Protest at Fort Meade, recruiting centers, and U.S. embassies to demand fair treatment for Bradley!

Rally and protest November 27 at Fort Meade!

November 27-December 2 Bradley Manning’s defense will be facing off with the military prosecution in Ft. Meade to argue that all charges be dismissed because of “unlawful pretrial punishment”.

This is one of the defense’s final chances to reduce possible sentencing, second in importance only to the court martial which begins next February 4th. It’s a crucial chance for the public to show the military and the media that they still support Bradley, by coming out to Fort Meade on November 27 to protest injustice in the military court!

Come rally with us outside the main gate of Fort Meade at 10am and demand that Bradley’s mistreatment be accounted for!  Speakers will include leading members of the Bradley Manning Support Network and partner organizations.

At this extremely important hearing, Bradley’s lawyer David Coombs will focus on the abuse Bradley endured in Quantico, VA. It is now well-known that Bradley was held for nine months in solitary confinement, in conditions that were declared by UN Chief Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez to be “cruel, inhuman and degrading.” David Coombs will present evidence that brig psychiatrists opposed the decision to hold Bradley in solitary, and that brig commanders misled the public when they said that Bradley’s treatment was for “Prevention of Injury”.  Following the protest, we encourage people to stay for some or all of the hearing, to help boost Bradley’s spirits with your presence in the courtroom. 

Get directions to Fort Meade.  Please contact [email protected] for information about carpooling or offering rides.  RSVP on facebook.

This event has been endorsed by the following organizations: Courage to Resist, Codepink, Veterans for Peace -DC Chapter, Positive Force, Washington Peace Center, Hiroshima Nagasaki Peace Committee, DC Metro Science for the People


Solidarity actions encouraged!

For those unable to attend the events at Ft. Meade, we are calling for solidarity actions at military recruiting office nationwide, and U.S. embassies internationally.  We ask that you take photos of your group holding “We are Bradley Manning” signs, or a similarly supportive message, at the relevant location, and then mail that to the following officials:

Army Chief of Staff
General Raymond Odierno

Chief of Staff of the US Army
101 Army Pentagon, Rm. 3E672
Washington DC 20310-0200
President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Use our new event tool to register your action on our website.  After the event, when mailing your photo to the above officials, please include a brief letter of explanation. For example,

“We gathered on November 27, 2012 in front of the recruiting center in (city, state) to protest the mistreatment of military whistle-blower PFC Bradley Manning. Whistle-blowers play an important role in a democracy, and by revealing evidence of unpunished war crimes, as well as secret corporate influence on U.S. foreign policy,Bradley Manning acted in the interest of American citizens. We are appalled by the nine months Bradley was forced to spend in solitary confinement at Quantico, VA in addition to the fact he will have spent over 900 days in prison before receiving a trial. Please free Bradley Manning.”

Please also submit photos of your action to [email protected]


17 thoughts on “Protest at Fort Meade, recruiting centers, and U.S. embassies to demand fair treatment for Bradley!

  1. All patriotic Americans support the actions of Brad Manning! He stands-up for the qualities of “transparency-accountability-reciprocity” (TAR) that we all support.

  2. Bradley Manning should get the Nobel Peace Prize, the Medal of Freedom, and the Congressional Medal of Honor and released immediatley.

  3. Private Manning Support Remarks Made By A Speaker At Smedley Butler Brigade Armistice Day (Veterans Day) Observance In Boston –November 11, 2012

    Welcome one and all and I am glad you could be here for this important struggle. The Smedley Butler Brigade of Veterans for Peace proudly stands in solidarity with, and defense of, Private Bradley Manning and his fight for freedom from his jailers, the American military.

    Now usually when I get before a mic or am on a march I am shouting to high heaven about some injustice. Recently I was called strident by someone and when it comes to the struggle against this country’s wars, the struggle for social and economic equality, and for freedom for our political prisoners I am indeed strident. But I am looking for something today something personally important to me, and so I will try to lower my temperature a bit- I want, like you, for recently re-elected President Obama to pardon Bradley Manning so I will be nice, or try to be.

    Bradley Manning is in a sense the poster person for all of us who have struggled against the wars of the last decade. He stands charged with allegedly leaking information about American war crimes and other matters of public concern to Wikileaks. We, and we are not alone on this, do not see whistleblowing on such activities as a crime but as an elemental humanitarian act and public service. Private Manning has paid the price for his alleged acts with over 900 days of pre-trial confinement and is now facing life imprisonment for simple acts of humanity. For letting the American people know what they perhaps did not want to know but must know- when soldiers, American soldiers, go to war some awful things can happen and do. He has also suffered torture at the hands of the American government for his brave stand. We have become somewhat inured to foreign national being tortured by the American government at places like Guantanamo and other black hole locales. We have even become somewhat inured to American citizens being tortured and killed by the American government by drones and other methods. But we know, or should know, that when the American government stands accused of torturing an American soldier for not toeing the war line then we private citizens are in serious trouble.

    Why does Private Manning need a pardon? Did he give away the order of battle or the table of organization for American military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan? No. Did he give away the design for drones and such weapons? No. He allegedly simply blew the whistle on something that is a hard fact of war- war crimes by American soldiers through release of the Collateral Murder tape and what have become known as the Iraq and Afghan War logs. This is what the American government had tried with might and main to cover up. And what needed to be exposed. All talk of bringing democracy, or nation- building, or having a war to end all wars, and the million other lame excuses for war pale before the hard fact that in the heat of war the real strategy is to kill and burn and let god sort out the innocent from the guilty.

    That is what Private Manning exposed. I, and I am sure many other veterans from previous wars who saw or knew of such things and did nothing about it, are glad that such things were exposed. If for no other reason Private First Class Bradley Manning deserves presidential pardon for his service. To insure that event we urge everybody to ramp up their efforts in behalf of Bradley by signing here or online at the Bradley Manning Support Network site the petition to the Secretary of the Army for his release and to call/e-mail or write a letter to the White House and demand that President Obama pardon Private Manning.

    We have been holding weekly stand-outs in Davis Square in Somerville outside the MBTA Red Line stop Wednesdays from 4:00to 5:00 PM and urge you to join us. Or better yet start a Free Bradley Manning stand-out in your own town square. Thank you.

  4. Special Thanksgiving Private Manning Stand-Out-Central Square, Cambridge, Wednesday November 21st, 5:00 PM

    Let’s Redouble Our Efforts To Free Private Bradley Manning-President Obama Pardon Bradley Manning -Make Every Town Square In America (And The World) A Bradley Manning Square From Boston To Berkeley to Berlin-Join Us In Central Square, Cambridge, Ma. For A Thanksgiving Stand-Out For Bradley- Wednesday November 21 From 5:00-6:00 PM

    For the past several months there has been a weekly stand-out in Greater Boston across from the Davis Square Redline MBTA stop (renamed Bradley Manning Square for the stand-out’s duration) in Somerville on Friday afternoons but we have since July 4, 2012 changed the time and day to 4:00-5:00 PM on Wednesdays. This stand-out has, to say the least, been very sparsely attended. We need to build it up with more supporters present.This Wednesday Novemeber 21st at 5:00 PM in order to broaden our outreach we, in lieu of our regular Davis Square stand-out, are meeting in Central Square , Cambridge, Ma.(small park at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Prospect Street) for a special Thanksgiving stand-out for Private Manning. President Obama Pardon Private Manning Now!

  5. My note to Obama and Odierno: I trust generals Allen and Petreaus will receive equal treatment under law as Bradley Manning has. I like the idea of indefinite detention in solitary confinement. Mmmmm, good, real good. Just do it! Thank you.

  6. Yes, Bradley Manning deserves awards from the US and from the world for his contribution to shedding light on war crimes. Guessing that this won’t happen anytime soon, we are celebrating him locally! Bradley will receive a “Community Peacemaker” award on Dec. 10 here in Dorchester, MA at our annual holiday celebration. We’ll be thanking him and recognizing his huge contribution without him being with us, but looking forward to that great day when he is free and we can greet him in person. Bradley, we are with you!

  7. As a Vietnam Veteran (1965-1966), I made numerous attempts to blow the whistle on what I saw regarding both civilian contractor and military incompetence leading to wrongful deaths, and criminal activity but unfortunately I was not able to accomplish anywhere near the good that Bradley has provided America. My military commendations are numerous and dusty, & I keep a photo of Bradley centered and “in front” of those past memories, both the good and the bad. He deserves thanks and appreciation from his country, not the shame and abuse that has been heaped upon him along with the inhumane treatment from his government. Bradley should receive a full pardon along with a “Sincere” apology!

  8. Dear Mr. President Obama, you talk the talk of open and transparent government, now is the time to walk the walk, pardon Bradley Manning, and give him an Honorable Discharge from the military.

    Dear Mr. President, give your Nobel Peace prize to Bradley Manning, he has done more for world peace than you have.

  9. What this solders did is what every honest solders needs to do, inform people about what a illegal war can produce, atrocity, devastation and killing of innocent people. Let this solder go, he informed people about what was wrong, what is wrong about an illegal war.

  10. The inhumane way Bradley Manning was treated after his arrest is disgraceful. Those accused of the most heinous crimes are treated better than that.

    Manning’s crime? To publicly release some classified information that never should have been classified in the first place.

    And, based on the revelations in the information, hundreds of articles in major newspapers around the world have been published – giving fresh insight into the way our government, as well as other governments, really operate Instead of a jail sentence Manning deserves a medal.

  11. Bradley Manning is a true American patriot. He is being persecuted/prosecuted for his patriotism in the face of fascism. America’s military is not protecting our country they are being misused and abused to push American corporate profits at the expense of America. Brad you are a patriot and one tough guy – thank you from a Vietnam era vet!

  12. Total support. The truths will prevail.
    War crime soldrews that have just a slap on wrist /urinating etc. Mr Manning is occupying thier space!!!
    Semper Fi Bradley

  13. The US needed Daniel Ellsberg & the Pentagon Papers to pay attention to the non-government-approved disclosures about Vietnam. The US public needed Bradley Manning and Wikileaks to expose the corruption of the US actions in the Middle East, which the media failed to do. Bradley Manning should be awarded, not treated as a criminal

  14. Regardless of actions. The President of the USA publicly stated “He broke the Law”. It created a prejudice. There should be a dismissal.

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