Call out General Dempsey’s “Unlawful Command Influence”

Highest ranking military official parrots President Obama

Gen. Martin Dempsey broke the law in declaring PFC Manning guilty

Another top ranking official in PFC Bradley Manning’s chain of command has declared him guilty well before his court martial has even begun, in another judicial step backward for a courageous whistle-blower who shouldn’t be on trial in the first place.

General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke to the press last week in Hawaii. Asked for his thoughts on Bradley Manning, Dempsey said, “We’re a nation of laws. He did violate the law.”

General Dempsey’s comments echo those of President Obama nearly word for word. Asked nearly a year ago to discuss PFC Manning’s imprisonment, President Obama said, “We’re a nation of laws. We don’t individually make our own decisions about how the laws operate… He broke the law.”

The similarity in phrasing is so uncanny as to appear deliberate. Both statements directly breach the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) rules prohibiting unlawful command influence. Since all of PFC Manning’s potential jurors ultimately serve under these officials, they face increased pressure to select their bosses’ preferred verdict.

Call General Dempsey right now:

Tell him:
1.  He needs to retract his declaration of Bradley Manning’s guilt, as it violates the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
2.  The administration has precluded all possibility of a fair trial. They have no choice but to drop the charges against Bradley Manning.
3.  If General Dempsey is unable or unwilling to stand up for Bradley Manning’s rights, then he has a duty to resign.

For more information on why supporters believe a fair trial is impossible:

15 thoughts on “Call out General Dempsey’s “Unlawful Command Influence”

  1. I have been informed that Gen. Dempsey is no longer at 703-697-0900. He is, now, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, but wasn’t given the number for him.

  2. General Dempsey does have a Facebook page, but if you decide to post your concerns there, please keep them polite. He does have a note there as follows: “Please keep your comments and wall posts clean and germane. In addition, I ask that you follow the posting guidelines here. Posts will be removed if they violate the guidelines listed below.

    – No graphic, obscene, explicit or racial comments or submissions nor comments that are abusive, hateful or intended to defame anyone or any organization. ”

    Abusive and hateful comments will do Bradley’s cause more harm than good.

  3. I found this website thanks to a young man raising awareness about Bradley Manning’s case by handing out flyers on the square in front of the US embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia.
    He said once he started they sent a guy without uniform with fake Police ID to record his initials. When he asked the security guy what is the reason for this, guy said they are always worried and started to narrate whole stories about random people he had to check before.
    Hey Bradley! Now we watching your case closely.
    I’m surprised how little comments is here! What’s going on? Are you people afraid of something too?…
    Don’t be shy. Just Say It!

  4. Our entry government and General Dempsey should step down.They have broke laws far worse than Bradley,they have already committed acts that terrorist do.They have done the greater evil,not Bradley.They have proved,by their own action they are against the people of the United States.

  5. Yes everyone is afraid.

    Those of us that have served, have had our own experiences with abuses used by command to punish the person that does stand up for legal authorized rights.

    The abusive treatment is effective in deterring others from following the same path. I would think it would be safe to say that all current military personal have been warned to not get involved with the Bradly Manning case.

    Anyone who supports Bradly Manning could possibly be termed a collaborator, with the possibly of arrest, and incarcerated without having to declare the arrest and refusal of any form of habeas corpus.

    I suggest that everyone read section 1031 and 1032 of the recently approved military appropriations bill. Even though the bill states that American Citizens are exempted, do read section (4) of section 1032.

    “(4) WAIVER FOR NATIONAL SECURITY- The Secretary of Defense may, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence, waive the requirement of paragraph (1) if the Secretary submits to Congress a certification in writing that such a waiver is in the national security interests of the United States.”

    The above cited section, clearly states that basically 3 people can decide who can be arrested. They only have to present a certification in writing for the waiver, no debate, no vote, 3 people can decide to arrest anyone in the world, including American Citizens.

    Also of concern is Section 2672 “Protection of Property”. Read this section very carefully.

    The below paragraph is of particular interest.

    “(g) Authority Outside Federal Property- For the protection of property under the jurisdiction, custody, or control of the Department of Defense and persons on that property, the Secretary may enter into agreements with Federal agencies and with State, tribal, and local governments to obtain authority for civilian officers and agents designated under this section to enforce Federal laws and State, tribal, and local laws concurrently with other Federal law enforcement officers and with State, tribal, and local law enforcement officers.”

    There is also the Patriot Act 2 to contend with. Contrary to Constitutional law, the contents (laws) enacted with the Patriot Act 2 have never been disclosed. Therefore, just posting here may give the US military/government the authority to arrest and detain.

    Some good reading are the documents prepared by Eugen Kogon for SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces) after his liberation from Nazi concentration camp. He spent 7 years in custody, and compiled the report from his own experience and hundreds of other inmates interviewed. His report was used in both the Nuremberg and Wiesbaden trials.

    He later wrote a book written from the details of that report “The Theory And Practice Of Hell”. The chapters relating to how the Nazi party, Gestapo, and SS took control of the police forces, along with the removal of habeas corpus and the use of “Protective Custody Warrants”, are alarmingly similar to what is currently going on in the US.

    • I agree the military troops probably were warned,but they should realize now our government is corrupt,further more they should realize there are thousands of them and they could easily take down some corrupt generals and our corrupt government,they have done it in other countries.The military troops took an oath like I did,it was to protect the people from any enemy foreign or domestic.Our own government has already committed terrorist acts and the military troops should remember the oath they took.Bradley Manning real soldier!

  6. General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is denying Articles 18 and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; Everyone has the right to hold an opinion and to express it.

  7. After the other soldier, Bales, was accused of killing so many innocent Afghanies, this seems to pale. Manning committed no violence, and I think he should be hailed as a hero in trying to change the horrors of war. People are murdered in the United States daily and their murderers hopefully are prosecuted. Wow. I hate to think that our Democracy has turned into such a police state.

  8. Throughout history governments have changed laws to better enable control of populations. The recent changes to US laws, are most probably due to the fear of unrest within the US by the American People, rather than the claim for the war on terror.

    Perhaps the real reason for the war on terror, was to dupe the American People and the Politicians into allowing the changes. The war on drugs has been used for justification for the use of US military force in countries all over the world.

    A number of Latin American countries have kicked out the US military, DEA, and IMF. The war on drugs has been used as an excuse to justify the use of US military in nearly every country in Latin America. I have lived, worked and schooled in Mexico off and on since 1971. The story in Latin American is very different than what is reported in the US media. Four countries have already kicked out military forces, DEA and IMF, but has never been reported in the US media.

    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is currently active working with Latin American countries and other countries around the world, as well as states in the US, in an attempt to stop the violence that is incited by US drug policy.

    The recent UN meetings in Vienna, Austria, clearly shows that even though marijuana has been or is in the process of legalization in numerous states in the US. US policy makers want to maintain the drug war for the rest of the world. You can find the article on the LEAP website. I did not post the link here as it was very long. Article name is – Human Rights is a Foreign Concept in the UN’s “War on Drugs”

    I have often wondered, how many people have actually been arrested and are detained world wide, without notification. The military does not have to publicly disclose who they have arrested, probably the reason for the section 2672 in the military appropriations bill.

    Most of the detainees arrested by the Nazi regime, and admitted to the concentration camps, had no idea it was as bad as it was. It was essential that the regime keep things as quiet as possible, as people would have put up a fight rather than be peacefully arrested.

  9. I can’t help thinking of this great quote from the Nuremburg War Crime Tribunal, 1950:
    “Individual’s have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience… Therefore [individual citizens] have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occuring.”

  10. That is a great quote.

    Unfortunately the basic psychology of the average population will not uphold such an ideology. When confronted with abusive action that can result in detainment, torture and or death. Most people will maintain a low profile in the hopes of avoiding scrutiny in the hopes to avoid any altercation with authority entities.

    A perfect example of such psychology can be found in chapter twenty three of Eugen Kogon’s “The Theory And Practice of Hell”, Chapter heading “ The Psychology of the Prisoners”.

    “Try to comprehend the following incident: The administration of the Jewish camp in the Lublin district was threatened with an investigation by the top SS authorities, because of a far-flung graft scandal. There was the danger that prisoners might offer damaging testimony. The SS officers thereupon in a single day destroyed the entire camp with its forty thousand inmates. According to the statement of SS Major Morgen, the Jews unresistingly lay down in rows on the heaps of bodies of those who had already been massacred and allowed themselves to be shot. They made the job easy for the butchers, and not a hand was raised.”

    For sake of space, I will summarize the additional facts concerning this incident. In all concentration camps, on a daily basis, people were selected for torture and death. Some times a handful, hundreds, or even a thousand at a time. The masses did not resist, in the hopes that if they did not resist, they would be left to live another day, or may even survive incarceration entirely. In the Lublin incident, they thought it was the usual daily selection, not knowing that on that day, all inmates would be killed. The forty thousand prisoner’s could have fought and taken over the camp due to their numbers, with heavy losses, but some would have survived.

    The Lublin incident is a perfect example of how people will stand by and do nothing, in the hopes that it will be the other guy that gets taken away. Eventually resistance was put forth in the Warsaw ghetto by the Jewish population, showing that resistance does awaken and can be organized. But where these factors are not always fully understood and lacking situational awareness, it becomes inexorably hopeless, for any kind of organized resistance.

    The big emphasis in history about the Nazi concentration camps has been about the plight of the Jews. While the real facts about people of all religious and political persuasions who were arrested, stands in the shadows. Fact is, anyone that was considered a threat was arrested, even for something as slight as difference of political opinion. Yes the thought police. In some cases civilians were rounded up to replace loses to the work force, nothing to do at all with any perceived crime, industries were required to pay the SS for the use of their slave labor. The slave labor was an income mechanism for the SS and Gestapo.

    Recently on the History Channel, there was a show on the Forefathers of the United States and their affiliation with and as Freemasons. Unfortunately I did not write down the episode name and date, and the History Channel website does not give all of last months episodes, or I would link to to it.

    Most people are not aware that the Freemasons were instrumental in the formation of the United States. In this episode, one of the members, a 33 degree Freemason, discussed the roles of the Freemason Forefather’s of the United States, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, to name only a few. Now keep in mind that traditionally Freemasons are not allowed to solicit new members, not even allowed to do so with their own sons, therefore all members of the fraternity have joined of their own free will by their own action of initiating contact and seeking dialog. The intention is that people join of their own Free Will, with No Undue Influence. But in times of dire need, when things are not going so well, they can solicit and educate the people.

    Most people are not aware that the original United States Constitution was taken, nearly intact, from the Freemasons Constitution. The Declaration of Independence was penned in a Masonic lodge in South Carolina, I happened upon the spot by stopping and reading the history marker while on a bicycle trip around the United States. The structure is no longer there, only the history marker, or was the only thing there in 1994. I decided to have lunch that day at that location.

    The Freemasons teach history by the use of rituals, their history goes back to Solomon’s Temple, roughly three thousand years ago. Freemasons originated from the early engineers that built temples and churches throughout history, due to their knowledge and skills in building structures, they were allowed to live and work at locations all over the world irrespective of their actual religious and political views, despite local customs. Therefore as the fraternity evolved, members can be of any Religious or Political persuasion, must be Free Thinkers, Seek Knowledge, and Join of their Own Free Will.

    Surviving thousands of years of wars, religious and political. They have learned some things about, ethics, morals, and what BASIC RIGHTS all people should have. These basic rights were included in the Original United States Constitution. Most people know the most basic as, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, separation of church and state, protection from paying taxes without representation, protection from unwarranted search and seizure, protection in that if tried for a crime, you will be judged by your peers, protection from having to testify against yourself, protection from torture to force a confession.

    What is most telling about the History Channel episode, is that the top Freemason members have come out to discuss the true history of the origination of the United States. As per their own constitution, the public cannot be solicited for new members, and that their inner workings must not be discussed publicly and openly soliciting Freemason ideology.

    The Freemasons must have declared the recent situation in the United States as a TIME OF NEED. For they have taken measures to openly and publicly educate the public masses about the true beginnings of the United States. Freemasons were arrested and placed in Nazi Concentration camps, by the Gestapo. Free Thinking, Knowledge, and Intelligence, has always been the most feared by every abusive faction that has ever existed. The Basic Rights that were emplaced by the Freemasons into the Original United States Constitution, defeats absolute power.

    I am posting what I have learned by my own free will, I am NOT a Freemason. I am simply posting what I have found by own self education. If people would read books written by the people that were actually there, rather than only read the books commonly used for educational purposes within the common public educational system. The People would have a much different view of history, and would much better understand how important it is that Patriots like Bradley Manning be supported.

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