"We need transparency laws." Chelsea on big data, official secrecy, DNA, and citizenship

January 25, 2016. 3D sculptures created using Chelsea Manning's DNA inspire an interview. Chelsea talks not only on genetic art, but big data, transparency, and our role as citizens to protect our own interests.Read more »


I won't lose hope

December 24, 2015. Chelsea writes, "I refuse to give up. I open the mail I receive – which spikes in December, as people send me birthday and then Christmas cards, but I get letters and well-wishing cards all year – and am happily reminded that I am real and that I do exist for people outside this prison."Read more »


Isis shouldn't dictate how we address refugees: op-ed by Chelsea Manning

November 25, 2015. Chelsea Manning calls out xenophobia in her latest Guardian op-ed; blame placed on minority groups, refugees is not a viable solution to terrorism.Read more »

A protester with the organization Code Pink at the House Select Intelligence Committee hearing on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Fisa) on 29 October 2013. Photograph: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

FISA courts stifle due process: Chelsea's new Guardian op-ed

November 3, 2015. In her latest Guardian op-ed, Chelsea Manning recommends abolishing secret FISA courts that keep the American public in the dark about government surveillance. Penned from prison, her new bill (the FIS Reform Act) addresses this and seeks to correct other surveillance and privacy issues.Read more »


New whistleblower steps forward: The Drone Papers

October 16, 2015. Revealing documents on drones leaked to the Intercept by an anonymous source. Daniel Ellsberg says this source, Manning, and Snowden, "did the right thing."Read more »


Restrictions begin for Chelsea Manning; 21 days for expired toothpaste, books

September 18, 2015. Chelsea Manning's 21-days of restriction began last night. This sentence was the result of her being convicted by a Fort Leavenworth panel of possessing a tube of expired toothpaste, and reading material that she received via the prison mail system. The Support Network believes that Chelsea is being punished for continuing to write and speak out while in prison.Read more »


Chelsea found guilty of absurd infractions, but spared solitary confinement

August 19, 2015. After 100k petitions were delivered to the Army yesterday, the secret disciplinary panel at Fort Leavenworth military prison sentenced Chelsea to 21 days of restrictions on her recreational activities, including no access to the gym, library or outdoors. We won an important victory by keeping Chelsea out of “indefinite solitary confinement;” however, this ruling of guilty on all charges is not without significant ramifications. Read more »


Yes, Chelsea really is facing indefinite solitary confinement for her books and toothpaste

August 13, 2015. By the Chelsea Manning Support Network. First photo of Chelsea Manning released since her 2013 court martial! Chelsea is facing indefinite solitary confinement at a closed hearing August 18 based on absurd charges. Sign the petition and donate to the legal defense fund today.Read more »


Chelsea threatened with indefinite solitary confinement

August 12, 2015. Chelsea Manning is being threatened with indefinite solitary confinement over absurd prison infractions, including having "political" magazines and toothpaste past the expiration date. Prison hearing set for Tuesday, August 18. Sign the petition to protest this move to silence Chelsea.Read more »


Our $45,000 challenge to pay for Chelsea’s legal appeal

We’re launching a new effort to finish paying Chelsea’s critical legal appeal. This will be Chelsea’s first, and possibly most important, opportunity to challenge of her unjust conviction and sentence. Today, we need your help funding the last $45,000 of this upcoming appeal before the US Army Court of Criminal Appeals.Read more »

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’60 Minutes’ Pushes National Security Propaganda To Cast Snowden, Manning As Traitors

Nov 12, 2015. "60 minutes" stands with government secret keepers and not whistleblowers as it assassinates the character of Manning, Snowden in its program titled "In Dangerous Hands".Read more »


Chelsea's statement for Aaron Swatz Day

November 9, 2015. Chelsea reminds us to consider the 'Human element' when it comes to technology in a special statement written for Aaron Swartz Day 2015.Read more »


"Homeland" TV show highlights "I'm Chelsea Manning" sign

November 6, 2015. Last week's episode of Homeland prominently features "I'm Chelsea Manning" sign during staged protest scene. Read more »


Chelsea blogs: the challenge of writing a bill in prison

November 3, 2015. In a new Medium blog, Chelsea Manning dissects the challenges of writing her new government surveillance bill (FIS Reform Act) while in prison.Read more »


Chelsea continues to speak out in new Medium blog

October 19, 2015. Chelsea Manning continues to blog with her second post to Medium this month. Read her thoughts on "Becoming Nicole", a true story of a trans girl and her family.Read more »


"What it’s like to live, and grow as a human being: transitioning in a military prison." Chelsea shares her story on Medium

October 7, 2015. Through Medium, Chelsea Manning gains another platform to share her story. Read her first posted story on her experience transitioning while in a military prison.Read more »


Chelsea Manning Defense Fund information

Updated October 2, 2015. About Chelsea Manning's defense fund, including the various ways to donate and our regular fiscal accounting.Read more »


Chelsea denied right to follow recommended grooming standards

September 21, 2015. The military issued another denial to Chelsea's request to follow female grooming standards, including growing her hair, while incarcerated at Fort Leavenworth, KS. Chelsea announced her intent to continue fighting in court on Fri.Read more »


NY Times review: ‘Whistleblower,’ a dance-theater take on Chelsea Manning

September 20, 2015. The New York Times theater critic Alexis Soloski reviews the new play "Whistleblower", by Mark Dendy, starring Liv Bruce as Chelsea Manning, at Dixon Place. Read more »


Transphobia at the intersection of the military and prison industrial complexes

September 13, 2015. "My home ... is the US Disciplinary Barracks, the US' crown jewel military prison. Being both a military institution and a prison, it lies in a unique ... intersection of two of the world's largest institutional ecosystems: the military-industrial complex and the prison industrial complex."Read more »

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