Chelsea confirms health status with attorneys

July 11, 2016. Chelsea Manning is allowed to speak with her lawyers about her health status, who have released this statement on her behalf.Read more »


Update from Chelsea's legal team

July 8, 2016. Chelsea Manning's lawyer provides an update on Chelsea's hospitalization .Read more »


Chelsea Manning's Legal Team Responds to Unconfirmed Rumors About Her Hospitalization

July 6, 2016. Chelsea's legal team responds to a CNN report that Chelsea had been sent to the hospital on July 5th as the result of a suicide attempt.Read more »

‘The refrains of safety and security have, for many years, been used as a tool by the powerful to justify curtailing civil liberties.’ Photograph: Xinhua/REX/Shutterstock

We must not let the Orlando nightclub terror strangle our civil liberties: Chelsea in new op-ed

June 13, 2016. After this weekend's tragedy in Orlando, Chelsea Manning cautions us that our response to such violence can be also be dangerous. In her Guardian op-ed she reminds us, "The refrains of safety and security have, for many years, been used as a tool by the powerful to justify curtailing civil liberties."Read more »


Six Years Today Since Chelsea's Confinement

May 27, 2016. Today marks the 6 year anniversary of Chelsea Manning being in military custody. Read Chelsea's post about her time, what's next, and learn how you can share your support.Read more »

Aaron Kirkhouse accepts the Blueprint Enduring Impact Whistleblowing Prize on behalf of Chelsea Manning, May 9 2016

Chelsea honored with Whistleblowing Prize

May 10, 2016. On May 9th, Chelsea Manning was celebrated with the Blueprint Enduring Whistleblowing Prize in London. Whistleblowers John Kiriakou and Dr. Raj Mattu also received the award this year.Read more »


Solitary confinement is 'no touch' torture: Chelsea Manning in new op-ed

May 2, 2016. Chelsea Manning opens up about her time in solitary confinement in her latest Guardian op-ed, and discusses why this inhumane practice should come to an end.Read more »


Chelsea exposes dangerous nature of Insider Threat Program

March 22, 2016. Chelsea Manning filed a FOIA from prison to get training materials from the Insider Threat program. This document, released to the Guardian last week, could mean thousands of government employees are under surveillance.Read more »

‘The broad sweep of the program means officials have been given a blank check for surveillance.’ Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

When will the US government stop persecuting whistleblowers?

March 18, 2016. In her new Guardian op-ed, Chelsea Manning speaks on the danger the National Insider Threat Task Force poses to many, including whistleblowers.Read more »


Listen to Chelsea's story: In her own words

Feb 15, 2016. Amnesty International's new podcast series, "In Their Own Words", devoted to telling the story of human rights activists, features Chelsea Manning in its second episode. Chelsea is portrayed by actress Michelle Hendley.Read more »

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"You amaze me with your support"- Chelsea blogs on Pride

June 26, 2016. Pride celebrations take place across the country today, with Chelsea Manning supporters gathering to #StandwithChelsea in SF, New York, and Seattle. In her new blog post, Chelsea expresses gratitude and reflects on the ups and downs of the LGBTQ movement.Read more »


"I am angry-but we need to heal": Chelsea responds to the Orlando attack

June 14, 2016. Chelsea shares her feelings and suggestions on how we can heal after the nightclub attack in Orlando, FL.Read more »


President Obama, pardon Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning

June 2, 2016. Trevor Timm, Guardian US columnist and executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, writes on why Obama should pardon whistleblower Chelsea Manning.Read more »


In memory of Michael Ratner

May 11, 2015. Michael Ratner, activist for many years and Chelsea Manning supporter, has passed.Read more »


Chelsea featured in "The New Progressives" issue of Interview Magazine

April 1, 2016. Chelsea talks on transparency, today's lack of real investigative journalism, what you can do to help, and more in her April 2016 interview in Interview Magazine, "The New Progressives" issue. The issue also features interviews from other well-known activists and emerging activists.Read more »


True Stories From the Hole

February 16, 2016. Chelsea shares how "Hell is a Very Small Place", a novel containing prisoner accounts of their experiences in solitary confinement, resonates with her personally. She says, "it was one of the hardest books for me to read in years."Read more »


’60 Minutes’ Pushes National Security Propaganda To Cast Snowden, Manning As Traitors

Nov 12, 2015. "60 minutes" stands with government secret keepers and not whistleblowers as it assassinates the character of Manning, Snowden in its program titled "In Dangerous Hands".Read more »


Chelsea's statement for Aaron Swatz Day

November 9, 2015. Chelsea reminds us to consider the 'Human element' when it comes to technology in a special statement written for Aaron Swartz Day 2015.Read more »


"Homeland" TV show highlights "I'm Chelsea Manning" sign

November 6, 2015. Last week's episode of Homeland prominently features "I'm Chelsea Manning" sign during staged protest scene. Read more »


Chelsea blogs: the challenge of writing a bill in prison

November 3, 2015. In a new Medium blog, Chelsea Manning dissects the challenges of writing her new government surveillance bill (FIS Reform Act) while in prison.Read more »

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