forget the genocide of innocent people which USA did in IRAQ with slight difference of opinion with President Saddam, he was threatened by USA president to leave the president ship in 02 days otherwise USA would invade the whole country.
    They killed humanity in Iraq. Rather we can say using carpet bombing they sent the whole nation in stone age.

    This court martial is not the court martial of Mr Bradley, infect it is the court martial of USA freedom of speech or in simple USA freedom.
    Today I regret to say it is just because of our great leaders and their attitude of reluctance to accept realities, the truth, the facts and on ground realities,

    “The Great Nation on Earth The Super Power USA is passing in dark ages of worlds History.”

    • A couple points of fact: 1. Bradley is not charged with treason, as of course, there is no indication that he did anything of the sort. 2. Although he did at one point, based on the “Aiding the Enemy” charge, Bradley does not face the death penalty.

  22. In anne arundel yesterday and there was a message on the answering machine from the police department warning that because of a demonstration on saturday at Fort Meade, (they didnt say what it was for), there might be traffic problems.I just realized why they are saying that ! they dont want anyone to see the demo!! so they are telling people to modify their driving habits to avoid seeing it . what rats!!

  23. We got a robo call from the Anne Arundel Co. Maryland Police last night saying that due to a protest within Fort Mead they may need to close MD route 175. They did not specify the reason for this, but it is probably due to the Bradley Manning Mass Rally.

    The Road closing would appear to be a safety precaution as the rally plans a march along RT 175 if the number of people becomes to large to fit on the sidewalks. RT 175 at that point is very busy, 40 mph with 4 lanes, 2 in each direction with a center turning lane in much of it.

    Rather than interpreting this some form of repression, I see it making it safe for people to protest. We don’t need people killed by a drunk driver from one of the many bars located near there.

  24. I live here on Ft Meade outside the gate. Why are you all protesting? All you are doing is making it harder on the families. The post in shutting down the gate so we can’t get on post. No one cares what you all are doing. I overheard people at a unit picnic talking about this and no one even understands what you think walking around with signs is going to change. This is a legal matter and you have to change the law, which he did break. I even heard he aided AL-Qaeda, how can you support this man. Our men and women go and fight, whether you agree with the war or not. Putting them in harms way by leaking information should be punished. If he felt things where going on that were wrong, there are ways to handle it. Not endangers men and women just doing there job. That is what he did it seems from what I’ve read. I am not saying I agree with him being tortured but he should serve time.

    • Okay, I just read Bradley’s statement. That was crazy, if that really did happen in the video. I still think giving away information on military locations and names was not right. Our government is wrong if this kind of behavior is going on and deemed exceptable.

    • Actually, we are not “protesting”. We are holding a rally to support an American hero who is facing court martial for an act of conscience. Please do cross the street and talk to some of us during the rally.

  25. I’ll see you all on the 1June’13, bright sun, heat and discomfort.

    Three years locked up even before the Green Machine starts its court martial proceedings is stretching due process beyond its breaking point, civilian or military.

  26. I cant hear this shit anymore. Bradley would help Al Kaida. No one of us is for “Islaminst”, we are strictly against “Islamists” cause they are “fascists”, called klerikal fascists, and they have absolutely no support anywhere theese days. Neither in Arabia, nor in any other country, and this is to thank people like Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. They made “democracy” honest again, when Bush and this criminals built up Al Kaida, using them in Afghanistan as partner, and using them today as partner in syria, etc. This massralley should have the goal, to bring back the UN human rights back to USA. The US Gouvernement has broken every human rights, is this the Rockefeller Mafia ? It is absolutely clear, why the USA hasnt ratificated the Den Haag law, its needed to make at once a “accusation” cause of heavy war crimes against theese court, which is at last a non-legitime court, hiding the war criminals. At last whistleblowers have brought back trust into democracy, not theese war criminals of this court. Republicans of USA told in 2002, they would “attack” Den Haag, if they arrest Bush, isnt this crazy. This murder gouvernement turned the law !

  27. The US government itself said nobody was harmed because of his actions … Brad is a hero in my book, the world needs more of his kind.

    cheers from Holland

  28. Or with other words, this Bush guys should be “hacked to dog food, and thrown into a crokodile river, or get strangulated on the next tree, for this. At last Bush and standard oil, and a few of criminal US citiziens poissoners, which feed the US citiziens with Monsanto shit, made this war, and sent half a million US soldiers to death and handicapps. The world trade center attack was reasoned by, the republicans, cause they are “stupid idiots”, which have brought up Al Kaida, why not somebody makes a “accusation” against them, cause of war crimes only for money, helping the enemy, building up Al Kaida, Bin Laden family was, best friend of Bush. Theese bloody germs, then sitting at home, watching TV, while hundreds of thousands of US Soldiers get hurt, and when they return, getting nothing as a pissed few dollars, get no work and nothing else, wait, Den Haag will get theese criminals !

  29. Hi Im Jasmine. Im an army wife. I have yet to really hear the other side of this. My uneducated opinion is that he signed documents commiting to secrecy for 70 years just like all other intell guys. If he did speak out they have a right to punish him. He gave away useful information to us, but this led to the death of many American soldiers. Why exactly shouldn’t he be punished. Im not arguing. Just simply asking for what the protestors opinion is because I do not know for sure. My opinion is only this because of what I know. But I am just curious as to what the other side of this would believe would work in his defese. No innocent man should be punished for helping. There are many famous whistleblowers that helped to open the country’s eyes. Is he a whistleblower? and simply state why. I welcome all responses with taste. I am simply asking what are the views of others concerning this case? I really do not know.

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