Ft. Meade Oct. 30th Bradley Manning hearing postponed due to hurricane

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. October 26, 2012

The Fort Meade, Maryland October 30 – November 2 pre-trial hearing in US v. Bradley Manning has been POSTPONED until November 7  – 8 due to Hurricane Sandy. 

This hearing is expected to include government litigation of the defense’s speedy trial motion hearing; production motion for witnesses at “unlawful pretrial punishment” motion hearing.

Related, the November 1 speak-out and rally for Bradley at Fort Meade’s Main Gate led by Iraq Veterans Against the War has been canceled.

3 thoughts on “Ft. Meade Oct. 30th Bradley Manning hearing postponed due to hurricane

  1. The study conducted by the American authorities sabotage the rights of Bradley Manning is obvious since his arrest. The hypocrisy of the military that Murder will be free, but people who offers bad things against the rights of people, as heavy criminals are treated has a bit cynical. But it is the logical development of the United States into a police state with a fascist influence.
    This is reinforced by the threat to arrest the governor of Texas, election observers from Europe. What have these leaders have to hide? There can be only give an acquittal for Bradley Manning in a real democratic country.

  2. When I became a Canadian soldier, also, a Correctional Officer, I swore an Oath to report crimes, if I witnessed them.
    hmmm,, Doesn’t the American Military have a similar compliance? Bradley Manning did the HUMAN thing! something folks that name their weapons that KILL civilians ODD things like Predator; Hell Fire {why not Satan!?} ;;; wouldn’t know about. BM is a World Hero and yanks who jailed him are SUBhuman.

  3. That is auspicious, the day after the elections. When all the dust settles, let’s hope the truth will be easier to see. In theory, the system should have the tools to protect and uphold the truth. It seems the prosecution represents a “client” who wants to cherry pick which rules it will follow, which ones it will bend. In effect, both sides have prioritized serving one law over another. I can see how good men can fall into a trap of conflicting laws, orders, conscience. Will the government ask for special leeway for the outrageous way they treated Bradley Manning which defies human decency? As a citizen, I don’t want to give the government leeway to be more cruel, and would rather err on the side of too much truth leaking out then too much vindictive manipulative suffering dished out to an untried whistleblower. Our country has a history of protecting conscientious objectors, and perhaps that relates to this case in part too. Finally, I fear that the if the prosecution pulls out all the stops to stomp on our favorite whistleblower, it will prove they care more about power than justice, and also could be complicit in a giant cover-up to hide the missing Iraq reconstruction money that has been leaking out of the Pentagon like water through a sieve.

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