Protest Bradley’s 1,000th day in prison!

On February 23, 2013, the Bradley Manning Support Network is asking supporters to take action internationally in protest of Bradley’s 1,000 day imprisoned without trial. Enough is enough. Bradley has been denied his right to a speedy trial.  Please register events here, and contact [email protected]  for help organizing in your area.

Soldiers have the right to a speedy trial under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Constitution. Judge Lind will rule on whether to dismiss charges against Bradley after he has been imprisoned 1,000 days without trial.

For following his conscience and standing up for Americans’ right to know what our government is doing with our tax dollars, young whistle-blower Bradley Manning has spent three birthdays in prison. His excellent legal defense continues to fight hard against a government prosecution that hinders access to important evidence at every turn.

In addition to aggressively persecuting Bradley with the Espionage Act and an egregious “aiding the enemy” charge, the military subjected him to unlawful pretrial punishment and has denied him his Constitutionally mandated right to a speedy trial. Bradley’s pretrial treatment has been wholly un-American. It’s up to us as fellow citizens to see that our Constitutional rights are upheld and to ensure that the military isn’t given a free pass for their mistreatment of Bradley.

Join us on Saturday, February 23, in protesting Bradley’s 1,000th day in prison. We welcome protests at military recruiting centers and other locations of high visibility, as well as teach-ins at community centers in preparation for larger protests during the court martial.

Find events in your area, and/or register your own!

Reach out to Campaign Organizer Emma Cape for handouts, posters, tips on working with the media, and other event support. Please e-mail [email protected] if you want to organize an event. We will help!



36 thoughts on “Protest Bradley’s 1,000th day in prison!

  1. I absolutely stand with Bradley Manning all the way. He is a courageous hero for all the world’s people. I admire him and seek to emulate him. My name is Bradley Manning.

  2. why isn’t there a campaign to have Obama’s 2009 farcical award of the Nobel peace prize stripped away from him and award to Bradley Manning? It may restore some dignity to the whole Nobel thing after 2009 and last years award to the EU its a mockery

  3. If we stay silent at this tyranny, we are as much as condoning its ugly presence in our lives. I do not condone this despotic treatment of Bradley Manning, nor any citizen of the US or this planet. I demand justice and American law as laid out in the US Constitution be honored. Hold this man in limbo no more!

  4. We in the UK salute Bradley Manning and his immense courage standing up to the military machine in the most powerful country in the world. It is clear why his trial has been endlessly delayed because the US Govt wish to quash any opposition to their illegal and immoral wars. We need whistle blowers – they are essential to our democracy. Countries that try and silence citizens who expose the lies and mendacity of their governments are as totalitarian as the countries they condemn for these practices.

    • Hello Hazel,

      Link in with us (if you haven’t already…) if you’re in the UK – – a network for supporters in Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England.

  5. Mr BRADLEY,
    he exposed the crimes of our country so they accuse
    him of being a traitor? we need 100,000 more folks just like him
    he has sacraficed himself ,I pray its not in vain,I also am Bradley Manning

  6. Dear Bradley,

    I wish to thank-you for the courageous move you did exposing the atrocities of the Iraqi War by our tormented soldiers, reduced to filling for pleasure!Thank-you for your sacrifices! You are my hero too!Give this man a fair trial, won’t you? (US Military)My father was a World War II hero, and he too, would agree, “this man should go free, now!” He saved millions of people from destruction!! Bradley is my hero! Long Live Bradley Manning!!A fighter for Truth!

  7. Bradley Manning should be freed, hes been imprisoned for freedom of speech, you will make history Bradley with your heroic actions!

  8. Pardon Private Bradley Manning Stand-Out-Park Street Redine MBTA Station-Boston Common –Saturday February 23, 2013

    Let’s Redouble Our Efforts To Free Private Bradley Manning-President Obama Pardon Bradley Manning -Make Every Town Square In America (And The World) A Bradley Manning Square From Boston To Berkeley to Berlin

    Support And Build The Bradley Manning International Day Of Solidarity February 23, 2013 –The 1000th Day Of Pre-Trial Confinement-Park Street Station- Boston Common- Downtown-1:00 to 2:00 PM

  9. This is yet another example of how citizens of America are duped into believing that we reside in the land of true democracy, freedom and equality….well these things only occur as long as you kowtow to the powers that be – those who dissent are immediately silenced and labelled traitors. So in fact Bradley Manning being silenced as he is is in fact not UnAmerican, but pretty much par for the course.

  10. If there were men brave like Bradley Manning on august 1945, nobody in US goverment or army could decide to throw atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Free Bradley Manning!

  11. I don’t believe what he did was the right way of doing things but he does deserve a fair trial. In America you are innocent until proven guilty

  12. This is the one thing in all my life time that leaves me with most doubts about American justice, fairness and eventually democracy. And I’ve been around in the polically charged wild Sixties…

  13. It is Americans like Bradley Manning and Aaron Swartz that restore a lot of the respect and faith the US as a nation has lost in many european hearts.

    Good Luck Bradley, we support you 110% from here on this side of the pond.

  14. bradley is a hero. his postings informed the world of the truth and did not harm our brave servicepeople who were/are fighting.

    i supported and worked for obama’s campaigns both times he ran for pres but i want to know why the bush/rove/cheney cartel skated on their outting of plame and other actual war crimes but manning is locked away from everyone in the world and in intolerable conditions for his work that harmed no one except washington egos.

    any answers, washington?

    whistleblowers should be feted and revered, not attacked by the very people who should be awarding medals for the courage shown by manning and other whistleblowers.

    let bradley manning go free.

  15. Thank you to everyone who supports the hero Bradley Manning. We all need to stand up for the Truth during this critical time in history. 1000 days without trial for supposedly blowing the whistle on War Crimes is sending us all a message: you could be Manning; and we ALL ARE! <3 Free Brad!

  16. Tony Blair Prime Minister of Britain was recruited by Israil while in Oxford. How many other politicans has Israel recruited in the United States? I would think Joe Biden and President Obama probably tops the list.

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